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In An Instant

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In An Instant By: Fredinvirginia

Chapter 1

Life can change in an instant. I know we have all heard that declaration from the time we were young, usually by those presumed to be wiser than ourselves. A cautionary reminder that we should always remember to treasure what we have today, for tomorrow? who knows. But things are not always that simple. Perhaps though, I should back up a just a little and explain just how dramatically my own life has changed so much in these recent days.

I guess it all begins with the fairy tale. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, and the rest as they say, is history. Oh yes, it was real enough, and for years I believed that was all there was to it. You understand; marriage, children, the house and the dog, everything that had always been expected of us. What if I told you though, somewhere deep inside I always wondered, what if? well, what if it all was just a happy facade? What if that story had been produced, packaged, and replayed endlessly, simply for the sake of some forgotten ancient code, written eons ago? Could there be more, something that would elude most of us in our relentless attempt to measure up to that ideal, to stay within the lines? Yes I know, I realize that I am beginning to sound overly dramatic, but in all fairness; I had lived my life far too long in the ?conventional?, all the while knowing that somehow, someday, I would find a way to see beyond society?s invisible wall of fear, find a way to step into a more intense reality.

That was where my head was at, my eyes open; my curiosity fully engaged, looking for the hidden markers that I knew most people would never notice. You may believe in my telling here, that it started completely by accident that day, but I prefer to think it was far more mystic than that. I really do believe that I was in that exact place, at that exact moment, when I was at last truly ready for the journey of discovery that began that afternoon.

It had been another normal day at work and I had just successfully completed my last sales call of the afternoon with one of my regular customers. I began walking back to my car which I had to leave a couple of blocks away, parking always being an issue in this older but upwardly trendy section of the city. She was walking toward me, her aura of unbridled sensuality seeming quite foreign at this time of day amongst the ever swirling sea of business suits. It was the black pumps that I noticed first, clearly for evening dress, and then my eyes traced the outline of her sexy legs up to the hem of her short skirt. Black, but still it somehow simmered in the sunlight. White silk blouse clearly expensively cut, but also just sheer enough to make out the form of her lace bra. Her hair was straight, neck length, and jet black, and while very sexy, for some odd reason I had the thought that it might actually be a wig. Our eyes met for a moment as she approached, and something, I still cannot exactly say what, bound our gaze for a minute as everything else faded into the background. Just before we would have passed, she took an unexpected turn into the narrow alley which seemed to go nowhere. Strange I thought, as I began to slow to get a closer look, and I found her just as sensual from this vantage, her back-seemed stockings making her shapely legs appear even more alluring. I paused for a moment there at the entrance to the alley, and watched her as she confidently strode up to a door, steel, painted flat black, with no outward handle, the only detail being the large decorative rivets that lined the perimeter. She knocked three times and a moment later I saw a small slide open at eye level. I was close enough to hear the only word spoken from the inside. ?Password? She answered without hesitation, ?Blue Max? and in another second the door opened, and then closed again, and as she disappeared I heard the echo of a deep bass rhythm pulsing from somewhere inside. I took a step back toward the street ready to resume my path back home, and then stopped cold, for a second seemingly frozen in place. I turned back toward the alley and just stared at the door. Just a door?not my life?then I traced her steps down the alley.

Once again the slide opened and then closed, suspicious eyes peering back, having given no indication whether with my reply the appropriate condition had been met. A few more uncomfortable seconds ticked by and I prepared for a hasty retreat out of the alley but instead I heard a metal clank and then quickly the door opened. For that brief moment the afternoon sun pierced the apparent darkness of the interior and I caught a glimpse of the guardian. Shaved head, with a goatee, I shall simply describe him as a steamroller with legs. As I entered, the door already closing behind me, he coarsely stated, ?all out by daylight.? ?Daylight?? I thought. ?It?s only four thirty in the afternoon?, but I also thought better than to add to the exchange, certain that he still had the authority to ensure my entry would be revoked at any second of his choosing. The light was cut short by the clang of the steel door as I heard the latch sealed, and for a moment I could see very little at all. The hallway ahead, from what little I could tell, appeared to be painted completely black and the exposed bulbs which led forward were hung along a suspended wire overhead and were obviously of the lowest wattage available. The bass beat that I had heard earlier now seemed to be coming from both nowhere and yet from everywhere around me. My eyes were beginning to adjust now and as I looked up again I realized that the walls ended normally but above but there was no ceiling. The building instead opened upward, perhaps three stories in height and, gradually, my eyes still adjusting, I could begin the see the exposed metal and steelwork that supported the upper expanse of the space, this construction also painted completely black. That I could make it out at all was only as the result of occasional flashes of light that I now perceived radiated out from various locations throughout what I now understood, must have at one time been some sort of warehouse or factory. I still had taken no more than twenty steps down the hallway, using each advance to process and sharpen both my visual and aural acuities. I could now perceive brief moments of human sound that would for an instant break over the pounding of the music which also seemed incrementally louder as I continued hesitantly along my path. I say human sound, because what I could hear from this position was not speech; it was far more ancient than that, seeming to predate any language we might now recognize. Not screams exactly, nor fear, no, more the cry that might spill out from some place of extreme emotion. Somehow I felt a kinship with the sound, so peculiar to me and yet I felt some strange connection to the voices, and I could feel my heart as it begin to beat faster moment by moment.

The air felt electric, at the same time both cold as steel and yet as hot as breath. My eyes now fully adjusted, I saw the hallway was about to turn and when I rounded the corner at the end, now acclimated and sharpened; my senses were immediately stung with an incoming barrage of new stimuli. The space completely opened up at this entrance and my eyes slowly scanned across the expanse. Although there were no full walls to break up the main floor, there were at various locations throughout, dr*pes of fabric which seemed to float hauntingly from nowhere, mostly black but occasionally an enclosure of white or red as well. They stirred slowly in the air, the undulation I suspected being in someway caused by the unknown events unfolding between and among the participants sequestered within. There was a central space, full bar with several people gathered nearby. Not far from that a dance floor, well not exactly that, more of a space, where several couples and even a few groups of three now sensuously ground against each other, and several of them, seemed now more in flesh than fabric.

I glanced off to my left and leaning against the jam of the opening was a huge and quite forbidding man, dressed in leather and I had the impression that he resembled a vulture, poised as he was to pick the meat off the bones of any weak animal that would drop. As I was feeling somewhat that I actually might meet his requirement, I thought it best that I move on.

I crossed the space headed toward the bar and I passed by a couple who were also dressed mostly in leather, now fully locked in a quite sexual embrace, bodies melded together. She caught my eye as I slowly moved by, the intrigue plainly painted across my face. She looked deeply into my eyes as she broke their kiss and languidly, clearly for my benefit, licked him with full tongue across his cheek and then transitioned to evil grin directed toward me and I almost stumbled over my own feet as if I was a toddler. Leaning against one of the few stools at the bar, and noticing how the full mirror behind the bartender allowed yet another perspective of the area; I understood that this spot was merely a place to pass through and not at all a focal point of this unusual gathering. Instead, I noted as he deftly prepared my request of choice, most of the people here seemed to drift in and out of the areas that were partially obscured by the floating fabric. I also noted that the dress code for tonight was clearly urban kink and I now sat in the midst of it in my somewhat inexpensive brown suit. As I had made my way through the space, I also had noticed that my white dress shirt would light up like a beacon each time I passed under one of the black lights that were seemingly placed at random along the wires that crisscrossed the building, the sum total ensuring that I appeared as nothing less than a lamb lost among the lions. I felt the sudden urge to loose the tie and as he turned to serve my drink, the tie quickly disappeared into my coat pocket. Thinking myself suave, I slipped a ten spot across the bar and began to rise from the stool, but he just frowned disapprovingly and pushed it back over to me. That?s when I noticed that there was neither cash box nor a register readily visible. I slipped the money back into my pocket, at loss to understand the source of funding for this place and event, and now feeling even more out of place as I slipped away from the bar.

The whole time that this process of adjustment had been transpiring, I had attempted, thus far in vain, to catch sight of the woman I had seen on the street, the street which now although in reality was but a short distance away, seemed somehow left far behind, lost in a another place and time. I decided in that moment, regardless of how this had started, I was here now, and I knew there could be no going back, no release from the emotions now driving me, until I knew, experienced, and breathed it all in, deeply in, whatever ?it? might turn out to be.

I slowly moved away from the central area, and with extreme curiosity, and feeling my growing sexual energy as it began to turn up the heat inside me, I moved over to one of the fabric ensconced areas, and slowly, anonymously, I slipped inside, somewhat hugging the edge of the interior space. There were perhaps seven or eight people in the room and they were gathered toward the opposite end of the space. They were all facing forward in obvious entrancement by the scene unfolding directly in front. There was an elevated platform bed which seemed to be custom designed, and now occupied the center of a sort of stage. The four post frame was of rough hewn squared timber, painted black but covered with a large mattress encased in white sheet. There were two Klieg lights higher above the bed frame angled to provide bright light on the face of the bed although as it spread further away it seemed to disappear, absorbed by the black dr*pes that defined the room. Clearly designed for any number of potential sexual situations, the bed frame had a number of metal loops along the upper frame that could accommodate rope or chain, and the lumber was surely strong enough to support the partial or full weight of any willing (or unwilling) participant.

