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It's An Ill Storm that Doesn't Blow Someone Good

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Katrina was a bitch no matter how you looked at her; the hurricane I mean, not my wife of the same name. She, the wife, that is, is a slut, not a bitch. I?ve always known that she was a slut, but we?ve spent the last ten years raising a family and so we both slowed down a lot from her wild teens and my wild twenties, but this is a story about an evening that brought back some good memories for both of us and that bitch Katrina, the hurricane, not my wife, was the girl responsible.

We live in New Orleans and have a nightclub there, a nice little club in the French Quarter, were we have a good bar and a little stage where we can host small jazz groups or any other musicians we think will provide a draw.

We evacuated for the hurricane along with everyone else; leaving our home and our livelihood, to the wind and the local thugs. A few weeks passed during which we watched the horror that all of you witnessed, police car-jacking vehicles to make their escape from the city, thugs pillaging etc, etc., but finally friends were able to get us a police pass and we entered the city. , We have a very nice home in one of the older districts of the city, two story, huge with graceful oaks and nice neighbors. We were very disturbed to see one of our doors open ? and feared the worst, looters or squatters. My wife was disturbed to see me pull back the slide on my Glock to go through the house while she waited outside, and I wasn?t too happy about it either, when a big black suburban with very dark windows pulled up and six FBI agents piled out. These guys, for that what I thought they were, were dressed for hunting; full swat gear, short assault weapons and vests. I explained our predicament and they said they would be happy to help us out.

We sat on the side lines and watched them do a sweep, clearing each room in a way that looked as if it came from a TV program but with a much harder edge. Bottom line; there was a looter inside who drew a weapon; they took him down with a leg shot; he was out of the house and into a military ambulance in five minutes flat.

You can imagine we were grateful. I was surprised after the takedown to notice that in fact two of the agents were female, pretty females at that. One of them had been the shooter. We sat and talked afterwards, and thanked them. We didn?t really think any more about it, but about a week later they were all doing a sweep of our neighborhood and sat down under a neighbor?s oak to eat their lunches; of course we invited them into the house to eat at the table. They were all from New York and had come down as a squad. We could tell that they were missing their regular lives, they were all bored with patrol and early evenings in the hotel.

We had been spending some time in our bar, trying to make an assessment of when it would be economic to open. When they found out about our business they all said that a cold beer in the evening would be a real treat as the hotel had not opened their bar and there wasn?t a cold beer available anywhere. We told them that we would be in cleaning the next day and that we?d probably finish around six; they?d be welcome to come by for a hamburger and a beer.

Next day promptly at six there they were. They had brought along a couple more agents, so there were eight of them, five guys three girls. They looked a lot different in street clothes. Basically they were all about our age. Some of them were desk jockeys, working RICO cases or financial crimes while some of them were field agents. We prepared dinner and then turned up the sound system and just sat around drinking beer, swapping tales.

By ten o?clock we were all getting pretty buzzed and then my dear wife suggested following the beer with some chilled tequila shots.

You know that song ? Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off , well that?s a song based on my experience. The girls weren?t three shots into the tequila when someone suggested that the stage could be used for a different kind of entertaining. Before we knew it the girls were up there. I changed the music format to something a little sexier and slower. Now I don?t know whether you?ve ever seen an FBI agent strip; but the gun definitely formed an important and interesting clothes group.

My wife, of course, was the ringleader; she had stripped for a year when I first met her, and she still had the moves. They got themselves organized, but up to this point the dancing and stripping had been pretty innocent. Kat was the first one down to her bra, and I think really she had her eye on Kelly, probably the youngest and prettiest of the agents. As soon as she had thrown her shirt to the guys she went to work on Kelly; standing behind her, their hips moving together, Kat reached around and took her time undoing one button at a time. Down came one shoulder and now the other, and then the shirt was off exposing a very nice lacy bra with demi-cups that made her tits look like peaches on a shelf. We all went wild, and Kat went to work on the other two girls, and soon all four were dancing in their bras.

Kat took the lead again, going over to the edge of the stage, where six horny guys were lined up cheering her on. She grabbed Mike by the hair and pulled his head between her tits. We could see his face grow red. Kat has a really nice set of 36 D boobs, and when she squeezed her arms together they covered his ears.

When she backed up her bra came with him, and Kat laughed as she slowly moved her titties, squeezing them together. The guys went wild. Kat stood up and walked over to Kelly. Kelly backed up, but Kat wasn?t after her bra; she pulled Kelly?s head down, and we watched as Kelly took a nipple in her mouth. While Kelly was so engaged Kat reached behind and unsnapped her bra, but before we could look Kat covered Kelly?s tits with her hands and they danced again, hips locked. When Kat removed her hands kelly?s nipples were hard and long. Kelly had very pretty C cups.

The other two girls, Sue and Norma were not so shy and soon all four were rubbing titties, teasing us. Now many people would have stopped the party there, but not my Kat. The three girls were now bare chested but all were wearing trousers; Kat simply went around to each of them and undid their buttons. When she reached each of them she would pause and look over her shoulder at us, and then she would say; ?What do you want boys??

We would all shout, ?Show it all?. Kat stood behind each of them and knelt; and after we had all shouted sufficiently she would pull. One or two of the girls made half-hearted attempts to keep their panties, but Kat wouldn?t allow them and with much laughing and fumbling all three agents were nude on stage in front of us.

Kat now proceeded to tease us with her own trousers and she had all three girls help her out of them; and while they were doing it I saw everyone of them rubbing titties and butts and even a little pussy. Kat now announced that we were going to draw straws for the first chair dance.

