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It's going well.

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It?s Tuesday and I scrubbing out the bathtub with Comet. I am not cleaning so much because I want it clean; more because cleaning relaxes me. An alternative to pacing.

Nail biting. Picking a fight with him.

Since I seem to do that just before we meet with friends.

It is good to clean the tub. The bathroom, kitchen, the house, really. They are coming Saturday night. It need to get the majority of the stress out of my system; I need to get the majority of the house clean.

I need to buy a new shower curtain. That?s the trouble with the clear vinyl ones. No matter what after shower spray thing you get, those clear curtains fog and cloud up at the slightest hint of humidity. I spend the day, going over the house, keeping myself occupied and trying not to think about it. Thinking about it makes me nervous. Cleaning is productive. Pacing, nail bitting, fighting...not so much. I clean and he walks by and gives me a smile or a wink while he munches on peanuts.

It?s Wednesday and I awoke with my period. Super.

He awakes to my swearing in the bathroom. He decides we should tell them. I blink at him and say ?Why? Were we planning on playing? He smirks. I need to finish what I wasn?t able to do yesterday. I am cleaning out the back bedroom. It is where I keep my clothing. It?s generally a disaster, but I think we are going to need to extra bed. He wants to bring up separate room play to them and I am not sure how I feel about it. He feels watching me with him is going to distract her. He figures it is going to happen because it has happened numerous times before with another girl. If she is distracted, he isn?t being focused on. If he isn?t being focused on...well, he loses focus. They have made no mention of how they feel about that. This is their first home visit and I hesitate to mention it. I argue that it would be better to wait and see if there is a second visit. He smiles and says ?Babe, if I lose it, how much do you think she is going to want a second visit?? Good point.

So I am cleaning the backroom. I strip down the bed, vacuum, dust. I iron the curtains of the house. I saw on Good Morning America that if you put fragrance in your water in your iron, the smell comes out in the steam. I decide to go with irony and use vanilla. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The house reeks of vanilla. Smells like a cookie factory. Vanilla and cleaning products. I am feeling better.

Thursday and the stench of vanilla is slowly becoming less noticeable. Maybe we are just getting used to it. I have to go to work. I am still feeling frantic.

Frantic, excited, nervous, horny. My thoughts keep drifting and I cut myself with scissors right in front of a client.

Its not deep but it is in the crease of my middle finger and it won?t stop bleeding and I am embarrassed. I decide that I need to concentrate and banish all thoughts of Saturday night. I also need a band-aid.

Friday. Again with the working thing. I vacuumed Thursday night after I got home and I most likely will tonight. I wonder at how the animals are able to shed so much and still be covered in fur. With as much hair as I keep sucking up, they should be completely bald. After work, we sit outside for a long time. Drinking cocktails and talking about things. Fears, concerns, hopes, desires.

I have been quiet the past few days and I am ready to talk.

My nerves are becoming good nerves, excited nerves. That seems to make him smile. Talking with him always eases my mind. We seemed to get along rather well with them. We went through the nervous smiles and awkward introductions and launched into dinner and drinks laughing and talking; lots of smiling eye contact and sideways glances. He was holding my hand under the table and squeezed it every so often.

Sometimes it goes like that, smoothly, exciting and nice.

They are both incredibly attractive and it is highlighted by their obvious affection and devotion for each other. He wonders if she thinks he is attractive. I smile and ask ?How could she not?? It begins to get colder as the sun goes down. My period is about gone. We head inside and get ready for bed. Brushing teeth, washing face. I walk into the bedroom and he is lying on his back on his side of the bed. Arm propped up behind him half watching me and half watching the tv. I pretend not to notice. I walk over to my side and strip down taking the hair band out of my hair and crawl into bed. I snuggle up in the crook of his arm just wanting to be close to him. His skin always smells so good. Hand on his chest and he whispers ?Hey Mama?. I move my hand down to his cock stroking it to life. Lips on lips, I grind into his thigh and we make love.

Saturday is finally here and I appear to be spotty.

Could be from making love last night. I brush it off. If we can?t play, we cant play. But I really want to play! He is up early for work and I get up with him. Last minute things to do and my butterflies are coming back. Once more with the Pledge, once more with the vacuum. I jump in the shower and decide I will shave tonight. My legs are always more smooth if I wait a day or so between shaves. I check things out and decide I might even wax. Hmmm. If we should play, how will waxing work? Will I be too tender? Will it irritate? I head off to work and manage to leave for home early. I log on to make sure we haven?t a ?Sorry, another time note?. I run through the house again. I make the beds with sheets straight from the dryer. Clean sheets, clean pillows, comforters. He had the day off yesterday and has set the diningroom table and prepared the food for the grill. He is a good man, an excellent host. I am still keeping my hands busy when he comes home and jumps into the shower. He gets out and I head in opting to shave instead of wax. Mainly because waxing hurts and I am now pressed for time. I throw on cargo pants, a tank and a sweater.

