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Its a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

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More adventures of Ricky and Krissy (Other stories: ? Neighbors helping neighbors;? ?Deep in Dixie, breaking in a new couple;? and, ?Andy and Julie show us the way to swinging.


Krissy panted, ?That was the most comfortable ride I?ve ever had,? as he straddled Ricky. She was clamping down hard on his cock stripping it dry. ?Our neighbor, across the street, you know, Sarah, was right,? she continued in her panting.

?How so,? grunted back her husband, Ricky?

?She said sex begins after the hysterectomy, and uhmm, she is so, so right about that. I mean you, and all the guys, have been great, but I?m so short I could never before comfortably ride cocks before like this,? she said as her breathing once again started to get deeper and with more throat. ?And, the Kegel exerciser has made my pussy stronger, gawd I love clamping down on you, it makes me feel great and I feel every inch of your wonderful cock.?

?Do you want to return to swinging and try riding some other cocks now that you have this new freedom?, groaned Ricky?

?Oh yeah, that would be wonderful, and I suppose you want to fuck some other pussy at the same time,? moaned Krissy. ?I would love to see us both fuck, I?m still scared of STD?s but surely we can be careful.?

Ricky was now in Krissy?s control. Krissy?s new Kegel exerciser had given her capabilities he had never encountered even with all of the swinging history they had in the seventies. Krissy was able to clamp down on his spent member and hold it in her pussy while she talked him back to hardness about her desire to ride other cocks, while he fucked other pussy. He was now fully back and ready to blow another load yet, he knew she had full control.

Something happened to Krissy when she had her hysterectomy. The doctor had shocked both of them when he announced that during surgery they had discovered a tumor larger than a golf ball on the backside of her uterus. It turned out to be the source of a lot of her back pain. To their relief, it was a common tumor that did not have a cancerous base. As the weeks passed after the surgery, Ricky noticed that Krissy was losing weight and starting to act sexy once again. He had not pushed Krissy letting her follow her own path and he was fully prepared to remain celibate if that would make Krissy happy. It had been years since they had fucked and he was more concerned about her happiness than his physical needs.

Krissy now felt whole again and very relieved. While she still had back pains from a sport injury, she no longer had that horrible pain in her pussy that she had experienced for so many years. She felt free again to not only have sex with her husband, but now she wanted to regain those early years before time ultimately took its toll and rejoin her husband in the sensual pleasures of other couples. Krissy believed that Ricky would always be up for a good fuck, but first she wanted him to feel sexy about her.

A few weeks earlier?.

Krissy had emerged from her shower still not quite ready for intercourse so soon after surgery. As she was drying herself, Ricky noticed that she had shaved more of her pussy than usual and left only a small landing strip. ?Expecting a landing,? asked Ricky as he traced his finger around her bare pussy lips then rubbed the thin patch of hair.

?Oh yeah, I am just working on the runway repairs,? she giggled. ?But, I?m not taking in that hairy set of wheels,? she chided as she grabbed his balls. ?I never minded fucking some other guy?s hairy balls, but darling I want yours to be a smooth as my pussy. So, start getting back into the shaving mode, we?re going to be fucking soon, I promise,? purred Krissy.

Ricky reached into his bath drawer and pulled out his mustache trimmer. He made a show of trimming his pubic hair down enough to really thin it out without making stubble. He reached over to her and did the same for her landing strip. After his shower he walked into the bedroom and displayed his shave.

?Ohhhh, this feels nice,? cooed Krissy as she fondled his balls. ?You did a nice job with my Venus vibrating razor. This feels finger-licking good,? she breathed as she descending upon his balls and cock with her expert mouth.

?Jeez Krissy,? Ricky groaned, ?I need to come really bad, but it?s too early after surgery for you to have penetration.?

?I know, I know,? she replied, ?now lay down here,? she directed.

Ricky lay on his back as he watched Krissy move up from his rock hard cock stroking it with her hand while biting and kissing his nipples. She suddenly rose up and straddled his left thigh rubbing her hers bald pussy and giant clitoris gently on his naked leg. His hands went up to her nipples, which were fully erect and hard. Krissy grabbed a nearby tube of thick lotion and with both hands begin masturbating Ricky. ?I?ll get you off tonight, but I?m still cramping and a little sore. Riding your thigh and hand fucking you is making me feel really good. Just lay back and let me joy you into the best come you have had in a long time,? she said sexily and softly.

?Don?t be in a hurry,? Krissy warned. ?I want you to take as long as you want, shoot me a big wad,? she encouraged. ?I just love your shaved cock, it feels so sooth and clean like my pussy,? she taunted.

Ricky lay back and watched his bride of over twenty-sven years expertly massage his shaved-clean balls and dick. He knew is wouldn?t last that long, but Krissy was cleverly monitoring his pumping balls and would deftly leave the head of his dick alone just to keep him on the edge. As she watched his breathing become quicker and felt the tension in his balls, she took him with both hands and began to squeeze as hard as she could while pumping him up and down. She felt herself wetting his thigh with her own juices and discovered that she was nearing her own climax, something she hadn?t felt in years. Forgetting Ricky, she now was pulling and pumping on him like his cock was the reigns to a bucking horse as she rode his thigh harder feeling her clit beginning to grow and grow. She was now at a point where she was closing in on her own climax and she squeezed his rock hard cock even harder as she pressed her pussy into his thigh.

?Ohhhhh,? Krissy cried out lustily as she rode his thigh. It wasn?t the best orgasm she had ever had, but it was one. With her left hand, she pumped Ricky rapidly while taking her right hand in a twisting fashion begin to rub the head of Ricky?s cock left, then right.

