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Jennifer Really Knew Better, She Said

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Jennifer, 25, had been raised in a strict, moral, home. She was taught not to put herself in a situation where when she woke up the next morning, she would have regrets.

She had been teaching high school history for two years at a small school in Oklahoma.

Single, as the only long term relationship she had ended when she found out he secretly was having a sexual relationship with another man, and it just really turned her off, yet she still had some feelings for him for a long time after the break up.

Tits, Jennifer had nice tits, D cup. Around 5-7 or maybe just 5-6, everything about her was proportinate. She had very,very, nice legs, which caused many a man to turn their eyes and a few women, also.

Her best friend and also a teacher, Barb, was what her parents called, "a wild one." She could hear her dad down in Texas say, "Watch out with her. She'll bring you down to her level, and get you into a ton of trouble."

Barb , 5-3,or 5-4, a little heavier and very sexy smile, had some nice tits herself, but she knew how to get her way, usually with body language or flirting, but, just about always, got her way.

Jennifer admired the way that both students and parents admired Barb. Barb was the counselor at the school and parents raved about her connection with the kids. Barb, 26, knew how to get things across to the students.

Several of Barb's students had turned into really good students, and at least four of them turned 18 in just the last few weeks, and with a four day weekend, she decided to throw a small party for them at her house, and asked Jennifer for her assistance.

Two of the students were male, two female, and of cource Barb and Jennifer would be there. Jennifer wasn't real comfortable having a party with students, but decided that since Barb was throwing it and it wasn't a school function, tha it would be all right. "At least they won't be out on the streets causing problems," she thought.

These all were fun loving kids, not mean. A little ornery, and a lot of fun, also they were a little bit curious, but not enough to concern her all that much.

So, on Friday morning Jennifer got up to help Barb make this party really special. The students, Jake, Ryan, Melissa, and Sarah, all 18 for only a few days, deserved a nice party, the two young female teachers decided.

Barb and Jennifer completely cleaned Barb's place, not that it was that bad, but they hung some new curtains, dusted, put new curtains up in the shower and started preparing a meal, snacks and drinks for their four students.

"I told them to come around 6:30 and to dress casually," Barb said, knowing that these four always did what she told them.

It was very hot for the end of April in Oklahoma, so when Jennifer went home to change she put on shorts, blue ones, no panties, a tank top, and no bra, her normal attire for when she wasn't attending school or a school function.

Barb dressed similarly, but since she was at home, went barefoot and had a keg of beer delivered to her house, something she didn't mention to Jennifer, but these kids are all "good,responsible" kids, Jennifer thought, when she found out about the keg.

The two ladies had fried three chickens, made potato salad and baked beans, and Jennifer had prepared a strawberry cheesecak for dessert.

After eating, Barb took everyone into the room with the keg, all thankful for the beer and they sat at a table and began playing different games, cards, yahtzee, uno, etc.

The six began talking about their days in high school and one of the girls, Jennifer thinks it was Melissa, when she recalled the incident, brought up boys, and sex.

She told the story of her junior year as a cheerleader she was invited to a party and one of her cheerleader companion took it upon her self to perform "oral sex" to all the captains of the football team.

Laughing, she said,"I enjoyed watching until old Ryan here about gagged her with his hugeness."

Jennifer knew she should change the subject, or else leave, but they are "just talking, laughing," she said to herself.

The more beer this group drank the more open the conversation became.

"Yeah, I might have gagged her but Melissa gave old Jake the tongue, Jake thought that tongue was three feet long in his throat," Ryan stated bluntly.

"Well with all the kissing and necking going on, I saw this was going to be an orgy, I was just getting a head start on the others," Melissa laughed.

"Orgy! You weren't even 18 yet, an orgy," Jennifer exclaimed.

"Oh Jennifer, wake up! This is 2005!," Barb said. "Adults were there, if any harm was done, they would have stopped it," she added.

"Yeah, like you didn't have sex before you were 18 Jennifer," Sarah laughed, liking to be able to call a teacher by her first name.

"You had sex before you were 18?," Barb quizzed her friend and co host of the party.

"Well, yeah. Jan and I, we went to this dance after the football game, had a few drinks, got to talking to a couple guys there with some other girls and things got out of hand," she said.

"Details.Details. We want details," Ryan demanded.

"Well," she explained, turning red, bright red, like the fuck me red toe nail polish she had on her toe nails, "Jan was all over Joe, cause she couldn't stand his date, Patti. Now Joel, Joe's friend was cool, we hit it off well, and he just sort of left his date, Elnora hanging with another group of guys, so we sneak of to Jan's house, less than a block away, where the good booze was."

Melissa and Sarah both were getting aroused now, of course the free flow of beer did no harm.

