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It all started with a Nude Photo shoot

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I am standing in a nearly dark room leaning against the wall, on a padded bench a few feet away, I am watching some guy who I have never seen before, with my wife Cheryl?s legs over his shoulders and he is pumping his hard covered dick into her pussy. Cheryl?s tits are bouncing with the rhythm of his thrusts, Cheryl on her back has her head over the end of the bench and has some other guys long thin dick in her mouth, he is pumping slowly into her throat. Cheryl has her hands on his hips to control him but his balls are hitting her in the face as he works his cock into her mouth.

Mr. Pound her pussy finally makes one hard thrust and I watch as his face contorts and he fills the condom he is wearing and pulls out of Cheryl?s pussy. He strips off the condom and puts it into the trash and walks off, a huge black guy, who I met earlier, a friend of our host Paul takes his place and starts to work his cock into Cheryl. Cheryl, I can tell is having a little problem taking all of his cock into her, but she finally gets it all and Mr. Large starts pumping her, with a steady rhythm of long slow strokes. Mr. Large looks over to me and says she is so hot, you are a lucky man thanks for bringing her. The guy in Cheryl?s mouth takes hold of Cheryl?s head and starts to thrust into her mouth for a second then one last thrust and I can see he is Cumming down her throat, when he is done he pulls out and walks away. It is so hot now to watch Cheryl react to Mr. Large, she is crunched up and holding her legs open for him as his speed picks up. I have also been watching Adam one of Cheryl?s coworkers getting sucked next to me by one of Cheryl?s Pre-School mom friends. Adam finally walks over to Cheryl and tilts her head back and puts the head of his cock into her mouth, Cheryl grabs Adam?s hips and starts to work him into her mouth. I know she has no idea who it is she is sucking. Jade the Pre-School mom now has a new cock in her mouth; Cheryl has no idea that she or I know anyone at this party.

Mr. Large has now started pounding Cheryl and it is easy to see that he is on the way for a nice climax in her. Mr. Large pulls out of Cheryl and takes the condom off and starts to jack off, I walk over take his dick in my hand, and place the head in Cheryl?s pussy and Mr. Large gets the point and thrusts bare in Cheryl?s pussy four or five times and cums hard in her. Mr. Large pulls out and you can see the cum flow out of Cheryl? stretched pussy and see the string of cum trailing from her pussy to the head of his dick. This is too hot to handle. As Mr. Large steps away George, Cheryl?s boss steps up, where did he come from!?, George rolls on a condom and I step up and take his dick in my hand and take off the condom and tell him to enjoy her bare, George realizes for the first time I think that the slut blond on her back on the bench is Cheryl, in the back ground two couples fucking on the bed finish and get up and walk out of the anything goes room.

It all started two years ago when my wife decided to go back to work after our daughter was born, within six months of starting her job as a bartender/waitress at a local restaurant my wife discovered the pleasures of flirting. I was so turned on every night when she got home and told me how all the guys were hitting on her, and what was there not to love, all the attention turned her on. With a little encouragement within six months she was fucking three different guys bare on a regular basis, and had sucked off a few more. The great part was all the other guys did was make her horny, I had the hard work, I had to satisfy her, and it was a pleasure, she would regularly cum two or three times during foreplay and then once more while we were having sex.

Well about three months ago, two of the regulars at the restaurant?s karaoke nights Ann and Paul were telling Cheryl what a great body she had and asked if she had ever had nudes or a lingerie photography session done. Cheryl had just gotten off and was having a drink with Ann, when Ann suggested she should have professional photos taken. Cheryl told her that she had never even thought about it, which was not true, because besides me taking nudes of her all the time, I had suggested Cheryl having a professional photo session since before we were married.

