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Into the Maelstrom: Part VIII

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Carolyn awoke feeling breathless, yet somehow satisfied and very refreshed.

"My God! What a dream," she said. It was so vivid! She stayed quiet for a moment, trying to remember the dream's details before they were forgotten. She must have been in the 'Wizard of Oz,' because she could distinctly remember a woman's voice cackling and saying, "I've got you now, my pretty!"

What an odd thing to dream, being molested by the Wicked Witch of the West!

As she laid there, she sensed a slight breeze blowing across her body and felt surprisingly cool. With a sinking feeling, she looked down at herself and groaned. There she was again, in a condition which was becoming disturbingly familiar for her:

naked, covered in sweat, her vagina quietly pulsating, and her pubic hairs and inner thighs positively soaked with fluids. Her suit at least was folded over the couch back, thank God. At least that was still here.

"I wonder if other girls ever have this problem?" she asked the room. Lately she repeatedly was waking up naked in strange places!

"Maybe I should bow to the inevitable and just sleep in the nude from now on," she thought. "I keep ending up that way."

She disgustedly got up off the couch and went naked over to the sinks. She took a hand towel from the rack (no paper towels in this firm's rest rooms!) and, after dampening it thoroughly, began a quick wash. She looked in the mirror and suddenly froze.

"Oh, hell. Not again!" she moaned as she realized what she was doing. For the second time in 24 hours, here she was, completely naked in a rest room! Grabbing her clothes and a few towels, Carolyn dashed into a stall, locking the door behind her.

"Just what is going on, anyway?" she wondered as she hung up her clothes on the stall's clothes hook. For thirty years she had held her body under a tight, absolute control. Suddenly, everything had changed. Her body was rapidly becoming something beyond her understanding, something even beyond her control.

What was causing this? Sun spots? A beginning form of sex madness? Not enough chocolate in her diet?

Oh, my! Since it just started happening to her, perhaps it had something to do with an early form of menopause? Ugh! What a thought!

"Let's not get carried away here," she said firmly.

Of course she knew what had happened to her. It was quite simple, really. She just didn't want to face it, that's all.

She had done the same thing last night at Tamiko's apartment, dreaming of glowing sex and thinking it was so very real, because it was what she supposedly really wanted.

It was an idea that Carolyn was not totally sold on, but the alternative was so unthinkable she just had to believe it! If it wasn't a dream, then the only other answer was that she had been actually... actually used by people! Sexually used!

"My, God!" she thought. It scared her just thinking about it.

It had to be a dream, she knew, it just had to! Didn't it?

All the same, she knew she was becoming greatly affected by people's behavior, always seeing sex where it wasn't. Any kind of innocent act by someone toward her was now construed by her as some direct assault on her person. Even people passing her in the narrow corridors between the cubicles was causing a reaction within her! Regardless of what or where the handling of her person occurred, her body would responded almost eagerly to each presumed touch and caress.

It seemed she couldn't even sit in chairs any more without risking an uncontrolled climax. And as for any type of medical examination-- forget it! She shuddered as she remembered what happened so recently in Ms. Pendergast's office. My, God! The woman was only trying to help her and she responded sexually to a simple check-up. No more, she thought, no more check-ups!

The secret knowledge that she enjoyed it was only dimly recognized by her conscious, the idea was so totally beyond all her comprehension and upbringing.

The fact that these dreams kept happening disturbed her greatly. Did this mean that she actually wanted such things to happen to her, she asked herself as she got dressed again.

"I don't believe it," Carolyn said loudly, to scare away any chance that it could possibly even partly be true.

Either way, at least this time she had the good sense to remove her clothes first, although she didn't really remember doing so.

It was a good thing Tamiko had been able to explain it all to her, about her strange sex dreams and what they implied.

Otherwise she wouldn't have known what to do! She would certainly have felt the need to loge a complaint with the firm about this latest presumed violation of her person. "But against who, though?" she thought, chuckling. "The Invisible Man?"

Speaking of missing persons, just where were Tamiko and her clothes, anyway?

After leaving the rest room, Carolyn returned directly to the sanctuary of her desk. No one can bother me there, she thought smugly. Should have thought of this before.

When she returned to her corner, Carolyn found a familiar blond figure seated behind her desk and going through her drawers. A neat package was laying on the center of her desk.