For the moment the bed held, as I found to my surprise, two women. I could see only partially from my position at the back of the room, but at first glimpse I could discern that one of the women was now held securely in place by specially designed ropes. She was positioned near to one end of the bed with her legs pulled somewhat obscenely apart by the apparatus. Her ankles were bound in air with cuffs through which the rope passed and she was also held to constant width by a steel bar which was in turn attached to each cuff. Although it would have appeared to be quite an uncomfortable position, as I moved slightly to better see her face between two of the mesmerized viewers, discomfort was not at all the look that I saw on her face. Although her eyes were fully covered by a black scarf securely tied behind her head, the concentration on her face was clearly visible. Yes, frightened anticipation to be sure, but deeper than that, pure lust; this stage of her arousal already causing tiny beads of erotic sweat to form across her skin, as she squeezed and then moved her hips up, pushing them forward to the extent that her restraints would allow. She had small breasts and her nipples were rock hard, swollen with sexual anticipation. She had a small but femininely shaped frame and as I slowly spread my gaze across her from there to her partially shaved Mons, I felt my own breath come quicker, seemingly absorbing and drawing deeper within me a measure of her own sexual excitement. Then I took note of the other woman, who in that moment, apparently now pleased with the current positioning of her soon to be sexual servant, stood, and walked toward the side of the bed. She was the physical opposite of her partner, almost Reubenesque, extremely sensual in every movement, her heavy but physically well supported breasts swaying sensuously with each step. I allowed my gaze to take her in as well, and was sure that this would certainly not be the first time she had sexually dominated this or other partners purely for her own pleasure. She brought the black strap-on that was bobbing obscenely from the restraint around her hips closer to her servant and simply but firmly commanded, ?suck me slut.? The petite woman responded with enthusiasm as the huge phallus touched and then gradually penetrated her heated lips. I felt my cock began to thicken as I could easily imagine the sensation as if I had been the one above her in that moment and the longing I saw painted across her face contributed to my growing wish that it could be true. Her oral mastery continued for some time on the black phallus, no less real and sexually intimate to both of them than if it had been real flesh that passed between her lips.

When they were both obviously heated to a sexual boil, the buxom woman spoke again. ?I?m going to fuck you now.? Simple, and with the full knowledge that her partner had no say in the matter, although I could easily tell she would have had it no other way. She moved quickly around and positioned herself at the glistening opening but paused for a moment. ?What do you want slut?? ?I want you mistress? Her partner smiled wickedly at the honesty of longing contained within the words. ?Where do you want me?, and again she waited for the reply. ?I want you inside me. I need you inside my wetness.? With those words the mistress began to push the cock slowly against the willing lips of her submissive partner. The breath of emotion caught within the master as her servant pushed her hips up and forward in a desperate attempt to capture more of the hardness as it slid slowly deeper inside her. The erotic master wasted little further time with gentleness, her one motive now, and her every movement expertly designed, to provide nothing less then the sexual ecstasy that her submissive and willing partner clearly craved. They were animals in heat, driven by lust toward ever stronger levels of intensity, and the group of voyeurs continued to grow, pulled closer by the intensity of the passionate sound that had now spread well beyond the confines of the enclosed space. Faster, harder, wetter, sheets now soaked with desire. Nipples pinched to erotic cry, breasts slapped, the sting clearly an erotic expression of lust, the cries of her response nothing less. Clit abused to the edge of delicious pain, the line between love and lust, fear and abandon, now complexly blurred, shifting with each new erotic contact. This was no act, they no actors who would release their role with a simple ?cut?. I knew from the beginning that this was real desire, as deep and full as I had ever witnessed, and I knew as well, the powerful erotic release I could sense moving closer would be no less real. We all stood there and watched, surely each with our individual perspective, but collectively no doubt breathing in and relishing this amazing need, now freely displayed without reservation, perhaps with the knowledge that we were a part of the story, our mere existence there driving them even higher in ecstasy.

The moans of their sexual expression began to shift, the pitch lower and more intense, and then transitioned into an animal growl as I saw both of them began to tense together. I watched in hypnotic trance as they began to plunge into their mutual orgasmic explosion. It all seemed to slow somehow, although I know it was my brain, the synapses firing in rapid succession in a furious attempt to store every detail, to catalogue every frame of impute, knowing that I would wish to recall this moment for the rest of my existence.

They released their pending orgasms without reservation, although exhibitionists, clearly they could now only see and feel one for the other. As their mutual contractions gradually lessened in intensity, the master lowered herself softly down onto her charge, hard phallus still fully inside, their soft but heated and moistened skin connecting, the tender aftercare of the intensity clearly her intent. Still however, each movement would cause yet another contraction to ripple across one or both of their bodies, their excited flesh reluctant to give way to the emotional descent. I watched them for a moment longer but knew as did the others that it was time to move on, for their mutual intent had now turned inward.

I slipped out of the room surprised to notice that my glass was now empty, having absolutely no memory of having finishing it. It seemed a good time to head over for a refill, figuring that if someone else was willing to fund this night of debauchery, then I might do well to fully enjoy ?all? of the readily available carnal vices. I continued to visually take in the collection of people that had gathered for this evening. Anywhere else, the more ?vanilla? members of the community would have been completely shocked at everything contained within my field of view, but for some reason, (my clearly out of place wardrobe not withstanding), I was beginning to feel quite comfortable in the environment, some sort of bond or even kinship beginning to form inside my soul. It was, in total, a dream of sensual freedom and sexual openness that for most would forever exist only in their hidden fantasy, and yet here I now stood, my own wildest fantasies seemingly having been hand delivered by special carrier.

This time there was no misstep at the bar and I saw the bartender smile just a little as he quickly delivered my request. A couple of sips later and I in short order had decided that it was time for a little more exploration, this time feeling a bit more confident in my new surroundings. I wondered about the different color of enclosures and this time I decided to take a look inside the red one. I thought I had been prepared for anything, but at first sight; I could not even fully absorb the scene inside the room. It was very dark, the only source of light the same crisscrossed overhead bulbs but in this space they all glowed red. The room was lined with plush sectionals, which could be arranged in any number of flexible combinations to suit the accompanying desire of the couples and even groups that now gathered in intimate repose. Numerous erotic interactions were in full and open display, from the casual groping of partially clothed lovers in various combinations, to full sexual passion, again, in all of its varieties. Even more startling was the area in the center of the room, in which a large number of sectionals had been apparently attached together and now served as a giant bed of desire, the thought of sexual ?Moshe Pit? crossed my mind. It was male and female in every combination and they seemed to move not only as individuals but the group itself seemed to in some way move, no, undulate with an erotic pulse in a sort of unison. It was no less than a sexual frenzy, the motion ever continuing even as one might leave and another take the place. I stared a little longer and although it was intensely erotic, this was also a team sport, that I was as yet unprepared for, and not feeling quite that sexually liberated just yet, thought it best to leave this scene to the ?advanced? class.

I decided to attempt at least one more peek into another area of this gradually unfolding adult Disney land, the surrounding sensual enticements by now having reached deeply into my own growing sense of sexual need. I was beginning to feel the resulting physical effect of that longing, my cock now thickening by all that I could see, feel, and breathe in, from every direction. I had a sense that my life was somehow changing minute by minute, the end results which from this point, I knew could not yet fully grasp. Crossing over toward the far end of the building, I entered another covered room at random, curious to discern what delicious decadence this new space might offer. There were quite a number of people here, gathered toward the front of the space where, again, a raised platform had been constructed, as a kind of stage, for the scene which had apparently already been in progress for some time. At the center of the platform was a large timber ?X? and behind that a wall of sorts that held a large assortment of ?implements? The collection consisted of several defined areas, sorted by type; an area for floggers, crops, and paddles, most of them leather, an area for various clamps, weights, and other attachments, and lastly an area which held various types and lengths of rope. A woman, clearly in the throes of a sexual excitement by the continuing activities, was attached, naked and spread wide, upon the X frame, the man now administering her erotic discipline obviously well versed in the technique. She wore a leather blindfold thereby being unable to fully predict each course of contact as it might come her way. Her skin glowed a healthy pink, clearly having been already stimulated by any number of instruments from the collection, and the base of her breasts were both now wound tightly by several wraps of rope and were pushed obscenely forward by the resulting pressure. They now radiated a deep red color, her nipples standing forward, rock hard, and I could see that wetness that had formed along the swollen lips between her spread legs.

As I continued to take in the scene unfolding at the front of the room, something off to my left caught my eye. A flash?white?. White silk. Her white silk.