Super casual. I am not really spotting anymore so I tell him I don?t mind having sex with him tonight, but no one new. I can?t get comfortable if I am worried about it and I need to be comfortable in order to have sex with someone.

Makes sense and he agrees. Of course, I wonder to myself if I am just making excuses not to play. Damn nerves. I only spot a little in the morning. By the evening, I am feeling better and more confident.

We are sitting outside when they arrive with drinks and smiles. We all head inside. Easy chatter and banter and drinks being made. They are attacked and loved by the dogs who are enjoying being fussed over. My man looks at me and winks, and I feel pretty good.

We head outside to smoke. She bums one and I feel bad that I smoke. I know she quit and I know how hard it is to be around a smoker. He has brought a cigar and I hold back the phallic jokes. Sometimes people aren?t ready for my sense of humor. I sit at the picnic table with them while he finishes grilling. We are laughing and carrying on and I suddenly wish he would chill out and sit down, take some entertainment pressure off of me. I am feeling his absence and yet I know left to my skills, dinner would never get done.

We sit around the table for dinner. Grilled chicken, corn muffins, grilled vegitables. There is too much food left over because we were all too busy talking. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, etc. I am feeling tipsy.

We head into the basement for a smoke. She is sitting next to me and I am comfortable enough that I touch her in conversation. Her back, her arm, her leg.

She is talking to me, asking me a question and I am distracted by her eyes. She mentions they are interested in separate room. What a coincidence! I look over at him and he laughs and tells them we were thinking the same thing. Works out well, eh? She and I head upstairs and into the back. She knows I used to be a dancer and thinks it is interesting and wants to try on something sexy. We decide we are going to get all dressed up and dance for the guys. Nothing can make a gal feel as sexy as nice shoes and something lacy.

We riffle through suitcases and drawers full of lingerie.

Lace, ribbon, silk, the bed and the floor are littered.

Trying on a few different things. I am being covert and checking her out. She has a smoking hot body. Small breast and great ass, long legs. My first thought is of him. She is totally, completely his type. I smile. She is anything but covert and plainly tells me she thinks I am attractive, making me laugh. Her unpretentiousness, her openness all go a long way in making me feel a kinship toward her. The guys start harassing us. ?C?mon ladies! Let?s go!? I decide on a cropped bustier with a rosebud heart pattern, matching thong with rose bud trim and lace ?booty shorts? Black and red. She keeps touching her breast and saying that they are small. They are perfect. She is wearing hot pink and black garter-skirt, bra and matching thigh highs and I feel a total stab of jealousy that I can?t fit the outfit. She looks hot.

My nerves are back. I am suddenly very shy about dancing into the livingroom half naked. Oddly, I am more nervous about my man than I am about him. I have danced for my man before but there is something thrilling and strange about dancing for another man while he watches. I take a deep breath and she and I strut out, wobbling on 5" heels and carpet. I am suddenly sure we look ridiculous. I grind over to my man who tell whispers ?Damn, baby!? We kiss. I can hear them giggling and I look over. She stands up and we high five as we switch men. I am nervous and wobbling all over him and hoping he doesn?t notice. I try and focus on the beat and suddenly realize that I am completely turned on. I take off my top and for a moment I am self conscious of my breast. They are large and I consider them floppy and occasionally, unattractive. He groans. His hands immediately latch on and from they way he is licking them, I am beginning to think he might be a breast man. He and I start kissing. Touching. Through his shirt I can feel his body heat. Hand under his shirt and I can feel it more.

From the corner of my eye, I see she is aggressively making out with him and I am thrilled. Things seem to be going well over there so I shift my entire focus to him. Kissing his lips, neck, ears, hands under his shirt, running up his side. Smooth, warm skin. I unbutton his shirt secretly wondering if he has any idea how sexy I think men in dress shirts are. I kiss his chest and smile while he mumbles and moans, his hands on my breast. The thrill of the difference and there is so much to explore. There is so much to touch, taste and I can?t seem to catch my breath. I have and overwhelming desire to taste, touch his cock. I unbutton, unzip. He is out and hard. I pull his jeans down just enough to put my mouth where it needs to be. Fully in me, I look up and see him looking down, lips parted, eyes half closed. My favorite expression on a man is the one you can see as you look up into his face with your mouth full of his cock. He pulls me up onto his lap and I see she has run off with him. ?When did they leave?? I am amazed I missed it and slightly annoyed. Are we swapping or just playing around? Why didn?t we discuss this? Shall I be annoyed or just get over it and assume he is having a good time? I opt to let it go. I like her, I like the way he squirms with her, I like him...fuck it. I am having fun. If he left the room, he is interested in swapping. He laughs and says ?Awhile ago? as he lifts me off and sets me down on a corner of the couch. He kneels in front of me and takes of my thong. I like the way the black thong looks as it slides over my thighs.