Ricky couldn?t last and started to announce his load with a low guttural groan that excited Krissy even more. ?Oh fuck,? she thought, ?I coming again.? Ricky shot his load with a double pump. One wad hit Krissy right between her tits while the first had flown over her head and landed on their headboard. Krissy was so intent on her own second orgasm, that she continued to twist and pump Ricky. After a third and much smaller squirt, Ricky had to say, ?Hold on their cowgirl, you are fucking me cross-eyed?

Krissy and he began to laugh. ?I?m glad you didn?t hit me in the eye with that load.?

?Sorry,? replied Ricky, ?it?s just been a long time.?

?Well, we aren?t going to let either of us go that long again,? replied Krissy as she laid down on his chest continuing to hold his now spent cock and feeling his cum rub between their nipples.

Back to the present?..

?Our neighbors, Ron and Sarah have asked us over more than once for a barbeque,? said Krissy.

?Sounds fine, but are you thinking about them as swingers,? asked Ricky?

?I don?t know, but she is the one that told us that sex begins after hysterectomy and she has been over to visit with me almost every Saturday when I?m out in the garden.? ?So, what,? said Ricky. ?One comment and saying ?hi? to you in the garden doesn?t mean they?re swingers,? Ricky challenged.

?I agree, but the first time she came over to see me, she was wearing a bra. I wasn?t. Later that same day she not only came over not wearing a bra, and she changed into a thinner shirt that let her big brown areolas and her hard nipples show through. I couldn?t help but notice and she smiled knowingly at me when she caught me looking. She then looked in my eyes and then looked down at my rock hard nipples with a smile,? replied Krissy.

?Oh, maybe she just likes to look at girls,? offered Ricky.

?In of itself, that could be fun too,? mused Krissy aloud, ?but Sarah later said, that she was glad to have a neighbor our age and that liked to garden and dress like she does. Sarah then told me that being around relaxed people like us make her and her husband feel good about their neighbors.?

?What did you say,? asked Ricky.

I asked her, ?Sarah do you mean not being concerned that gravity and nature have sort of plumped us up and that some of us from the seventies still like to go braless?? Sarah said back to me, ?Yeah, I guess that?s it. My Ron has gained a little paunch, lost some hair, but still loves looking at my girls and frankly he?ll probably look at yours as well if we socialize.?

Krissy went on, ?I told her that?s okay. If I was concerned about them being seen, then I would holster them up where no one got a look. If Ron likes to look, then let him, Ricky won?t care and I?ll take it as a compliment.?

?Well you should,? replied Sarah, ?I mean take it as a compliment. Guys should appreciate us, don?t you think,? asked Sarah?

?And you told her what,? Ricky asked?

?I just agreed and muttered something,? Krissy replied.


?Oh I might have said something like, I haven?t met a healthy guy yet whose groin didn?t appreciate our girls. Sarah agreed with me saying thank goodness for that, ? replied Krissy.

Several weeks passed by with the weather beginning to show the early days of a September Autumn. Ricky was off at their business and Krissy was in the front yard tending to her centerpiece garden. The weather had a hint of coolness but she had warmed up and taken her light jacket off. Krissy was wearing a red long sleeve tee shirt and blue jeans. She wore no bra, as was her practice when gardening. Her large gardening hat topped off her less than five-foot frame giving her a true cuteness that always garnered her a smile and wave from the neighborhood.

Krissy was intently working on her flowers, when Sarah walked up with her husband Ron. ?Hi Krissy,? trumpeted Sarah. ?This is my first husband, Ron,? she chuckled at the old joke.

Krissy started to rise and pull off her right glove. ?No, don?t get up,? said Ron, ?we don?t want to disturb your beautiful work.? He approached her closely and now his groin was just at eye level for Krissy. Krissy quickly removed her glove, and offered a handshake to Ron. At the same time she glanced over to Sarah who seemed to be wickedly smiling at her. Sarah subtly brushed her own similar tee shirt across her nipples, and then winked at Krissy.

Krissy returned the smile, then looked up at Ron, then softly said, ?Thanks Ron, I?m trying to keep things perky but some of these just aren?t staying as rigid as I would like.? As Krissy held Ron?s hand in their handshake she turned her head looking towards the flowerbed and pointed with her left hand saying, ?See what I mean, I can?t seem to get the heads on those to get excited at all.? Krissy deftly squeezed Ron?s hand and then released it. Krissy noticed that Ron?s crotch was beginning to grow. She glanced back to Sarah.

Sarah quickly replied, ?I guess you just have to keep coaxing them to stay up. But some things are easier to get up than others as Sarah knelt beside Krissy and her garden. Now she was also directly in front of Ron?s crotch.

?Yeah, especially on a cold day,? giggled Krissy as she pointed to Sarah and then herself. ?Wish gardening was sometimes that easy.?

Sarah looked up to Ron and said, ?Ron, you had better sit down here with growing set of trousers or the neighborhood will begin to talk.

Krissy offered, ?Yeah Ron, Sarah and I can have bumps but, the neighbors will complain if the guys have bulges. Both Krissy and Sarah giggled at Ron?s predicament.

?Sorry,? offered Ron, ?I didn?t, I mean I, well, geesh, I just came over to say ?hi? with Sarah.

?Well, helllllooow Ron, I?m glad to see your pleased to meet me,? giggled Krissy as she leaned into Sarah?s shoulder pointing to Ron?s crotch.

?I agree with you,? laughed Sarah, ?guys always think with their groins.

Both girls were now having a great time and Krissy thought she should offer a consolation. ?Ron, although I can?t see much through those jeans, I can tell you that Ricky would react the same way. I take no offense and on behalf of my girls, we thank you,? she said as she pointed to her now very hard nipples poking through the thin fabric of her tee shirt.

?My girls thank you too,? added Sarah as she and Krissy continued to giggle.

Ron squatted down, and grumbled, ?Bet this has never happened Ricky.?