We live in LosAngeles and Ann works as a production assistant in the television industry, she told Cheryl that if she wanted, Ann would hook Cheryl up with a photographer who did a lot of the new young actresses, he owed Ann lots of favors for sending so many girls to him for photo shoots and she could get Cheryl a special price. It was a week later when Cheryl saw Ann again, and Ann provide her with a business card for the photographer, and said it Cheryl wanted to have photos done to tell her and she would set it up, Cheryl said set it up, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Hard to say who was more excited me or Cheryl knowing she was going to be nude for four hours with two other men was a total turn on for me, and her. I knew when Cheryl was supposed to be at the photographers for the photo shoot and I was totally hard the entire time. When I got home that night Cheryl was wearing her micro Daisy Dukes and a sheer white tube top, she was for all purposes nude from the waist up and her shorts barely covered her pussy and her great ass was being shown. It was totally killer, and she knew the effect it had on me. By the time our daughter went to bed my shorts were soaked from pre cum. Cheryl told to, get into bed and then walked into our bedroom stripped and climbed onto the bed and sat on my face, ?make me cum and I will tell you what happened? I went to work licking her pussy and sucking her clit to get her off.

Cheryl?s bald pussy is so sweet, she was so wet, I had her clit hard and sucked on it while I ran my tongue along it and worked a finger into her pussy feeling for her g-spot, I hit the right place and I could feel and hear her response. She said she got to the photographers about 15 minutes early and had barely sat down, when the makeup girl came and got her, they walked to the makeup area which was more like a salon than a photo studio. Cheryl stripped nude and put on her silk robe and the makeup girl did her hair and makeup, Cheryl loved the attention and when the photographer walked in the girl was just opening Cheryl?s robe, to power her body so it would not reflect the flashes, Cheryl said the brush drove her over the wall and it was all she could do not to cum. The girl then powered Cheryl?s pussy and that did it. Cheryl was so embarrassed, but the photographer laughed, and told her it happens all the time. The makeup girl then did Cheryl?s nipples and pussy with a little makeup so they would look great in the photos.

For the next three plus hours Cheryl was nude or almost for the photographer and his assistant, both men got close up looks at all my wife?s body. In one pose Cheryl played with her pussy, later the assistant said to Cheryl, excuse me but I need to pinch your nipples so they stand up for this pose. Near the very end of the shoot Cheryl was posing in her garter belt and stocking, she had her G-string pulled aside for the shot when the assistant said excuse me and took a towel to dry her pussy then used a brush to apply a little power, then he stated you were wet and it was reflecting, now that is better. What Cheryl loved was she could see him get hard as he did it.

A week later we went to look at the proofs and picked out 60 we wanted printed as 8X10?s or 11X14 and one larger. It was such a kick to talk to the photographer about my wife?s body and how great she was as a model. The next week we were back to pick up the photographs, this time Cheryl wore, a sheer silver top and her tiny mini skirt commando, she looked like she was right off the cover of a porno film. We walked into the photo studio as another couple was walking out, I noticed they had a photo album but both the husband and wife gave Cheryl a long once over. Once inside we went straight to the photographer?s office and he was his wonderful self then, he stated, I have to apologize, the couple who were just here thought that Cheryl?s album was a model?s portfolio, and looked at Cheryl?s pictures. Cheryl said no big deal; we had the photos taken to share with friends. The photographer said let me make it up to you. He took Cheryl and me into the back and did a few quick pictures of us together; he said the pictures would be ready in a week. He showed us the pictures on his computer, and in several Cheryl?s pussy was showing as she sat on my lap and kissed.

Two weeks later, Paul and Ann were in early for Karaoke night, Ann asked Cheryl, how did the photo shoot go, Cheryl could not stop with the compliments and thanks to Ann. Ann then asked if she could see the pictures, Cheryl said, not here, but do you want us to bring them over to your house, Ann said cool let?s get together after you get off work, come to our house and have a drink. Cheryl called me on her next break and I got the girl down the street to come over, but she could only stay to 1:00 A.M.

