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Kidnapped and Raped

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Kidnapped and r*ped?.

My name is Bonnie and I want to relate true story that happened to me two years ago. I am now twenty-one years old, short natural blond hair, nice round breasts with huge nipples, slender waist, perfect hips, long legs, 114 lbs., blue eyes, perfect teeth and love to flaunt my tight ass whenever anyone is willing to look.

Like most young girls I had several boyfriends but only slept with two of them. Both were young and sex was short and satisfied them, leaving me hanging until I could get home and make myself cum.

When I graduated from high school I wanted to move to the city and be on my own. So after I graduated I hung around my parents? house in northern Colorado for a few weeks while I applied for jobs. While in school I attended the vo-tech school and got my degree in cosmetology. I got some offers in the east so decided it was time to make my way in life. My mother didn?t want me to leave the area, but I needed space my space to live wild and to do the things that parents frown on. They were very old fashioned and set in their ways.

I called several places and had job interviews in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I loaded my Ford Explorer with all my possession and headed east. The trip was going to be over fifteen hundred miles and my interviews were ten days off. I knew it was way too much time but wanted to check the areas out and not be rushed.

With it being summer I wore short shorts and a halter top. If one looked they could see the crotch of the shorts sucked up in my cunt and my huge nipples stuck out an inch in the top. I was definitely hot looking and loved to flaunt it. I covered about five hundred miles the first day. I stopped for the night at a small motel. Across the street was a small restaurant with a bar. I sat at the bar and ordered dinner and a glass of wine. A few guys were sitting at the bar making conversation with me. After them buying a few drinks I told them I was going to the ladies room and went back to the hotel. I?m a country girl but knew these two were trying to get me in bed with them through the wine. When I was a little tipsy I knew it was time to move on.

The second day on the road I took my time and stopped several places sightseeing and enjoying my freedom. I was wearing light t-shirt short and a small thin sleeveless top. When I stopped for lunch there was a young man there eating and he had a back pack. During idle conversation he said his name was Derrick from Kansas and hitchhiking his way across the country to Pennsylvania. He finished eating, picked up his pack and headed out the door.

When I was done I got fuel and headed out again. As I was leaving the facility I say the Derrick with the pack hitchhiking. I thought what the hell pulled over and told him to throw his stuff in the back seat and away we went. While we were driving I found his aunt had died and left him a camp in rural Pennsylvania and he was going there to live for the summer. He attended Kansas University and thought it would be cool to spend the summer in the back country. During the ride I noticed he kept looking at my shorts sucked up in my cunt and my nipples which made them grow larger and harder. I glanced at his crotch and was stunned to see his large thick hard cock growing down his pants. I had to look away because it was making my cunt wet looking at it.

I asked him if he had money because I wanted to stop and sleep in a motel. He said he did and we could save money if we get a room with two double beds and share the costs. I was a little hesitant but said yes. We drove for another four or five hours found a suitable motel and registered.

After we checked in and unpacked our stuff we went to have some dinner at a Texas Road House. We both drank a lot of beer and feeling no pain. Derrick had to help me walking back to the motel. A few times his hand landed on my ass and my cunt just started flowing. By the time we got back to the room my juices were starting to show on the front of my shorts. They were thin and being so horny my lips were swollen and protrusive. I lay on my bed and he stood beside me looking down at me and I knew he was staring directly at my cunt lips. I smiled and ask him what he was looking at. He looked me directly in the eye and he said you hot wet swollen cunt and reached down and touched my lips through the shorts. I closed my eyes and let him move his had about and soon he was kneeling beside the bed and sucking on one of my big fat nipples and had slid his fingers under my shorts and was stroking my smooth cunt, but never putting his fingers inside of me.

I was moaning and my legs were spread as wide as I could possibly get them. In the back of my mind I was thinking what am I doing I hardly know this guy. But as his fingers and lips kept going all my senses went directly to my cunt. Finally I moved his hand took off my top and shorts. He looked at me and said undress me. I jumped up, pulled his shirt off, unbuckled his pants and when I pulled them down he didn?t have any underwear on and this gigantic thick cock sprung out at me. I stood there stunned; I had never seen a cock this big and knew it wouldn?t fit in my inexperienced cunt. He pushed down on my shoulders and I was kneeling before him when I wrapped my tiny hand on this huge cock. I was bigger around than my wrist and could fit my fingers all the way around it. Finally I leaned forward and took the big mushroom head in my mouth, tasting his salty pre cum.