?Sure it has,? replied Krissy,? as she wiped away a tear of glee, ?I remember when Andy and Julie went with us to watch Andy and Ricky skin dive for seafood in the North Pacific. Jule and I held up beach towels for the guys as a screen while they changed out of their wet dive suits in the public parking lot. Ricky?s trunks came off with his wet suit bottoms. Poor thing was all shriveled up with cold. Julie started talking about it and voila, up it came. Thereafter, every time Julie or I wanted to get a reaction out of poor Ricky, all we had to ask him if the water was cold. Ricky got upset at being the only flagpole at attention and jerked Andy?s trunks down around his knees. Julie and I were able to tease a fun reaction out of him as well. The phrase became our little foursome?s secret code just to see if we could get a rise of nipples or crotches. We used to tease each other without mercy in some of the strangest places just for giggles.?

?We?ll see,? said Ron, ?but the main reason we came over was to invite you and Ricky over for a cook out before the weather turns too cold to cook outside. How about tonight, unless you guy?s have other plans??

?Ricky should be home around seven, what do I need to bring,? asked Krissy. ?Would some chips and dip be okay,? she asked.

The threesome agreed on the menu and timing. Ron?s cell phone rang and he had to get up and go back across the street. ?See you later,? said Krissy. ?Don?t trip on that hard on,? chimed in Sarah as she remained behind with Krissy and her garden.

?See, I told you. Men think with their groin,? Krissy triumphantly stated.

?I like it when they do,? said Sarah.

?And from the looks of growth in those jeans, you must be very satisfied with Ron,? Krissy added.

?I am, I am, but who wouldn?t be? Sarah replied as she watched her husband cross the street.

Krissy decided to take a risk and move the conversation more to the point of swapping. ?I?m certain you enjoy Ron, but how would you feel about someone other than you enjoying Ron??

Sarah paused noticing that she was starting to feel a little passion rising and thought to herself, I think I reading Krissy right. She replied to Krissy, ?As long as I get to enjoy someone at the same time, I?m very happy to share, do you share??

So far it had been just speculation, now Sarah had come out and stated her feelings. Krissy decided to go for it. ?Well, Sarah, Ricky and I have always shared together and presumably Ron wants to do the same, or have you two actually been with another couple??

?No, we haven?t, but we have talked about it a lot since the kids have left the house. I know I want to and in spite of the extra padding, I know I can make any guy very happy. In our younger days we certainly knew people that were swingers and we got close to doing it, but then I was trying to pregnant,? Sarah responded.

?We did do a lot of skinny-dipping and we did see some of our friends make out with their own spouses, but we just never stepped over the edge because I was afraid to get pregnant with someone other than Ron. I think Ron has always wanted to and we thought about going to nudist camps to skinny dip, but now that it should be called chunky dunking instead. Ron doesn?t consider himself worthy of another woman?s attention. You proved him wrong today and I thank you for that,? she continued.

Krissy replied, ?Well let?s see how the guys react. I can tell you from my experience, if Ricky gets a signal that it is okay with you two and me, he will absolutely love having you again and again. I need to go get ready and shave. Ricky just loves bald pussy, so do I. See you this evening neighbor.?

?Okay, I?m always shaved. Hey wear something sexy, please. I really would like to fuck Ricky tonight,? Sarah said a little too loudly as she was going back across the street.

Neither Krissy nor Sarah had noticed Alice, Krissy?s next-door neighbor had been in her side yard garden well within earshot. ?Heavens?, she thought, ?sounds like both of our neighbors are swingers. I wish I could get Kent to loosen up. I?ve seen Ricky in the back yard and I would love to have some of that. Get a hold of yourself Alice,? she thought, ?Kent is never going to get that loose. But Krissy did state a fact, men do think with their groin.?

Alice watched quietly as both of her neighbors disappeared to their own houses. She decided to watch their behavior over the next few weeks. The last thing Alice wanted was a neighborhood problem but she did envy the ladies plans for this evening. The thoughts of that foursome banging away at each other had Alice getting warm and wet. She found herself daydreaming about how they might look entwined in the rapture of sex. She had to get inside and remedy this problem. Kent was on the golf course with his buddies and wouldn?t be back for hours. She went straight to her bath and stripped. She stood looking into the mirror examining her body. She like the other ladies had spread and sagged a little. But she still held curves in all the right places. Her areolas were deep dark brown and her nipples stood thickly and erect as she pinched them between her fingers. Her breasts were large and had drooped, but that was a benefit she thought as she picked one then the other to her lips sucking on her own nipples.

Alice?s thoughts wandered to thinking how nice it would be to have the guys on one nipple and the girls on another. Not since college had she had a bisexual affair. It had been one of those typical college experiments that she never got to repeat, but after 17 years of marriage, she certainly wanted to explore. She decided she was going to give Kent a real treat tonight and start challenging him to become more open.

Alice jumped started her shower and gathered her razor for her underarms and legs she made the decision, to go for it. She quickly changed to a fresh set of blades and then grabbed their hair trimmer. Breathing harder she quickly sheared her pubic hair as close as she could to her skin. She left no landing pad. She jumped into the shower and quickly cleaned followed by shaving her underarms and legs smooth. Alice lathered up her pussy stroking her clit until she nearly came to swell her lips and give her the best tightness she could as she stretched her pussy lips to their fullness so that her blade would have taught skin to caress the remaining hair from her pussy. She reached way back to her anus making certain that no hair was to be found by Kent. ?Damn if Krissy and Sarah were going to be the only ones getting some fun fuck tonight?, thought, ?Kent was going to get his dream fuck tonight.? She intended to let him fuck her in the ass as well.