Cheryl told me which photo albums to bring and I headed off to the restaurant, I got there around 8:30 and had dinner, and drinks with Paul and Ann, the conversation was mostly how much fun Karaoke nights were. Cheryl finally got off around 11:00 P.M. and had to check out, and then we headed to Paul and Ann?s. It was a fifteen minute drive cutting into the little time we had. Paul and Ann?s house was great; with an out of this world pool in back. Paul had even built a grotto with a spa into the pool. It was almost mid-night when we sat down with drinks so Paul and Ann could look at the photos. Ann started first and commented how great Cheryl looked; the albums were organized with the more demure pictures in front and the nudes in back. After looking at all the 8x10, Ann gave the album to Paul who looked at me and said is it ok if I look, I told him, please do, Ann started looking at the 4x4 proofs, and after few pictures, said, just a second and ran off and returned with a very large album that contained pictures of Ann in lingerie, then semi and finally nudes, I had no idea that Ann had such a great body.

It was clear from Ann?s pictures that she had set for several photo sessions based on her having a trimmed bush is some a little triangle and smooth in others. I was looking at one photo album and Cheryl another when I looked up and saw that Paul was looking at one of Cheryl?s proof albums but what was hot, was he and Ann were looking at a couple of photo?s together and Ann was playing with his cock through his pants, Cheryl handed me the next of Ann?s albums and leaned over to look at it with me. Wow this was not hot, it was off the charts. It was Paul and Ann, Cheryl whispered to me, Paul is hung, the shots included pictures of Ann with Paul?s cock in her mouth Paul performing oral on Ann and then having sex including pictures of Ann being fucked by Paul, we then turned the page and there was a picture of Ann on her knees being fucked and sucking Paul. Cheryl reached over and stroked my cock and whispered we have to do a photo shoot like that, I said just us, and she said no us and someone else.

It was then that I realized that Paul and Ann were watching us, Ann was clearly stroking Paul through his pants now, they were smiling and asked if we enjoyed the pictures, all I could say was wow, and Cheryl said impressive, very impressive. Then it hit us, it was twenty to one and we turned into pumpkins at one. We said good bye and we have to go to get the babysitter home on time. Paul said can you two make dinner tomorrow, Cheryl said yes but it will be late, Paul said that was cool.

We raced home, with Cheryl playing with my cock all the way, we got to the house and Cheryl ran in and I stayed in the car and then drove the babysitter home. When I got back I walked in to the house to find Cheryl in her favorite sun dress, I kissed her and asked what?s up, she said I am so horny, I called Steve and he said I could come over, Cheryl said baby, I need multiple cocks tonight, don?t be mad I will be home after I wear Steve out. I kissed her, she was crazy hot, I grabbed her ass and felt her panties, and I lifted her dress and pulled her panties down and took them off her. I then opened all the buttons on the dress except the bottom two, she could now walk out of the dress when she got to Steve?s, and it was now 1:20 and Cheryl ran out the door.

I woke to the feel of Cheryl climbing onto the bed, her pussy was just inches from my mouth and I could see cum on her legs and flowing out of her pussy. Steve had fucked her good and done it twice. Cheryl was pulling the dress over her head and gave me the details of the two fucks she had done with Steve. Basically she had walked into his apartment dropped her dress and bent over and took him doggie, then sucked him hard again and laid on her back and had him pound her until he came the second time she had then sucked him again and left. I licked and sucked her pussy until there was not a drop of cum left in her and then rolled her over on her back and entered her wet and open, so open pussy. As I slowly fucked her pussy she played with her clit and came and came. When I came in her she rolled me off and was asleep in a second. Sometime later I woke and felt Cheryl pushing her ass into me; I was hard, grabbed the lube next to the bed and worked my cock into her ass. When you butt fuck Cheryl she screams, her face in the pillow, she screamed, and she took it up the heresy highway. She was on her belly and I just pumped slowly into her tight ass. I remember laying on top of her until her ass had relaxed to having a cock in it, then I started pumping her as she screamed, she finally said finish please finish, so I fucked her quickly a few times and shot my load in her butt.

