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Ladies Night Out

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Wisps of fog danced across Newport harbor as we turned into the parking lot at Randall?s. The lights from the boats casting an eerie amber glow as we parked the car and entered the bar.

The dinner crowd had thinned out, leaving the bar somewhat uncrowned as Mary and I picked out a table near the window where we could watch the boats, bobbing up and down in the tide, hooked fast to their moorings.

"What?ll it be ladies" the waiter asked, his eyes devouring Mary, looking up and down her alluring body clad in a black mini skirt, white sheer blouse, dark nylons and high heels. Taking her order, he turned to me, his eyes focusing on the tight sheer blouse I was wearing. The fullness of my chest and the lack of a bra clearly evident. It was ladies night out and we were dressed to kill. If the waiters reaction was any indication of the attention we would be getting, the evening was going to be very promising indeed.

About once a month my girl friend, Mary, and I get together and prowl the bars of Orange County. Even though we are both married to great guys, its our way of relaxing and having fun, besides, it feeds our ego's and being over 35, heaven knows, we need that. During the past several months, we've had our share of attention from good-looking guys, some of whom have even been treated to the sensual pleasures of our bodies. We will usually sit in a bar, drink and dance. If we happen to find a couple of really good looking ones, we will invite them to join us and spend the evening dancing, kissing and caressing until we either decide to take them to bed or dump them and go home.

Despite our ages, both of us are extremely attractive and look many years younger, especially when we are dressed in our sexiest clothes, which usually consist of short shirts, sheer blouses, high heels, thigh high nylons, garter belts, crotch less panties and no bras.

Our eyes had begun to adjust to the lighting in the bar when the waiter returned with our drinks. He fumbled with them for a few seconds in order to get a better look down our blouses. We had left the top three buttons undone, providing a great view of our ample cleavage.

Looking around the room we spotted two good-looking guys sitting at the bar, talking with Stan, the bartender. I overheard one order a Manhattan that was quickly prepared and placed neatly on a cocktail napkin in front of him. He lifted the glass to his lips glancing in our direction. I picked up my glass, and with a wicked smile, looked back at him, uncrossing and recrossing my legs in a sensual and provocative manner, giving him a great view of the contrast between the color of my stockings and the creamy white pastel of my inner thighs.

He said something to his friend and they both turned and looked in our direction, their eyes focused on our breasts. My nipples hardened and were clearly evident as they pushed against the fabric of my blouse.

"What do you think?" I quietly whispered to Mary. She raised her glass to her full rich red lips, flashed a smile in their direction, our signal that she found them attractive as well. From the corner of my eyes I saw Mary move slightly on her chair. I didn't catch what she had done but the effect on them was fun to see, I thought they were going to drop their drinks.

The first guy recovered nicely and said something to Stan, who quickly had two drinks ready and was headed for our table. "The gentlemen at the bar would like to buy you a drink" he stated, placing the drinks on the table. "You ladies are beautiful,? he muttered, almost under his breath, as he cleaned up our discarded napkins and headed back across the room.

Mary and I picked up the fresh drinks and with a salute to the two guys at the bar, took a sip, our eyes watching them as we softly caressed the rim of the glasses with our tongues, a tease guaranteed to turn on most men. We had no more than tasted the tangy sweetness of the drink when the guys got up and walked across the room to our table.

"May we join you?? the first one asked politely. "My name is John and this is Dan,? he said, gesturing.

"Hi, I'm Jan and this is Mary" I replied as they took a seat next to us trying to hide the bulges that were beginning to grow in the crotches of their pants, their eyes moving over us, not knowing what to look at first, the full and voluptuous breasts, tight black mini skirts, high spiked heels or the expanse of silk covered legs that protruded from under the short skirts, a very sensual arrangement indeed.

"Care to dance" John asked, extending his hand, gently taking mine and leading me to the dance floor pulling my body to him, enfolding me in his arms. I snuggled my head against his chest, my hair brushing his chin. He was strikingly handsome with dark brown eyes and a great body, firm and solid, about 6? 2",

I found him very interesting, a good sense of humor and he was a good dancer, his arms strong yet gentle as he guided me around the floor. "Mm," I thought, "it promises to be a most exciting evening."

"Your fragrance is filling my senses," he whispered in my ear, his fingers tracing tiny lines up and down my back, trailing forward to caress the outer edges of my breasts. I let out a soft moan, as he guided his fingers tentatively over my tender flesh, his lips leaving a trail of soft kisses along my cheek.

I felt my nipples harden as I rubbed my breast against him, my breathing heavy. I felt the pressure of his lips pressing against my cheeks and then we were kissing, his tongue snaking inside my mouth. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, feeling his hand caressing my breasts as he kissed me, our tongues heatedly exploring each other. Breaking the kiss, he pushed me away from him for a moment, his eyes feasting upon my breasts, his hands moving over my body in hungry passionate caresses.

I glanced over at Mary and Dan who were dancing a few feet away. They too were kissing fiercely, her tongue thrusting in his mouth, their bodies pressed tight, trying to get closer, his hands on her slim hips, running up and down over her waist then down to her ass cheeks, kneading them like mounds of bread dough.

"We're all going to get arrested if we keep this up," I giggled to John, taking his hand and leading him back to the table were Mary and Dan quickly joined us.

