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Jack and Jill fuck down the hill

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This is a continuation of the prior Jack and Jill. Donna has definitely rejuvenated our sex life. The three of us get together all the time. The girls even have some tryst by themselves on certain occasions. When Donna and Jill get together without me my wife usually comes home and we fornicate like rabbits. Sometimes she even brings home Donna's wet soaked thongs and tosses them to me before we both fuck each others brains out. Although nothing has ever been said, it seems to be understood that while my wife can fuck Donna alone that I may not. Jill is a flaming bisexual now and the girls even go out every Wed. night to a Girls' Night at a local club. I sit at home waiting for Jill to get back so I can enjoy some hot after sex. Life is good.

The second Wed. Jill comes home really late. So late in fact that I fell asleep. I do this sometimes but she always wakes me up. The bathroom light woke me up this time and I pretended to be asleep expecting her to wake me up by sucking my dick erect. But this night she just lay down and falls asleep. When I heard her sleeping soundly, I got up and was a little puzzled. Maybe she was a bit too drunk or was just really tired but this was the first time she hadn't wanted to have sex after wards. I went to the bathroom to pee and I saw her clothes laying in a pile. I picked up her thong and it was stained with sex which wasn't that unusual except it smelled like there was male seed mixed in. Who did my wife fuck tonight? When I got back in bed I noticed Jill had some gym shorts on when she normally would go to sleep au natural except when she was on the rag. I slipped them off gently. Being on her back her legs were barely spread wide enough for me to get my face between them. Her cunt smelled of male cum. I slipped my finger into her pussy and it was wet with sex but I could tell the difference between a cunt that had cum due to an oral orgasm and one that felt like it had been used as a cum dumpster. The little slut had just been fucked by strange cock this night. I was going to get to the bottom of this but first I was going to pound her unfaithful pussy. I spread her legs apart and drove my thick dick hard into her pussy without any of the normal pleasantries. Jill awoke with a gasp. When she realized I was slamming my cock into her already been fuck cunt she protested that she was too tired. I just continued to pound her hard. I didn't want to let on I knew so I lied, "You let your girlfriend fuck you tonight and you're too tired to give it up to me. You're such a selfish slut." My thick dick was doing the trick and she was soon responding to the fucking I was giving her. Her moaning grew louder as I fucked her hard like I was trying to punish her. My cock was used to sloppy seconds but not after another man but I have to admit it was a little erotic. She was close but I was closer and she'd already had her fun tonight. "Fuck me faster, baby I'm close." she cried out. Yeah, you were clearly too tired I thought to myself. Well I wasn't waiting and I slammed her ass deep into the mattress. I held it there as I blew my pent up load deep inside this whore's cunt. "Don't stop! I'm almost there." she begged. I guess she was expecting the obligatory couple of weak strokes as I continued pouring man juice into her. "Jack, please!" she begged. I was in my own world as I continued spewing as Jill reached down and started ravaging her own clit. She was on the verge as my orgasm was winding down. Her pussy pulsated as she hit her goal and the spasms were just what I needed at the end and I pour out the last remnants of my huge load. She finished her climax and we laid locked together. I finally rolled off of her. I thought about how I had been infuriated and excited at the same time with the thought of my wife fucking another man. I don't know how hard he had fucked her but I was pretty sure she would have one sore cunt the next morning after the pounding I had just given her. Jill mistook my silence and apologized for not fucking me awake. She didn't know that I knew she was nothing but a whore. I decided not to say anything about my discovery and we both fell asleep.