"Tiffany! What are you doing here?" Carolyn said, a little breathlessly. The unexpected sight of Tiffany Goodbody had returned Carolyn to last night and Tiffany's initiation ceremony.

Her knees weak, she had to shake her head to clear her mind of the torrent of sensual images and sensations which suddenly flooded her being. Carolyn was shocked to realize that foremost in her mind was the burning image of a nude Tiffany, draped on a couch, her firm tanned flesh glowing in the candle light.

"How can the mere sight of this beautiful, empty headed all-American teenage girl have such an effect on me?" she asked herself as she went behind her desk to greet her trainee. And to get her chair back!

"Hi!" said the golden 18-year old girl, as she calmly continued her inspection of Carolyn's desk. "Tamiko asked me to give you this package. She said you'd know what it was." "Thank you," Carolyn said primly, as she eagerly picked up the package.

Carolyn wasn't very happy about the way Tiffany was going through her things. That girl had a bad habit of forgetting her place; but, in her joy at finally being able to be fully dressed again, Carolyn was willing to overlook it this time.

She opened the bundle and found just her blouse and scarf, both neatly folded after being cleaned and pressed.

"Where is the rest?" Carolyn asked, careful not to reveal her extreme disappointment.

"That's all she gave me. Something's missing?"

"Well, yes, as a matter of fact. My... my pa... Well, some of my clothes aren't here," Carolyn said, blushing at the thought of her current state of undress. "You know, like my belt and things. I really need them." She couldn't tell this child that she didn't have on any underwear at all, and how it felt so funny, so deliciously naughty going around the office all day without them.

"Oh. You don't say? Well, I helped Tamiko look for your stuff this morning and these were all we could find. You had clothes scattered everywhere, by the way. What were you thinking of last night, anyway?"

"Uh, last night?" Carolyn hadn't the faintest idea what she was thinking last night, even the parts she could remember.

"Look, Tiffany," Carolyn said, trying to change the subject, "you need to get back to Tamiko for me and find out what happened to my things. I could really use them. A blouse and scarf just isn't going to be enough!" "Enough for what?" Tiffany asked mischievously, knowing full well exactly how Carolyn was dressed today. Everyone else seemed to be having some fun with this stuck-up Greek bitch today, she thought. Why couldn't she?

"It's really none of your business," Carolyn replied nervously. She couldn't know the truth about her clothes, could she?

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go to the ladies room and change," Carolyn said as she unfolded her blouse on the desk.

"Oh, you can do that right here," Tiffany said as she stood up and moved directly in front of the perplexed Carolyn.

Carolyn's jacket buttons seemed to spring open at the touch of Tiffany's lightening hands. Carolyn and Tiffany were both startled when they looked down and suddenly discovered Carolyn's uncovered breasts, nipples hard as bullets, framed by the open jacket and thrusting proudly into the chilled air of the brightly lit office.

"Cool!" breathed Tiffany.

"Tiffany! What are you doing?" Carolyn gasped as she spun around, holding the unbuttoned sides of her jacket closed over her chest. "Not here! I must go to the ladies room to do this!"

"That's what you think," said Tiffany softly, as Carolyn felt her hands on her waist. Suddenly there was a sound behind them and Carolyn felt Tiffany's hands disappear.

She quickly rebuttoned her jacket, then turned around, not knowing what to expect.

Tiffany had vanished! Instead of seeing the teenager, standing in front of her desk was the head of the firm, Mr.

Samuel Winston Spencer III, and the firm's most senior partner, old Mr. Brandon.

"Is this a bad time?" Mr. Spencer asked the flushed Carolyn.

"No, sir. What can I do for you?"

"Please sit down, Miss Lord. There's something we'd like to discuss in private with you."

"Of course, sir," Carolyn said as she reached for her chair.

"It concerns your preparations for the conference. This is strictly informal, so take it easy. We can do this another time if you are busy."

"It's no bother, sir. Perhaps we could go to your office, if that would be more comfortable for you."

"Nonsense. This is just fine. Now, sit down, Carolyn," he said, pulling up a chair in front of her desk.

Carolyn sat, but as she pulled her chair up to the desk, she jumped slightly as the startled Carolyn felt something brush against her left leg! The silly teenager must have ducked under and was now located in the knee pocket underneath her desk.