She was standing near the back of the space by herself, partially behind one of the black ?I? girders that supported the roof of the warehouse. She leaned into it, the side of her heated face pressed against the cold hard steel. She seemed held in place by the intensity of the unfolding action, her eyes never straying from the stage, and I could see the emotion that swelled on her face with each stroke as the flogger slapped against the exposed skin of the woman. She seemed to absorb the feeling of the participant, her breath as well as her emotion keeping perfect pace to the other woman. I moved closer toward her, studying, trying to see inside her emotions. I noticed that her hands caressed the cold steel of the girder and from time to time her hips would push into it as well as if in some way she reached out toward this rigid pole in some unknown intimate connection. Her nipples were erect and clearly visible as they pushed outward through the lacy and sheer fabric of her bra, creating delicious tips which pointed outward through her blouse. I noticed that she had unbuttoned another button since I had seen her earlier, and her bra was now easily visible under the partially open silk. As I considered her from head to toe, I found her to be just as sensually alluring as had been my first impression earlier in the afternoon. I moved closer to her, anxious to connect, to communicate in some way, and when I was no more than three feet away I heard her say softly ?you followed me?. I didn?t realize until she spoke that she had even been aware of my presence, much less that she would have made the prior connection. I started to speak, but as she perceived the first sound of the words, she raised her finger to her lips and whispered a soft ?shhhh?. I was close enough to reach out and touch her and that was my first instinct but instead I simply moved closer behind her, near enough now to smell the enticing aroma of her skin and to feel, perceive the sensual heat of her body as it radiated toward me. I slowly moved closer again, still behind her, until our bodies at last connected, lightly at first, but she began to settle in against me, her eyes never breaking from the scene ahead. I could feel her body shiver slightly with each echo of the flogger, and she moaned softly as she responded in sync with the other woman. Her hands never left the steel post, but the subtle motion of her body as it began to move in sync with my own left me with no further doubt; she would offer no resistance toward the sexual congress that we both knew had already begun.

I brought my arms around to her front, my hands softly cupping and then exploring the delicious mound of her breasts. My hands moved across the soft silk, while my thumbs traced the top edge of the delicate and exposed lace of her bra. Her skin was on fire, the heat of her passion radiating out in waves, which I felt both in the physical and the emotional. The movement of my hands on her excited breasts caused her body to respond naturally and she began to move her body along mine, the motion providing a wonderfully erotic sensation. My still fully ensconced cock, becoming obviously thickened now with its own primal need for contact, slid in securely behind her along the valley formed by the beautiful curve of her ass. I found that with the right motion I could lean forward, the growing bulge of my loin leading the way, and actually raise her skirt enough to locate my bulge underneath it, leaving both of my hands still free to continue my intense desire to explore her shape; to continue as well the erotic massage of her very excited breasts. We began to slide together, my growing protrusion rubbing against her underneath the skirt, along the top of her legs and then across her panties, which I knew would be moist if not already thoroughly wet from the inside. We rocked in time with the erotic flogging which continued within my split view; one half dedicated to the aroused woman within my arms, the other to the equally aroused woman further away. I could feel the internal shiver of my partner each time the flogger with its many strips of soft leather connected with his partner, and both women?s flames were fanned in unison with each contact.

Sliding my hands lower across her body I heard her moan softly as I traced my fingertips gradually and softly down across the silk, over her abdomen ,and then lower still, pressing more firmly against the fabric of her skirt. Her breath seemed more unsteady now, overcome suddenly by her emotion and the anticipation of what she knew would come in the next moments. I did not linger there, but rather, continued my journey of discovery still further down toward the hem of the skirt, and as she continued to press herself back against me, my hands slipped underneath the edge. Both my hands in unison touched the front face of her legs and this first skin on skin contact seemed to weaken her knees just a bit, and she for the first time pulled her head back toward me, the soft and alluring essence of her scent fully captured for the first time by my heightened senses, the most intoxicating if unknowable pheromones hitting my brain immediately. In that precise moment I knew that she would be, all of this new world would be, no less than a overpowering drug, which from my first hit, I would wish be a part of me, for the remainder of time.

Using both hands as they now connected with the front of her legs, I lightly rolled the top of her thighs outward, the result that she opened her legs slightly and then she moved of her will to allow more free intimate access. My first touch closer toward the center of her growing need revealed the satin panties to the excited nerves of my fingertips, and I knew instinctively, sight unseen, that her panties would be black as well. Slowly my fingers traced a path back to the edge of the fabric, along her opening to her legs, then upward across the smoothness until I felt the satin as it gathered slightly and wrapped over the thin elastic band that held them closely to her body. All the while, her breath continued to flow unsteadily, still filled with emotion, and from time to time my intimate touch made her shiver, overcome by her internally felt desire.

When I knew we both could wait no longer for still closer intimate touch, I slowly, intently began to ease the panties lower, little by little, teasing the nerves of her skin with my fingertips as they moved back and forth across her skin, each pass allowing the panties to work gradually lower. She was shaking now, and I knew that her excitement would be manifest in the wetness which even then I swear I could perceive without touch. I wanted deeply to hold her, caress her, and make love to her over and over until we would finally collapse together, passion spent but still intertwined together in the afterglow. I understood though, that in this time, in this moment, it was not what she needed, not what she craved with such intensity.

I eased slightly away from her for only a moment, no longer than I needed to open my zipper, remove my thickened cock from its confine, and to ease back closer to my new home, that being the sacred center of her now reaching need. As my cock began to slide at last along the heat of her, my confidence of her arousal was confirmed as I felt the wonderful slippery wetness that already gathered along her most intimate opening. I could tell that her lips were engorged, every nerve ending alive and pulsing, the neurons in her brain firing instantly, repeatedly, as they registered every variance, every detail of the contact, as I continued to slide my slippery hardness against her heated wetness. I know she craved the contact, every part of her reaching out to possess it, her body, her soul, and her emotions all purposed to this moment of ultimate surrender to the deepest longings of her flesh.

When I knew she could take no more, I moved back slightly once again, she understood that she would need to wait no longer, and she ensured that her position would be ideal for the next stroke. I could feel her internal heat and her amazing wetness as it spread fully around the head of my excited cock, inch by inch now slipping deeper into the core of her sexual being. She moved back onto me as well, her body reaching out for more. It took considerable focus just to contain my urge, the core of my need now desiring to immediately thrust deeply inside. She would have been more than willing to receive, but I needed the time to feel, to absorb, to appreciate the incredible sensation, inch by inch until at last I would be fully contained, a willing captive to our mutual need. Our lust being already in a far advanced state, it was but in reality only moments until we were moving together in intimate unison. She had gradually been allowing her hands to slip lower along the girder, fine tuning the angle of her body to enjoy the increasing intensity of the penetration, but even as she did, her eyes never strayed from the forward focus of her attention. We moved faster and I understood and matched her need to keep rhythm to the object of her visual concentration. The other woman in our seeming triad was also moving closer to her own ultimate ecstasy, the light but much faster swirling of the flogger gradually becoming more focused toward the wetness which had continued to gather between her widely spread legs. I timed my thrusts to align with the forward pelvic thrust of the other woman, her body desperately reaching out to connect more directly with the leather, now the sole provider of her increasing erotic stimulation. We were all three moving together, thrust, stroke, breathe, moan, all movement, all sound, all feeling, somehow aligned as if it had been ordained from the start.

I could feel it coming closer now to each of us in our own way, and yet at another, deeper level, a sharing, a cosmic connection that had always been and would in some unknowable way always be. I saw the woman on the stage beginning to tense, every muscle that could be moved, pulling together, tighter, upward, inward, a desperate attempt hold right there, on the edge of impending bliss, and I felt my lover beginning the same process of ultimate preparation, our bodies having now taken over, moving in unity toward the gathering internal light. From the stage I heard the sound, not unlike that which I had heard in my very first steps of this journey. The animal growl of passion on the edge, the beginnings of an explosion so intense that it could reshape internal reality. She heard it too, and she breathed it in and held it for a moment, allowing it to juxtapose and magnify her own heated sexual bliss. I felt her breath stop; as she held tightly to the girder, we connected, flesh into flesh, every bit as intense, every bit as sexually violent, as the continuing erotic slap of the flogger.

The dam broke, emotional waters pouring free, rushing outward to match the sudden rush of wetness that now flooded her from deep within. She cried out, her emotion freed at last, the sound echoing and intermixing with the cry now sounding from the stage. I was overcome by their combined erotic energy as it spilled out in connected waves of release, and I found my breath now held as hers had been. I felt my body begin to stiffen; my hands now firmly held on her hips as I lunged deeply again within her. In another instant I felt the first wave, as my own emotional wall crumbled. No longer afraid of the unknown, I felt the free fall into bliss, understood in that second that an amazing transformation was underway. Feeling, emotion, hope, joined in some mystical communion, as waves of joyful release washed over both of us again and again. Our bodies shook together from the intensity, the opening to her soul as wiling as had been the need of her flesh. I could feel the heat of our slick juices as they intermingled, and every minute movement by either of us, created yet another shared, mutually felt contraction of flesh as we still relished in every second of our redemption.

