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Keeping our husband suspense!! A Christmas dinner!!

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When my husband and I decided to take our new friends out to dinner for a Christmas gift, I got excited! My mind began to wonder and then my fantasies soon turned to realities?here?s how the story goes!

We met around 6 pm at the Olive Garden. I had made prior reservations and when I did I asked for a more secluded booth for 4. A booth would be more private, than a table out in the middle of the room. So when we arrived and got seated I was pleased to have a high back booth in the corner. I wore a short skirt with my black high heeled boots making my long legs look fantastic! I also had on a loose fitting shirt that showed off my 36C breasts nicely. When the couple we were meeting arrived I was overjoyed that she too wore a skirt. She had a v-neck sweater on that went low enough just to tease!! She was very attractive and we really enjoyed each others ?company?!

As they were seated, my husband and I had been sitting across from each other, so I suggested that she sit with me. The guys were not thrilled about sitting together, but soon enough their minds were changed. Us girls were sitting with our backs to the rest of the restaurant and the booth was high enough to just cover our heads.

My first objective was soon interrupted by our waitress, to take drink and appetizer orders. After that was completed, we were looking at our menus and making small talk. I decided to run my hand up her inner thigh without saying a word. As she giggled by surprise, her husband looked up at her from his menu to see her blushing! My goal of finding out if panties were on the menu, was now confirmed. Bare and shaven. So now I knew she had some intentions for the night, to be flirty at the very least! I leaned over and gave her a small kiss and whispered??me too?! She knew what I meant, but the guys were not sure what just happened!

Our wine came back, and we then ordered our entrée?s. Of course the breadsticks and salad would soon follow, so I waited before making my next move! It only took a matter of minutes to get that delivered to the table. We had a few bites of our salad when I decided to go to the restroom. Of course girls go in groups, so I was pleased when she said she?d come along!! After all, my next plan wouldn?t have worked without her! So there the guys were, sitting and wondering if anything was going to happen!

There was no one in the restroom when we entered. It was a very well kept, clean restroom which is why I was ok bringing her into the biggest stall and pressing her against the wall. We immediately started kissing and touching each other. I slid my hand up her skirt and instantly felt her hot wetness. I started to rub her clit while kissing her deeply. She would moan in the pleasures running through her body. She reached under my skirt and could tell I was so turned on, as I was dripping sown my leg. I slipped two fingers into my girlfriends? soaked pussy. Here we are in a public restaurant fingering each other. It was so erotic! She told me that she didn?t want to cum yet, so I agreed. I licked my fingers that I was fucking her slit with and then we decided to wash up and return to our anxiously awaiting men, sitting patiently at our table.

Our entrees? were just arriving so we sat down and grinned at the guys. They stared at us in anticipation. They really wanted to know if we really needed to use the restroom or just ?use? the restroom!

All we told them was that our business was done but not complete! Their minds began to wonder!

We continued our very delicious meal and engaged in some very interesting conversation. We would give each other flirty looks and winks, and was very touchy-feely through-out dinner. We decided we would excite our men a little more, if that was at all possible, so we kissed, showing a lot of tongue- that I hoped would later lick her juices. One of our kissing episodes was interrupted when her husband said, ?waitress, waitress.? So as innocently as we ?were?, we acted as if nothing was going on, as our waters and salad were replenished. Naughty girls- I thought to myself!! We would look at each other and smirk or wink and this would drive our guys crazy! They kept asking if anything happened in the restroom and we replied- ?well it?s a bathroom, what do you think?? I don?t think they could?ve been any harder as they agreed to each other that it was a good thing for the cloth napkins on their laps! How funny I thought! We each had another glass of wine as some of our plates were cleared from the table.

I had another move planned as we finished up our dinner. I told her to hurry and finish her glass of wine as I polished off the last big gulp I had left. I used the remote on my keychain to start my white mini-van. I had already turned the dial on the heat up before getting out, to assure my girlfriend and I would not get to cold. As she finished her glass, I told my husband to wait for boxes for the leftover food we didn?t finish, and that he also needed to take care of the bill. I told them we would be in the van waiting for them, so I knew we would have a ?head-start?.! We left them sitting there with hard cocks as we went out to the van.