"What the hell could she be doing down there?" the frazzled Carolyn wondered as she listened with less and less concentration to Mr. Spencer talk about the conference.

As Spencer continued to talk, Carolyn felt a sharp tug on her jacket. Casting a quick look down, she saw with horror that a small pair of hands was unbuttoning her jacket from the bottom up. Quickly, she rolled her chair closer to the desk, and pulled out the keyboard shelf, pushing her stomach as far into the shelf as it would go. "That should stop the stupid bitch!" she hoped.

What else could she do down there?

She tried to kick Tiffany under the desk, but only had her pumps taken off her feet for her efforts.

Mr. Spencer droned on. Carolyn felt her knees being separated, and something big moving between her widespread thighs. She felt fingers move along her upper thighs to her waist underneath her jacket. When Carolyn felt the fingers start to work on the fastener of her slacks, she began to become very worried. "She wouldn't dare open them," thought the furious Carolyn. "Not with Mr. Spencer right here."

When her waistband was loosened, her confused mind was at a loss of what to do about it. The two most important individuals in the firm were right in front of her, and that damn Tiffany kept playing stupid games with her clothes!

The shocked woman next heard the faint but quick sound of a zipper being opened. "I don't think they noticed, Thank God!"

she thought. "Still, why are they looking at me that way?"

All thought of her employers' strange behavior fled when Carolyn felt her slacks slowly being tugged down on both sides of her hips. "What is she up to this time?" she wondered. "She can't get them off while I'm sitting on them", she thought confidently. For insurance, she eased her hands off of the desk and held onto her slacks.

In Tiffany's efforts to remove Carolyn's slacks, the woman felt as if her whole body was being dragged under the desk. Carolyn tried to press her hips as hard as possible into the soft chair but it wasn't working. Her slacks went up and down as she engaged in a terrible battle with Tiffany for them. Even with all her efforts, the despairing Carolyn still felt her slacks being pulled very slowly but surely down her hips!

Meanwhile, both Mr. Spencer and Mr. Brandon were wondering just what in hell had gotten into the normally cool and collected Miss Lord today.

Samuel Spencer was worried about the performance of one of his star employees on a very crucial day for the firm. She was obviously nervous as hell about something. Better cut this foolish talk short and let her relax a bit before the conference.

"Just so long as everyone is ready for the conference, that is all that matters to me today," he thought. "And to hell with anything else!"

John Brandon was also concerned, but for different reasons.

His semi-senile mind churned with thoughts of wine, fireplaces, and bedrooms. Carolyn Lord had showed up to work at the firm today with those fantastic tits of hers, the ones he had been fantasizing about for years, practically hanging out. In the five years that she had been with the firm, never-- but never--

had she ever dressed like that! Now, she was jerking and squirming like a crazy woman in her seat, making her delectable breasts do a veritable dance on her barely covered chest.

"I've never seen her so jumpy or her face so flushed," Brandon thought. It was almost like something was happening to her underneath the desk.

"Are you all right? You seem a little distracted just now,"

inquired Mr. Spencer politely.

"Oh, yes. I feel quite fine," Carolyn lied as she continued her secret and silent battle with Tiffany to save her slacks.

"Just concerned about making it all go right for the conference this afternoon."

"Good. Does your chair need replacing? You seem to be squirming a lot."

"Sorry. The chair is fine. I am fine. I probably just had a little too much coffee this morning. Was there anything else?"

"I see. I understand you had an accident coming to work this morning, which is why you were late. Nothing serious, I trust?"

"Nothing serious at all. Just spilled some tea, that's all.

And here's my blouse, fresh from the cleaners. It was just delivered not five minutes ago."

"Excellent. I was a little surprised at hearing how you were dressed today," he said, trying not to stare too obviously at Carolyn's cleavage. "Especially when you consider how important this potential client is to us, and how valuable your role will be in the process today."

"Thank you. I'll do my best."

"Good! I always knew you wouldn't let us down. Ms.

Pendergast was concerned about you for some reason and insisted that we come back here and have this talk with you," Mr. Spencer said as he stood up to leave. "Strange. Must be the strain has gotten everyone a little buggy today."

"That could very well be true, Mr. Spencer. I've been a little nervous myself, lately."