We traveled back to the earthly gradually and in perfect unison. Our physical bodies, muscles left unstable by the intensity of our journey, struggled just to be able to stand, but for a time longer, I could not bring myself to relinquish my connection from inside her, knowing that having been in our own temple of pleasure, leaving would affect both us with a deepened need to worship, over and over again. She finally moved forward slowly and I again felt the amazing sensation as I slid inside her, my nerves still excited and absorbing every action. We both expelled a concurrent emotional breath as our bodies slowly uncoupled, both of us subconsciously aware that it might in fact be our last shared act as well.

She reached down to her thighs and slowly pulled the satin panties back along her body until they were back in place, the result of our passion left within, the warm joined fluids now surely felt to her as they spread between her heated skin and the cool satin. She leaned forward again against the girder, her face once again touching the cold steel. I understood what she needed and perhaps I needed it as well. Words could not add, conversation never expand or explain what we had just felt, experienced in those moments spent joined together as one. I slipped quietly away, leaving her there still facing the stage even as the voyeurs began to turn and move away once again.

Chapter 2

I awoke in suburbia.

My eyes gradually began to adjust to the light now streaming into the room, from beyond the sheer curtains which covered the bedroom window in this, one of countless, infinite, exact rooms which lined every street, every block, and every neighborhood, somehow having become our current definition of success. I listened for a moment for the sounds I knew would be floating along the Saturday morning breeze. The sound of children playing next door, the birds mingling in the nearby trees, the lawn mower in the distance. It was all very familiar, at one time perhaps even comforting, but at the moment feeling more an indictment of the inane, a chorus of the expected.

I stared up at the white ceiling, swirling thoughts of the night seeming now in the morning light more dream than reality. I allowed the ceiling to become canvas, my mind painting picture after vivid picture upon its plainness. The two women, the gathering of bodies, the room of my abandon, all passed above me, now in sequence. I could still feel it, all of it; reach out and touch it, taste it. All still here and yet just as much out of reach, another life I had surely borrowed, more than that, stolen, without invitation.

I listened for the sounds that I knew I would hear downstairs. The sound of my life, of her, of the one to whom I was joined. Linda, I voiced the name silently with my lips as in my minds eye, even through the closed door, could clearly see each point of space that separated us, count the steps that would be traveled, to be by her side and snuggle in behind her in the kitchen. Linda, I mouthed it again realizing that I had spoken that same word at some point in my life, with each and every emotion known to man, from the very happiest and joyful to the most difficult and even painful. No less I knew than any other couple that had lived and fully shared their lives together. I touched the ring on my finger, tracing the shape of it, the motion feeling at once familiar, eternal. It was real, the feeling, and I knew I would never want, could not even imagine my life without feeling that unending circle of connection.

I began to consider my recent journey, the emotional risk having been taken in the moment of most intense lust, of a need to experience the primal drive into the unknown. In reality, only the lateness of return from her prior evening?s commitment had spared me any explanation. My feigned sleep had obscured the lingering emotional intensity that I now imagined had become permanently displayed across my face, written there for anyone to see.

Again I said it to myself, hoping this time there would be no internal dissent, this is my real life. And the day began?

The days that followed passed in time, ordained and arranged, no less ordered than the lines, that divided the yards, that surrounded the houses, that we all called home. Even as I said it in my mind, it seemed to lilt like a nursery rhyme. But every day, when my emotional guard might slip just enough, it was there once again, the sudden repainting of color across the white wall, a reflection drifting across the windshield, the thump of bass beat from a passing car. Any of it, and in a split second I was there again, senses alive, heart pounding, ready to feel the intensity, join the erotic communion, breathe in the emotion, and feel the heat of overwhelming erotic passion once again.

I struggled as the days moved forward in the natural rhythm of our life, to find a way to somehow connect the dots, bridge the gap that seemed at times a chasm between us. I wondered if she felt it, the questions that circled within my mind, the collision of security and the need for abandon, the known and the imagined. I suspected she must detect something, more than once finding her studying me with curious attention.

I noticed something else in those days as well. Our love making seemed in some way more intense than had our recent past, closer to where we had first begun, passion and genuine longing to meld as one, united in purpose one to the other to bring sensual ecstasy each time we joined. Now the sheets were damp and the aroma of sexual arousal permeated our room each time that we collapsed together in exhausted but fulfilled completion.

A new sensation began to take hold as well, a gradually building sense that she was in some way waiting, patiently, her womanly intuition aware, but not probing, knowing that we would get there, wherever there was. I felt it as an act of love, of trust, that although she sensed something flowing beneath the surface, she would not force its discovery until we both knew we were ready to take the next step. In her patience I somehow began to find a quiet confidence, an evolution of spirit that although having begun in trepidation, transformed through those weeks of connection, first to deeper understanding, and then finally to deeper love, for the intent she now offered.

Four weeks had now passed, one month, twenty eight days. I stared down at my calendar from the comfort of my office at the date. Today. I was due for the professional call once again, so near the anonymous door where it had all began. I felt my heart began to beat faster as it always seemed to do when the images came flooding back. I looked at my hands, they were actually trembling, the outward evidence of the intense emotion that raced through my body each time I allowed the memories to coalesce within.

There would be no avoiding it, my path being required. The flashing images again costumed my thoughts that afternoon as I completed my trek across the city. White silk, the shimmer of her black skirt in the sunlight, the intensity in her eyes broken only by her sudden turn into the alley. Twenty-eight days, yet only a second ago. The heavy thud of the steel door, the music, mixing with the sound of deepest and most imitate release. It was still there, still living inside my soul, pulsing with every beat of my heart.

My path at last completed, my professional obligation now met, success as was my norm, I found myself standing in the lobby of the building, frozen in time for a moment, staring outward into the sunlight, the outer doors seeming to move further away from me. Just a few steps, why couldn?t I move? I looked down at my watch ? four thirty. Still Frozen - Still Staring - Breath shallow - Heart pounding. One step, than another, the doors closer, decision made, confidence building. I reached for the phone in my jacket pocket. ?Hey sexy?, I quipped as she answered, ?any plans for tonight?? ?No? Meet you at the house and then I have something? um? somewhere, special in mind. Nope?not even a hint yet - tell you later. See you in a little while. Love you baby?

I had better be sure; the doubts now creeping closer, threatening to evaporate the confidence I had felt just a moment ago. What had I done, what was I thinking? Did I really think we could actually be ready for this jarring transition, one that would be so removed from our own reality, and might redefine in ways still unknown who we were, not only as individuals but as a couple as well? I turned through these and a dozen different questions, each minute drawing closer to home, and coming to a dozen different answers throughout the introspection.

?Hey sugar. Yes I know? mysterious. You may have to trust me a little, know this though, no matter what happens tonight, I will love you for all time.? She looked at me with a quizzical expression, concern evident in her eyes. ?Sorry, I didn?t intend to be so dramatic.? as I realized that perhaps we just needed to take this night, one step at a time.

?It?s a sort of nightclub? for adults? I told you, it?s a surprise? as she continued to search for information, at least enough to commit to a clothing choice. ?No, I don?t think dressy is the right word. Something sexy, um? black? She reached for the ?little black dress? that never failed to accent her gorgeous figure perfectly, and all I could think was, God help me.

Our preparation for the evening completed, we now found ourselves headed back into the city, back to the place where my life had so recently begun to change. I wondered if tonight would be a kind of new awakening, a complete disaster ending in tears or worse, or somewhere along the infinite number of points that bridged those two possibilities. I also considered that the planned evening might never even happen, not completely assured that the gathering would still exist, and if it did, that we could gain access. I thought myself crafty in that I had a ?plan B?, a trendy nightclub only a few blocks away, and I could always claim some confusion at having gotten momentarily lost in this part of town.

We parked on the street and walked a little way closer toward the entrance to the alley. Again as (luck? destiny?) might have it, we walked some distance behind another couple, younger than us, dressed for the night, short black skirt, sexy pumps, he in black jacket and open shirt. I followed behind them discreetly, leaving enough distance so that just in case, I might observe should they be granted admission at ?the? door. My heart jumped as they turned into the alley and I attempted to position our spacing in order to hear the exchange ahead. It worked perfectly; I heard it ?asteroid? as we crossed into the opening, the doorway lit only by a single bulb form the overhead fixture that arced over the entrance.

As we moved into the alley I felt her pulling closer to me, certainly not at all convinced about our sudden jog into the small and apparently dead-end space, but as she was about to voice something, we stopped, and I knocked once again three times on the door. Exchange completed, the suspicious eyes again peering from darkness, and then as it had before, it opened.

This time the hallway was not as dark, our eyes already being accustomed to the night, and the bulbs strung about the way were sufficient to light the path further inside. The music pounded as before, a techno-trance beat that had no beginning and no end. The voices seemed louder tonight, perhaps the crowd larger, time now moving toward the later evening. I knew that once we rounded the end of the hallway, all previous bets would be off, the game for us at least would have changed, and I paused for a moment, turned her to face me, and said it again, slowly, deliberately, and honestly. ?No matter what, I will love you forever.? She looked at me, her head slightly cocked as if to say, what?s gotten in to you. If she only knew, I thought in turn, and we rounded the corner together.