Alice dried off and found her thong underwear. Kent had bought those for her two years ago and she never wore them but the one time when he said, ?Maybe a thong isn?t right for you know all that hair.? She had never offered to shave and Kent never pressed her to wear the thong. ?Look out Kent, I?m going to be fucking Ricky and maybe Ron in my mind with your cock tonight,? she thought to herself. Then her mind concocted yet another plan. ?Poor Kent, when he wakes up tomorrow, I?ll wear him out again,? she schemed. ?I?m going to enjoy these last few years of fuckability while I can, ? she smiled inwardly. ?Fuckability,? wonder if that is even a word she mused?

Later that evening?..

Krissy had phoned Ricky telling him of the adventure she had with Sarah and Ron. ?Man, who would have thought,? said Ricky?

?I told you that she was hinting around, even though originally it was just non-verbal with her braless style and friendliness,? Krissy offer triumphantly. ?I believe that there are more people out there that want to swing and a lot more that are doing it, we just will not ever know everyone that likes recreational sex. It?s been years since women quit going braless and I think that it is a clear signal that they are once again become more comfortable and are signaling the sexuality.?

?The last neighbors back in Houston turned out alright, I supposed we can be careful here. I guess I?m not as concerned since we now are our own employer,? offered Ricky. ?I?ve only seen Sarah up close that one time when she told you that you were going to enjoy life after hysterectomy. She seemed to be friendly and comfortably with her body. Ron looks almost like me, so I guess I won?t scare her off,? said Ricky testing his own comfort levels.

?Silly, you?ll fuck anything that has a human pussy and is human,? challenged Krissy.

?No Krissy, I draw the line with minors, nuns, the infirmed, elderly, and deceased. Well, maybe not the nuns,? he joked back. ?So what?s the plan for this evening,? Ricky asked.

?We?re just going to a cookout and we?re bring this list of goodies. Nothing more. I doubt seriously we will see anything more than that, but I have shaved just in case and you better do the same? said Krissy.

?Okay, I?ll go spruce up. Want to help me ?get the water cold,? asked Ricky.

?No, think of getting into Sarah?s pussy, that out to make you get hard for shaving. By the way, I did tell Sarah about that code phrase.

Around seven that evening, Alice watched out her bedroom window as she saw Krissy and Ricky enter the neighbor?s house. Alice sighed to herself and thought, ?Well, they?re on their plan, now to mine.? She had fixed a nice dinner with wine for she and Kent. She had scolded Kent that he needed a shower after his golf game and if he wanted romance he was to shave that Saturday stubble off his face.

Alice and Kent had a nice dinner and enjoyed a full bottle of a nice vintage red wine. Alice had held back a little on the wine and for once she thought, ?I?m going to seduce him.? As she was sitting there with desert she said, ?This is the worst time of the year to get the temperature in this house right, or maybe it?s the wine, but I?m getting very warm. With that she pulled her blouse over her head revealing her large warm nipples. ?Ahh, that?s better,? she said. ?You don?t mind do you,? she giggled to her husband.

?No, I don?t mind, I love looking at your body, but the blinds are slightly open and it is getting dark out there. Aren?t you concerned that our neighbors will see you,? he asked? Alice stood up and purposefully walked to the revealing window, which was adjacent to the light switch. She stood there momentarily letting the beauty of her breasts be announced to the waiting street. She looked both ways and said, ?No, I?m not too concerned, I don?t see anyone out there.

At that moment, Sarah across the street had reached up to close their mini-blinds upon the arrival of Ron and guests. Sarah could easily see Alice?s naked upper body in the window followed by direct eye contact with her. When Alice saw Sarah?s windows close, she reached over and turned off the lights.

?Hey, we going to eat in the dark,? asked Kent?

?No, in candle light like we used to when we were first married. Remember those days, honey,? cooed Alice?

?What about the shades,? he asked?

?Oh, I don?t think anyone is going to see us, but if they want to they will have to get real close and that sort of makes me horny think that someone is watching us that close, doesn?t it you,? she challenged as she tweaked the blinds to their maximum rotation for viewing in or out.

The wine and the nakedness of her breasts had worn off Kent?s inhibitions. ?Well it does sound sort of kinky, but what the hell. Here let me help you with the rest of your clothes,? as Kent started pulling her trousers off. ?Hello, what is this, ? as his efforts revealed his middle aged wife sporting the famous thong? ?Uh, you shaved, I mean you really shaved clean,? he exclaimed while stroking her pussy.

?Yeah, I thought I ought to get with the next century. Seems like everything I hear and read is that most of ladies have gone smooth. I just decided I would for you, so now you can buy me even more of these thongs if you want, or I?ll just, on special days, where no underwear in public,? she stated with purpose.?

Kent was astounded and taken aback by the titillation of Alice?s exhibition. Alice quickly pulled his shirt off and then jerked his tennis trousers to his ankles. Next came his boxer briefs revealing his full hard-on. ?Ahhh,? she said, ?guess you like what you are seeing.?

?Yeah, I am, but what about the neighbors,? he worried aloud.

?Fuck?em,? she retorted, ?I doubt they can see much by that single candle, and if they can, well fuck?em anyway.? ?In fact fucking some of our neighbors might be a lot of fun,? she said dropping a test bait to see if Kent would succumb.

?I don?t think any of our neighbors would like fucking me, maybe you, you fox, but not ole paunchy Kent,? he shrugged. Alice was already stroking Kent?s hard-on with her right hand as she reached over to her desert dish dipping her left hand fingers into the chocolate syrup of her sundae. She dripped syrup on his dick and said, ?I?m sorry. I think I made a mess, here let me lick this up.? She wiped her fingers on his dick and then her own tits. Alice began to lick Kent?s dick and then swallowed him deep into her throat. She moaned her satisfaction, which was driving Kent crazy. Alice pulled hard on Kent?s cock and each time she would come to the end of his cock, she would run her tongue completely around the head the lightly inside his hole. Slurping at the top end of each stroke she said, ?Your wrong? ? slurp ? ?lots of women? ? slurp ? ?would love? ? slurp ? ?to suck? ? slurp ? ?this cock? ?slurp ? ?including our neighbors.? ?Uhmmm, you?re getting harder, sounds good to you huh,? she said as she stroked his cock with both hands then descended back onto him?

