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In the Movies ( adult theatre fantasy)

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In the movies Having an unusual and unexpected chance for a night out we hadn't made any plans, and decided to just wing it. As she usually does when it's just us out Laura wore a dress that was about as low cut and high rising as the law would allow. We had dinner at a restaurant/ bar that is usually pretty full of "lifestyle" couples but for some reason that night was dead as can be. Sitting there over dessert we were discussing different things we could do to pass the time and none really sounded interesting to either of us. Like I said, it was unusual for us to get a chance at a night out and neither of us wanted to squander the opportunity on bowling or shooting pool. Finally we decided to just ride around a little bit and see what we could find to get into. We decided to stop at a club where the drinks were overpriced and the ladies on stage weren't very good at dancing. When Laura goes to a strip club it's good to see naked ladies, but they need to have talent to.

Next door there was a little sex shop, so we decided if nothing else we could see if there were any new toys that got our attention. From the outside it looked small, and the merchandise area actually was. After we entered though we saw that was just an illusion, there was more to it. The store seemed to actually wrap behind the strip club to reveal both a video rental section and a viewing theatre. We browsed for a little while, seeing the usual double headed dildo's fake handcuffs, and vibrators but nothing new and exciting.

We moved more towards the back of the store browsing through the videos, again, not really seeing anything that caught our eye and decided to leave. As we made our way to the door the clerk behind the counter asked if we would like two free passes to the movie theatre? I looked at Laura and gave her the "what do you think look" to which she replied "sure why not." He handed me the passes and as we started to walk away he handed me a bag saying "another freebie, just in case". OK, so I am really starting to like this place. Rounding the corner we see a guy, sitting on a stool at the door way covered with a curtain so this must be the place. I hand him the passes and he says "I am required by law to tell you there is no sexual activity allowed in the theatre. With that said, have fun"

We found a couple of seats near the center of the theatre, others are there, but no one real close, and discuss how this is indeed part of the club. Directly in front of us is a fairly large screen with the usual newest released porno on it, but to our left we can see that the big mirror on the wall of the club is actually two way, and we can have our choice of which we want to watch. Not a hard decision though, choosing between hack talent college girls and seasoned veteran actresses. On screen is the usual suck fuck lick, and holds our attention but so far is nothing new and exciting either. Taking the opportunity Laura asks what's in the bag. "I don't know, he just said, just in case". Opening the bag, I pull out the towel revealing the dildo and she says "ooohhh this could be interesting. Leaving the condoms in the bag I sit it on the floor at our feet.

She opens the package and teasingly deep throats it a couple of times and says "see I could be in movies to". All I can do is giggle and agree. The deep throating dildo seems to get the attention of a couple of other patrons as slowly they start to shift they're seating to be closer. My wife noticing this as well leans over to me and says "looks like we're more interesting than the movie, let's see what happens". She props her feet up on the chairs in front of her, slides her dress up and begins to rub her pussy with the dildo getting it good and wet before sliding it deep into her pussy all the while stroking me.

She really has the other guy's attention now; they get bolder and move closer. One right in front of her turned around in his seat watching and another sitting right next to her, both stroking their cocks. All watching her intently forgetting about the movie and the hack talent strippers my wife's head is leaned back and her eyes closed. Reaching forward she encourages the guy in front of her to work the dildo in her pussy so she can reach over and stroke the other guy as well.

My wife loves to be the center of attention but this is an amazing turn. Having never done anything quite this bold I had no idea how far she was willing to go or what the next move was. I didn't have to wait long for the answer to either question. "I need the real thing, where are the condoms?" she says. I hand her one knowing we don't use them just waiting to see what her plan is. She opens the package and slips it on the guy sitting next to her. Her next move really surprised but incredibly aroused me. She sat on his lap slipping his hard cock as deep into her dripping wet pussy as it would go. At the same time she encouraged both me and the guy in front of her to stand on either side while she played with our balls and sucked our cocks like a pro. Amazed at how much new and uncharted territory was being covered I thought it best to just let her lead on and see where we ended up.

By now everyone in the theatre was watching our foursome and not the movie. I leaned over and whispered into her ear that she was now the center of everyone's attention she said "good, now we can go up front and do this right." The four of us made our way up to the small stage that was under the screen and a crowd started to gather. All the guys had their cocks out stroking, I'm sure hoping for a turn, and to my surprise at some point another couple had arrived and was enjoying our show to.

She could have been a body double for my wife. Beautiful DD breasts, a plump ass, and beautiful legs any man would be proud to have wrapped around him. She had her skirt hiked up around her waist with her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy fast and furiously. Her other arm was wrapped around a guys waist holding him close while he played with his dick watching the show. When it came time for her mate to take his turn with my wife she knelt on the stage right next to her, looked at me and said "fair is fair, come get it". I didn't have to be told twice. Even after already sending my first batch of cum down my wife's throat watching her repeatedly get fucked and suck cock had me ready to go again. Both ladies doggy style right next to each other the others husbands plowing into their pussies and another man's cock in their mouths was a sight worthy of an adult film award. The husband leans over to me and says "stick her in the ass, she loves it". I pull my dick out and rub it over her ass. To help lube it up I also use my fingers, first one then two and to my surprise three to bring pussy juice up to her ass and get it ready Inside and out. Slowly at first I start to slide my dick in her ass. I find out quick though she's not into slow and easy as she looks over her shoulder at me grins, and rams her ass hard against my dick. Since that's the way she wants it that's the way I gave it to her, hard, fast , and rough showing her asshole no mercy.

It didn't take long though before I was ready to blow. I could already feel her juices running down her legs every time I slammed into her so I pulled out, ripped off the condom and sprayed my seed all over her back and ass. About the same time our new friend was doing the same thing to Laura.

We all kind of collapsed onto the stage to the cheers of the other theatre goers and what I recognized as a couple of dancers from the club. After we regained control of our shaky legs we got dressed and made our way out, through the movie section, and towards the door. Again, the clerk stopped us and our new friends and handed both of us a CD with a freshly printed cover titled "In the Movies", a picture of the four of us, and a $39.99 price tag along with a models release. "There are three copies right now, but if all four of you sign the release, you will get 40% of each video sold, and a free copy. That's $8.00 per couple per video, and I know there are at least 10 guys in the theatre right now who will buy one to commemorate their night. Say no and I keep the third copy for me never to be seen by anyone again." The four of us discussed it; all agreed to sign the release, collected our money and went back to our place for a few drinks and to watch the movie. It was very interesting to see what our new friends were up to before they joined us on stage. We have made a few more movies with our new friends since then, and the clerk is always happy to see us cum in.

Unfortunately this is a fictional story, but not out of the question either.

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