"I can believe that. Perhaps some pay raises and promotions spread around the firm will ease the pain a bit, if this works of course. Especially for you, Miss Lord."

"Oh, my! Thank you!" Carolyn gasped, bringing her hands away from her hips and placing them on the desk as she raised herself off of her seat. In her excitement to properly thank Mr.

Spencer, she utterly forgot about Tiffany. Tiffany used the opportunity to quickly pull the opened slacks further down Carolyn's hips.

"Oh!" Carolyn gasped, blushing, as she quickly sat back down again.

"OH!" Carolyn cried again as her vulva came into contact with Tiffany's right hand, which she had quickly forced down the open front of Carolyn's slacks.

"No, no. Don't get up," said Spencer as he reached across the desk to take her right hand in both of his. "I can tell you're very excited about it, and that's good. I'd like to see a lot more of that kind of enthusiasm around here."

"Uh... Thank you, Mr. Spencer," Carolyn said a little breathlessly, as Tiffany worked the middle finger of her right hand in and out of Carolyn's defenseless pussy.

"Anyway, You're more than welcome. You will have earned it.

Believe me!" he said, releasing her hand.

"Coming, John?"

"No, Sam. I'd like to stay and talk with Miss Lord for a while, yet."

"Oh, no!" groaned Carolyn to herself. "I can't do anything with him hanging around!"

"Okay, but try not to be too long. We've got that final talk with everyone during lunch at the restaurant in 15 minutes."

"Right, Sam. I'll be there."

To Carolyn's considerable alarm, Mr. Brandon settled more comfortably into his chair, the sure sign of a long stay. As he started on another of his long but pointless monologues of cases past, Carolyn was in a quandary. This child under her desk was touching her, actually touching her! Yet, what could she do to stop it?

In spite of her confusion, Carolyn noticed that Mr. Brandon seemed very interested in her cleavage. "Oh my!" she thought.

"That proper old gentleman was trying to look down the top of my jacket." She knew that by pressing her middle tight against the desk, it looked like she was offering her cleavage to the old man like a native sacrifice. But, if she leaned back, Tiffany would surely unbutton the rest of her jacket. The more he looked at the increasing preoccupied Miss Lord, the more John Brandon became fascinated by the buttons of Carolyn's jacket, and what was behind them. He realized that Carolyn was no longer responding to his statements. She was instead developing an unusual inward stare, as if her mind was elsewhere.

"Well," he thought, "it was now or never." While still talking, he reached over with his right hand to the preoccupied woman and casually opened her jacket buttons. He then sat back in his chair and waited for the reaction.

Carolyn was suddenly aware that Mr. Brandon had said or done something that was important, but she hadn't the faintest idea what it was. She must concentrate or he will surely think that she was losing her mind! If only she weren't feeling so melted inside! She needed desperately to be left alone. All she could think of was getting her slacks up, ditching Tiffany someplace and going back to her apartment for a rest and a chance to regain control of her life.

She still couldn't get away from the feeling that something was wrong between her and Mr. Brandon. Carolyn looked down and her mouth opened in shock. Her jacket was open, and her firm proud breasts were fully exposed to the delighted gaze of Mr.

Brandon. She instinctively rose to run away, but Tiffany quickly realized her opportunity and pulled on Carolyn's slacks with all of her might.

With horror, Carolyn knew she was trapped at her desk as her slacks went down to her ankles. She quickly sat again, the tops of her thighs resting on the edge of the chair, carelessly splayed open. She looked on, stupefied, as Mr. Brandon reached over and pushed her jacket off of her shoulders. He then lovingly cupped one full breast in each hand.

"Close your mouth, woman. You look silly," Mr. Brandon quietly said as the old man coolly manipulated both breasts. He wanted very badly to fuck this highly desirable and previously untouchable young woman, but at his age some things just weren't possible!

Carolyn obediently closed her mouth, but otherwise sat frozen.

Her perfect world had spun completely out of control. Her mind was gone, and she could think of nothing. She was the perfect subject. She was theirs for the taking.

Tiffany removed Carolyn's slacks and shoes and carelessly threw them behind her. She saw in the shadow of the desk her target spread invitingly before her. She moved forward and, resting on her knees, threw her arms around Carolyn's hips, lightly digging her nails into the bulging haunches. Her face was between Carolyn's open thighs, only an inch or so from the woman's vulnerable cunt. She looked up and saw that both of Carolyn's breasts were completely exposed and were being held by a very old pair of male hands. Oh, goody! she thought. Let's see the snooty Greek bitch talk her way out of this one on Monday!

