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It all started in the hot tub

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Our sex life changed after one crazy night in a hot tub. My husband Greg and I (Katie) finally had a night out without the kids. We have two children 6 years old and a 2 year old. Every so often my parents will come in town and take the kids for a night. We were looking so forward to our night out. We didn?t have anything to exciting planned, just a nice dinner and some peace and quite. My husband works and I stay at home with the kids. Needless to say I needed some adult time. Greg is 37 years old, 5?8? and in great shape with dark hair and very nice blue eyes. I am 35 years old and 5?2? blonde hair, brown eyes and 110 pounds and c cup breast. We have been married for 9 years and still have a great sex life.

Tonight didn?t look like it was going to be out of the ordinary. My husband made dinner reservation at one of our favorite restaurants. Everything was going very nicely. As we were heading home we decided to go to a bar near our home. As we walked in we noticed our neighbors playing some pool. We decided to go over and join them. Ted and Sara are just about 10 years older than us but have always seemed like they still like to party. We often hear them having friends over having a good time. As we started to chat I could tell Greg really was ready to have a good time. He started ordering shots for all of us. Ted and Sara didn?t complain one bit. In fact as the drinks arrived they ordered another round of shots. This went on for about an hour. We were all having a great time. Ted sat down next to me and start to chat. He was telling me how great I look and it almost seemed like he was hitting on me. Greg and Sara were playing a game of pool and I noticed Greg checking out Sara. They are a very actractive couple that seemed like they spend a good amount of time in the gym. Since Greg was busy I decided not to stop Ted. It was very odd to me to have a guy giving me all these compliaments on my body, but I was feeling really good from all the drinks that I didn?t mind, in fact it was quit a turn on. After Greg and Sara finished there game we all decided to catch a cab together.