Derrick told me to get on the bed so I lay down and he joined me. He started sucking my big nipples and telling me how beautiful I am. This time when he worked his hand down to my cunt lips he again played with the outside. I was so excited my lips had spread apart and my clit was sticking out and my wetness was making my asshole wet. When he finally ran his fingers down between the lips he smiled and told me I was ripe to fuck. I told him I didn?t know if I could take all of him. He said if we are slow and take our time it will all go in and I would love it. With that he dropped down between my legs and started licking my cunt, clit and asshole. I had never been eaten before and it made me go wild. He would take me to where I was just ready to cum and he would draw away and ask me if I was ready to fuck his big cock. I said no the first few time then told him ?I will do anything if you make me cum.? I knew better, but my cunt was talking for me. He kept going until I started cumming and jus then slid his index finger up my tight virgin ass. I kept cumming and cumming.

Before I knew it he slid up on me and was rubbing his cock on the outside of my cunt. He rose up and ?told me to put my cock in your cunt.? I reached down with a trembling hand and positioned his cock at the entrance of my cunt. He said ?rub it up and down to get the head good and wet.? I did as I was told and not only was the head of his cock wet so was my hand. I was soaked and needed fucked. Slowly he started to enter me. The head of his cock was first and after it popped in he stopped and let me adjust. Then he slowly worked that entire eleven inch cock in my small wet tight cunt. When I felt his balls resting on my ass I couldn?t believe I took the entire shaft. After a little bit he began moving in and out slowly and my cunt started to spasm and my hips where pushing up to meet his thrusts.

He stopped and rolled me over so I was on top and pulled my legs up so I was sitting on his cock. I could feel all the way in my cunt and had never been in this position as the two guys I had been with were inexperienced and only ever did me on top. I was unsure of what he wanted me to do and he looked and me and said fuck my cock. I started going up and down on it and I was in heaven. We fucked that way for over an hour with me coming several times. He looked at me and asked if I was on birth control. I said yes please cum in my cunt and started to work up and down real fast. When I felt him start to tense up I reached back and grabbed his ball and he shot a big load of cum in my cunt. I just laid there on top of him not wanting to take that big cock out of me. But it really wasn?t a problem because he didn?t go soft.

Derrick moved me off of him, put me on my hands and knees and fucked me what he called doggy style. I was ready for his cock this time with being stretched out from the first fucking and all his cum so he slid right in to me. He started fucking me with long hard strokes and I kept cumming and cumming. Finally I felt him tense and he unloaded another load of hot cum in me. He rolled off of me and I started to get up and he asked where I was going. I told him to go clean up and he said stay here I like a cum filled cunt next to me. So I laid there and he played with my cum filled cunt and fingered it and my ass to two or three more organisms?.

We both drifted off to sleep and I woke in the night and Derrick was behind me and had slid his cock in my still cum soaked cunt and was fucking me slowly. I was pissed he woke me but it felt so good I could only be mad for a minute then I told him to ?fuck me deeper and harder.? He fucked me so hard the bed was shaking and when I felt my organism coming I yelled for him to ?fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard and make me cum.? He laughed and told me I ?had become his cum slut.? Just then he started cumming in me and started cumming again so hard it was pushing the old and new cum out around his cock. When he was done he rolled over on his back and told me to clean his cock. I had never sucked a cock after it had been in my cunt and was slow to move and he told me if I wanted fucked again I would have to suck his cock. I slowly put the head in my mouth and found the combined taste of his cum and mine weren?t bad. I eagerly sucked and licked every drop of our cum off of his cock and balls. What surprised me was that I almost came from doing it. My cunt was soaked and running down my legs. I asked him if he wanted me to clean up and he said no.