Tiffany took a moment to enjoyed the surprisingly intoxicating scent of Carolyn's womanhood, and then went to work. She had Carolyn at her mercy and loved it. Tiffany wanted Carolyn to scream for her forgiveness for being so mean to her ever since she came to the firm, before she would stop tormenting the proud bitch. It was perfect. With that old goat getting her from above and Tiffany getting her from below, Carolyn didn't have a chance!

Tiffany leaned forward and worked on Carolyn's vulnerable vulva and clitoris with her mouth.

Tom Phillips came to work late that Saturday, knowing that he couldn't even start the weekly PC backups until after today's guests were long gone. The office was very quiet. Everyone was at a firm-sponsored lunch at the restaurant located on the building's first floor. Quiet except for a weird low moaning sound coming from the far corner of the big administrative section. It was so low, he probably wouldn't have heard it if there had been any other people around.

Intrigued, he walked quietly along the partition corridor.

The moaning became louder and louder as he neared the corner of the large room.

"Very interesting," he said softly. That's coming from the fabled Miss Lord's corner. "I wonder who is using it, and for what," he thought. He had heard about some unusual things happening at the firm from time to time, but they had certainly never happened to him. He reached the end of the corridor and stopped abruptly.

"Wow!" Tom said softly.

The first thing he saw was his idol Carolyn Lord, seated behind her desk, her face looking flushed and dazed. Her eyes were unfocused. Her head was thrown over the seat back, her open mouth gasping for air. Carolyn's suit jacket was open and she had nothing on underneath. Old man Brandon was sitting to the right of the desk, a hand on each of her breasts. Each of them was totally oblivious to Tom's presence.

Below the desk's modesty panel, Tom saw a pile of clothes and pair of feet in pink high heels sticking out from underneath the desk.

Tom noticed that the way Carolyn was jumping in her chair seemed to indicate that more was going on with her than just Brandon. He walked towards the back of the desk and was not surprised to see a tousled blond head rise directly in front of Carolyn. He heard a brief chortle before the head disappeared back under the desk.

He returned to the front of the desk and knelt to the floor.

He pulled the pile of loose clothes from under the modesty board and saw that it consisted of a pair of woman's slacks and shoes.

"Bingo!" he breathed.

He lowered himself full length on the ground and looked underneath the panel. Under the desk he saw in the shadows a familiar-looking behind covered in a tight dress belonging to a woman whose face appeared to be imbedded in Carolyn Lord's naked crotch. "I'd know that tight behind anywhere," he thought. "It belongs to that stupid, rich bitch Tiffany Goodbody!" The same girl who just last week called him, yet again, a "computer geek" while she turned him down, yet again, for one lousy date!

"Well, now. Let's see who's the geek here, you bitch!" he thought savagely as he removed his clothes.

The dual manipulation of Carolyn's body continued as, kneeling in the front of the desk, Tom undid the latch and silently swung the modesty panel open. He slowly lifted the skirt of the kneeling Tiffany's dress and placed it as high up her back as he could. Through her tight, semi-transparent pantyhose he could clearly see her tight flexing ass cheeks and the dark crevice in-between.

Carolyn Lord was lost in a sea of sensation. She was helpless before this dual assault, her feelings of shame sometimes overwhelming her as she came to realize that she did not want this to end, even though she was powerless to act. Yet, when her ravaged mind finally realized that someone else was present in her corner, she had recovered enough of her wits to realize that someone was preparing a nasty surprise for her tormentor, Tiffany.

Tiffany thought she sensed something was going on behind her, then felt Carolyn's hands in her hair, her thighs tightening around her head and forgot about it. "Oh, man!" she thought.

"Carolyn's finally getting into the spirit of things."

When Tiffany felt her pantyhose being pulled off her hips and down her thighs, she tried to back out of the desk. But Carolyn's hands now held her fiercely by the hair and she couldn't pull her head away from between Carolyn's tightly clenched thighs. Tiffany's face was hopelessly trapped, pressed tightly against Carolyn's steaming crotch.

