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John and I Go for Some Adult Boating Fun

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Hello I am Karen, with my husband John of 18 years, we sometimes swing with friends. Friends with benefits has been our taste for swapping wives with other couples, we don?t bed hop as a rule. We had only been to a couple of house parties (mini orgies) and we did have while attending each time and met new friends at each. So when we were invited by one of our friends with benefits as guests for an ?Adult Boating Trip? we agreed to attend and be open minded with the other party-goers. The rules were simple enough, once out on the open water, clothing was optional, it was encouraged to mingle with the other guests, what happens on the water stays on the water. This particular invitation was three days and two nights. So John and I opted for a hotel room on shore for a place to sleep.

Packed and ready we arrived at the hotel first, got organized and followed directions to the dock. Wow, it was one of the largest yachts on the pier. Impressive to say the least we were piped aboard and given drinks right away. The tour of the facility and introduction to some of the other attendees was interesting and included open mouth kisses and roaming hands from all the men and some of the ladies. Our hostess and First Mate, Jane, pulled me aside to put me on to a secret about Adult Boat etiquette. It seems that to cup a man?s package is perfectly alight while on board. Not wanting to be left out of any of the fun I started with the very next man I met to get a handful of his ?junk?. It was really fun to cop-a-feel and the men took a little longer to kiss while my hand was engaged down there. The tour continued leading us to small bunks on either side of an aisle on the lower deck and a larger master suite was in the bow or front of the boat. All made up and nicely decorated for guests.

Back on top, we mingled and our host Captain Dave yelled to cast off and we headed for open water. It didn?t take long to get out of sight of the dock area and out to the big water. About another mile or two from shore and First Mate Jane blows a whistle and follows with ?Clothing is now optional?. I happened to be holding a guest named Mike?s package when the announcement was made so I helped him out of his swim trunks and Hawaiian print shirt. Then he returned the favor and I was soon naked as the day I was born. Looking around the deck I noticed that the men were all about the same size between the legs and all the ladies had average sized boobs. Some store bought but all about the same size. One of the wives was six feet tall and well-built and my John was with her and they were into each other. Another minute and a handsome guy sitting on the side rail enjoying one of the wives as she was squatting between his feet sucking on him. First Mate Jane said in a normal voice, ?Don?t jump the gun kids, we have a lot of things planned for this boat trip?. ?In fact here comes our rendezvous ship now? was shouted down from the helm by our Captain. Jane calmed everyone and said that they should all be naked too when we ?draft-up? which means that we tie the boats together side by side to make one big floating adult playground.

There they were another set of couples stark naked and having fun?and wouldn?t you know it one guy was getting his knob polished on that boat too. The men were told to switch boats to get to know the rest of the ladies, and so they did. What fun to grab junk with all the new men and kisses were making me dizzy with erotic excitement. The fact that my tits and snapper were being caressed with each new man as he kissed me didn?t help me to stay calm.

I noticed some of the couples were getting into some sex acts, mostly oral, and my husband John was with another woman on the other boat giving her head. About then First Mate Jane made another announcement whistle and all, ?You are now on a boat without your spouse, enjoy the party, have as much fun as you dare. Ladies, there is one rule for your husbands to get back on the boat he arrived on?.he must give up his seed. So make sure you finish the job for as many men s you can so they can go home with their spouses.? The Captain added ?This is a catch and release boat outing?. We all laughed and started getting even friskier with anyone within reach. Mike who was frisky with me earlier and the tall lady my husband was playing with earlier came over to a man named Denny and I. Denny was busy fingering me and in a very delightful way. Mike introduced the tall lady as Sally. I said ?Long tall Sally??, to which she replied ?One in the same?. They asked if we would like to join them below for a foursome to which Denny, upon taking one look at that tall hunk of woman and turned to me with a big smile, winked at me so I said ?We?d love to, please lead the way?.

Once below we took charge of one of the bunks, about a queen size bed berth, and Sally came on to me asking if I?d like to lay back and relax. Without a word I got n the bed on by back and she began to prowl over me in a very sexy way to kiss parts of my naked body. The men were touching both of us and hands were all about in a sensual atmosphere and erotic seduction by all three of my playmates. I kept my eyes open most of the time as Sally worked her way down on me and never stopped teasing with kisses and tongue action till her face was perfectly positioned between my legs where she licked all the right spots to get me burning with desire. Mike came around to offer his penis to my mouth and I gladly gave it the attention he deserved. Denny came up from behind Sally and she moaned. It looked as if he was fucking her doggy style and she liked what he was doing. I was getting ready to reach my orgasm when Sally asked she could have a turn. No one spoke as we repositioned with Sally on bottom and me over her kissing and licking as good as I just got on my way down to her little man in the boat between her pussy lips. Mike came round to fuck me from behind and Denny moved to get sucked by Sally.

