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Jos First Time with a Stranger part Two

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Jo corresponded with her boy toy regularly and it took about three weeks to set up the meeting with him. It was decided we would pic him up in front of the student union at 3:30 pm after his last class on Friday. Jo had gotten so excited corresponding with him and setting up the meeting her pussy was soaking wet and her nipples were hard enough to cut glass for over a week. As the day got closer I ask her if she had decided on an outfit to wear for the meeting? Jo said she was thinking about her little shot black raparound dress that I liked her to wear. I told her I thought it was a great choice. Jo started getting ready about 11:00 am on Friday so we could enjoy the drive up to the collage. When Jo got in the car and slid over next to me it was easy to see all she had on was the little black dress, thigh highs, and high heels. After we were about 10 miles from home Jo untied the dress and opened it up so I had easy axcess to her body and it would be easy for anyone we passed to get a look at her body. On the way up several guys we passed enjoyed the view and would honk there horns which got her more excited. We got into town about an hour and a half early, Jo sugested we stop by the little book store on the way into town for a little while to kill time. I know Jo gets off on going to the vidieo boths with the glory holes so she can show off for the guy in the next both and if he is interested she gives him a hand job. I said ok and as I parked the car Jo tied the dress very loosly and we walked in. When we walked in the guy running the store recognized us and spoke to us, we walked over to talk to him and Jo leaned over the counter as he and I talked, she gave him a full view of her breasts. He said I see your here to have some fun and winked at Jo, he then said it is great when you guys come in, business always picks up. He then told Jo there is a new guy in both number 3 I think you will like. Jo said thanks lets go see. We walked into both number 2 and Jo untied her dress and took it off and laid it on the chair and turned to face the gloy holes. I started kissing her nipples and fingering her pussy. After a few minites Jo said I have someting to take care of. I looked up and the was a big cock sticking thru the glory hole. Jo stepped over and rubbed her nipples on the head a few times then gave him a good hand job, after he came Jo said we better go and slipped her dress on. As we were walking out the guy came out of both numder 3 and ask if we would be interested in spending the rest of the day with him? Jo told him we already have a date today, but we might the next next time we come to the book store if he was there. Jo said as we drove to the collage the guy at the book store had a very nice cock and she was very turned on now. We got to the collage about 15 minites early and parked to wait. Jo had her dress arrainged to provide a good view of her body. Several guys did double takes as the walked by the car while we were waiting for her boy toy. he finnaly came out and walked to the car, as he was getting in a tall blonde walked up and ask him what he was going to do. He said spend the evening with friends, she then looked into the car and saw Jo. She then asked are you going to fuck that older lady? He then said what diffence does it make you will not go farther than giving me a hand job. She then said your to big for me to do anyting else. Jo then asked is this your girl friend? He said no we have gone out a few times. The girl then said I can not belive you would do this just because I have not let you fuck me with that huge cock. Jo them told the girl, why don't you come with us and we will teach you how to enjoy his big cock. The girl said to hell with you, just go and let him put that monster in you. Jo said ok but one of these days you will find out how good it feels to be filled completly and have you pussy streached to the limit! WE then started across town, Jo then opened her dress and let him enjoy her body. When we got to his apartment Jo just held her dress closed as we walked in to the basement apartment. When we walked in Jo took her dress off and told us to get undressed, when we were she said I want to start like we did last time. I sat on the couch and Jo knelt down and started giving me head and he took her doggie style and started working it in more and more. She started comming non stop, this caused me to cum and she swallowed every drop which she had never done before and the he pumped his load in Jo and still had not gotten all of his cock into her. Jo then said lets go to the bed room so I can enjoy this cock. When we got in the bed room Jo told him to lay on his back in the middle of the bed. Jo then got on the bed and said I love the way your cock stays hard, she then mounted him cowgirl and started working her pussy onto his cock. It took her almost 15 minites to get it all the way in, as she would start comming so hard she would have to stop and wait for the wave to pass and she could stop shaking. Once she got all the way down on his cock she said she had not ever had orgasims that intence before. Jo said after I get aoustom to this cock I want you to come over here so I can suck you hard before he cums. After about 10 minites Jo said ok I'm ready. Jo had sucked on my cock untill it was hard, when the bed room door opened and a female voice said what the hell is going on here, I steped back and looked to see a tall bust red head in a green tank top and white shorts. I ask who the hell are you? I'm his aunt, and what are you doing with him? Jo turned and said taking care of him since no one else will because they think his cock is to big. As Jo said this I could see the red heads nipples were trying to push thu the tank top and she shorts were getting wet. Jo them said if your not going to help you can watch but I am going to enjoy this big cock, and went back to pumping the cock with her pussy. The red head could not take her eyes off the big cock going in and out of Jo's pussy. While I watched the red head pushed her shorts down and started playing with her own pussy and tweeking her nipples, after a few minites I steped over to her and took her tank top off and started to suck her nipples and playing with her clit, she then said please fuck me while I watch them. I bent her over and took her doggie style and she started cuming after about a minite. Jo had an incredable orgasim in about 10 minites, when she came her boy toy filled her pussy with his cum this caused me to fill his aunts pussy with my cum. We then all layed on the bed to recoperate for a few minites. We then started caresing each other and the girl had us both hard in a few minites. Jo the ask the red head if she wanted to enjoy her boarders big cock, she responded his uncle was not that big and she didn't know if she could handle it but she would like to try. Jo sugested they start missionary untill she got opened up. She said ok I'll tryand he got between her legs and started easing his cock into he pussy, when he had about 5 inches in her she was cuming and screaming I've never had any thing that big in me. Jo told her to lay back and relaxe, you have a lot more to go, she said ok. Jo then said she wanted to ride my cock while she watched them. It took the boy toy almost 45 minites to get all of his cock in his aunt, several times she said stop I can not take any more and Jo told her to just relax and let him pump you at that depth untill you get used to it, she did and after a few minites she would ask him to put more in utill he was all the way in. She got used to it and them begged him to fuck her hard, he did and the exploded in her pussy. Jo then came hard and so did I. This went on utill 11:00 pm with us switching partners. The red head said we are going to have to straighten thing up as her husband would be home after midnight and she needed time to take a bubble bath since her pussy was so sore, from being so thourly fucked. We made plans to do it again in about two weeks. Jo told me on the way home she had never had so much fun in her life, and she could hardly wait for the two weeks to end. I came home from work about a week later and found Jo very upset. I ask what was wrong, she then showed mr a letter from her boy toy saying he had to cancel our next meeting, his red headed aunt was fucking him several several times a nite and she did not want to share him with Jo. I told Jo not to worry we will still have fun with out him. She said I knew you would take care of it, just tell me what you want me to wear and what you want me to do, you have me hooked now. To be continued.

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