We were up early and since I had gotten more sleep I took the first few hours to let Cheryl sleep the she relived me. She also called her mom to take our daughter for the night so we could make it to Paul and Ann?s. It was 10 P.M. when Cheryl got home early from work and said I will be ready in 15 minutes, meet me in the car. I backed the car out of the garage and was waiting when she walked out. When she got into the car I realized she was wearing her sheer green wrap around dress without the liner, she was nude under it, except for her green garter belt and black stocking and 5 inch pumps. She had also done her make up in green and her eye shadow was over done so she looked slutty, she leaned over and kissed me and said Paul and Ann saw my nude pictures so I thought I would let them see the real thing. She then stroked my cock and said hope you don?t mind.

We got to Paul and Ann?s and I learned that Cheryl and Ann had talked and dinner was out, but photo albums were in, Cheryl had brought the album of pictures I had taken of her including many of us having sex. When Paul greeted us at the door his only comment was wow as he looked at Cheryl?s all but naked body. Cheryl stepped up to him gave him a big hug and kissed him on the lips, when Ann arrived she kissed me on the lips during a hug, then she and Cheryl hugged and kissed, it was interesting but their kiss was longer than the guys kisses combined.

We had great tapas and drinks, the drinks were strong, we shared our sexually explicid pictures with Ann and Paul and they did the same with us, there were dozens of professional photographs of Ann with other men and women. Cheryl was enjoying showing off for them, and leaned over to me and licked my ear and whispered look at Ann?s hand, Ann was then playing with Paul?s dick inside his pants. I leaned over to Cheryl and told her to cross her legs wide so they could see her bald pussy, she did and I started working my hand into her crotch. Just as I was finding the center of her love box a buzzer went off in the kitchen and Ann asked Cheryl if she would like to help her and they both left. Paul looked at me and said I guess you have figured we are swingers and so are a lot of our friends. If you are interested we host private parties and would love to have you both attend. I told him I was interested but we had not talked about that, but I was sure Cheryl would be interested. It was then that I realized that it was taking a long time in the kitchen. Just then the girls returned and we asked what took so long and Ann said just some girl on girl sex, did you know Gary, Cheryl tastes wonderful, and she put her fingers in Paul?s mouth, he made a yum sound and we all laughed. Cheryl then leaned over and whispered to me that Ann had kissed sucked her nipples and fingered her in the kitchen. As I look it was clear that Cheryl?s dress had been opened as it only barely covered her nipples, we finished our drinks and the bacon shrimps Ann and Cheryl brought back from the kitchen.

Cheryl had crossed her legs again and I had found her pussy when Ann said want to enjoy the spa, in a second we were all headed out the door. Paul got some more beers and once outside I stripped and put my clothing on a bench, Ann then walked up to me and asked will you unzip my dress, I did and noticed she only had on a bra under the dress, Ann then asked will you unhook my bra, I did and watched as she stepped out of the dress, for an older woman, she had a great body and commented to me see what two hours a day at the gym does, Paul was nude by then and I turned to see what he was looking at, Cheryl was doing her best stripper taking of the stocking act and it was having its effect on Paul who was getting hard.