When we woke in the morning we both showered and after he told me to wear a small top and a short skirt with nothing under it. I got out a top and like a terry cloth short white skirt. He said he liked it. As I was starting to dress he bent me over the bed and fucked me from behind again. I came several times and he dumped another big load in my cunt. He told me to leave it there and take a towel in the car to sit on and slide the skirt out from under my ass. When we got in the car he was driving and he unzipped his short and told me to suck his cock. The good little cum slut I had become I immediately started sucking his cock and he reached over and was fingering my sopping cunt. Finally he tensed and I had another first he shot his load down my throat. Up until today I had never swallowed when giving a blow job. Even though I was surprised I didn?t miss a drop and continued sucking his cock until every drop was cleaned up. He looked and me and said ?good little cum slut.? I smiled and was happy that I could please him.

We finally arrived at his camp in the wilds of Pennsylvania. I was back in the country, but had water, electric and natural gas. The mountains were beautiful and it was so fresh and clean. I told him I would say a few days then had to get on to my job interviews. We unpacked and went to the store, about ten miles away, and made dinner. We were sitting on the front porch talking when four men, two white and two black, came up and ask us what we were doing there. Derrick told them his aunt left his the camp and he was going to spend the summer there. All the time these guys were eyeing me up. I was getting a little concerned as I still had the short skirt and top on with no panties or bra. As we talked one of the men asked Derrick to show him the inside of the camp. When they went in the other three gathered around me. I started to say something and one said if you yell we will kill your friend. As he said that one of the others reached up under my skirt and said damn I knew she wasn?t wearing a bra but no panties either. His finger easily entered. He pulled it out, showed it to the other three and said she is wet and has cum in her cunt. They took me inside the camp.

When I opened the camp door Derrick was standing with his hands behind his back. The man with him told him to sit down and he tied him to a chair. He told him if we were both good we would live to see tomorrow. Derrick looked into my eyes and told me he was sorry.

The man who had fingered me on the porch was named Joe. Joe took my arm and led me over to the bed and told me to take my clothes off. I didn?t move fast enough so he slapped my face and told me to get them off. I took the top off first and my nipples were sticking out hard and Joe started to suck them and told Brian to suck the other one. I stood there by the bed with two men sucking my nipples and could feel the direct effect in my cunt. It started seeping juice and I was in fear it would start running down my legs. Joe backed away and told Nate to suck some as Brian moved back and told Tommy to suck some. This went on for fifteen or twenty minutes and Joe told them to back away. Both men did and he told me to get rid of the skirt. I unzipped it and stepped out of it. I don?t think they had ever seen a shaved cunt because they just stared at it and ran their hands over it.

All of their pants were tenting out in the front. Joe told me to get on my knees. He moved over in front of me and told me to take his pants off. When they dropped he had a cock that was about seven inches and fairly thick. He told me to suck it. While he did Brian dropped down behind me and was reaching under and fingering my cunt. From Derrick?s cum and them sucking on my nipples I was soaked. Brian put two fingers in and said he is ready to fuck. Joe told me to get on the bed. After I was on the bed Joe got between my legs and stuck his cock to the hilt. Everyone in the room could hear his balls when they hit my ass. Joe wasn?t much on style he just pounded him my cunt and in about ten minutes tensed and came. I was on the verge of cumming but did everything I did to hold back because I didn?t want these guys to know how much I love to fuck.

Brian was next; he was about the same size as Joe, but a little thicker. He was gentle in getting in, but once he was there he pounded me and as much as I tried not I started cumming and all the cum in me started to bubble out around his cock. He looked up at the guys and said this little bitch is hot and she needs all the cock we can give her. He finally came in me.

Nate made me get on my knees and he slid in behind me. He had a nine inch cock and was fairly good at using it. Brian got in front of me and put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking. Nate reached under me and starting squeezing my nipples and I started cumming again. The harder I came the harder he fucked me. Finally he couldn?t take it anymore and came in me. He immediately moved around the front of me and had me suck his cock clean.