I like the way his hands look holding the skimpy fabric. His mouth is on me and I squirm out of the way.

I am not sure if I am ?done? enough for all that. He is insistent and quickly convinces me things are okay. His lips, my lips, his fingers. He is teasing me and I am moaning. He is mumbling at me, his voice getting lower and husky and I hear mention of cock being inside me. That seems like a wonderful idea! Why didn?t I think of that? He laughs at the way I quickly jump up and wobble in my shoes, completely naked to the bedroom to grab condoms. She and he aren?t in there and we realize we have the main room to ourselves. I want to high five him again, but I decide that might be more of a fully clothed thing. Probably not sexy getting a high five from a naked girl. I lay out on the bed and grab a condom and see he already has one. Man with a plan. As he puts it on, I take off my shoes and listen to the sounds she is making from down the hall. It?s such a turn on to hear him make another girl scream and moan. He is on me, kissing, touching and I want to see him completely naked. Touch this naked body. My hands are on his ass and my-oh-my what a nice ass it is. He is in me and I gasp. The sweetest thrust is always the first.

We lie together afterward, smiling and talking. All the awkwardness is gone. I can hear the headboard from the backroom thumping on the wall, I can hear him and the sounds she is making for him and I can?t stop smiling. He looks at me and we begin again, finish again, panting. I hear the backroom door open and someone running water in the bathroom. Suddenly, I want to be with my man. To hold him. She calls to me from the back and I jump up. Bare feet on the hall carpet. The room is a disaster. She laughs and tells me they just threw clothing onto the floor in their haste to get into bed. I am happy, he is happy, she is happy, he is happy and cannot stop smiling and laughing.

What a wonder. The bright lights make me aware of my nudity and I slip on some shorts, bra and a top while I help her find her panties. Given the amount of dedicates scattered over the room, its like finding a needle in a haystack. The stray pair is found and she dresses.

We head downstairs for a post coital smoke. We are all sitting, still swapped. I am on the arm of the couch, cigarette in one hand, the other rubbing his head. I realize to a non-smoker my cigarette is disgusting and I am self conscious of it. She is sitting behind him, giving him a back rub. He has a sleepy smile on his face and it is after midnight. We relax, digest and debrief and too soon, it is time for them to go. Upstairs for the hugs and chaste kisses on cheeks and they leave.

He smiles and asks if I had a good time. I did. I ask him and smile more when he says he did. He takes the dogs out and I make the bed. Blow out all the candles and gather all the toys to the bathroom sink to be washed. We clean up and head to bed. My head on his chest hearing his heartbeat we talk. He is always strangely quiet afterwards. I am always chatty afterwards. I cannot seem to stop giving him little kisses. He whispers me he loves me as he squeezes me close and lying in the dark next to him I know it to be true.

He has to work in the morning, so we drift off to sleep.

We spend the next day calling each other and rehashing the events of last night. I am turned on by his stories and frustratingly enough, I am home alone. I decide to try and clean the back room. I barely make it in the doorway and decide my day will be better spent lying in the sun in an attempt to tan. I come inside for a drink and to pee and I see they are online so I chat with him, we-had-

such-a-good-time, thanks-for-coming, let?s-do-it-again!

They mention they would like to venture out to see me at my part time gig, cocktail waitress at the club I used to dance at. She has never been to one. Turns out it is Amateur Night and I tease her about getting on stage. He arrives home and we are cuddly and kiss-y. I am overwhelmed by him, I want him. We are making love and I ask him to tell me about his time with her. That?s probably my favorite part, afterwards, the stories. Watching his face while his cock is in me, telling me about fucking another girl and how much he enjoyed it. We lie there afterwards excited to see them tomorrow.

I am running around work telling everyone that my man and our friends are coming. I talk about the girls and the managers a lot, I look forward to him meeting them. I am bubbly with useless energy as it is a slow day. I am chain smoking to kill time. Luckily, things began to pick up.

Right on time, my man arrives with our friend and her. I am excited to see my friend and excited to see her.

I rush past him to hug them both. He tells me days later that this bothered him. I suppose I can see how it would and I feel badly about it. Her man is to be meeting us here later. She is excited to be there and I begin to think my face is going to crack with all the smiling. He arrives and I serve them drinks. The place is actually busy and there are a few regular patrons staring at my friend and her...the only fully dressed females in the bar. A few ask me if they are going to be dancing. I tell them to stop leering and I ask the girls if they are okay because it occurs to me that this attention might get to them. They are both alright and enjoying the show and I think are flattered by the attention. I introduce my man to a dancer that I think is absolutely adorable and since he rarely comes into the club, I want him to experience a private dance with a good looking girl. I whisper to the dancer that dances are paid for and she takes him, blushing, into the backroom. He comes out grinning afterward and needs a drink.

