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Late Night Show

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For my husband?s birthday, I scored tickets for the Jay Leno show. The 5:30 taping left us with an open Friday night before a day of Hollywood sightseeing, shopping and then on to a private Saturday night party. We took our free Friday evening to visit a vanilla friend who drove up from Orange County and met us at our Beverly Hills hotel for drinks in the bar.

Although not in the lifestyle, our friend is a sexy male specimen. Matt?s 5?8? well tanned frame spends plenty of quality time at the gym between flights. We met him in the private airport terminal in Scottsdale while he was waiting for his charter jet clients to arrive. Several delays on their part left him with a couple of hours of free time to chat with us, show off his jet, and let my imagination run wild. When we departed Scottsdale, we exchanged phone numbers and promised to call when in the other?s home area. Conveniently, he was laying over in Orange County while we were visiting Los Angeles this weekend.

This was a pleasant opportunity for my husband and him to chat aviation and for me to admire, fantasize and flirt. My husband is 5?7? with shoulders nearly as broad as he is tall and an ass tight enough to bounce a quarter from. Jake?s fit frame was nestled against mine in our booth while Matt sat across from us. I took every opportunity available to allow my semi-transparent blouse to slide off-center, giving him a peek at my 34C?s straining over the red silk cups of my undergarment. Matt seemed somewhat uncomfortable with my open flirting, although he made no move to decline his view nor did he seem prepared to leave for the evening. My husband acknowledged his appreciation of the flirting with an occasional soft rub of my pussy with a finger that strayed up my skirt.

After several hours of good conversation, good drinks, and unabashed flirting on my part, I excused myself to the ladies room in the hotel?s plush lobby. Upon returning to the lounge, our waiter handed me a note with a room key. The note said ?show time? and the key was for our room. As it was approaching 11:30, I dutifully went to our room to catch the airing of the show we had seen taped that evening. A sexy, low-cut V-neck top, short skirt, 5? CFM heels and sexed-out hair on my part had gained us front-row seats at the taping. I was excited to see my sexy husband and I in the show?s opening.

As I entered our suite, I noticed the lights were turned down low and Matt waited on the couch ? my husband was nowhere to be seen. ?Jake went down the hall to find some ice,? said Matt. Yeah, I thought, I?ll be the one needing ice to cool myself after being alone in our suite with Matt. In fact, after several hours in the lounge sitting directly across from Matt, I already needed plenty of cooling. My black silk and lace panties were nicely moist and my nipples were sticking out as though already drenched in ice.

Figuring my husband would return momentarily, I sauntered over to the plasma flat screen and tuned in the local NBC station. While adjusting the volume I felt the heat of a body move up behind me, then his strong arms encircled me, his hot breath caressed my neck and his swollen package greeted my right ass cheek. I melted back into Matt, knowing my husband would be turned on to find me in the arms of another man, particularly one we took to be vanilla. Jake and I always play together, but teasing, flirting and generally ?warming up? separately is okay for both of us, so long as we hold the good stuff until we are both in the same room.

His hands slid up under my blouse and felt like fire as he rubbed them over my breasts. I let my head roll back onto his chest and moaned as unhooked my bra and let my tits fall free against my blouse. My nipples were so hard, I was sure they would burn right through my blouse. In a vain effort to save my blouse from spontaneous combustion, I reached up to unbutton the remaining clasps. As I did so, his left hand slid down my belly to probe my unbelievably wet and hot pussy. A mere two slides of his fingers and I was feeling the onslaught of an orgasm. He felt it coming on, but stopped.

I moaned with frustration and desire. How could he stop? I was ready and wanted it now and then again and again. But where was my Jake? I opened my eyes to search for him. He was standing at the suite?s entrance, his cock in hand, enjoying the show. The sight of his enjoyment just about finished off my orgasm right then and there. I crooked my finger to him and he moved towards us. I began unbuttoning Matt?s pants and shirt, allowing his straining cock to spring free. What a sight that was to behold? Two fabulously thick cocks standing at attention before me, Matt?s 7 inches an impressive sight and Jake?s 9 inches with a slightly thicker girth both held drops of pre-cum as they stood straight out before me.

A knock sounded at the door. I was the one closest to fully clothed and moved to answer it. Jake said it was likely the ice and a bottle of Grey Goose. In addition to the afore mentioned ice and alcohol, waiting on the door?s other side was a hottie room service waitress. The look on her face when I answered the door with my unbuttoned blouse was sufficiently surprised to tell me that she was unaware of the suite?s impending happenings. We appreciatively looked each other up and down and I quickly decided to open the door and invite her to deliver the libations into the room herself. She smiled, rolled the cart into the room, then stopped when my husband and Matt caught her eye. She assessed that men outnumbered me and offered to even the count. ?I?m heading to my break after this delivery,? she said. ?I?d be happy to take my break in here if you?d like the company.? I smiled, obliged her with a warm hug and introductory kiss. She introduced herself as Vanessa and fixed us each a drink.

I busied myself with Matt and without hesitation Vanessa sauntered over to Jake. Her smoldering dark eyes, long thick brunette hair and slim firm body sensuously curved up against my husband. His rock hard cock seemed to call her name; she answered it by taking him in her mouth. Her silken soft fingers firmly worked his shaft in unison with her hot moist mouth, causing him to explode in orgasm within minutes. As she was working on Jake, Matt had turned the tables on me ? or should I say had turned me on the table! He had set me up on the suite?s bar top on my hands and knees, aggressively exploring my hot, wet pussy with his tongue. Seeing my husband explode into Vanessa?s pouty mouth sent me into an explosion of my own. As I began to cum, Matt continued his skilled tongue work, sending waves of exhilarating orgasm through my body. Not to be left out, our new friend Vanessa filled her mouth with Matt as he finished me off. Her skill coupled with his excitement at my seemingly endless orgasm sent him into his first ejaculation of the night.

It was the first of many that continued into the wee hours of the morning. Vanessa called in sick for the second part of her room service shift and thanks to Tivo, we did not miss our brief cameo on the late night show. The lifestyle party we attended the next night was tame in comparison to the unexpected pleasures of our Friday night ?Vanilla? encounter.

Can?t wait to head down south again with our Vanilla friends.

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