The next morning at breakfast I noticed my wife walking a little gingerly. The slut was most definitely sore. I asked her if she was going to see Donna being that they were both off today. She said no that she had some errands that she needed to do. I had thought about what I was going to do and this was perfect. I wanted to confront Donna and find out what exactly happened. I left work a couple of hours early and headed straight to Donna's. She was a bit perplexed when I showed up without Jill. We sat down and then I told her that I knew everything that happened last night. Her eyes got real wide and she started stammering something about how she thought Donna didn't want me to know about last night. The fucking little slut, I was right but now I wanted details. I lied and told her that Jill came clean last night and told me how you wanted some strange cock. Donna's eyes got even wider as she protested that it was all Jill's idea. I calmly asked her to give her version of last night activities. It seems this guy Jerry had started dancing next to them at the club. He actually came on to Donna and she felt that Jill was a little upset at the attentions that she wasn't receiving. As they all got drunker Jill started doing everything she could to have Jerry pay more attention to her. By night's end she's the one who invited him to join them back at Donna's. She stated that she couldn't tell if Jill was extremely jealous or extremely horny but told me that when they arrived at her house Jill took total control. She had them all go into the bedroom and had Jerry sit at the foot of the bed. The girls got undressed and got on their knees in the middle of the bed, They played with each other while Jerry watched. While they were playing Jill told Jerry that she wanted to see what he had. Jerry got naked and although he wasn't quite as big as me he was still pretty hefty cock. Jill told him that she liked big ones and had Donna lay down. Donna said Jill spread my legs wide so Jerry could have a good look at my pussy and then lied to him that I was only a lesbian and didn't like to be fucked by a Male's dick. Jill then went down on Donna and as she ate her out she would wiggle her exposed ass at Jerry and taunted him with things like, "but if you're a good boy I may let you fuck my pussy". Donna told me she had never seen Jill act like this before and even when she ate me it was like she was on fire. She devoured my cunt and was driving me wild. From time to time she would stop and look toward Jerry and lick her lips and say things like, "a woman's pussy is so sweet". Finally she told him to come up here and told me to suck his cock. "Don't you want your rod gobbled by a virgin cocksucker?" she asked. Jerry clamored over to my face and shoved his cock next to my mouth. Jill told me to suck him, reminding me that I had watched Jill suck cock before and to do it just like that. She didn't know if Jerry actually thought that it was my first time to suck a man's dick but he seemed to love the blow job I was giving him. Jill's sweet mouth got me off even while Jerry's thick dick was in the back of my throat. As I came he kept fucking my mouth. When I regained my composure after a totally awesome orgasm, I could tell Jerry was close to cumming. Jill climbed up and grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed him hard and told him, "Not so fast." She told him she wanted to feel his cum in her. She pulled me on top of her and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and then told Jerry if he wanted to fuck her pussy that he would have to eat it first. We continued to kiss as Jerry started eating out my wife. Donna told me Jill came quickly and no sooner than she had finished she pushed me away and told him to fuck her good. Jerry wasted no time on entering her and was soon fucking her hard. Donna said Jill kept yelling harder, harder and Jerry obliged. He fucked the shit out of her. At this I pulled my rock hard cock out of my pants and ordered Donna to start sucking it. She hesitated for a second and I pushed her down on her knees and yelled, "I said suck it," Donna opened her mouth and my cock head disappeared into her sweet mouth. I muttered some like, "If you can suck his , you can suck mine." My thoughts turned back to my wife as Donna gagged on my 9 hard inches. The horny little slut, I guess since I had fucked Donna that she she was entitled to a 'fuck someone for free card'. "So he came in her cunt?" I asked. Donna gave a muffled yes reply. That bitch I thought to myself, she just couldn't get enough sex now that she had become a bisexual. "You're going to swallow my load, aren't you?" I commanded. Again a muffled yes. I was planning on letting her drain my balls dry when I realized that although I had fucked Donna several times it was always nice and SLOW. And even though her tiny cunt had grown accustomed to my huge cock, I had never really pounded her pussy the way I wanted to. I was close so I yanked that bad boy out of her mouth. I grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed hard. It was a pretty effective way of holding off my nutt. "Didn't you want to cum in my mouth?" Donna asked. I told her I'd changed my mind and to get on all fours, I spread her ass cheeks apart roughly and stuck my tongue up her cunt. This bitch was already wet and I drank from her lovely cunt. As I ate I asked her if Jill enjoyed getting fucked by Jerry. Donna only grunted affirmatively. I asked her if Jery fucked her HARD. Another grunt. I pulled her ass