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After the loss of her cherry at the movies Denna was still on the shy side but she loved now to have her titties sucked and played with a lot. "I never felt something so good" she told me later. "My titties make me crazy when they even rub against my blouse." She and Joy were always talking since Joy had lots of experience and Denna seemed to be wanting to know all she could find out so she could try it out with me. The one big consideration was the birth control problem. Denna was Jewish and her mother was very over protective so she could not get pills. It ended up we used rythum since that was it and that drove us crazy more than once. One weekend Joys folks were gone and Denna stayed over so Jim and I were invited to come over and so after making excuses to my folks I had the whole night out. Jim had no problem getting out either so we showed up after dark on foot after parking down the street so no one would be able to ask about the car that parked there all night. The bad thing was that by Denna and Joy's calculations it was the fertile time of the month for Denna so she could not take cum in her pussy and she had only done oral twice with me since the movies and she was hotter than ever but we really had to be careful. We were all naked and in the rec room where there were large mats with cusions all over and Jim had drilled Joy several times while I had eaten Denna thru a couple orgasms and she had massaged my cock sucking the cum out at the last trying not to mount it in her passion was driving her crazy. Denna moaned that "This is driving me nuts, I want it in me and I almost don't care what happens." Joy tolds her, "You know, there is another place it can go if you want to take the time." "Really, where is that?" Then Joy looked at Jim, "Lets show here okay?" He kissed her, "Sure, good for me, I have been wanting back there again for a while." Then Joy got on all fours and he got behind her, she was all wet there anyway from the cum draining from her pussy between her cheeks and Jim rubbed his cock between her pussy lips getting it really slippery, then he moved up and placed it at the entrance to her ass. "Oh my god, not in the ass!" Denna almost shouted. "Yes, it feels great there too, you just have to get used to it." "I can't believe this," Denna said watching Jim sink his rod into her bottom slowly. "Oh yes, oh yeh, I have missed that Hun. She was moaning as Jim sank deep in her. Then she pulled a vibrator out and slid it into her pussy. Oh yeh, now this is heaven she was moaning. Jim had a rythum going and both were enjoying the double penetration of Joy. Soon Joy was almost shouting for him to drill her harder as she rode the vibrator thru several orgasms then his load filled her ass. THey laid on he cusions and Denna and I watched as they kissed and came down from their passion high. I can't believe that Denna said, especially how big he is that it fit in you. Oh, I have been working at it a while she told Denna. Denna was soaked and the juices from her pussy were dripping also and she looked at me, "WEll, I guess we can try it but be gentle." she told me. You know I will be I told her, if it is too much we can stop. Okay, we kissed and began warming up, her pussy was swelled and really wanted my cock but there was the pregnant factor that kept us from it. I ate her thru two orgasms and then she said, "It should be wet enough don't you think?" She rubbed my cock in her slit and then turned over on her hands and knees. Joy was near by watching and sort of supervising. I was at the entrance that was tight as Denna moaned out, oh I want it in pussy so bad. I know Baby, so do I I told her...then I pushed a little, she cried out. Oh, this really difficult. She loosened her cheeks as Joy coached her, now relax she told her. I can't Denna was saying as I tried with no success to push past the entrance that clamped down shut. Denna, we are best friends right? Joy was saying, her face near Denna's Yes She said ... Then trust me okay. I am going to do something that will help, okay? Okay she said then Joy's hands found Denna titties, pinching them and massaging them. Oh, oh that feels good Denna said. Good, now ready? Yes, she moaned again. Joy had moved so that she could slid inder Denna and her mouth was now under Dennas pussy they were in a 69 position and Denna opened her eyes to see her under her with her legs spread near Denna's face but at the same time Joys mouth found her clit and the cry was lost before it came out, just moaning as she took her pussy captive. Then as Joy really concentrated Denna collapsed laying donw on her body with her face just inches from Joys pussy, Joy reached up and guided my cock to the entrance of Denna's ass as Denna moaned and moved her hips against Joys face. Then I pushed a little, DEnna froze a little then Joy licked more and then suddenly I was in the entrance, the head gripped tight in her ass. Then Joy was licking more so that Denna was moving and also against my hips so that the cock slowly made it way into her bottom. Oh, oh it hurts but it feels good too she was moaning as Joy was eating her and massaging her bottom, holding the entrance open around my cock. An orgasm was building in Denna and she was now pushing against my hips each time taking it all into her bottom, then she moaned loud, Oh yeh, that is it, oh. I too came and filled her bottom with cum, then Joy reached up and moved Dennas face to her waiting pussy, DEnna hesitated and then her face was in her pussy, sucking and licking like she had really been wanting to. My cock was cumming and filling Dennas bottom as the women now concentrated on each others pussy, Jim watching and massaging his hard rod. The girls writhed thru an orgasm soaking each other faces and laying limp after. I was still in place in Denna bottom as a tongue was licking my balls. My cock began to grow and Denna moved against me taking it back deep into her bottom while Joy was licking and sucking around my shaft that could be reached by her tongue. Soon I was filling Denna bottom again and this time slipped out after. Denna and Joy laid there licking each other and kissing each others thighs. Slowly Denna sat up and looked at her and Joy took her face and kissed her. Denna kissed her back and they both were in each others arms laying there as they began to pleasure each other so that they were each sucking and licking and kissing everywhere they could. Joy looked at me and said, Jim, come here hunny. He did, his cock at full mast. She laid back and moved off Denna, Do her she said, Denna laid there her legs spread and seeming to be in a daze. What he said. Do her now please, I want you to. His cock jumped and was obviously ecxcited. What about Steve he said. I will take care of him, I knoded and he moved between Denna legs, she watched him approach her pussy with his giant cock and as it went in she let out a cry, oh my god, oh, yes, please, make it go. He will Hun Joy purred in her ear as she kissed her neck. It sank into Denna and she began moving against his cock forgetting the time of the month.Joy moved so that she was st her hips and was licking Jim as he slid in and out of Denna. Then as she felt his balls draw up she took his cock out and swallowed it down, taking his load of cum into her throat. Denna laid there, spread out and massaging her own titties. The vibrator found its way to her pussy and was in her, Joy pushing it in and out and around her lips, making Denna jump each time it touched the right places. NOw do her ass Joy told Jim, as she moved Denna into position to take his rod. Oh no, no that can't go, please don't she was protesting as Jim rubbed the head around her bottom entrance. Then it was in her, she cryed and begged, Please it is too big. oh no, oh please. The shaft sank all the way in as she laid there. He stopped as it reached the full length in her bottom and then he just stayed in her, laying there letting it streach her bottom to fit his cock. The Joy looked at me, Come on and do mine now, as I got on my knees behind her she spread her cheek and it went in easily. There now, fill it up she moaned. Now Jim was moving and Denna was moaning louder taking every plunge and moaning as she rode his cock that was pushing deep into her. Joy took mine with ease and soon there were 4 hot bodies having orgasms as well all collapsed together. Spent pussies and cocks were sore and happy with the experiments that Joy had contrived. Denna found out later that she had planned all of the events and that Jim did not even know of her plans. We got up and left before the sun came up and Denna told me that she and Joy slept together kissing and playing until they fell asleep naked. Our relationship changed a little in that Denna now hugged a lot when she was around Joy, they even snuck kisses a little but this was 1960 and 70 and things were not that open yet. After the danger time Denna and Joy had us over again and this time we had a separate bedroom to ourselves. Just the two of us making love and sleeping. Denna said she liked the fun we had but this was her preference. Had we been able to I suppose we would have gotten married but the draft came up and that was out the window, but we had lots of wonderful times even so.

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