Cheryl was the last to get into the spa, and sat on my lap when she got in, the conversation got straight to sex, with Paul asking if we were interested in attending some of their swing parties. Cheryl said yes we would love to. Ann then asked if we had ever done anything that that before, Cheryl said we have not, but I have and last night I was so turned on I had to go get some strange before Gary and I had sex alter. Ann had a shocked look on her face; she just did not figure we were the type of people to do that. Cheryl admitted that she had been fucking other men for about a year. Ann said great, we will have to go out some night, I can introduce you to some places where we can find single guys if you are interested, Paul loves it when I am a slut, Cheryl laughed and said so does Gary, Ann said then we can come back here and trade hubbies to make it even more fun before you head home. I could tell the idea had Cheryl turned on. She was not working her pussy on my cock and I felt her had guide my cock into her pussy. Ann called her on it, and Cheryl said oh yes, I then stood up lifting her off my cock and then sat down on the edge of the spa. I then pulled Cheryl back and worked my cock back into her pussy; I wanted Ann and Paul to watch me fuck my little slut. Ann said hope you don?t mind but our neighbors can watch, and do all the time. I had Cheryl right where I wanted her, she was in that I have to have cock place that will last for hours, when she is there she does not care who fucks her or what they want her to do, she just wants cock and more of it. Paul took a place across from us sitting on the edge and Ann started sucking him which was a real turn on for me, Paul then whispered something to Ann and she stood and leaned over and kissed Cheryl. In no time it was a girl on girl make-out session and that drove me even higher, I then felt a hand on my balls. Ann broke the kiss with Cheryl and sucked her nipples then I felt her tongue on my walls and Cheryl had her hands on Ann?s head as I am sure Ann was kicking her clit. Cheryl was gone and I felt a finger against my ass hole. Before Ann could get a finger in me I shot my load into Cheryl as Ann licked Cheryl?s clit and my shaft and balls, I felt six good squirts into Cheryl?s pussy when my cock came out of Cheryl, Ann started sucking me, wow was that intense, then I felt Cheryl lift up and lean back, I looked down to see Ann with her mouth on Cheryl?s pussy licking and sucking all my cum out of Cheryl.

Paul moved behind Ann and started fucking her from behind, but it did not last long before Cheryl said please fuck me Paul I need more please I need more. Paul moved to Cheryl who stood and grabbed Paul?s hand and lead him to a pad on the deck and lay back as she opened her legs she pulled Paul on top of her and for the first time in my life I saw another man fuck my wife. Pall was balls deep in Cheryl in the first stroke. Ann had my cock in her hand getting me hard again, it did not take long and she said lets fuck on the bench so you and I can watch, I love to see Paul fuck and it is even hotter when it is the first time with some girl.

We found a chair, so we could watch, and Ann asked is this the first time you have watched Cheryl fuck, I said yes but that she had been fucking three guys bare for almost six months, and had done about six or eight more covered before settling on the current three. She wanted to know if it turned me on to have Cheryl fuck others and I said isn?t it obvious, she laughed, you and Paul are alike you like your women slutty and used. We kissed and it was getting very hot between us. Cheryl clearly loved Paul?s cock, and it was a kick to watch him fuck her. The motion of Paul?s body as he worked his cock into my wife?s body so was hot to watch. Ann then asked would you like to try sucking cock sometime, I said I had never thought about it, she said if you are interested let us know, it is one of my turn no?s to watch guys suck each other, and I bet it will get Cheryl crazy it is so hot to watch.

Ann then asked what happened last night, Cheryl said she had to go find strange cock, I said she want to Steve?s to fuck then came home and I fuck her, a couple of times. Asked what is that about, and I told her that Cheryl would be hyper-sexual and knew she wanted another man to get her going so I could finish her off. Ann asked how do you do that, and I told her that I would eat her through sever climaxes then fuck her, that oral after she had been fucked sent Cheryl over the moon and then she was ready for one more fuck before she crashed. Ann asked if I like the taste of cum, I had not really thought about it, I just loved what doing that to Cheryl did, I apologized to Ann about being distracted by my interest in Cheryl activities, she told me it was ok, that she was ok with it and was sure that I would make it up to her in the future.

Paul picked up the pace of I thrusts into Cheryl, and I could see that he was getting ready to cum, Ann asked are you ok with Paul Cumming in Cheryl, sure it is so hot to know another man?s cum is filling her. Then Paul came arching his back and driving his cock into Cheryl, she was clearly enjoying it. Ann said lets go join them, and we uncoupled joined Cheryl and Paul on the mat, Ann kissed Paul as I kissed Cheryl, then Ann leaned over and kissed and started licking Cheryl?s pussy, she lifted Cheryl?s ass, and wrapped her arms around Cheryl?s legs and Cheryl gasped as Ann went or work on Cheryl?s pussy and clit, Paul moved and put his cock into Cheryl?s mouth and she started sucking his cum covered cock. I was watching in amazement when Paul said, Ann will want to be fucked and fucked hard. I slid behind Ann and slid my cock into her very open and wet pussy, and started thrusting, I grabbed Ann?s hips and really started pounding her pussy, and it is harder to say which of the girls was making more noise. I felt my nuts tighten and knew I was going to cum in Ann and finally did. It was a good six squirts from my balls I was drained and very relaxed as I slid back from Ann?s now well filled wet pussy. Ann lifted her face from Cheryl?s pussy and rolled next to Cheryl face up on the mat. Paul took his cock out of Cheryl?s mouth and lay across Ann assuming the 69 position as I watched him eat my cum out of Ann, Cheryl watched and then said come here baby and we did the same next to them. It was very weird to be eating my wife?s well fucked pussy as she sucked my weathered cock when I could feel Ann and Paul doing the same thing next to us.