as far apart as I could and yelled, "And you let her fuck some strange guy." Donna lifted her head up and turn it toward me with fear in her eyes and said, "There wasn't anything I could do." I jammed my tongue as far up her asshole as I could. She shrieked out from the shock. I crawled up behind her and grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back towards me. "If you think Jill was fucked hard, you ain't seen nothing yet" I whispered in her ear. "Jack please, I couldn't do any.....Uuuuggghhh!" she screamed as I drove my cock deep into her cunt. I didn't give her time to recover and just started hammering her cunt. As her butt slapped against my groin I pile drove this slut as hard as I could. Her cries turned into a small whimper as I continued fucking her. Damn her cunt was still the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. She was like a rag doll at the end of my cock as I pounded her over and over. She was resigned to her fate and accepted my cock without any additional protest. Then I heard the faintest moan. It started out low and then it began to grow. This slutty tart's pussy was starting to respond at a hedonistic level. Here I thought I was going to pound her back to the stone age and she was getting into it. I was in Nirvana. "You like having a thick cock stuffing your cunt. Don't ya?" I asked. "Hmm, huh." was her only replied. I was going to cum soon but I wanted Donna to cum with me. I slowed my pace down but I still slammed her with as much intensity. She was catching up and I told her I wanted to feel her tight pussy spasm around my shaft. She liked that and actually started fucking me back. I went back to withdrawing almost all of my thick shaft and plunging it back into the depths of her womb. She was getting nearly a 7 inch stroke before I hit pay dirt. I was fucking the shit out of her when she began to shriek like a banshee. Her pussy spasmed around my shaft and that's when my white hot cum raced toward the opening on my huge cock's head. I hosed her cunt down like it had never been hosed before. We both shook in unison as I jetted load after load into her tight little pussy. Her cunt was giving me the best BJ ever as it wrapped itself around my shaft in delirious spasms. I pour everything I had into her and then we collapsed onto the mattress. I think we both actually passed out temporally and when I came too Donna was still in a state of bliss. I lifted my self off of her and pulled my semi hard cock out of her cunt at the same time. Her bedspread was a light green and my cum began to pour out of her gaped pussy immediately. After the first gush it continued to ooze out and a wet spot began to grow between her legs as my cum spilled out. My slut wife would probably be down there drinking from Donna's fountain by now if she was here. It seemed like minutes had passed by and her cunt was still leaking. I was intrigued and spread her ass cheeks apart which only allowed more of the massive load I had deposited to seep out. Her ass hole looked minuscule compared to her hammered puffy cunt and I began to think about when I would get a crack at that. Donna started stirring and when she looked up at me there was a big smile on her face. "It was wonderful." she sighed. When she turned over she saw the large wet spot that had oozed out from her pussy and exclaimed, "OMG, how much cum did you give me." We both laughed and she kissed me and stated, "Really there wasn't anything I could do. And Jack, we're both suppose to meet him again next Wed. I don't know if I can go through with it" "Don't worry about it," I assured her and kissed her again. Was my wife jealous of Donna when they were with Jerry? Interesting and certainly something I could turn to my advantage. My perverted little brain started thinking. My horny little whore wanted a return match from Strange Dick, well I'd have a little surprise in store for her.

I explained to Donna how I discovered my wife's male cum stain thong and had a pretty good idea about what happened Wed. night but had come over to get her to confirm it. And she totally gave it up. She jokingly called me a bastard and then begged me not to tell Jill. I told Donna not to worry about that but not to say anything to my wife also. I told her we'd see her this weekend and I would have everything sorted out. I also told her I wanted her and my wife to get together with Jerry one more time. She didn't know if she could go through with it and we left it at that. The weekend arrived and before we went out that night I told my wife it was about time I gave Donna a hard fucking and maybe even take a crack at that tight little asshole of hers. Jill laughed and told me to behave. I had that thought implanted in her head and now it was time for part 2. I was going to lavish attention to Donna all night to see if my wife did have a jealous streak. We all got loaded and when we got home I discreetly played up to Donna as my favorite. Jill was much more aggressive and didn't show as much caring for Donna as times in the past. I noticed she shoved her finger into Donna ass as she ate her out which was a complete surprise to the both of us. When it came time for me to fuck Donna, Jill made her get on all fours and told me to and I quote, "Fuck the bitch nice and HARD." I started out slowly and then turned it up a notch and I don't know if she was acting or not but her shrieks were the same as the other night. Jill stood on her knees close to Donna and continually spread her ass apart and urged me to fuck her