The DJ asks if I would clean the mirrors that surround the stage between dancers. I ask if I can do a full set since my friends are there. Hell, why not show off a bit? He says alright and puts me in the line up-just make sure the mirrors get clean. I am nervous. My man hasn?t seen me dance for a room full of guys that often and I am afraid he might be upset at the total exhibitionist side that comes out on stage. What if no on tips me? That would be mortifying! Deep breath and music comes through the speakers. I am dancing and shocked to see a patron sliding up to the stage before my first song is done. I start really getting into the music, into the crowd, watching him and my friends at the table. She comes up to tip me; he comes up to tip me and I am totally turned on. My set is done and the patrons are clapping and I head into the backroom and put on my street clothes so I can sit with them and have a drink. I am sitting in between him and my man and at one point, my hand is on his head on the other on his thigh and it is weird. I cannot seem to touch them both at the same time. My friend switches seats so that she can be next to my man. I am having a good time talking to him and rubbing his head. He and she have their heads close together and it occurs to me that this might be awkward for my friend to sit and watch. She is looking at me and trying not to smile. I decide she is alright. Some of the staff were there hanging out on their day off with a few regulars. Getting drunk. They asked if I would do another set. Doesn?t take much encouragement to get me on stage, so I say yes and change out of my street clothes into a naughty school girl outfit. Both he and my man seem to like it. Again, while I dance, I am turned on.

This time when he comes up to the stage, I lick his ear. After my set, we go home.

My friend is riding with me and we talk the entire way home. It is nice that I can introduce her to this side of my life and not have her judge.

I arrive home and he asks me to call them.

She wanted to kiss him while at the club and he felt uncomfortable because it was my work place. I suppose that makes sense. They know he is my man, it might confuse them to see him making out with another girl while he sits next to me. Not to mention, making out in public is weird. I call her and she apologizes. I told her I didn?t even notice this was going on, please don?t worry. I personally would not care if they did, but I can see why he cares. We are cool. I really like her.

Over the next week, I chat with him daily. I am home in the mornings and he is online. He is fun to chat with. I dislike chatting with people that type too slow, do not have a sense of humor or cannot spell. He can do all of these things so chatting with him is enjoyable. My man expresses his jealousy over this. That I talk with him in the mornings. I ask him why this makes him jealous. Every chat is logged and saved and available for him to read.

Nothing shady goes on. He is concerned that we are forming a relationship that is outside us as couples, their couple, our couple. He says, ?Don?t worry, baby, I?ll get over it?

and I am hurt that he feels the need to be jealous because I think jealousy stems from insecurity and I feel that maybe he thinks I am not going to be faithful. I am hurt and offended that he would think I value our relationship so little. How can my having another man?s dick inside me not bother him so much as me chatting with him on the computer? How is it that he chats with ladies of couples and I am not concerned? What is the difference? He repeats that it isn?t a big deal and assures me it is fine. Just gonna take some getting used to. I am wary but I am still chatting with him in the mornings.

We invite them over again for Saturday, wondering if they will think that is too soon and afraid we will scare them off. They say they would love to come over and we are both happy to see them again so soon. He chats with her Wednesday night with the camera on and I am feeling saucy. I am sitting behind him on the couch painting my nails and offering to give him head while he is on camera.

I know how much he likes to play on camera. An audience turns him on. He is too busy giggling and laughing with her for right now. He reads aloud snippets of their conversation between typing, sipping on his 7&7. I am happy to see him amused and I think maybe he really is over my morning chats.

After a while he asks me to come over. He stands up and I can see his hard on pushing the fabric of his flannel pants. I kneel on the floor in front of him, sideways to the computer. I pull his pants down.

He adjusts the camera so it is on me and his cock.

He is in my mouth and sighing and watching me suck his cock through the camera on the computer screen.

Chatting with her has gotten him so incredibly turned on, he is so hard.

I am touching myself and wet thinking of her doing this to him, thinking of them watching us. His hand is on the back of my head, holding my hair. I run my tongue all over his cock, I suck on his balls and he says ?Ow!?. I laugh and ask for him to come to the bedroom. He says ?Okay? and I wipe my mouth. From the floor I reach up and type to let them know we have to go. In the bedroom and we forgo the making love and have straight up, hardcore, hot monkey sex.

I want his cock in me so bad, I am usually aggressive.

Amazement that nothing makes me want him more than another girl wanting him, turning him on. I look into the mirror at the head of our bed and watch him fucking me from behind, hand on my hip, hand pulling my hair and I imagine him with her this way. He pulls out and splashes cum on my ass, my hips, my back. I sigh and sink face down into the mattress.

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