Here was his wife in candlelight sucking him off while it was faintly possible that she might be seen from the street through the mini blinds and he was teasing him with swinging. He didn?t care; she was expertly giving him a blowjob he hadn?t felt in years. Alice seemed to have an exhibionist side that he had not known.

It was like fucking someone else and that did interest him. ?Yeah, he would like to fuck his neighbors, maybe this was the best he could do,? he thought. ?Wonder if the new neighbor lady, what was her name, on yeah, Krissy, sucked like this,? he wondered. From that point on, he thought of Krissy doing this to him, not his wife Alice.

Sarah had always noticed that Alice seemed to smile at her a lot but she never saw her dress like Krissy with thin braless clothes, or felt comfortable approaching Alice. But when she saw Alice standing in her window with bare breasts. She wondered if Alice was just absent minded or did she purposely stand in the window with bare titties.

?Hey Krissy, can you give me a hand pulling some brews from the garage reefer,? asked Sarah. Both ladies disappeared out the kitchen door. ?Did you talk to Ricky about tonight, I mean, you know what we talked about,? asked an anxiously excited Sarah.

?Yeah I did. He is definitely okay with it. However. If you want Ricky to fuck you, then you have to get Ron to make a move on me. I would love to fuck Ron, if you?re okay with it. I told Ricky you were hot for him but, it is going to be Ron?s call as Ricky is not going to make a move in his neighbor?s house without permission,? replied Krissy.

?Then I should expect that we will be fucking each other crazy tonight,? Sarah squealed as she gave Krissy a big hug. They held their hug for a moment and then leaned closer sensing each other?s breathing. Krissy said, ?I think we may have a very interesting evening tonight, especially when the boys get spent.? Sarah leaned into Krissy, turning her head ever so slightly and then gently, softly placed her lips onto Krissy?s. She was immediately rewarded by Krissy?s probing tongue as the two kissed over and over. Krissy pulled back and said in a pant, ?Uh, was that the second thing??

?No,? Sarah said as she traced Krissy?s braless breasts, ?I really haven?t thought of how we bring up the subject tonight. Do you have any ideas??

?Well beer and wine always seem to help folks loosen up a bit. I?m certain we are going to have an accident tonight, just follow my lead. I promise to not make too big of a mess but I intend for you and I to have a wet shirt contest later,? replied Krissy. ?Let the language flow towards adult humor, Ricky is clever about innuendo. Play Ron a little bit until he senses that the language is well received by me as good fun. I guess the key word is flirting. You and I are going to have to flirt to each other as if we were the guys,? she suggested.

?I get it. They guys won?t say anything directly to us, we just be them and suggest what they are actually thinking, right,? replied Alice?


Krissy and Sarah returned with the beers to start the evening out. The guys had gone out the side patio to cook some burgers and were returning with them. ?Hey, about time we got another brew,? said Ron, ?my fellow chef and I are thirsty having slain the dragon and prepare the fair maidens with this banquet.?

?Banquet my ass,? retorted Sarah, ?its just burgers.?

?Ah, but prepared with special sauce,? offered Ron. Krissy immediately leaned into Sarah and said with a lilting voice, ?I just love when a big oh hero man gives me special sauce, how about you??

Sarah looked at Ron then Ricky saying, ?Oh yeah, special sauce is always finger licking good and Ron can really be good at it.?

The guys sat the platter of burgers on the table then took up chairs waiting on the ladies. Krissy?s height worked to her advantage to tease Ron even more as she leaned across Ron?s shoulder to place a bowl of chips onto the table. She paused slightly to allow him to really feel the softness of her breasts as they lingered on his body, then she dragged herself away to take up a chair to his left.

Sarah saw the tactic. She was taller than Krissy so se could not be quite a subtle. Ricky was opposite of Ron, so Ron got a good show of her also leaning her braless and much larger than Krissy?s breasts across Ricky. The fabric of her shirt pulled at the neckline revealing almost all of her left breast as she feigned an effort to get the tub of dip closer to the center of the table. She took up an opposite seat to Krissy smiling at everyone. ?Let?s eat, drink, and be merry,? Sarah suggested as she poured a beer into Ricky?s mug.

?Look out? cried Ricky, ?it?s going to overflow.? Sarah quickly leaned over coming once again in contact with Ricky as she quickly sucked the foam off of his beer that was trying to run down the side of his beer mug. ?Wow Sarah you sucked that down really good,? exclaimed Ricky.

?Silly,? said Krissy, ?we girls are naturally good at sucking head, including that little ole beer.?

Sarah wiped her chin grinning, ?You tell?em Krissy.?

?Okay, Ron, let me pour your beer,? said Krissy as she stood up and next to Ron. Krissy made a big scene of pouring his beer with the bottle raised high above the mug creating a massive foam head. As the beer flowed upward in the glass to start its overflowing Krissy leaned over with her right hand on Ron?s shoulder and her left hand on the table. She bent slightly downward and started sucking the foam, which had rapidly started to overflow. Sarah started the chant of ?suck it, suck it, suck it,? and was joined by both Ricky and Ron. Krissy tried hard, but she still let a little slip over the edge.

?Looks like you missed some,? teased Ron.

Krissy whose side had been leaning into Ron turned back to face him saying, ?Well, sometimes a little head juice might slip out, but I still think I got the majority of it.?