harder. "Shove you big dick deep inside this little slut," she yelled. It was obvious to me that my wife wanted me to teach Donna a lesson. It was pretty fucking hot that's all I can say. My wife spit on Donna's tightest hole and began to push her finger into it. Donna would squeal each time and Jill would just grin. I whispered to my wife such that Donna couldn't hear that I wanted to fuck Donna's ass. I don't get to ass fuck my wife very often due to the size of my cock. That's not to say I've never done it but Jill has to be pretty drunk before she takes my cock up her ass and then she can only handle about half of it. She knows how uncomfortable it can be so when she reached into the night stand and pulled out some Anal Eaze I knew she had it in for Donna that night. She squeezed some on Donna's ass and proceeded to work it in with her fingers. Donna asked what she was doing and she responded by slapping her butt hard and told her to shut the fuck up. With the lube she eventually got two fingers inside but it was still going to be a tough go. The shaft of my cock was so wider than two of my wife's fingers. All Donna could do was lay there and whimper as I pounded her harder than I ever had with my wife in the room. When I got close I told her to get ready and she pulled her fingers out of Donna's ass and spread her cheeks wide. She looked me in the eyes and told me, "Fuck her ass, fuck that tight little bitch's ass." I pulled my cock out of Donna's cunt and pressed my bulbous head against her brown button. "No! Please not in my ass!" Donna pleaded. While my wife held her ass cheeks apart I shoved my cock forward. There was a loud gasp from Donna. Then silence as if the breathe was completely knocked out of her. When my German Helmet slipped passed her anal ring she let loose a blood curdling scream, "Aaarrgghhh!" Her sphincter clamped down so hard I thought she might squeeze all the blood in my cock back into my body. My dick wasn't going anywhere soon. "Fuck her!" Jill said. I just looked back and shrugged. My cock was stuck. As she continued to wail Jill squirted more lube down the crack of Donna's ass and then started to finger fuck Donna's pussy. She worked her over for a few minutes and soon had her settled down. I slowly started trying to slid my cock in her ass but all that happened was her anal ring was clamped down so tight it just rode the ridges of my cock to the point it looked distended on the out stroke and indented on the in stroke. Jill witnessed the same thing I was seeing and just said, "Damn!" She poured more lube on my shaft and still no luck. Jill started to jerk me off. "Flood her ass with cum, baby." she told me. I wanted to feel the sweet sleeve of virgin ass but the hand job was doing the job. "Faster." I said. This was going to be my first cum tonight and I knew it was going to be massive. Jill sensed this and said, "OK, little girl, get ready for my husband's hot load in you butt." I felt the storm troopers getting ready to bail out and I tried again to get some movement inside her ass but it was just too tight and my release started right then and there. My first squirt felt as if the head of my cock would explode but the next was pure sweet release. I pour buckets of cum into her ass. My wife never stopped stroking me and I came for what seemed like an eternity. As all my muscles relax a bit and Jill stopped stroking. "No just a little more." I informed her. She stroked me even faster than before and I came a little harder again before finally being drain. "Did you feel that?" Jill asked Donna. "Yes, I feel so warm and full." she replied. Even as my cock soften her sphincter never let go. When I tried to pull my now sensitive cock out it looked like a strip of taffy being pulled at both ends. My head finally came out. Her ass hole shut down but you could see just a touch of white creme in the middle of her brown button. I went to the bathroom to clean my dick. Suddenly I heard Donna rush in. She was taking little half steps and it reminded me of a Japanese Geisha. She went right to the toilet and straddled it like a man. I could see her in the mirror but turned around for a closer look. She half squatted and spread her cheeks apart and strain as if to take a shit. I saw a huge gush of cum come from her butt. It looked like she was taking a pee out of her ass. Dairy creamer continued to pour out of her asshole. Damn, I can cum a lot. Soon it turned into a trickle. I heard her strain again and she farted out some more. I brought her a wash rag. I turned her around and kissed her and apologized and told her it was Jill's idea. She bought it hook, line, and sinker. My mind began to think of ways I could get more of my cock into her tight little asshole when Jill yelled out, "I need someone to fuck me in here." I went back to the bed and after she had sucked me back hard Donna and I got her off a couple more times. She passed out after she came after the 4th time. When she was asleep I made sweet love to Donna and gave her another load in her pussy this time. As we laid there in the after glow I asked her if she wanted to get even with Jill. She was all for it. I told her to keep the meeting with Jerry and to play along with whatever my wife had planned. And neither of us would have sex with my wife until that night. I wanted Jill nice and horny. Donna fake pouted and asked me what about her. I told her if she needed it that badly before Wed. night that I would take care of her myself. But I wanted Donna and I to be good and randy too.