Tommy was a big black man. I could see in his eyes that he was mean and he scared the hell out of me. When he dropped his pants he had a cock bigger than Derrick?s and thicker. I started to move away and he slapped my ass and told me to lay still. Still on my hands and knees he told me to take his cock and get the head wet with my cunt. I did as he said and told him I don?t think I can take it. He said with all the cum you have in you it will slide in easily. He reached up and pushed down on my neck. As he did that he slid the head into my cunt. He easily worked the entire length into me. When he was all the way in he said I told you it would all fit. He started to slowly fuck me and my cunt loved it. I started cumming and he picked up the speed. While he was fucking me he told me not too many white sluts could take his cock and he might keep me around to fuck him and his friends whenever they wanted it. Then he took his cock just about all the way out and let it soak just inside my lips. I was pushing back to get more and he asked me ?what do you want.? Against my better judgment I said ?please fuck me.? He said that?s not good enough I want more details. I was climbing up the walls and said to him ?fuck my white cunt with that big black cock.? With that he slid the entire thing in me and fucked me hard. Again he pulled just about out and said how bad do you want my cock. I said ?I need fucked by your big black cock.? He said will you do anything I want if I fuck you. I said ?yes just fuck me.? He fucked me hard for about twenty minutes then shot his cum deep in my cunt. He then made me suck his cock clean.

It was apparent now that Tommy was the man in charge. I lay there catching my breath and he is talking with the other guys. I couldn?t understand what they were saying. All I could think of was that my formally tight cunt was not huge. I thought it would be sore but it was sensitive, no sore. I felt someone get on the bed and when I opened my eyes it was Derrick. His hands were still behind his back when he dropped down between my legs and started eating the cum out of my cunt. I heard Tommy tell him he had better get every last drop or they would all fuck him in the ass. I felt his tongue deep in my count and down licking my ass and it felt so good. Without wanting to I started to cum again. Tommy asked Derrick if he wanted to fuck me again before they took turns again and he said yes. He crawled up on my body and I put his cock at my cunt and he slammed home. He whispered in my ear that he was sorry but watching all of them fuck me made him like an animal. He fucked me harder and hard until he finally came. Tommy told him to go down and clean me up before he was done and Derrick did as he was told.

I lay there naked as the four intruders sat around drinking and talking about me. It was like I was a piece of meat and what scared me was they knew what made me cum. Tommy said I was a hot cunt and he would like to keep me around as a sex toy. The others agreed it would be a good idea. They talked to Derrick and told him they would untie him and let them join in on the fun if he would cooperate. Derrick finally agreed and was untied. At first I was mad at him but as I thought about it I was glad he wasn?t tied up to that chair.

When the men started drinking whiskey and smoking marihuana I fell asleep. All of a sudden someone was shaking me and it was Nate. He told me he wanted me to suck his cock. I ask him if I could go back to sleep and he said no it was time for me to suck and fuck everyone again. It was evident they were all high. I told Nate I was thirsty and he gave me a tall glass of whiskey. He told me to drink it down it would help me later. I did as I was told and then Joe handed me a joint and told me to smoke it. When I was done Nate pulled my head toward his cock and I opened my mouth and started sucking as hard as I could. It only took a little time and he tensed up and shot his cum in my mouth. I?m not sure if it was sucking his cock, the whiskey or the joint, but again I had an itch in my cunt.

Tommy made me get off of the bed and play with each man cock. Then he lay on the bed and told me to climb on top and slide his cock in my cunt. I got on top, took ahold of his cock, rubbed it up and down my cunt to get it wet and sat down on it. I wasn?t going fast enough so Tommy pulled my legs forward and I dropped down until he was completely in my cunt. I lay still for a few minutes to get used to his size. He told me to start fucking him and slapped me on the ass. I felt something behind me. Joe said it?s only me relax. He was playing with my ass and rubbing his finger in my asshole. It felt it slip in and he was working it with the rhythm Tommy was fucking me. Then I felt his cock head touch my asshole. I started to say something when he rammed his cock in my ass. I yelled for him to stop and pull it out but he just kept pushing until he was fully embedded. He was still for a minute then started going in and out at the same pace as Tommy. I thought I was completely stuffed until Brian pushed his cock in my mouth.