I have no idea how long the oral pleasure lasted before we got up, Cheryl walked over to the bench and put on her garter belt then her stockings and dress, I took the signal and got dressed Paul and Ann remained nude. Cheryl walked into the house and got her phone and called Steve and asked if she could come over. Ann looked at me and said wow, she is a slut, I love her. After our goodbyes, we left and drove home, Cheryl said I will be home after Steve is done, and you should be ready for more by then, her hair was a mess her dress was barely covering her tits, which was ok by me, and when I reached over and fingered her she came in the front seat at a stop light.

We got home and Cheryl switched sides to drive over to Steve?s, before she left I turned her and pulled her legs out of the car door and berried my face in her pussy, licking her clit and thrusting my tongue into her pussy. Cheryl rolled back to give me better access to her pussy, then screamed as she came. Her only comment before she left was that as good as that was, I am still going to get fucked one more time at least tonight by a strange cock.

So now it is two weeks later it is 3 A.M. Almost everyone has left the party except George who is just finishing in Cheryl?s pussy, and Adam who she is sucking, George finally came in Cheryl and Adam took his cock out of her mouth allowing Cheryl to see who was fucking her. I see the reaction on Cheryl?s face, shock and horror that George has fucked her let alone cum in her, Adam then took Cheryl?s hand and lifted her up and laid her on the cum soaked bed, Cheryl is in a kind of shock at this point and Adam lifts her legs over her shoulders and I can see as his cock enters her pussy causing cum to flow out of her.

Jade the Pre-school mom friend of Cheryl who has been sucking cock all night seems in a kind of daze, after George came in Cheryl he walked up to Jade pushed her down and put his cock in her mouth. She want to work sucking him Adam had incredible stamina or had come so many times that night he seemed like he would never cum. George won the contest and came in Jades mouth holding her head so she got it all. He then walked away, Jade still on her knees got a surprise when I took her hand and kissed her, she opened her mouth and I tasted Georges cum in her mouth. I then took her over to the bed and laid her next to Cheryl and pulled her panties and berried my cock to the hilt in her wet pussy, Adam and I started fucking the girls next to each other and I came just after he came in Cheryl. As I stepped back, Adam, stepped between Jade?s legs and I thought this guy is a real stud when instead he buried his face in Jades pussy, thinking what the fuck I did the same to Cheryl and was greeted with a flood of cum flowing from her pussy.

Cheryl could hardly walk, when I got her up, I found my clothing but she just put on a tee shirt, I had only fucked Jade at the party, so I was looking forward to more of my wife?s pussy when we got home. Cheryl walked to our car in a Tee-shirt and if you looked you could see her pussy and ass exposed, I threw a towel on the seat before she sat down. As we drove home I reached over and opened her legs to give me access to her clit. I think Cheryl was in a daze as we walked into the house, as she got out of the car in the garage, I took off her tee-shirt she walked into the house nude, with the lights on in the garage, with the door up. Once we got to our bedroom I pushed Cheryl down on the bed and she crawled up to the pillows and buried her face in them and said fuck me if you want, I don?t care.

I got the lube and worked one then two fingers into her back door and then lubed my cock and climbed on her butt and started working my cock into her ass. This had been a great night, and Steve is coming over in the morning to enjoy Cheryl?s ass just as I am now.

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