Wed. came quickly and the plan was to have them return to Donna's place after a lot of hard drinking. Donna was going to text me to let me know that they were on their way and I was going to be hiding in her walk in closet where I could watch everything. I informed Donna that when they were finished that she needed to get Jerry to leave right after. Then we would give my wife what she had coming to her. They all arrived soon after I received Donna's text. The closet was a perfect spot to observe everything taking place on the bed. Every one seems pretty tipsy. Once again my wife took charge and had Donna suck Jerry's hard cock. I was a little bigger than he was but not by much. My wife played with her cunt as she watched Donna blow Jerry. She got up and then got down on her knees next to Donna and both of them took turns sucking his cock. It was especially erotic as she fingered her pussy the entire time she was giving him head. Jerry was getting the ultimate blow job from these two goddesses. The fucking lucky SOB. My wife greedily took over and with one hand fingering her cunt and the other stroking the shaft of his cock she suction his pole like never before. He had no staying power and he came like a teenager and my wife swallowed every drop he had to give. The little whore kept suction sucking his now drained dick until he couldn't take any more and he ripped his super sensitive cock from her mouth and cried out, "No more!". All Jill did was smile and said, "Yummy." She then ordered Donna to come over and eat her. Poor Donna had spend the entire time on her knees either servicing Jerry or my wife. Donna lapped my slut wife's pussy until she had a nice little orgasm. She cursed like a sailor as she came. My wife had become a fuck hound. She then had Jerry lay down on the bed. She told Donna to get him hard. When he was erect she pulled Donna off his cock. She looked like a common whore as she climbed over him to ride him reverse cowboy. I didn't know how I was going to feel watching another man fucking my wife and when she took his erect cock in her hand and placed it at the entrance to my once personal vagina I have to admit I felt a pang of jealousy run up my spine. She was facing my direction and I saw the look of bliss in her face as she lowered her cunt down Jerry's shaft. She was taking someone else cock into her hot little box and she didn't know I was watching her do it. She started off slowly as she raised her ass up and down savoring his hard thick dick. It wasn't very long before she was humping him like a 20 dollar streetwalker. One thing for certain my Jill sure can fuck. I noticed Jerry start thrusting his hips up to meet her but my wife cried out, "Not yet." She grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed it hard. She was now using his cock like an everyday dildo. She was keeping him from cumming while she was heading for her own climax. Out came a string of profanity as she removed her hand and slammed her cunt down hard. She ground her cunt to and fro as she enjoyed the fullness his cock provided. The bitch was cumming for the second time tonight. When she recovered she shifted her position until she was leaning back with her hands around his head all the time keeping his cock buried in her cunt. She told him to be still and then ordered Donna to eat her pussy. I thought to myself that this little slut doesn't have a pussy, all she has now is a nasty cunt. Donna began to eat my wife as Jerry's cock was still embedded inside of it. Jill began to moan again. Damn, my slut wife could probably go on cumming all night. When she was good and hot she commanded Jerry, "Start fucking me now." Jerry begin thrusting his hips up off the mattress driving his cock deep into my wife's insatiable cunt. Between Donna's mouth and Jerry's cock it isn't long before she's cumming for a third time. With all her moaning and cursing I can barely hear Jerry grunting as he is pistoning his cock at a very rapid pace. He is definitely going to blow. As my wife finishes and slumps down on top of Jerry I hear him grunting over and over. He's mauling her tits with both hands as his pelvic thrusts keep bouncing my wife's ass up in the air. I can't tell for sure if he's cumming but Jill confirms it as she sighs and says, "Give it to me, FILL ME UP." He's pumping his load into my wife's slutty cunt and he's giving her a large amount from the continuing sounds of grunts that fill the room. Finally silence. He moves my wife to the side and she slides off in a heap next to him. My wife is finally done. They both lay there for several minutes before Jerry gets up and heads to the bathroom. When he's out of sight I poke my head out and nod to Donna to get rid of him. She picks up his clothes and goes into the bathroom. I hear her tell him he needs to go. Jerry emerges from the bathroom dressed and heads toward the front door. Only after I hear it close shut do I emerge. I walk up to the bed and get a close look at my wife. She's a nasty mess. She's passed out in a fetal position. With her