As we got out we were all laughing and having a really good time. Ted and Sara invited us in for one last drink. We went in and Ted mixed up a drink and one last shot. We all took the shot and that one really finished me off. I was very drunk by know. I looked out in there back yard and mentioned how I would love to have a hot tub. Ted said ?Lets all jump in and relax.? Greg jumped at the idea and said ?lets do it.? I know how he gets around me in a bikini and I figured it would be a great foreplay because I was feeling very horny. As I said ?lets do it.? Sara said ?we only have one rule, we never wear any bathing suits. Greg must have been really drunk as well because he said ?sounds good to me.? Ted looked at me and could tell I was feeling a little shy. Ted said ?we only have a very low light out there so you really can?t see much anyway and plus you have a great body, your husband is very lucky.? I can?t believe he just said that right in front of Greg. Greg said ?yea she does.? I decided what the hell lets go for it. Sara went in her room and got me a robe. Greg and I went into the bathroom to undress. We looked at each other with a little nervousness. As we got totally naked Greg came over and started to give me a deep passionate kiss. It was such a turn on I almost wanted him to fuck me right there. Greg said ?I don?t know how long I will be able to keep my hands off of you, we will have to get home soon.? I agreed and started to rub his cock. We heard Ted and Sara out in the living room so we quickly put on our robes. Mine barely cover my ass. As we walked out Ted was in a towel and Sara in a sheer white robe. She was almost naked right there. I was nervous but very turned on. We all went outside. It was very dark out there with only a small light on the back of the hot tub. Sara was the first to jump in. She is a very beautiful women and you could tell she liked to show off her body. She was totally shaven and very big breast. I was the next to get in. I stepped up and as I was getting in the water I dropped my robe and but it on the side. Greg got in and he was already sporting a semi hard cock. I could tell he was getting really turned on by this. As I sat back my eyes began to adjust to the light. Ted went to get us a shot and as he came back he was totally naked. I was very impressed with his manhood. It seemed to be half hard and it was already looking big. He got in and handed us all a shot. I took it and sat back. I could feel the warmth of the hot tub mix with the warmth of the shot. It was feeling good. We all started to chat about small stuff when all of a sudden I said ?do you guys do this a lot with other couples.? I couldn?t believe what I was saying. Sara said ?we have always thought about it but you guys are the first.? That changed our conversation to sex. Ted started to ask us if we ever have been naked in front of other couples. We quickly said no and that we were surprised we are doing it know. Sara started to talk about how they have fantasized about being in a hot tub with another couple. Greg started to rub my leg under the water. It was making me so hot. The hot tub was small, only made for maybe six people so we were all very close to each other. The jets were on so I decided to open my legs just a bit to give him some access. Ted was right next to me and I felt my leg brush his. I was a little nervous but he didn?t move. I started to ask Sara what the fantasy ended like. I was shocked to hear the words come out of my mouth. She started to say how they would start to kiss and give there company a nice show. As she was saying this I could see that Ted was rubbing Sara?s breast. She put her head back and it was silent for a few. Ted started to move Sara?s tits out of the water and leaned over and started to suck on them. It was so hot to see them making there fantasy a reality. We just sat back watching them. Greg was rubbing my pussy now. I put my leg over him and grabbed his cock. He was a rock. He has always had a good size cock but it almost felt bigger then normal. Ted and Sara started to make out and we could tell she was rubbing his cock as he was feeling her pussy. Greg was starting to get a little bolder as they did. He leaned over and was rubbing my tits and pussy at the same time. I was drunk and my inhibitions were out the window. Ted put Sara on the side of the tub out of the water and started licking her pussy. She was just laying there moaning. We were watching and I could tell Greg was very turned on. It was like watching a live porn. It was making me very hot. Sara stopped Ted for a minute and said ?I am going to get us all another shot.? She slowly got out of the tub. Greg acted as if he didn?t hear and kept rubbing my pussy and started to suck on my very hard nipples. Ted sat back down next to me. I had my head leaning back on the side enjoying the attention. As Ted sat down next to me he pressed his leg against mine. I could feel a rush of excitement run through me. I decided to keep my leg against his. Ted started to rub my knee and slowly move up my thigh. I had my hand there so when he got to my hand he grabbed it softly and started to move it. He held it softly as if I could have just moved it out of the way but I was feeling drunk and willing to see where it goes. He slowly put it on his cock. I closed my eyes and started to moan. I had Gregs cock in one hand and Teds in another. Ted was very hard and very big. My hand barely went around it and it was at least 10 inches long. I started to stroke both of them. My husband is not small, about 7 inches but Teds felt huge in my hands. Greg moved both hands to my tits as he sucked each nipple. Ted moved his hand quickly to my pussy. I almost had an orgasm right there. This went on for just a couple of minutes. Sara came back and we all stopped and took another shot. Sara dipped in the water then got out and sat on the side. Ted jumped up and moved between her legs. I finally got a look at his member. It was as big as it felt. He pushed right into Sara. Greg and I sat back for a minute and watched. It was very hot to see them going at it. Greg lifted me up and sat me on his cock. I slowly grinded on his cock as I watched Ted and Sara go at it. I had my back to greg and he was grabbing my tits. They went at it for about 10 minutes when Ted flipped Sara around and was fucking her doggy style. Her tits were rubbing the side of the tub as she was being pounded by Teds large cock. She was looking back at us watching me grind on Greg. He went on for about 10 more minutes when she started to moan out ?fuck me Ted and fill my pussy.? She started to moan louder as she was about to orgasm. Ted and Sara started to cum at the same time. We were shock on how hot this made us. I started to orgasm at the same time. I leaned back on Greg and went limp. We all started to smile and Sara started to thank us for letting them fill there fantasy. We all started to get out of the tub and Sara said ?you guys can wear the robes home if you want.? Greg said thank you as we were grabbing our cloths. I looked over and could tell Greg never finished, he was still rock hard. We walked out and went home. We could barely get in the house and we started to go at it again. We fucked for hours. Greg has always been good at being able to last a very long time. We turned on one of our videos as we were going at it. As one of the scenes came on with one girl with two guys I decided to tell Greg about what happened with Ted. I was a little nervous he might get mad but I went with it. As I was telling him how he moved my hand to his cock he said ?I know I was watching and it was making me so hot.? I couldn?t believe it. Just telling him was so hot I started to ask him if he wanted to fuck me like the girl on the video. I could feel him get even harder as he said yes. It was turning me on to think about Teds huge cock in me with Greg in my mouth. We both exploded in an orgasm.

This jump started our sex life. We would fantasize about having threesomes. Every time was hotter then the next. We started to look on the web for new roleplaying ideas. That is when we found this web site. It was so hot to read stories and play them out in the room. This went on for months. Greg started to buy me different dildos and we would play out that I was taking on multiple men at once. I even let him dp me with a toy and him. It was so hot. We would see Ted and Sara and it was like nothing ever happened. I wanted to go over and hug them for what they did to our sex life.

Months went by and Greg and I were having the best sex in our whole marriage. Finally his parents came out and said they would take the kids for the night if we wanted. We quickly jumped on the idea and we were both thinking about trying to get back in our neighbors hot tub again.