The pain started to vanish and my cunt came alive and I started cumming like never before. I told Tommy to ?fuck my white cunt with that black cock.? He started pounding my cunt and I was yelling ?fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.? After coming several time I started to reach a high and when they started cumming in my mouth, cunt and ass at the same time I passed out. When woke they were still drinking and smoking and they were very drunk. They lined up five chairs, sat in them and made me move from chair to chair and sit on their cocks. They switched back and forth between my ass and cunt. By the time they all came twice more I was exhausted and fell asleep on the bed naked.

When I woke in the morning I looked around everyone was gone but Nate. He told me the others had been up and went to get more food. I asked him how long they were going to keep me and he said only a few more days. He told me not to try to run because there was nowhere to go and they took all her clothes. I asked if I could shower and he told me yes but to hurry because when they got back I was going to cook breakfast. The shower felt great and when I washed by ass and cunt they were sore, but not a bad and I thought they would be. By the time I was done they had returned so I dried off and headed to the kitchen.

I was surprised to find they had brought back more beer and whiskey and each was already drinking a can of beer. I cooked breakfast as I was instructed and cleaned up afterward with Derrick?s help. The guys said they had to go out and left Derrick to stay with me. They told us if we tried to flee they would kill us.

After they left Derrick said he was sorry for all of this and that he had no idea who these guys were. I told him that we need to get away and he said he is trying to figure a way to escape. I told him we should run now and he said neither of us have any clothes and it was a long walk out to the main road. I started to cry and he pulled me over and started rubbing my back. Before long he was rubbing my ass and his fingers slid around and he was touching the outside of my cunt. It?s hard to believe but I started to get real wet. I parted my legs and his fingers slid into me. I asked if I was all stretched out now that Tommy?s big cock was in me and he said no I was quite tight. I reached down and stroked his cock until it was hard. I lay on the bed and he slowly put his big cock in me. As soon as he hit bottom he started a slow movement in and out. After about ten minutes he started picking up the pace and he was fucking me wildly. I started cumming and told him to fuck me harder and deeper. While I was cumming he tensed up and shot his load deep in my cunt. We just lay there and relaxed until the others came back.

As soon as they came in they could smell that we had sex so they immediately got naked and started having me suck their cocks and fucking me. Each fucked me twice and I lost count of how many cocks I sucked. I was still scared but knew they only wanted to fuck me and I could live with that.

They had me make lunch and as I was serving their cum was running out of my cunt and down my legs. They laughed and joked about it as they would finger me, squeeze my tits or play with my ass whenever I would get close.

In early afternoon they started feeding me alcohol and pot. By early afternoon I was so stoned I had trouble talking. Tommy told me they were going to let me go tomorrow if I did everything they wanted today. While talking to me his hand was all over my ass and cunt. He asked me to suck his cock so I got down in from of him and sucked the head in my mouth. I could only take about four inches but that made him happy. He told me I was the ?best little white slut he has every fucked.? When I looked up at him he told me that I would always want fucked by several men after these few days, as I has turned into a true ?cum slut.? He said he would want my telephone number when he left and if he wanted to fuck me he would call and knew I would always come. He asked me if that wasn?t true. I stopped sucking him and told him yes, I was his slut.

He then picked up the lube and told me to put it on his cock. After I was done he told me to ass hard. I looked up at him and said ?please fuck my little ass with your big black cock.? He smiled, bent me over table and had me reach back and guide his cock into my ass. At first it was tight but as time went on I started to loosen up and the pain went away and the pleasure started. He fucked me hard until he came. After that each of them took his place and fucked me until the dumped there cum in my ass. The fucked me for the remainder of the day and into the night.

The next morning they give me my clothes and keys to my car and told me I was free to leave but if I reported anything to the police they would find me and kill me.

I got a job in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Derrick finished college and moved down with me. About once a month we go up to the camp and spend a quiet weekend.

As far as Tommy goes he was right. I am a true cum slut and love a big black cock whenever I can get one. In the past two years I have fucked over a hundred different me.

We are really looking forward to this weekend Tommy is visiting Philly and he is staying with Derrick and I.

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