We took a moment in the opening to scan the space, a process of discovery that I was sure she found no less perplexing than I had. ?This is not like any nightclub I?ve ever seen?. She had to lean in closer not wanting to raise her voice above the music. ?Well, I did tell you it?s for adults? although the reply seemed wholly inadequate to prepare her for what I knew she would here be witness to, and to my internal prayer, feel a kinship to, before we would see the street again.

Knowing that she always felt more relaxed after a couple of drinks, and sure I needed one as well, I lead the way toward the bar and placed the request. Drinks quickly appeared and she looked strangely at me as no cash exchanged hands. I just answered her expression with ?don?t ask? as if I could explain it anyway. I sipped my drink slowly and as she gazed into the mirror and discreetly watched the couples gathered behind us, their feelings of sexual lust as unrestrained as had been my last visit here, her drink seem to magically disappear, and I remembered how the same thing had once happened to me.

Just a casual nod toward the tender and another drink took its place and as she raised it again, I don?t think she had even noticed the difference. Her gaze was intensely focused into the mirror; as if she was hypnotized by what she was now witness to. Again, as before, there were lips, mouths, tongues and hands freely exploring various other parts, modesty (and nudity) completely of no concern here. I already had the lay of the land, and for now, the only object which could fully hold my attention, was her. Her reflection through the glass revealed in extended sequence, first, pure astonishment, her eyes darting from person to person, and then beyond, examining the space for any sign of censor, and then finding none, returning to the sensual scene playing within the mirror like a late night cable show. In time her expression changed to wonderment, the internal question being pondered apparently, how one might possess or obtain the confidence of freedom to open in public space to such intimate activity. It was on her third drink which appeared just as had the last, that her expression began to soften, and then turn sensual, as she began to connect in some way with the excited couples as they moved sensually together so close to us.

She turned toward me, the first words spoken since we had located to the bar and said simply, ?Let?s dance.? I remember thinking ?Oh shit? or something equally crass, as she knew I could not dance, but at any rate, it was clear that footwork would not be the talent that would predict success in this dance. She was just a little unsteady at first as she adjusted her body to the loosening effect of the alcohol, but she recovered quickly and we moved away from the bar and found our own space, now surrounded by the group of couples and as the last time, also several groups of three as well. She pulled me close to her, usually my move, but I could tell she really needed to feel the contact. It seemed surreal, as we gradually became a piece of the event and moved there from observer to participant, and we swayed as did the others, sensually bound together, contrasting to the constant and intense pounding of the dance beat. She was as they say, ?feeling no pain? in this moment and I had the feeling that she was truly on the verge of forgetting everything else around us, our emotions and intent focused within our own circle as our bodies moved sensually together. I pulled her closely to me and she in turn rubbed her beautiful soft breasts against my chest, her nipples hardening at the contact, and a smile forming on her face as she whispered in my ear ?Is this what you had in mind lover?? My cock twitched at her out of character and somewhat wanton comment, not to mention when she immediately thereafter slid her hand down the front of my slacks and gave my hardening cock a playful squeeze.

I think I stepped back a little and did a double take. Was this really my wife, the PTA secretary, the quiet and shy soccer mom? Ok, if she wanted to play, I could and certainly would step up, confident that in this developing game of sensual chicken, she would surely be the one who would blink first. She however had other plans and her teasing continued as she artfully dodged my next advance, twirling playfully away from my intended contact on her ass. Oh really, I thought to myself and turned into her direction in time to connect on her next pass, this time drawing her close to me, our lips meeting with passionate intensity.

I felt the contour of her body, a body I knew well but one that never failed to arouse me when we touched. The soft curve of her hips, the delicious shape of her ass. But most of all, the way we just seemed to fit together on so many levels. We began our exploration of each other, there in our own private circle. Somehow she found the sensual courage, perhaps she had it all along, needing only some external permission to release what she had kept closeted until now. Her hands roamed freely along my body and with her posture as well as the look in her eyes, she clearly invited and welcomed my response. Gradually our internal heat increased, the continuing mutual touch now stoking the internal erotic fire. As I reached behind her and pulled our loins tighter, she felt my arousal, both emotional and physical. I could hear and feel her breath as it now came quicker, I recognized the sound and the intensity, and I also knew it would soon bring to the surface the dampness that I knew had been building deep within her core.

My eyes strayed away from her but a moment, seemingly drawn for some reason even in my lustful condition away from my eternal lover, and it took a moment to focus on what had moved my attention. Although we had for a time become almost emotionally self contained in our private world, we had in fact not gone completely unnoticed. As I turned my eyes toward the bar, I saw her watching, no, more than watching, lusting. Her desire escaping from her in the unconscious stroking of her hair, the way her eyes seemed locked on our every movement, and in the way her red lips parted slightly, breath escaping between. ?Looks like we are not alone? I whispered into Linda?s ear, and as we still moved closely together, I gradually guided her into position, where she might have a better look at our suddenly evident voyeur. Linda said nothing, but instead intently returned the gaze of the stranger, far longer than I had expected, and then whispered back to me words that I cannot recall ever escaping her lips. ?She?s sexy?. I was almost convinced it must just be the alcohol talking, but her eyes still lingered on the woman as we continued to dance, ?Yes? I whispered closely, feeling no other words necessary. Soon thereafter I began to sense that her continuing erotic stroke of my body had become not for my pleasure alone, but was perhaps designed almost as much to gauge, test the other woman?s response. Now she tended to move us in such a way that my back would be toward the bar while she on the other hand would be able to see clearly, her now apparent suitor.

What happened next might have escaped my detection altogether, if not for the intense curiosity that I was feeling about Linda?s sudden and still growing interest in the stranger behind me. I swear somehow I could feel each muscle, from her arm to the tip of her fingers although in reality it was but a subtle gesture. From behind my back Linda had simply reached out her hand toward the woman. No words, no explanation, no hesitation, just a simple and honest invitation. I imagined that although I could not see the response behind me, my ?reality? was about to be once again altered, reshaped in ways yet unknown.

A breath even before the touch, the subtle movement of air along the back of my neck lit up, ignited the fire under my skin even before her body lightly connected with mine. The eyes of my bride for the moment could not see me. She looked completely past me into a new face, a stranger, and for some reason my mind flashed back, remembering recently when I had felt no less intensity, aliveness, in those first moments of intimate discovery. As the woman settled in behind me, my own senses of discovery ramped into overdrive, taking in each detail I could perceive in quick succession, arranging the pieces, in a conscious attempt to divine what I could not at the moment observe with eyes. Height, size, scent, shape - oh God especially shape, as her body began to press closer into mine. Any less focus on my part and I know I would have now been the unsteady one, even without the appropriate alcohol.

I felt movement in Linda?s arm once again, but this time it was directed by the stranger, I felt each subtle movement as she took Linda?s still outstretched fingers and sensually began to intertwine them with her own. The woman took her other hand, even as her heated breath drew closer, and passed her fingers lightly through my hair, every detail of her new touch of connection resulting in electric pulses of nerve that seemed to radiate through my entire body. Her face was now extremely near my heated skin, the electric charge from her lips now arcing across to my tingling earlobe, even without the direct touch, and yet she managed still to stay just out outside the perimeter of my vision. I felt the internal polarity as my eyes battled out which way to look, still locked as they were on Linda, while her own gaze remained locked on the stranger.

The next movements of the stranger completely removed any lingering doubt from both of us, as if there had been any, about the full intent and desire of our new acquaintance. She slowly, sensually began to unlock their intertwined fingers bringing one of the now loosened digits closer toward her red lips. She parted her lips slowly, being now visible just inside my field of vision, and I saw them as they closed lightly around Linda?s finger and slid further down taking more of it into her sensuous mouth. She held it for a moment no doubt caressing it in some way within and I actually saw Linda?s pupils dilate. It was a physical response that I had never made note of, and I felt in the next moment her knees go slightly weak as her weight became at least partially supported by my embrace. Linda closed her eyes for a moment, perhaps her bodies own natural response to the change that I had just witnessed, and she continued to relax her body against mine as the stranger also continued, in her own way, to orally caress and reverence her increasingly intimate connection with my wife. We slowly swayed, intimately locked together, for an unknown time, none of us seeming to be in any rush to move forward yet, although we were already fully joined in unspoken understanding that this night, for us at least, had only just begun.

In time we began, now as a party of three, still locked as we were in intimate embrace, the so natural and yet so intensely erotic process of physical exploration, each new caress of discovery another step toward the unwrapping, not yet of clothing but of emotion. Each touch joined to the returning outflow of pleasure, reinforcing moment by moment the connection that from the beginning we had each felt from inside. We seemed to float seamlessly, sometime a rounded triad, other times with one, each of us in time, at the center of our new circle; touch, caress, hands, lips, bodies, emotions, pleasure flowing equally among us. It was our own universe; the cosmic space now existing only as the means by which to transfer the growing feeling of desire meted with destiny that each of us had now fully embraced.