?Oh you did, Krissy, you did,? smiled Ron. He reached up with his napkin and gently wiped her lips and chin commenting, ?I think you got it all over you.? He then reached up to her cheek with his bare finger brushing a reluctant drop from her skin. ?Yeah, you did really good.? Ron was having a difficult time keeping his cock from growing. Krissy had been laying all over him. It was no problem seeing her nipples explode through her flimsy shirt and he couldn?t help but notice that Sarah had the same going on for her.

Krissy had moved her right arm up to Ron?s neck and with a single caress said, ?thank you for the head.? As she sat back down to her burger an uncontrollable belch erupted from her just as she was bottoming out. ?Excuse me, I didn?t know that was going to happen,? cried Krissy.

?I?m glad someone got that out of the way,? said Ron. ?It?s nice to be around people you don?t have worry about when natural things happen,? he continued.

Ricky added, ?We think the same way. Some things just can?t be helped but I can tell you, I didn?t eat any beans today.? They all laughed at the humor.

Sarah announced, ?Ron your right. I like it when we can be natural around friends and really let our hair down and especially at our age. Here?s to friends and shared natural reactions of all kinds.? She gulped heavily at her beer putting the glass down with a thud and pronouncing a large belch that had everyone laughing.

The foursome finished their burgers and poured yet another beer. This time the girls teased the guys into trying to suck the heads off the beers as they poured them. The guys failed miserably and the beer was certainly overflowing. ?Guess you need to leave sucking head to we girls teased Krissy as she leaned over towards Ron to wipe the beer from table. She deftly placed her hand high on the inside of his left thigh and felt his bulge tracing down his pant leg. ?I guess there?s no harm to your table, right Sarah,? as she then began to stroke Ron?s now full cock through his pants?

On the other side of the table, Sarah was mirroring Krissy?s actions. Both girls finished wiping the table and then returned to an upright position. Sarah reminded herself to follow Krissy?s lead and was waiting for Krissy?s next move.

Ron was flustered and he was thrilled at Krissy?s massage. His mind was whirling wondering if Sarah new; if Ricky new; or was he just in for a night of teasing. Regardless, he now had a full hard-on and he was stuck to sitting at the table to hide it from Sarah and Ricky.

Krissy raised her glass boisterously saying, ?A toast, to friends, neighbors, great food, good fun, and natural reactions.? She then tossed her mug back, faking a burp as she tried to drink her full glass of beer, which poured out of her mug soaking her blouse. The blouse no longer concealed her full erect nipples and round breasts. She cried out, ?Oh crap that?s cold, oh crap what a mess.?

Sarah immediately knew this was Krissy?s planned move. She jumped up and grabbed a nearby kitchen towel throwing it at Ron commanding, ?Help her, help her!?

Without thinking Ron began to try to dab the beer from her blouse front. ?Wait,? said Krissy, ?its too wet.? Krissy then shocked Ron by stripping off her blouse revealing her beautiful tits to the foursome. ?Now use the towel? she directed Ron. Ron looked cautiously to Ricky, then Sarah.

?Hurry,? said Ricky before it gets all over the floor. Ron immediately begin wiping Krissy?s chest, breasts, and upper torso.

?I?m sorry Sarah,? feigned Krissy.

?Oh don?t be,? said Sarah. ?Do you want to borrow a t shirt,? asked Sarah.

?Ahh just let your shirt dry,? said Ricky. ?You?re not that modest are you Krissy,? he asked.

?Naw, but I do sort of feel like the lone stranger,? she giggled. ?From the looks of poor ole Ron over here, he seems to be okay with my lack of modesty,? as she pointed to his crotch.

Sarah rose from her chair and marched around to Ron looking down at his crotch. ?Well, Sarah, I guess Ron here has had one of those ?natural reactions? we toasted from seeing and touching your lovely breasts.?

?Sure looks like it,? giggled Sarah.

?Well, I?m not going to be a bad hostess,? stated Sarah. With that she reached down and pulled the hem of her tee shirt up and over her head revealing very large, deep brown nipples fully erect then walked back and sat down beside Krissy?s husband. ?Now at least Ricky can have a natural reaction just like Ron.? She reached over to Ricky?s lap and found that indeed Ricky was full erect at the sight of both she and Krissy. ?I can officially report that a large growth has been sited in the general direction of Ricky?s crotch,? she giggled causing her tits to bounce and sway.

Krissy and Sarah both giggled at the status of their husbands. Ron then broke the ice saying, ?Well if we are going to have a titty fest, I?m joining. He pulled his shirt over his head revealing a bare chest. Ricky immediately did the same and the foursome looked at each other then erupted into laughter.

?I don?t think your nipples are quite the same as hers or mine,? said Krissy. She leaned over to Ron and tweaked his left nipple. ?Hmmm, seems to does come up well,? she said then leaned into his breast sucking his nipple and lightly teething it. ?Tastes good, though,? she looked at Sarah, ?how are his??

Sarah repeated the performance given by Krissy this time on Ricky. Ricky leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes as Sarah not only sucked his nipple but also began stroking his cock through his trousers.

?Try mine,? Krissy offered as she stood up and pushed her breasts towards Ron. Ron glanced at his wife?s nipples being kissed by Ricky. Ron then quickly began sucking and kissing on Krissy nipples. Krissy pulled back saying, ?Well what?s the verdict?? The paired off couples were now closely sitting beside each other.

Ron offered, ?No you?re right. I don?t think Ricky or I have your equipment. I do think that we do have something else to offer.?

Ricky joined in saying, ?I don?t know about you Ron but these jeans are starting to get real tight.?

?Mine too,? said Sarah and was first to pull her sweat bottoms off revealing a fully shaved pussy that was dripping with excitement down her thigh. Krissy jumped up and ripping her jeans off also showing a bald pussy that too was dripping with excitement.

She reached over and began tugging at Ron?s belt then his zipper. She pulled his cock out of his shorts and said, ?Yummy!?