This time we decided to just stay home and play out different stories. We started to drink and had a quick dinner. I went in the shower and put on this new lingerie I bought. It was a tight lace dress looking thing that was very short showing off my little g string. Greg jumped in the shower and I started to read a story Greg pulled up for us to play out. As I was reading about a threesome with two guys and one girl I was getting really turned on. Greg slowly slid in behind me as I was reading and whispered that he got us a joint to smoke. We rarely smoke pot but I was game. I could tell he was ready to get wild.

We went out in the garage. We cracked open the side door to let out the smoke. We both had lots to drink so we wanted to take it slow on the joint. I was standing in my lingerie and Greg couldn?t keep his eyes off of me. He was only in a towel and was very hard. He came up next to me rubbing my body and started to ask me if I wanted Teds large cock in me. I could feel my panties getting soaked. He was kissing my body all over and I was rubbing his dick that was now sticking out of his towel. As we were talking about the story and getting very aroused we heard some movement outside. We stopped and looked out. It was Ted standing on the other side of the fence. I was wondering how much he heard. Ted said ?what are you guys smoking over there. I jumped back. Greg said ?nothing? as he started to laugh. He asked if him and Sara wanted to join us or maybe get in the tub and help us with the joint. He told us that Sara was out of town but said he would love to come over to help us. Greg looked at me and I just smiled and said ?sure.? Ted quickly came over. As he was opening our gate I looked down and remembered I was in lingerie. It was to late. He came in and his mouth almost hit the ground. He just slowly looked me up and down and said ?wow Katie you look amazing.? Greg add that I was smoking hot. The joint was definitely kicking in by now. I just stood there in almost a trans. Ted was standing there in his shorts with no shirt on. He was looking very hot. I could tell his shorts started to form a tent around that big cock of his. We all started to pass the joint around. Ted and Greg couldn?t get there eyes off of me. I was getting really wet now. Ted said ?So you think I have a big cock.? Right there I knew he heard what we were talking about in here. I started to blush. Greg said ?Well she got to feel it in your hot tub.? Ted started to laugh. Greg mentioned we were hoping to have another fun hot tub night. Ted appoligized about Sara being out of town but maybe he could help. Greg stood next to me and started to rub my body. I just stood there smoking the joint. As I finished I handed it to Ted. He moved in closer to me and started to smoke it. Greg moved his cock out of his towel and moved my hand to it. I started to rub and grab it. I couldn?t say a word for some reason. Greg moved my lingerie up exposing my very wet g string. He was rubbing my pussy and said ?I think she agrees.? Ted moved in even closer and was rubbing my ass. I was speechless. Ted dropped his shorts exposing his very large member. I moved my hand down and now had both of them in my hands again. I was feeling just as drunk as the other night. I couldn?t believe what I was doing. I started to walk holding onto there cocks guiding them into the house. We went into the bedroom where Greg already had a video on. I never said a word. They put me on the bed and kneeled down on either side of me. Ted was rubbing my tits and Greg moved down to lick my pussy. I had Ted cock right in front of my face as he exposed my tits and started to lick and suck on them. I moved his cock into my mouth. It was stretching my lips just trying to get the head in. Greg was going at my pussy like he never had before. They started to switch off eating my pussy and me sucking on them. I had atleast three orgasms before they even entered me. Greg started off fucking me. I could hardly keep back. I had Ted in my mouth and Greg going at me. His cock was feeling so good in me. I am very tight down there and was wondering if Ted was going to even fit. Greg fucked me for about 15 minutes then moved over to my side. Ted moved between my legs. He lifted my knees back and put his very large cock at my pussy rubbing up and down. He slowly moved in inching in. I was feeling stretched like I never have before. He started to go in and out until I felt his balls slapping my ass. Greg moved over and put his cock in my mouth. I had an intense orgasm. It was so hot. I was almost lost consciousness being fucked so hard. They kept switching off who was fucking me and in all different positions. Ted looked over at the video and asked if I ever wanted to fuck like the girl is on the video. I looked over and she was being dped. At this time I was sitting on Gregs cock facing away from him. I couldn?t believe what I said next. I just moaned out YEESSSSSS. I only let Greg fuck my ass a few times. It really felt good when I was in the mood but I really had to be in a hot mood. I slowly lowered onto Gregs cock in my ass. It moved right in. when I looked over he was holding a bottle of lube that he used. I slowly grinded on him. When Ted could tell I was starting to enjoy it he picked up my legs and rubbed his large cock on my pussy lips. I was dripping wet. As he slowly inched in I felt totally full. They started to move in opposite in and out. I was in total ecstasy. I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. They continued to this for a few then both started to pump their cum into me. It was so hot. I rolled off of Greg and just closed my eyes.

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