We had in no way been shy with the outward physical manifestations, the natural expression of our growing emotional need for connection. Quite the opposite as within our now exclusive emotional space, our hands and lips had felt completely free in our discovery. Fingers as they traced and memorized each line and curve, lips as they locked intimately together, and as they moved along heated skin, tasting already of intimate arousal. Clothing seemed in some way the final and only obstacle, and even that had begun to fall loose as our hands reached, roamed, and caressed more intimately still.

It was the woman that led us from that place, further, deeper into the space. Linda had, I realized as we moved forward together, not directly expressed question regarding the fabric enclosed rooms, even though I knew she could perceive the erotic sound that drifted throughout the air and observe the movement of the crowd as they ebbed and flowed into and then away from the enclosures. For a moment, I had a twinge of fear as I saw the woman was leading us ever closer to the red room. No, I thought, Linda will never be ready for this, but I seemed to have no voice in the decision as they reached the opening, still hand in hand. The woman slipped inside slowly and I watched as her arm disappeared, then Linda?s followed still in connection. I passed behind them now fearful for what might happen in the next instant.

Much to my immediate relief, the ?Moshe? of intimate writhing which had overtaken the room during my previous visit, was tonight not to be found. Tonight the mood within the room felt different, still highly charged to be sure, a number of couples and groups freely touching in intimate repose, some even making love, as it had been before, along the shadows of the perimeter. The red center of the room however stood empty at the moment; although I had the feeling that it would take only one or a few willing souls moving into the center and, in short order the scene might well erupt again

This mystery woman in our seemingly now accelerated life, had passed in this one night, from stranger, to imitate companion, and we all understood, very soon, lover, would also be added to that growing list of connection. She led Linda gently toward an empty group of the plush sectionals which had been arranged as to provide just a hint of privacy even within the open room. They stopped there but did not sit. Instead, her, our, soon to be lover, pulled Linda closer and their lips met in true intimate connection, their hands seemingly matching pattern as they moved from cheek to neck and then around and through hair, a spontaneous mirroring of their mutually felt desire. For the first time I felt a little bit like an accessory to the beauty of their natural connection, but even within the thought, felt nothing but joy, no doubt or worry about where this night might ultimately lead.

They drew closer still, the intensity of the embrace spreading across their bodies, that mystical feminine energy that as a man I knew I would always stand in awe of, warming, spreading, encompassing, and then radiating outward, the overflow moving into space. Their lips parting, tongues now intertwined in intimate connection, I could resist no longer and I moved in closely behind the woman, my lips planting kisses of appreciation along her neck, gradually increasing in intensity until it almost felt a personal act of worship as my lips connected with her warm soft skin. My kisses continued, lips committing to memory, the delicate curve of her flesh, neck to shoulder and beyond. As my hands now moved slowly upward to her breast, the two women parted slightly, inviting me into their new world as I reached between them, my hands closing around the cup of her bra, my palm and then fingers massaging her breasts. Linda once again settled slightly forward so that with every movement of my hand and fingers on the woman?s breast or nipple, the touch was now felt intimately by both. The continued their union, kisses now interspersed with the lightest of moans, a glorious sound heard only by the three of us.

With the sound of her moan, I found myself instinctively moving my heated flesh along her sensitive rear, massaging the perfect sloping valley of her cheeks with my engorged cock, it?s fabric encasement no barrier to the sensation which transferred readily from her skin deeply into my own. The three of us began to move in unison, the motion of lovers, with the woman now fully in and at center of our erotic intent. I took the lead to move us forward by removing one of my hands from her breast, joining it over hers and moving them together until we both slipped underneath the hem of Linda?s skirt. Arranging our hands so that our fingers could act as one, I guided us together to the upper edge of the sheer panties and guided her fingers further until they began to slip underneath and inside the soft fabric. Slowly she moved lower underneath the material, closer and closer to where I fully knew Linda would be engorged, her flesh now wet with need and desire. I allowed her hand to continue, removing mine but keeping the same pace, now on the outside of the panties, my hand over hers, separated only by the sheer fabric. Every time her fingers would move I could feel her motion, and I stayed connected to her, needing to feel everything exactly as she felt it with each movement. Lower, and I felt the angle of her hand change as it begin to curve underneath, gradually covering the intimate crest which protected the entrance to what I had always considered the ultimate alter of humanity, the place of life.

She did not slip her fingers immediately inside as might have a man, but rather kept them for a time cupped, holding, absorbing and transferring each to the other their mutually ignited sexual energy. I held my hand over hers, cupped outside the fabric, silent witness to this amazing transfer and sharing of communion. Soon though, I began to feel a need, a lust, to share my masculine energy as well into this communion, and in that desire I slowly began to add weight against her hand. I could feel even from the outside of the fabric the tremendous heat that was flowing out of Linda and the damp wetness that had spread across her opening and understood that the entry would now be welcome, this both physical and emotional parting into the center of her need. Two fingers began to slowly slip inside, while with her thumb she tenderly explored the most sensitive of nerves, her lightest touches sending shivers of pleasure which spread across Linda?s body. My body held tightly against the back of our new lover, my hardened cock continued in it?s almost autopilot exploration, while my mind instead held focused intent, to feel every motion of her hand as it caressed and then began to make love to Linda?s most intimate bridge to pleasure. We all appeared to breathe in unison, emotions aligned, Linda?s passion seeming to rise easily and quickly and I knew she would soon pass beyond her ability to stop the emotions now gathering from within. For a second I considered attempting to somehow postpone what now seemed to be more and more inevitable, but thought better of it when I saw Linda?s head move back in advance of her release, understanding that she needed this, now, just as it was happening, my opinion on the matter now as cursory as it might be to the sure and unstoppable breaking of dawn. A moment later, so quickly that I gasp at the sudden pace of her decent into physical abandon, she exploded with a force indescribable. My hand still maintained contact with her lovers hand, and from the outside of the fabric I felt the intensity of her internal contractions as they spread outward, the waves passing through her lovers hand, through the sheer fabric, and shooting instantaneously the length of my nerves until they found and lodged deeply within the most primal center of my sexual lust. In her convulsion, she found it impossible to stand on her own and she had collapsed to a degree against her lover so that I now supported our combined frames from behind. Her arms were now around and tightly holding her lover, her fingers slipping behind and around her neck and I saw the ring, the one that matched the one I had pondered so recently. My free hand closed over hers and we held our lover between us, no words spoken.

Chapter 3

Once again the light.

I had the strangest recollection of a movie I had once seen where the star continues over and over to awaken on the exact same date, and every other life that surrounds and touches him plays out in the exact same way, every day, over and over again. But change comes anyway, from the inside as he learns how to grow, how to live, how to love, deeper and fuller than ever before. I could understand my connection to the character, for lately, each time I saw the light, heard the sounds, it seemed eternal, the rhythm around us marching on in the same way, day by day, but change was already coming, perhaps had already arrived from within, for both of us.

This time when I looked across the bed she still lay there, in her glorious slumber. It mattered not at all to me that her hair was now a nest, or that her hand was strangely askew as it trailed randomly across her face. It was pure beauty to me.

I remembered the amazing night before, her release of fear, stepping out into the unknown, seemingly a different person entirely. The aftertime as we collapsed into the softness, somehow still remaining intertwined, drifting, in a dream. We took time, time to just be there, slowly and lazily touching, stroking each other. Then later the command; ?drinks please? and ?please take you time?. What could I say, I owed her anything she desired, and I knew it. I sat at the bar for a while, and I had the thought that now the words would come, the privacy to understand from both sides. From Linda, no doubt the practical, seeking some sense of understanding about the event, the context, and the rules if any should exist. I wondered if she also gently probed her new lover, seeking more, needing again some sort of context. I knew her that well, her curiosity ignited; she would persist, until she could begin to understand. From her lover, of that I could not as easily discern, even after our so amazing experience, she remained on the more practical side a stranger, a mystery to me.

On my return with the drinks in hand, and somewhat to my surprise, the sensual aura that had so recently bound us together seemed more relaxed, casual, and even though the caressing of bodies continued all around us, I recognized we were shifting once again across the divide from participant back to observer. I did query their discussion but ?girl talk? was the only and wholly unsatisfying answer that was offered in return. We all still felt close, intimately comfortable sharing the space and time, but all too soon it seemed Linda was inclined to call it a night. Rooms still unrevealed, my own sexual tension still pulsing strongly, but I know she had already given her full gift to the moment, the entireness of what she possessed to offer, and in the end I understood we needed no more to consecrate the evening.

The trip home had been fairly quiet for both of us. I sensed however no hint of remorse or anxiety, it was just calmness as she, as we both, digested it all, and allowed it all to sink in. Just how much, and if indeed we had just permanently rewritten, renegotiated in some fundamental way who we were together, was a question that we both knew would take more time and rumination to fully divine.