legs curled up I can see her engorged and slimy vagina lips protruding out between her thighs. Semen is oozing out and down her buttocks. You would have though she had just been gang banged. No wonder she wasn't in any shape to fuck me last Wed. Donna came up next to me and observed the same thing I was viewing. "She's totally insatiable." was her only comment. I told her I needed the belt off of her bathrobe. I firmly but gently tied my wife's hands together and then the other end to the head board. When I finished I got undressed I turned to Donna and said, "I bet you would like to cum tonight." I had Donna lay down on the bed and I ate her out. Her pussy was wet but fresh unlike the nasty cunt attached to my Jill. Donna was more than ready and she had a wonderful orgasm quickly. I then pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. I pushed her legs back against her breast and rubbed my dick up and down her dripping slit. She bit her lower lip in anticipation. Her bed was just the right height for my cock to be level with her exposed pussy and I could stand up as I fucked her. I entered her gently and a soft moan passed through her lips. Tonight I fucked her nice and slow. I wanted to enjoy every second of her sweet tight cunt. I was able to work all 9 inches into her juicy cunt from this position. It was going to take a long time for me to cum this way but not for Donna. Her panting told me she was going to cum again and I was happy to make her climax once more. When she recovered I grinned an evil smile and said, "Now it's Jill's turn." I took some lube and dropped it on the bed. I turned her on her stomach with a pillow under her to raise her ass up. I straddled her thighs and dipped my dick into her sopping cum filled cunt. This was going to be the second time in a week that I was getting sloppy seconds from my wife and my cock slipped in effortlessly. I wanted to get my wife close so I fucked her gently and soon her moans told me she was waking up. She immediately noticed her hands were bound and she stated, "Oh Jerry, you naughty boy." I nodded to Donna to go up to her. I didn't want her to know who was fucking her at this point so Donna untied the end from the headboard but kept hold of the belt so as to still have control of Jill. She worked her cunt in front of Jill and told her to eat her out. Jill obliged as I continued fucking her.

Now it was our turn to have control. Jill was enjoying the easy stroking my dick was giving her as she munched on Donna's sweet muffin. It was tough not to start fucking her ass hard but I would get to that soon enough. I wanted to tease and then use her like she used everyone else for her own personal pleasure. I was going to teach this bitch a lesson that she would not soon forget. I reached down and picked up the lube and poured some on my fingers and wiped it into the crack of her ass. I gently rubbed her asshole in a circular motion with my lubricated thumb. "Hmmm." she purred. The little slut even enjoyed that! But the bill was about to become due. When I slipped my thumb into her ass her sphincter tighten up immediately and she let out a small squeal. "Oouuhhh! Jerry, you're so naughty AND nasty." She still didn't know whose dick was fucking her. I worked my thumb in gently in conjunction with each stroke of my cock. She relaxed up a bit and started moaning again. She was getting into it and I picked up the pace to get her to the edge. She was getting so close and just before her dam busted I stopped fucking her. "Don't stop now!" she yelled as I interrupted the climax she longed for. But I didn't stop working more lube into her ass with my thumb. "Why don't you fuck her in the ass." Donna stated. My wife protested telling me that even though I {Jerry} was not quite as big as her husband {me}. Getting butt fucked was not something she enjoyed that much and told me, "Don't even think about sticking your cock in my ass." "Did I give you permission to stop eating my pussy." Donna quipped as she pushed her mouth back down onto her cunt. Jill squirmed apprehensively as I worked more and more lube up her butt. With me sitting on top of her thighs she wasn't getting away. If she was barely able to handle my thumb, my dick was going to be a major surprise. I pulled my cum covered cock out of her cunt and wiped it up and down the crack of her ass. "Jerry, please!" she begged. I stopped and held my enormous cock head at the entrance to her ass and said, "My name's not Jerry." My wife jerked her head around to confirm what her ears had heard. Now she knew whose cock had been fucking her for this past 5 minutes. You should have seen the look on her face as I drove my thick cock head in her ass. Her jaw hit the bed and the furrows in her brow formed deep lines as her eyes almost popped out of her head. She let out a prim-evil guttural scream. I never slowed down and shoved as much as I could in one stroke from this position. Her ass hole was even tighter than Donna's cunt. My wife shriek the whole time as I shoved more of my massive cock