Jake had a bluge in his pants and Ryan had one a "coming up."

Jennifer continued,"it's getting hot in here! Anyway, we mixed some drinks, more alcohol than coke and seven up, and we played truth or dare, and soon we were all naked. Joel dared me to kiss Jan, I did and that is when the sex began," Jennifer explained. "And the rest is history."

Jennifer could hear her dad's voice in her mind. "You know better, you shouldn't be here," he said.

"That would be awesome, seeing to women kiss," Jake laughed.

Melissa asked,"Why is it erotic for two females to kiss and so taboo and yuck for two guys to kiss?," she asked.

Barb did nothing to stop this conversation and Jennifer could see where it was probably headed and knew she should either leave or put a stop to it but she was numb! Between the booze and the arousal of sharing her story of sex, she was frozen and couldn't move, not even realizing one of her tits was about to fall right out of her cream color tank top, of course catching the eye of all the students.

"Well, having kissed another woman, I can tell you, it is so much more erotic than kissing a guy,it sends a thrill all through the most sensual parts of your body, doesn't it Jennifer?," Barb asked.

Now, Jennifer knew this shouldn't be going on, but how did she reply but, "Yes. There isn't another feeling like it!"

"Jennifer, you know your tit is just all but showing?," Melissa laughed.

Laughing, knowing she should be embarassed, but wasn't, Jennifer replied, "honey, you'll see worse in your lifetime."

Ryan, who now was very aroused but had stayed quiet said very boldly, "Barb, you and Jennifer should kiss, right here right now!"

"NO!NO WAY!," Jennifer explained, "we,we can't."

"You don't want to kiss me hun? Am I not good enough to kiss?," Barb asked, causing the four students to erupt in laughter.

Knowing better, for whatever reason, Jennifer kicked off her sandals and moved close to Barb and kissed her softly at first, then the two became more passionate, and the kiss lasted probably 90 seconds with Barb grabbing and fondling Jennifers tits through her shirt.

Melissa and Sara were now crossing their legs often, trying to cover their excitement and arousal, and Ryan and Jake, it obviously effected the bulge in their pants, making it more obvious.

"Ok, Barb and I kissed, I think it only fair that Melissa and Sarah kiss," Jennifer said laughing, and at same time hating herself that she said it.

Like Jennifer, Melissa kicked off her sandals, moved closer to Sarah, and the two kissed, even more passionately than Jennifer and Barbra.

Ryan had moved over and placed a hand on Jennifers thigh, much to her shame and delight. And Barb had moved closer to Jake and had her hand clasped in his, in anticipation of what would soon be taking place.

Jake turned, looked deep into Barb's eyes, knowing what she wanted, and started kissing her passionately,with Barb returning the kiss.

Sarah and Melissa kissed again, and again.

Jennifer turned to Ryan and the two embraced and kissed and soon, Barb and Jennifer had their male students naked, as well as them selves and Sarah and Melissa were in the middle of the game room floor naked, fingering each other's pussy and bringing total pleasure and ecstasy to each other.

Ryan had plunged his hard 6 inch cock deep into Jennifer, causing her to writhe and moan in his grasps and in only minutes brought her to orgasm after orgasm."God, you shouldn't know how to fuck like that!," Jennifer screamed.

Jake now had pulled his cock from Barb's pussy and had it in her mouth, while feeling of Jennifer's tits, driving her into a total blur of lust and want. He shot load after load of cum in the counselor's mouth, as Melissa and Sarah moaned loudly as the two came time after time.

The six lay there for several minutes, Jennifer knowing better,knowing she shouldn't have done that, knowing she could leave, but couldn't and now, the four students had managed to tie the two adults down, and place a gag in their mouth's and they, all four, left the room, still naked and went into other room.

Jennifer could hear one of the girls talking and laughing on the phone, but couldn't tell what was being said. Soon the door bell rang and the students let in two big, huge, athletic type, black males.

"These ladies are our teachers," Sarah laughed. "Wide open and available," Melissa laughed.

The bigger one grabbed Melissa by the hair, and said, " eat the saved bitch's pussy out, now cunt! Do it!," he demanded.

The other one grabbed Sarah and ordred her to lick Barb while they removed their clothing.

Well into the morning, the four males, the four females, took turns fucking, sucking, being tied and gagged, and all the females were spent,worn out, but satisfied by early in the next morning.

"Never was I fucked by a black man until last night," Jennifer laughed. "I hope it won't be my last."

"Oh honey, it won't be, I gave them your number," Melissa winked, and kissed Jennifer, "thanks for the party."

Jennifer went home later that morning, still hearing her dad say, "don't put yourself in a situation you will regret in the morning."

Thing is, she had no regrets.

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