Tom quickly reached between Tiffany's thighs and found the teenager's now vulnerable cunt. She was so excited from her manipulation of Carolyn that he found her pussy very wet.

Tiffany's hips bucked and danced as the distraught teenager tried to escape the invading digits. She tried to scream her protests against this unwanted invasion, but Carolyn had her face pressed so tightly into her crotch that Tiffany was having trouble just being able to breath.

In spite of her struggles, Tom quickly found Tiffany's erect clitoris and brought the surprised teenager to immediate orgasm, her powerful cuntal muscles causing vast amounts of vaginal fluid to come spewing out. And then he did it again, and yet again.

The exhausted Tiffany finally quit fighting to escape the vice grip of Carolyn's thighs, and could only kneel under the desk, gasping for breath between Carolyn's legs as she desperately prayed for a respite from her unknown assailant.

Tom unzipped the back of Tiffany's dress and unhooked her bra.

Tiffany felt with horror her breasts dangling freely beneath her as the top of her dress and bra were pushed over her smooth shoulders and down to the floor.

Carolyn's climax caught her by surprise. Tiffany's struggles had embedded her nose deep into Carolyn's clasping cunt, while the non-stop expert manipulation of her exposed breasts by the firm's eldest member was causing her to reach new heights of erotic stimulation. Her body lay placid, a comely smile on her lips as she gasped for breath, while her climax washed over her.

Her eyes closed, Carolyn lay collapsed in her chair as Mr.

Brandon looked upon her with the satisfaction of a job well done.

He politely pulled Carolyn's jacket back over her shoulders and buttoned it. He kissed her on the forehead, said "Thank you,"

and left, confident that he had finally conquered the impeccable Miss Lord by fondling her beautiful breasts alone. "Something to remember," the semi-senile old man thought gleefully, "for my old age." Not that he would ever tell any of his cronies about it.

Not proper, you know. Besides, which one of them would ever believe it?

Never noticing the piles of clothing or various heads and feet extending from underneath Carolyn's desk, the dazed Mr. Brandon tottered off for his meeting.

After waiting until Mr. Brandon was long gone, Carolyn released her grip on Tiffany's hair, and quickly moved her chair away from the desk. Surprised by the sudden lack of support, Tiffany fell face first onto the carpeted floor, her ass cheeks waving high in the air behind her. She then started crawling out from under the desk, thankful that her ordeal was finally over.

As she moved forward, she felt her pantyhose being pulled off of her legs. "I'll find them in a minute," she thought. "I just need to get out from under this desk!"

As soon as the naked Tiffany had wearily crawled on all fours out from under the desk, someone placed their hands around the tops of her thighs and pulled her backward. But, instead of falling, she felt her behind pressing up against naked flesh, with some large object moving between her upper thighs.

"Oh, no!" she cried, as she realized that it could only be a naked man behind her. She turned her head and finally saw who her assailant was. "Oh, my God!" she thought. "It was that computer geek!"

"You can't do this!" she indignantly sputtered.

"Oh, yes, I certainly can, you bitch!" the exultant Tom thought as he finally began to thoroughly fuck that beautiful body kneeling before him.

Leaning forward, he grabbed a pert breast in each hand as his hips started to pound the girl's bouncing buttocks, his cock going deeper and deeper into the well-lubricated vagina.

Tiffany's young body, already primed by a night of almost endless sex, quickly began to react to this unwanted assault. Her hips began moving in relation to Tom's movements, so that each of his thrusts was met by one of hers. Her tight vagina clasped the thrusting cock, as if it was reluctant to have it leave the hot, wet confines of her pulsating cunt.

As Tom's regular buffeting of the teenager's vagina went on and on, Tiffany totally lost her mind! The fact that she was being totally stripped, humiliated, and fucked from behind by someone she didn't even like, didn't matter anymore. In fact, it all served to excite the golden teenager as she had never been before! All she could think about now was the glorious cock in her loins.

Totally joined, their orgasms erupted simultaneously.

Tiffany remained collapsed on the floor, completely spent, dreaming of wedding gowns and floral arrangements. She was still kneeling, her breasts mashed beneath her, with sperm and lubricant streaming down the insides of her thighs. Tom got up, quietly collected his clothes and Tiffany's underwear, and departed for the washroom.

Before he left though, he found Carolyn's slacks and shoes and placed them neatly on her desk.

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