into her. I could only get about half of my big boy into her incredible tight ass. I began to fuck her ass. Still she wailed and cried out, "More lube, more lube." I wiped my lubricated fingers on the top half of my shaft on one of the back strokes. It didn't help much. "Fuck her nice and HARD." cried Donna. "This is what happens when you fuck other men without permission." I shouted. Her ass was so tight and I so wanted to ream her cheating ass out. "If you get your mouth back on Donna's pussy, I might not have to pound your ass for the next hour." I yelled. She would have done anything to get this over with. She attacked Donna's pussy. Donna was getting turned on something fierce and started yelling, "Eat me you fucking slut!" When Donna started thrusting her cunt against my wife's mouth I knew she was about to cum. Donna was moaning and Jill was groaning and I just kept fucking the shit out of my wife's butt. Donna came hard and when she finished cumming she slumped back on the head board and that's when I pulled Jill up on her knees. This gave me deeper access. A little over 5 or 6 inches was the most I had ever been able to cram up her ass, but tonight she was going to get the whole enchilada. I had never fuck Jill this hard before but she deserved it tonight. Jill was squirming and adjusting her backside right and left, back and forth, doing anything to accommodate the large cock stuck up her ass. Nothing help. As I held on to her ass with both of my hands I kept stuffing more and more of my massive cock into her ass. Soon I was balls deep and Jill had finally given up and just lay face down whimpering as I pounded her butt. I told Donna to come back here and to take a look. She crawl over next to me and watched my cock ravaging my wife's ass. When she got there I spread Jill's ass cheeks as wide as I could. It was awesome to see my shaft pull back 6 or 7 inches with her asshole wrapped around it like a glove before my head reached my wife's anal ring extending it out a half inch past her ass crack and then to plunge it all the way back in. I was ripping her a new one. "Damn," was the only thing Donna could say. My wife's ass would never be the same again. My pace picked up and I felt that sensation I yearned for. My semen began to literally boil as it reved its motor at the base of my cock. It felt like a drag race down my chute as the white hot stream of man goo exploded into Jill's ass. I heard myself grunting out loud as I spewed more and more cum into her butt. Her words came back to haunt her as Donna mocked Jill, " Do you want him to fill you up?" And fill her up I did, I gave my wife the mother of all ass enemas. After emptying about a quart of cum I pulled my sensitive cock out of my wife's ass and she collapsed on the bed. Her nether regions were a mess. Her ass was gaped and her cunt looked slick and hammered. Her ass cheeks were stained with sex. Now she had really been gang banged. I thought to myself that should hold her for a couple of days or at least for a couple of hours. My wife was a raging card carrying nymphomaniac now. While I watched my wife panting on the bed from the ordeal she had just endured. Donna came out of nowhere with a warm wash rag and cleaned up my semi-hard dick. Donna then began kissing my dick ever so sweetly and licked up and down the entire shaft. She squeezed my shaft and a very small amount of semen came out of the tip. She lick it off with the tip of her tongue. She pouted and asked, "Do you have any cum left for me?" I told her to keep sucking and we would find out. This girl who a few short weeks ago was just learning how to suck cock had me hard again in under a minute. I had her lay down next to my wife and started fucking her nice and slow. I wanted Jill to see and hear the pleasure I could give another woman. After all up to this point Jill had received the all 3 prior loads of gism. I realized my wife had received this night man juice in her mouth, pussy, and ass. I was only being fair to share some with Donna. I fucked her for a long time and made her cum twice before I also came for the last time tonight. Her tight pussy took all the rest of what I could give this evening and I'm sure my wife heard and saw everything. Jill and I would have a long talk tomorrow. I was still in love with the slut and I even enjoyed watching her get drilled by some strange cock but she was not going to fuck someone else without me being there to watch or at least telling me all the gory details as I fucked her brains out afterward. I now realized that I really didn't have a problem with someone else fucking my wife but that I would get to fuck her too.For now I lay quietly with my cock embedded inside Donna's tight and cum filled cunt. Donna whispered, "Do you think your wife could eat your cum out of my pussy and make me cum again?" This was unbelievable. What have I done? I may have created two fuck hungry sluts. I turned to look at my wife laying there and said, "Yes, I believe she can."

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