Now, almost as though she had perceived my loving survey of her appearance, she began to stir in the bed, gradually she stretched out like a rested feline, languid, satisfied, no rush to fully awaken. Still we were quiet but her hand reached for mine, and she said simply ?I love you? ?Always? I added in return and she snuggled in closer.

We seemed to somehow make our way in the following days back into the normal rhythm of our everyday life; work, family, friendships and commitments, they all remain a part of who we are. At night though, our passion continued unabated, a lover?s quest for pleasure, no hesitancy or untouched reserve, it was still ?all in? on every level, the sensual and the emotional.

It was about two weeks later when her cell phone rang in her purse, and as she was upstairs in the bath, I reached in to retrieve and answer it. I missed the call but in the process I noticed a small slip of paper that had fallen out. Seven digits, a phone number but whose I wondered?

Later that evening I mentioned it to her and that was when the rest of the conversation finally started, seeming to come out of left field given the passage of time since the gathering. ?Sarah gave it to me.? ?Sarah?? I asked curiously, not making any connection to the name. ?From that night?? Then finally the bulb lit up in my brain. Well, suddenly she had my full attention. ?I see? I said, now for reason unknown, feeling a little cautious. That?s when she began to fill in some gaps in my understanding of what had transpired in my absence. She began to share her acquired details about the event, none of which I had a clue. It was once a month only and only for you if you knew the right person. Not cheap either (not that I would have cared about the investment). And yes, she had spoken by phone to Sarah, several times actually, although in reality, in those cases it mostly ?had? actually been girl talk. I was taken somewhat aback by her silence as to all this, and when I asked her she admitted that it was only because she had needed more time to see if she wanted to ever return to the gathering in the future. Being in typical male cut to the chase mode, I simply but softly asked ?And do you??


Chapter 4

Twenty eight days?.

The phrase passed through my mind again as it had on that afternoon in my office, but it was different this time. No questions attached; no confusion, no trepidation. This time was planned, this time we did belong, the necessary contacts made, the subsequent vetting now completed. We were now members of the??family?, although I admit that I remained more than a little fuzzy about all the branches of this particular family tree. I sat once again looking at the calendar on my desk, realizing it must have been the first time since I was a kid that I had actually marked the days off, each in their turn with a red pen. Tomorrow, one day to go. The temperature had been gradually rising inside both of us, but for some reason we both tried to hide it; perhaps deferential as to how the other might perceive the simmering excitement. I knew though as I considered it all, that neither should have been worried, for in fact we seemed to have achieved a sort of balance in our matched desire and lust for new revelation.

I tossed and turned that night, restless with erotic dreams that seemed to turn in circles, pleasurable yes, but somehow unending, unabated, unresolved, hence my restlessness. Sleep wouldn?t have mattered anyway, I was sure I could have gone straight through on adrenaline alone. She was just as supercharged in her own way, and my letting go of her lips that morning, had been a supreme act of will to accomplish.

She texted me throughout the day, teasing me, revving my intent higher as the hours ticked by, an eternity to pass. Finally the workday was over and I hurried down the hall like a twelve year old in the first moments of summer vacation. Traffic never seemed so slow that Friday, sure I was, that it must be some dastardly right wing conspiracy against me. I came in just a little too close to the garage door barely tapping it with the bumper before pulling the car back a little and hurrying into the house.

Heading straight up the stairs, I found her in a completely different state of mind. While I seemed anxious, almost harried in demeanor, she was comfortably stretched out, intently soaking, in a hot bath, the bath oil causing her skin to glisten with a sensuous slipperiness. She seemed for some reason to take pleasure in my obvious state and chuckled a little before she spoke. ?Relax baby, it?ll still be there?. She was right of course and I knew it was time to ?man up? and get a grip, which I in due course somewhat achieved. We both took more care than usual that night, she was clean shaven in each and every way and I was also clean shaven where it mattered, ?selectively? groomed so to speak. Her skin was amazingly soft, fresh now from the bath, and even with wet hair she was an absolute vision of pure beauty. When she began to paint her lingerie on top of that loveliness, I could see that the ?beauty?, could quickly, should she decide so, become quite the sexual beast as well. I watched in amazement as her foundation now was laid on, one luscious selection at a time. First the back lace hipsters that hugged her skin like henna and shaped her ass like manna from heaven. Next the black back-seam stockings (gee, wonder where I had seen those before). Lastly, the black lacy front hook bra, her breasts spilling over the top of the cups just enough to cause any man to walk straight into a bus, her cleavage now a wholly desirable path toward paradise. No dress tonight, it was short skirt, and silk blouse, not white, but the color was perfect, accenting her eyes and pulling it all together like only she can do. It was easier for me to choose I suppose, form fitting fashion briefs, black trousers, rayon shirt, dark but on trend, and the basic jacket. I had no illusion however that between the two of us, all eyes would be on her tonight. I quite clearly drew and then absorbed a second mental connection to my recent, although now seemingly ancient past. I perceived a certain mood, a feeling, an aura, - of unbridled sensuality, complete sexual confidence. The changes continued to come.

The drive in was a curious blend of never get there, and magic carpet ride, jumbled oddly together. Our conversation was stimulating though, laced with just enough double entendre to keep things interesting on concurrent and multiple levels. And then, click, at last the engine silenced at journeys end. We both looked at each other, no words spoken and leaned in for a kiss. It was wet and hot, already a hint of saltiness in the skin, our desire now simmering in every pore. The street again, the alley, the black door, everything seeming compressed this time, The password ?concord? the permission, the entry, the hallway, the music, the sounds of pleasure. More people I believed, almost impossible to keep the secret fully contained.

We entered the space, and concurrently, although with mutual discretion, scanned the guests, breathing in and absorbing the mood. I had, as I suspect she did as well, a feeling that each time one might visit here, it would feel different in some way, the flow of energy being a variable, always generated by the individual stones that formed this human temple. Perhaps on one night, one would first sense a subtle sensuality, the developing seductions floating across the space and mingling lightly in the air, and yet on another it would be far more intense, almost primitive, pure lust, racing toward you and slamming into your soul like a bolt of lightening. At any course, we both knew that even if we might pass through that steel door many times to come, we would always deeply anticipate the entire range, depth, of emotion and experience that one might know; if only having once feasted there, we would always desire it again and again.

We sat once again by the bar, and similarly also studied what we could observe by way of reflection, this time not for high level context but for individual dynamic. I began to notice and examine the sophisticated if ethereal connections that seemed to bring and bind us all together. First, and seemingly unique, in light of my historical comprehension of social interaction and seduction, there was very little, well actually, almost no language, at least from my vantage at the bar. Verbal language had, and I wondered if it was a forward evolution or the converse, been replaced by language of the body, message and intent now understood in the spaces between, the positioning, the movements, one to another. The spoken tended to be more in whispers and moans, spoken close to receptive ears or to equally receptive skin, the end result however, equal to, if not in fact superior, to extended discourse. I watched in awe at the mixing of the group, the complex symphony, the erotic ballet, that would no doubt play out on each night that the music again pounded and the lights dimmed. One became two; two might become three, four, or even larger. Some would leave the central area, drawn by the intense need for a more private intimacy, or by the drive to witness, or perhaps even to participate, in the various sexual fellowships that seemed to rotate among the enclosures. Others would in their place return, individual and unknowable lusts temporarily sedated; once again to circle the area, intent gradually building, not unlike a lion surveying the meandering herd.

I felt her hand lightly on mine and her own body language was clearly heard and understood; it was time. I watched her with genuine admiration and more than a little lust as she swiveled and placed first one leg then the other on the floor, her short skirt rising suggestively and then falling in place again as her sexy black pumps made contact with the black painted surface. Everything about her seemed somehow different. She had always been intensely sexy to me, her natural beauty in both spirit and flesh never failing to start my motor humming every time she might open that doorway, my body and soul responding to even her slightest sensual provocation. So, it came somewhat as a shock to me now that I could want her even more, find her sensuality even more intense, but I did, I really did, and I knew something else as well. I understood that I would never ?own? her sexuality, not sure that I ever had, or even sure that I had ever really wanted to. I knew on a deeper level that it was more likely quite the opposite, I wanted, needed, perhaps more than anything else, to watch her, really see her, in the unashamed and gloriously free expressions of her longing, and to watch the attending release and fulfillment as it would follow thereafter.

Further back into the space and her arm reached out, her hand pushing the cloth further aside for our entry. I breathed in deeply, knowing that tonight, from this moment forward, anything that I could imagine and some that I couldn?t, might well be our next vision.

Our eyes were drawn forward, toward and then further ahead of the small crowd that gathered near the other end of the enclosure. Similar to the first room I had witnessed, there was a raised platform at the front and also a bed but there were differences as well. I noted that in this room, the platform was built no more than eight inches or so higher than the floor, making it seem less like an actual stage and more like a typical furniture store presentation, and the king size bed that sat centered on the riser was not specially built, but a contemporary urban design that could be found in any number of bedrooms, within the high-rises that landscaped their way across the city. The lighting seemed more natural as well, emanating from fairly modern and also readily available commercial lamps. I did note that one was designed as an arc which, when strategically placed, allowed a little more light to bathe the sheets than one might typically expect at home. The overall intent had been clear and, if not for the music outside, you could imagine you were in someone else?s home, watching unnoticed as they might live out their passions in their own individual and unique way.

