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Ladies View of the Red Rooster

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Part 1-When they say "What happens in Vegas baby stays in Vegas"... Boy I know now they mean "AT" The Red Rooster! I was told it would be a nite that I would never forget. Oh my god it far preceeded my sexual expectations. Being a older woman I didn't expect such an amazing response.

Planning for my Fantasy Nite I wore a sheer black Teddy with garters and black thigh-hi's , with a "almost" see -thru black blouse. I was a bit nervous, but Scott told me that I looked very HOT, so I agreed to go inside. To my surprise everyone was friendly and very at ease .

We were seated at a table listening to the music, when Scotty started to gently rub my inner thigh.

(I had already had a couple of drinks at the hotel, so I was very horny,) I still can't believe how relaxed and erotic I actually felt. I seemed to drift into my own world of sensual thoughts, Slowly he pulled my legs apart, just a little but I was already wet, and with no panties I could feel the wetness on the chair, I thought someone said "Oh my God " ( maybe it was my imagination but I felt a strange hand touching my neck and back from behind ), I remember arching my back and letting out a little moan, and Scott saying("thats O K just relax") then he touched my breasts and moved my blouse , at that moment I was lost in a dream, my nipples were so hard I could feel them. I remember thinking "Jo" you should say stop cause you know how turned on you can get.... and yet I couldn't cause I wanted to feel even more sensual. Then I felt someones hand on my breast, they gasped, and so did I. It was so unbeliavable erotic, hot and well words can't explain it. Just about then Scott says It's alright baby just let go we'll all help you. Someone pushed his figers inside my wet throbing pussy, All I can say is I was on fire, my legs were achng to have lips on me and hands all over me , but I had to stop cause I relized just at that moment we were still sitting out at the table!

So Scott suggested that we go into "The Group Room"

Part 2-I know when I 1st arrived at the RR I was a bit scared but I said to myself...."Let your mind go and your body will follow" And once I felt thise amazing strong hands on my skin, with Scott slowly touching my thighs ...It was pure pleasure like I have never known. Scott said we would be more comfortable in the room with the BIG beds, and that I could stretch out and really relax, but if I felt uncomfortable , I could stop. So I agreed to go.. At 1st it was just us two, for which I was glad, still alittle scared and bashful ( I know that sounds odd) But there were so many things running thru my mind, and yet I was trembling with anticipation, still wet from the two men who were touching me at the table.

Scott reassured me that no one would hurt me or do anything that I didn't want, we layed there for a while, he was stroking my neck, then my back and I felt his cock , it was so hard that I wanted to taste it , but I was afraid, he slipped my skirt off, then my blouse, He wispered "Leave the garters on there hot" slowly I came to the realization that it wasn't Scott kissing my breasts, I could'nt help it I let out a loud moan. It was so intense, Scott wispered "It's alrite, just enjoy, I can't remember or even begin to say 'but I swear I could feel the most tender hands spraeding my legs apart, as some one sucked on my breasts. As I rolled to the side I could feel a warmth on my breasts, the cum felt incredible. At the same time I could feel some ones mouth one my wet, pulsating pussy, I had to cum , It was soooo hot, I thot I was gonna pass out. I had to rest just 4 a min.. Gosh this was just in the 1st hour of being there. ( Later I learned we were there for at least 3 more hours)

Well, I'm back!!!! Part 3!!! Scotty says it would be rude of me not to finish my story of what happened at the R R. I can't tell "everything" 'cause it would take too long, so I'm tryin' to explain the "high" points. The 1st hour set the mood for the next 3!!! And I have to say that when I was tired and needed a "Time Out" to rest, most of the guys were great to let me breath and rest if only for 5 min. lol I do remember standing up so I could stretch, and Scott started to kiss my neck, I could feel his hands caressing my bottom, then slipping his hand up my thigh, as I moaned I could feel maybe another set of fingers and someone's hot breath on my neck...geez it was even more toxic than before. I fell closer to his throbbing cock and had to taste it. It was confusing at that point 'cause I didn't know how many strong hands were caressing me, I just knew that It felt like NO words can explain, Scott whispered "Its, OK baby just let go and enjoy." So I did. I felt my hand grasp another cock. It was extremely hard, I could feel someone kissing my breasts. I had to let out a moan, I couldn't help it. Actually, I think I kept moaning for quite a while. It was "Magical." Scott then said, we better go back to the bed... I even forgot we were still standing! Just as we laid down I heard Scott say, yes ... and I felt someone moan and cum all over my ass, as Scott nibbled on my wet pussy I couldn't take it any longer I had to cum all over again. Then as I rolled over, I could feel a cock slide inside of me, I think we both said "OH MY GOD "at the same time. Then Scott said in my ear Baby this is so damn hot, so I sucked him off. Then I really needed to rest and get a drink. I think by now several guys needed to rest too. It was "time Out" for a 20 min nap.... Then..............................................................................................................

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