Ricky had already pulled off his jeans and then embraced Sarah in a deep passionate standing hug.

The foursome walked over to the family room just off the dining area with each wife hanging onto her neighbor?s cock.

Krissy and Ron moved towards a couch sitting there fondling each other. Krissy surprised Ron by standing on the couch seat cushions where he was seated straddling his face. She planted her shaved pussy inches from his face reaching behind his head pulling him closer saying, ?my pussy feels wet and needs a good tongue, will you help me??

Ron pulled her hips into him diving into her delicious pussy probing deep with his tongue. He was relishing the shaved pussy advances of his neighbor. He and Sarah had talked and talked about fucking others, now it was happening.

Krissy immediately began to groan and encourage Ron to lick her hard. She was already excited at the anticipation of this evening and was grinding her pussy into Ron?s face as she danced on the couch cushions. Ron took his right hand and pulled her but tighter to him. With his left hand he reached inserted two fingers up into her pussy. Krissy gasped at the insertion and started yelling to him to go faster, faster. She had been wanting to get back to swinging for over ten years. Now her pussy was being ravaged by her neighbor?s tongue. She was twisting and twirling on his face groaning with pleasure. She wanted more.

Moments later, Krissy stepped down to the floor. She knelt down taking his full hard on into her expert mouth. She was squeezing his balls gently and probing at the base of his package making him feel like he would come at any moment.

?Uh oh,? cooed Krissy, ? I want to feel that load in my pussy,? as he mounted him. His cock was much longer than Ricky?s but far skinner. She clamped down hard with her Kegel muscles and saw the look of surprise in Ron?s eyes. ?Oooh,? she said with her sexiest voice in his ear, ?your nice and long. You have a lot to clamp down on.? Ron leaned forward taking her nipples into his mouth softly teething them to tight peaks as he thrust in rhythm to Krissy?s riding motions.

Sarah had been pulled down on the loveseat until her derrière was on the edge of the front cushion. Her legs now dr*ped over Ricky?s shoulders as he was also feasting on shaved pussy. ?Good,? he thought, ?she took Krissy?s hint. I just love it when they are bare, with no hair to get tangled in your teeth.?

Sarah was in heaven. Ricky really knew how to use his tongue. She began to groan as the sense of her first orgasm was coming. She had wanted this for a long time. This wonderful man was bringing her to ecstasy. Ricky inserted his fingers into her vagina while he licked her clitoris. Sarah was really starting to peak and began to chant, ?oh yeah, oh yeah? as her breathing quickened. Sarah stole a glance at her husband and saw his clinched face that she recognized as he was nearing a cum shot. It excited her to see Krissy riding her man?s cock and witness his look of satisfaction.

Sarah could not hold back the first wave and she came with a violent leg spread. Her wetness and Ricky?s juices were running down her ass that served as an immediate lubricate. At the peak of her screaming the announcement of her orgasm, Ricky slid his thumb all the way up to the base of his hand into her rosebud while rocking it and his first two fingers in and out of her vagina and ass at the same time.

?Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, ? screamed Sarah at this insertion, ?harder, faster, harder, faster, oh shit I cumming again,? she screamed louder than anyone in the room.

?Tell us how you really feel,? yelled Krissy as she jumped off of Ron who was near climax. Krissy grabbed Ron?s hard-on and lead him over to the love seat. ?Scoot over, give us some room,? commanded Krissy. Ron and Sarah maintained the same positions and moved over to far side of the love seat.

Ricky rose up on his knees, which placed Sarah?s pussy straight in line for his cock. He immediately inserted his hard-on into Sarah who gasped at the width of his cock. ?Oh that feels so good,? gushed Sarah who was still on a wave despite Krissy and Ron?s interruption of joining them on the loveseat.

Krissy got on her hands and knees with her ass sticking up for Ron. ?Fuck me doggy style, Ron, fuck me good.? Ron quickly got in behind her grabbing hold of the back of the love seat as he bent one knee on the love seat standing on the other leg, he probe her ass with his pre-cum soaked cock. ?Not in the ass, not yet and, not without a rubber, I need your cock up my pussy and hard,? she said in a loud voice.

Ron eased his cock into Krissy slowly. He was being treated to a wonderfully talented pussy wasn?t all that tight as much as that its owner had commanding muscle control which he had never experienced. Krissy was going to have to teach Sarah how to do this. His hands wandered over the smooth lovely ass of his neighbor and he found himself rubbing her rosebud more and more. Each time he did she seemed to groan louder and push back onto his thumb. He reached down to her pussy and his cock gathering her liquid and that of his pre-cum. He rubbed that on the end of his thumb using their fluids as a lubricate for her rosebud.

Krissy was getting more and more intense especially when he started easing his thumb into her ass. She reached back and grabbed his hand holding it rigid while she eased back onto his thumb. ?Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me with those cocks, ? she then moaned as she imagined being impaled by a cock up her ass and in her pussy.

Now below him Ron was watching his wife not only coming again with his neighbor?s cock in her, but she was writhing with joy as the neighbor he was fucking was sucking his wife?s tits at the same time. He felt his balls start to clinch and he knew he couldn?t hold on much longer, but he wanted to savor this for the longest time he could.

Then he watched as his wife pulled Krissy closer and began to suck Krissy?s tits. Now he was really have a hard time hanging on as his cock was pounding away into Krissy?s pussy. Krissy was moaning hard and she started screaming as she first kissed her Ricky then Sarah. Sarah was also coming and Ron heard Ricky starting to groan, ?I?m loading up, I?m loading up.?