Sally started moaning when I slid a finger into her as I focused on licking her clitoris as I was being filled by Mike?s wonderful feeling penis. Mike pulled out of me and while holding my hips directed me toward Denny. Denny guided me to my back next to Sally but head to toe or opposite of her direction. Mike crawled on top of Sally as she wrapped her legs around him so Denny got on me. I think Denny?s cock grew even bigger than when I was playing with it on the top deck and it felt wonderful to have him push it into me. I gave it a little guidance with one hand down there to make sure we had a good fit. We were having sex right next to one another and it was exciting. I don?t know why but I reached over to tickle Mike?s balls from behind as he fucked Sally. Sally was into having a foursome and reached over to guide a finger between the cheeks of my bottom and tease my anus and Denny delightfully pounded me.

I was just about there with my climax when Mike said ?Trade?. The men switched positions and Mike was now on me, in me and my pussy welcomed him since I wanted to do him since I first saw him on the top deck taking off his trunks. Denny gave out a groan and Sally urged him to fuck her harder and faster as he emptied his ball juice into her. He finished and Sally pushed him upright so she could sit Indian style and suck him to the very last drop of his sperm.

I was getting out of control and right on the edge of my orgasm. I blurted out ?Mike, fuck me, fuck me Mike? he pumped me harder deeper and faster heading for his climax as I got mine. I was getting another surge of pleasure with each plunge into my wet hot pussy when he got a deep growl in his voice and push deep in me to hold every inch of his manhood in me. I felt his undulating genitalia quivering and pulsing in me as his fluids come into me. We fell into a sweaty mass of freshly fucked friends. Once he pulled out and stood next to the bunk I leaned over the edge to give him some oral attention and taste his fluids mixed with mine as I suck his cock as its swelling subsided. Sally claimed that she needed a drink and since we all agreed the men went top side as Sally and I headed for the ?head? or bathroom to freshen up. It was a tight fit but she kissed me and asked if I liked women. I told her I was kind of bi-sexual with the right partner but really liked men best. We washed off quickly, ran a brush through our hair but Sally asked if I?d let her eat me clean on the way to top side. Surprised at the request and sensing that she wasn?t asking so much a s expecting me to agree, I was lead back to the bunk where she had me straddle her face to carefully place my dripping pussy on her mouth. Her one finger teased my anus as another was pushed into me only to be sucked on as it came back out covered with Mikes cum. I was getting close to another climax when the finger teasing my anus was pushed into me there.

I had not had anal sex but I read about it and anal play in a swinger?s magazine we got at an adult book store one time. Now I was fully experiencing anal play and getting an artful licking by ?Long Tall Sally?. Her face was covered with my juices and Mikes cum when she went nuts down there and I lost it to be at her mercy with my sexual pleasure. It was a most powerful orgasm and one I won?t forget for a long time. I found myself holding her head to keep her face buried in my pussy till my pleasure subsided. I fell into a slump of spent sexpot net to her on the bunk. Breathing heavier than ever I calmed down but she returned to the head to freshen up bringing me a wet wash cloth and dry towel and a good long kiss as she disappeared up the steps leaving me to freshen myself up and join them soon.

Back on deck the atmosphere was clam and several of the husbands were back on the original boats. One guy was pumping a woman from behind on the main deck of the other boat. Sally said to me ?That?s my husband?. We were all watching as they seemed to be the last ones to finish. Then one of the women asked ?Is he fucking her in the ass?? Sally replied ?I think he is?. She then turned to me and added ?Some women like it in the ass? then winked. I smiled and threw my eyebrows up to give notice that we had a secret.

It was now nearing dark so we got dressed as we headed back to port and all went out to eat and get a belly full of adult beverages as we listened to live bands and flirted with all our newly found friends with benefits. What was on the agenda for the next day?well who really cares?I?m planning on getting laid again and most assuredly by someone other than my husband. I enjoy boating now a lot more than I expected. I wonder what Captain Dave?s cock feels like.

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