"Let's get a limo and drive down the coast," John suggested, as if having a limo was an every day occurrence. He signaled to Stan, whispered a few words to him and sent him scurrying off.

In less than five minutes were headed down the coast, a drink in hand, the moon roof open, lights dimly lit and soft music playing from the stereo. I slid next to John and cuddled against him, looking across at Mary and Dan who were locked in a tight embrace, his lips finding hers as she drowned in the sweetness of his kisses while his hands pressed lightly against her breasts.

John put his arm around me, pulling me closer to him, tilting my head backward, our mouths meeting in a fierce devouring kiss, our tongues circling each other?s, softly teasing.

My head swam with desire as I felt his warm hands on my nipples, my mind whirling as I sucked on his tongue feeling the fire inside me building rapidly, becoming more intense. I clutched my arms around his neck pulling him to me, as I felt my blouse being pulled from my skirt.

An involuntary and barely audible moan escaped my throat as he softly removed the blouse from my shoulders, my breasts falling free in the soft moonlight, his hands roaming over my body sending luscious warm tremors surging through me. His fingers kneaded my breasts, bringing them to state of tingling awareness, and full, delicious, delightful, making me wild with lust. He lowered his head and brought his mouth against my chest kissing my breasts, swirling his tongue around my nipples, tonguing first one pink nipple then the other, licking them in all the right places, his mouth suckling until they became taut and stinging with desire. I pulled his head to me, coaxing him to taste and tantalize them.

Lifting them with my hands to his eager mouth. "Suck me, suck my tits," I moaned.

He pulled back, looking at them, swallowed hard, then gently pushed me back onto the seat, spreading my thighs, his fingers snaking up the long expanse of silk to find the creamy white strip of flesh, his fingers tracing lines around the tops of my nylons, then moving upward. He leaned forward, kissed the inside of my thighs working up and down over the white skin that gleamed in the moonlight.

He quickly undid my skirt and pulled it off my hips, his head bending down to kiss the slit in my panties, his hot breath tickling my bush, his hands on my hips, lifting me upward to meet his tongue. "Right there, yes right there" I murmured as his found the hole in my crotch less panties, his tongue sliding through, licking my wet pussy.

He spread my legs wider, his hungry mouth eager and impatient, his lips sucking flesh as his hungry mouth landed on its target. He tongued upward, flicking my waiting clit, finding the elusive switch to my sexuality, my mind losing all sense of time, my body letting go, experiencing the sexual pleasure surging through me, my body wet with perspiration.

He moved back for a moment, fighting to rid himself of his clothes. I sat up, quickly undid his shirt and belt buckle, my hands on his as he pushed his trousers over his hips, dragging his underwear with them, then quickly removing his shoes and socks. On the other seat I saw Mary, her legs wrapped around Dan as he plunged his rock hard cock in and out of her humping body, their hips and legs all tangled together.

A huge cock was fucking her as loud throaty moans escaped her lips.

I reached down and curved my fingers around John's big cock, moving my hand up and down, playing with the hair at its base, my fingers tracing soothing, loving caresses over his pelvis, his penis thick and long, almost heavy.

We reversed positions, and I moved so my lips could close about the head of his cock sucking and pumping furiously murmuring as it slid in and out, my fingers working the foreskin back and forth, licking the head with my soft tongue, then rubbing it against my cheek, kissing it again, licking softly, my lips slowly moving down the full length toward his balls. I flicked my hot tongue against his testicles, then held his cock at the root and tongued it swirling the head in wet circles.

He spread his legs wide, threshing and panting as I sucked and licked him, bucking and moaning under the jabbing of my tongue. Taking as much of it as I could into my mouth I squeezed it with my lips, wild little noises escaping as I slurped and sucked him.

Unable to take the slow ecstasy any longer, I moved over him, circling his cock with my with my fingers, lowering my twitching cunt onto his rock hard cock, forcing it past the curls bordering my pussy, his hips thrusting upward, plunging his cock deep inside me. He pulled my head down, kissing me hard, his lips lingering on mine, my inner muscles clutching his cock his body quivering beneath me, my body impaled on his straining erection, his hips matching my savage thrusts.

We bucked and pumped, my body slamming down on him, his hands pulling down on my buttocks, forcing me down on him, harder and faster. I felt his cock swell and harden and knew he was about to come, he tried to hold it off, stave it back but just couldn't.

He shoved upward, faster, with long deep and ever increasing thrusts. "I have to cum, I can't hold it any longer" he groaned, begging for relief. I lifted my body off his and encased his cock between my breasts, squeezing them, moving up and down, "now.... he cried, "please nowwww" as torrents broke loose and he exploded, his body shaking like an earthquake as a tidal wave of orgasm crashed over him, his juices flowing over my nipples, flooding down my body. With one last little cry his body jerked, then went limp as spurt after spurt of his thick white semen shot all over my body drenching me with his cum. He gasped for breath and pulled me to him, kissing me tenderly.

Relaxed and satiated we laid there for a while, murmuring soft words, gently stroking each other. I looked over at Mary, she and Dan had finished and she was trying to get dressed, her hair mussed, clothes wrinkled.

The smell of cologne, wine and sex filling the air around us and a chauffeur smiling in the rear view mirror. It was truly a ladies night out...

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