Sarah grabbed Krissy?s hair and pulled her down on her breasts saying, ?Oh, oh, oh,? in rhythm of Ricky?s pumping, ?he?s getting bigger, he?s getting bigger.? Krissy knew this feeling all too well. Ricky had a stage two in his growth where the head of his cock would actually inflate just a wee bit more, but it certainly could be felt. Krissy was amazed that Ricky could last that long, he must have taken his mighty blue V pill. She decided that Ron needed some encouragement as well.

Krissy clamped her infamous Kegel muscles down hard in rhythm with Ron?s pumping not to deny him entry, but to control his exit. She started to feel her own climax begining to build and she lost herself onto Sarah?s breast sucking hard while moaning, ?Ron fuck me, Ron fuck me, ohhhhhhh shit that feels to fucking goooood.? Sarah had reached up and began to reach back and forth from massaging Rons balls to fingering Krissy?s clit. Krissy without thinking was already rubbing Sarah?s clit making Sarah come harder than with just Ricky?s cock.

Ricky and Ron came nearly simultaneously leaving large loads into their neighbor?s pussies. ?Oh crap,? said Ricky, ?my cum is leaking out onto your loveseat.?

?Are you talking about the furniture or my ass,? giggled Sarah.

?I?m leaking special sauce too, your hubby had a big load,? panted Krissy.

Ron jumped up and grabbed a roll of paper towels from the nearby counter. Sarah took them ripped off a few sheets and grabbed both guy?s now cocks. ?I got most of it but I think there is a little more here and here as she pointed with her tongue on the end of both men?s cocks.. ?Let me see,? as she sucked them dry.

Krissy said, ?hey not fair, you got the last, what am I supposed to get??

Sarah rolled onto her back and said, ?I think my ATM might have a deposit here,? as she spread her legs. Krissy took the roll of paper towels and wiped herself lightly and then using he same towel wiped Sarah lightly. ?Well, I just wanted a little taste, not the whole load,? then she lowered her head to Sarah?s waiting pussy and to suck and lick her clitoris. ?Hmmm, tastes good when it has been seasoned by both of them.?

?How would I know unless you turn that neighborly pussy around for me to try,? chided Sarah. The girls then began to suck and rub each other in a noisy sixty nine position with both of them coming again, and again. Krissy was a squirter and Sarah was enjoying her shower of pussy juice. They would roll back and forth when the other sensed that she wanted to be on top. The Sarah felt Ricky?s hand on her rosebud and heard a familiar sound of a rubber being slipped on. She looked over and saw Ron had put a rubber on and was holding a tube of KY jelly. She knew that Krissy had said that she wanted to not do it in the ass without a rubber.

Krissy looked up at Ron and crawled off of Sarah pushing her ass towards Ron as she leaned over the loveseat arm. ?Be very slow and gentle, you are much longer than Ricky. When I?m ready, I?ll do all the pushing. Okay neighbor. Sarah, you okay with Ron fucking me in the ass,? asked Krissy?

?Yeah, I am and since Ricky is a little shorter but wider, I think I want to try him,? she said hesitantly. Ricky needed no further encouragement as he slipped lubricate onto his rubber and started lubing up her rosebud. Sarah bent over the opposite love seat arm.

?Sarah, just like Krissy said, you make the decision to press onto me. I don?t enter you, you press onto me. Breathe easy and release as if you were going to shit. You won?t but I will hold steady. After you are in, just slide back and forth on me and feel comfortable about clamping down. You okay with this,? he asked?

?Yeah,? she replied, as she was already starting to pant feeling the pressure of her rosebud blooming. Sarah was feeling her sphincter begin to spread. She felt like Ricky would rip her apart and then she heard him coaching her, to breath easy and ease herself onto him. Once she got him past the sphincter she felt a wonderful, pleasurable continuous sensation. She no longer felt the pressure of entry and instead felt the pleasure of his cock as she moved back and forth on Ricky?s cock. Ricky had reached down and was fingering her clitoris stimulating her to yet another orgasm. She began to wail a sultry groan of pleasure as she looked over and saw Krissy was receiving the same from Ron.

She lost herself in the pleasure of Ricky?s hard cock at the same time she was coming from his clitoral stimulation. She had already come several times and now found that she was squirting from her vaginal opening. This was two firsts for today. In the ass and now a squirting pussy. She didn?t know she could squirt.

Both men came hard with both couples screaming passionately. Krissy was experienced in ass fucking and clamped down as hard as she could when Ron tried to pull out. The effect was to strip the rubber off of his cock leaving it to remain dangling out of her ass. ?Pull it out for me? as she handed him a paper towel. ?Now aren?t you glad you had a rubber on,? she said, as Ron obliged by pulling the spent condom out. ?It also saves me from having a Ron enema,? she giggled and by the looks of that load, I would have been crapping all night.?

Sarah was quick learner and after she felt Ricky cum, she clamped down as well. It felt really great sensing his wide cock slip out her rectum. Without comment, Ricky pulled the spent condom out of her then gently massaged her ass. Sarah rolled over and pulled Ricky down kissing him deeply while she watched as her neighbor sat stroking her husband?s balls. Sarah sat up and decided to stroke Ricky?s balls as well. She noticed that Ricky was clean-shaven from his ass to just slight above his cock.

?Hey Ron,? said Sarah, ?you know how you like shaven pussy??

?Oh yeah,? he replied, ?both of you look and feel great.

?See these clean balls and wonderful cock,? she said, ?that?s they way I want yours from now on.?

Sarah, after tonight, anything you want,? he replied.

Sarah and Krissy looked at each other and both giggled with Sarah saying, ?I think we want Kent.? ?And Alice,? added Krissy.

Ricky looked at Ron and said with a sigh, ?you know they will.? Both guys nodded. The foursome showered and spent the night together with yet more rounds of mutual fucking thanks to the prescribed magic blue pills, but not before the girls shaved Ron.


Later, we will tell you how Kent and Alice join the foursome.

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