I opened the side door of the van for her to get into the back. As she was stepping up I got a very nice view of her sweet ass and glistening pussy lips, as she leaned over to avoid hitting her head. We were parked in a very nice spot toward the back of the parking lot in a corner with high bushes on 2 sides of the van. I grabbed my purse, which had a new dildo I had just gotten for Christmas from my husband! It was a blue dolphin vibe with beads. I told her I kept it in my purse so it wouldn?t be cold when I wanted to use it. I knelt in front of her with the blue dick in my hand. She spread her knees apart in anticipation of me entering her with it. How sweet she looked! I leaned in and put my tongue on her clit and she squealed with delight. She was so wet that when I placed the head of the vibe against her cunt it was immediately slippery. I rubbed the fake cock back and forth to get it wet with her natural lubricants and then leaning onto her I pushed it gently into her. Her head fell back and she grunted with pleasure. Then she unbuttoned my already loose shirt and started twisting my nipples in her fingers. This made my pussy throb even more. We were kissing as I gently started to thrust the big dildo in and out of her hot hole. As she moaned louder against my mouth I tried to turn on the vibe. I had to look down at the buttons to figure it out since it was brand new!

I pushed the button to make it vibrate and she was thrusting her hips into it. I noticed the guys walking out to the van, and it just so happens they had their hands in their pockets to hide their bulges!! I leaned onto her to shield her from the cold air that was about to enter the van when they opened the door. Still pounding her with my new dildo she was moaning and squirming. I was dripping down my legs!! The guys opened the side door when they didn?t see us sitting in the front seats. When they saw me fucking her and kissing they climbed in quickly and shut the door. They made very erotic comments on how sexy we were and how fucking hot and excited they were! I had her move more to the side of the bench seat so her husband could sit down beside her. He unzipped his pants and his big cock jumped to attention.

With her leaning into his lap, she had her left leg propped up by the window and her right foot on the floor. She positioned herself so I could still fuck her and she could also suck her man. She took it into her mouth as he was already pre-cumming. She would lick the hole and then take her lips over his mushroom tip. My husband did not take anytime at all to get his monster out and he positioned himself behind me. I was still on my knees leaning over her?pushing my vibe deep inside her. I could feel my husbands? cock on my inner thighs. I knew he was collecting my juices before filling my cunt with his member. It was one smooth deep motion that made me scream out in pleasure. We were all four being fucked somehow or another. What a great friendship!! It would?ve been an awesome view from the outside of the van, but due to tinted windows and the winter months, it was as black as midnight!

Both cocks and pussies were being fucked at the same time. My girlfriend was so close to cumming, so I pressed the vibe deeply but softly , so the dolphin nose landed perfectly on her clit. The vibrations on her clit sent her over the edge and she began to twitch and thrust. I held the dildo there until she screamed out over her husbands prick. Oh yes yes yes, she yelled!! As she came, she bobbed faster and harder on her mans thickness and soon he began to spill out into her mouth. He was moaning as she continued to suck him off. Hearing her pleasure him so well made me so hot that while my husband pounded me, I reached down to rub my clit. In just a matter of seconds we were both having our orgasms. I was still softly stroking the blue dick in and out of her, but I turned it off. I could tell that her cunt was still pulsating from her orgasm. We were all slowing down as to not ruin that ?post- O? moment! We wanted to take it all in!!

As she sat up I removed the dripping vibe and licked all her juice off of it. I turned to my husband and kissed him deeply so he could taste her sweetness. Then she pulled me away from him and her and I engaged in a very luscious kiss. I could taste the leftover seed in her mouth from her husbands cock.

We organized ourselves and cleaned up. Before they got out of the van to get in their car, I suggested that they follow us to Kohl?s where I wanted to use a gift card I recently got as a birthday gift. They agreed to go with us to shop a bit, and you wouldn?t believe what we did there!!

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