I went to the bar and cut a short straw and then held them in my fist. Jack was the short straw; he was a grain fed looking guy; blonde, about six foot, maybe 180. More tequila shots were offered. The girls were now completely comfortable with their nudity; Kelly came and poured me a shot, pressing her titties into my arm as she reached for a glass, and there was no mistaking the invitation in her eyes when she poured me a shot.

Jack was on stage, and the girls were dancing for him; they each took turns crawling into his lap. Two of them held his arms, while the other two put their boobs in his face, laughing while they slapped their breasts on him, pulling away when he tried to suck a nipple. Kat was the first to start undressing him. She opened his shirt while his arms were held and sucked his nipples, and then, while we watched she fell to her knees and started undoing his trousers. We all held our breath to see how far she would go. After teasing us all for a minute finally she pulled his trousers past his knees. His cock stood out, thick and fairly long. Again we were all waiting to see what Kat dd.

She looked over at me and laughed and then she opened her mouth and took the whole thing deep. Jack?s back arched ? he later told us it had been a month since he?d had sex. Kat wasn?t selfish though; after a few sucks she backed up and beckoned Kelly, who laughed and deep throated him. Sue and Norma were next. Norma, when it was her turn got on her hands and knees and spread her legs so we all got a good glimpse of very wet pussy. Jack by this time was close to cumming, and once again Kat took the lead. She stood him up close to the edge of the stage where we could all see and grabbed him around the base of the balls; she does that to me when she does not want me to cum, and proceeded to suck him with a real vigor. When he was past the point of no return she released his balls and pulled her mouth away.

The other girls were on their hands and knees and Kat sprayed his first enormous shot over all their tits. She then put his cock back in her mouth and drained him. We could see her lips and throat working; it had been a big load. When she turned to grin at me a little drip of cum had escaped from the side of her mouth She scooped it up with a finger and sucked it clean.

She stood up and went behind all her girls and rubbed his cum into their tits, saying ?It?s time boys, get your asses up her and fuck us?

We were all hard, and in just a second we were up there. We were six guys and four girls, but Kat took care of part of that problem immediately; she was on her hands and knees taking Mike from behind while she was blowing Sam. I headed for Kelly; she insisted on sucking me for ten minutes, before she?d let me in her pussy. My god it was wet and tight. She said she hadn?t been fucked for six weeks; her pussy was like a hot tight glove and this glove did fit; so I didn?t quit.

She came at least twice while I was pounding her. She wanted it everyway; on her knees, on top and then finally on her back with her legs up in the air, her pelvis milking my cock until finally I shot a huge load in her pussy. Kat crawled over when I had finished, saying she wanted to clean that up and soon Kelly was moaning as Kat sucked all my cum out of her pussy.

Watching Kat at work on Kelly had me hard in about thirty seconds and I looked around the room. The guys had pretty much all cum once and were on the hunt for new pussy. Sue beckoned Sam and I over and invited us to both fuck her, so I sat in chair while she mounted my cock and Sam got on his knees to fill her ass. He slipped the first time and I felt Sue gasp as his cock joined mine in her pussy. It was the first time I had ever felt a cock rubbing against the underside of mine. It felt amazingly good. He went to withdraw but Sue stopped him saying; ?fuck me like this first?. We did, and she was in heaven. I had her big tits in my face, and I sucked her dollar size nipples, switching titties every few seconds, while she started orgasming, moaning and screaming every time she came. After about the fifth orgasm she said, ?Now in my ass.? Sam obliged and I felt the different sensation of his cock rubbing though her thin membrane. It took only a few minutes before we both went off in her; filling her with wave after wave of jism.

I looked over and saw Kat taking a cock from behind and I noticed that the angle was a little too steep to be in her pussy; sure enough she was getting ass pounded from John. At her direction he pulled out before he came and sprayed an enormous amount of cum on her tits. She pointed to me and said ?Come over here and rub this in and then suck my nipples.?

I did and was soon joined by Norma who wanted not only to lick her tits but to lick her pussy as well. This was too simple for Kat who commanded that I lay on my back so she could straddle me while Norma ate her. Norma did a good job; and kat would ift occasionally on her hands so that my dick would pop out into Norma?s waiting mouth. Norma?s ass was in the air and with the shortage of pussy it wasn?t a few minutes before it was filled with a cock. Soon she was too distracted to continue a good licking, so Kat shifted and Norma was replaced by Mike, who continued licking Kat while I was fucking her. Kat continued working herself slowly up and down my tool, making sure that Mike got a good lick of shaft. When she was sure he was comfortable with that she would raise up so that he got a good mouthful of cock. I?ve got to say that he did some great tongue work. I announced I was about to cum and just as I started to spurt Kat lifted off; my jism coated her clit and Mike licked and sucked it all down.

Before the evening was done we had all fucked every hole of every girl; Kat kept count; saying it was only fair. Kat said that because she was the instigator she got a special treat; she arranged matters so that she got fucked by all six men at the same time; she had one in the ass, one in the pussy, and took turns blowing each of the other four; the ones whose cock wasn?t being used had their cocks held while they each sucked a tit or fingered her pussy. That?s a picture I?ll treasure always. The girls who were idle spent that twenty minutes licking each other, and watching Kelly sucking on Sam?s big clit was actually what made me blow my final nut. All of the guys had cum six times. The sun was coming up when we finally opened the doors and headed home.

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