It was not difficult to understand that this space was purely a volunteer effort, and the discarded clothes that now lay scattered nearby and partially dr*ped off the edges of the riser clearly indicating that the current participants? decision had been quite recently made. There were three people in the bed at the present time and I knew it would be only the luck of the moment what combination one might expect to find upon entry into the room. The bed was still fully made, as if having just returned from a night together on the town; the trio had been overcome by lust, unable even to break long enough to turn the sheet. They had however somehow managed to partially disrobe each other and from what I could see now, I wondered if the garments lying at the base had in fact survived the process fully intact.

The woman that now seemed to form the tip of this sensually developing ?V? was already flush, the blood now heating her skin from the inside, the warmth meeting, joining immediately, with the heat of touch that had begun to arrive at her nerve endings from all sides at once. The two men that completed the union, were, well, men, in every way; both appearing athletic with toned and well sculpted bodies, seemingly at ease as they worked together, not in competition but in cooperation, joined already as a united team in intimate adoration of the woman. They were all three still partially clothed in undergarments, the woman in matching blue silk, her bra and panties both expensively cut, the lighter lace overlay reaching out from the edges to lightly caress ivory skin above her ample breasts as well as downward toward her abdomen. My eyes traced the narrow line of lightest down as it rose above the edge of the waistband of her lace trimmed panties and then disappeared just below the shimmering adornment that dangled there, attached to the piercing of her navel. I suspected Linda?s eyes were just as intently tracing a slightly different line or two which were becoming straighter by the moment under the men?s briefs that now stretched and strained from the inside out. They were for the moment all three on their knees forming a ?u? as both men caressed her, one at each side. In current position she was framed almost as a photograph, balanced, symmetry, my mental digital camera now clicking, snap after snap in burst mode ,and I chuckled just a bit inside, when I made the natural pun association to my now rapidly filling ?memory stick?.

We watched there, only a few steps from the edge of the platform, the more intimate physical arrangement allowing us each to view and feel, every touch and caress, as if we were actually a part of the giving and receiving as well. She turned her head from one man to the other, the lust of their lips freely exchanged, and as she would leave one partner, he would instinctively lower his connection to her neck or shoulder as she turned her attention for a time toward the other.

I glanced discreetly toward each side of where we stood; now a part of the crowd, observing the expressions that were formed on faces of our now co- conspiring voyeuristic neighbors. As a whole we seemed fully entranced, held firmly in place no less than by the sparkling crystal of a stage hypnotist. I observed also that a number of our crowd had at some point during the opening act of this erotic play, and in some cases I could believe without conscious intent, moved hands closer to their own pleasure centers. I saw a woman nearby as she casually, nonchalantly slid her fingers, first lightly and then again more firmly across the exposed skin of her neck. My eyes followed the same fingers as she unconsciously drew them across her collar bone, back to center, and then saw them disappear as they gradually slipped under her blouse, the movement evident as they at last connected around and then over and across her hardened nipple.

A sudden gasp of emotional intensity from the bed refocused my attention forward and I saw the two men, still in equal turns of oral passion, with hands now freely exploring across the woman, the remaining clothing still in place but fingers and hands probing, reaching out for deeper contact. Settling my gaze on his fingers as they moved under the lacy cup, massaging the soft flesh and paying erotic homage to the now hardened bud in the center, I then understood the need of my nearby witness to feel as she had; the same intensity of touch. The woman on the bed was now breathing harder, lips remaining parted, inflamed now to a passionate state that would preclude any serious consideration to the bodies standing and watching nearby. Her other partner began to compliment his teammates intimate exploration, his hand now slipping slowly down behind the lace and then further still, underneath the silk, each movement clearly visible under the fabric, lower still, brushing lightly across her clit. Even without an understanding of anatomy, the expression that formed on her face would have left no wonder as to the dispatch of pure pleasure that had just been processed inside her brain.

The sudden rush of pleasure had caused her muscles to go weak and the men instinctively and easily filled the muscular void, supporting her fully, simply by their contact, each one from his entrusted side. The last vestiges of cloth had begun at last to fall away as her breast came into view, lips moving quickly to reverence the new exposure. Then in short order the other was free, fingers quickly closing around that one in invocation as well. She leaned back, her pelvis giving way to the softness of the bed and within the motion; one of the men somehow expertly disengaged the panties, satin slipping over her legs even as her head reached the pillow. I caught the microsecond of male understanding and in a further instant both men were naked. Two cocks sprung in unity to full column, both being full and royal portrayals of masculine potency, similar in stature, the blood engorged helmets now as obelisks, topping the mutual towers that stood proudly offered up to the god of virility.

I was impressed by the smoothness of it all, the seamless transitions of practiced lovers, and wondered if they were in fact really that close, or if it was also in part a result of the magnified and refined sexual forces that seemed to flow so readily in this temple to Eros.

As her head split the softness of the pillow I felt the strangest sensation as the entire group, myself included, seemed to emotionally and spiritually lean forward, our spirits flowing toward the three, a mystical union somehow forming between us and the amative trio. I looked over to Linda, held equally rapt as were we all, and saw both of her hands now placed in front of her skirt, one over the other, the downward pressure into the valley forming over her skirt, causing the fabric to meld to the shape of her legs. God I so well knew that feeling, exactly how right now, more than anything else, she desired to feel fingers touching insider her; opening her, stroking deliciously excited nerves, preparing her for the entry of a hardened and just as needful shaft of flesh as it would then slip inside her.

I looked toward the bed anxious to absorb what could have brought her so quickly and exquisitely into her deep and still growing state of longing. One man was now orally nestled at her throne of pleasure while she in turn offered in companion her own oral ministrations to her other partner. None of them could contain the inclination of movement that their bodies were now naturally producing within these acts of pleasure. The man now delighting in her overflowing wetness was hungrily consuming the results of her arousal, while his body moved naturally in waves of motion, matching, mirroring the pleasure intent of his tongue as it moved along and inside her. The other man, now on one knee at her side, slid his body back and forth in perfect time with the intent of her oral pacing. His head tilted back in pleasure, an act intimately understood and fully appreciated by every other man in the room. The woman seemed to have magically become two halves, one half bearing down, back and forth along the sheet, matching the pace of her lower partner, while the upper half of her now fully enflamed torso reached out with an equal intent toward the other man, striving with each movement to provide the most delicious of pleasure possible to her enthralled lover.

On some level, the crowd seemed to be even more excited than the intimate triad, our energy pulsing as a group, wanting to push them deeper and harder, faster and wetter. As if the man at her alter had suddenly synced to our collective wish, he backed away from her now dripping opening, only her most innermost flesh as yet untouched, and he repositioned his throbbing shaft closer and immediately over her inflamed entrance. I saw her peek, just one eye toward him as he poised for a moment, the heat of his cock surely already in evidence to her excited skin, even before it connected. Her shoulders pushed back into the pillow causing her breast to rise in turn, as he began at last to push his hardened flesh into the interior of her sexual being. I wondered if Linda could feel it, just as she did each time in her own first moments of parting, the first stroke joining excited flesh in a way as could no other. One look back at her face and the question had been thoroughly answered, one look further downward and again without dispute, reaffirmed. So intent I had been on the oral portion of the ballet, I had not even seen her as her hand had slipped underneath the band of her skirt, Her other hand still rested on top outside the skirt, a valiant if wholly unnecessary attempt to maintain some sort of social decorum. In truth, many if not most in the crowd had already progressed at least as far in personal self pleasure, not all of them nearly as concerned about said gentility.

The line that had at one point separated and defined voyeur and participant, had gradually blurred, then weakened, and then lastly and conclusively collapsed. We were all a part of it now, even the most timid among us involved to a degree, the extent varying from the intimate closeness and caress of a partner, to full and open satisfaction of flesh, both solo as well as coupled. There were now more than a few members of our association, on two knees before a partner, male to female and vise versa, any concern for modesty rapidly evaporating into space.

On the bed, the intersection of hard flesh and heated wetness continued unabated, the men deftly rotating position, more than once, the sensual rhythm abiding even in the switch. The woman was now covered by the intimate moistures that spread across her skin, and it joined with the wetness that poured from each of them, spreading dampness across the sheet, the aroma of arousal heavy in the room, the echoing slap of skin to skin as thrust would over and over meet receiver. They were all three pushing the edge now, the more subtle desire to absorb and relish now overrun, broken through by the primordial need to plunge deeper, a headlong rush into ecstatic sanctity. There was no pause; the intensity had become just too strong to recast.

They all three, with no further reservation threw themselves tied together over the cliff, The first wave of orgasm hit her trembling flesh like an explosion. Light exploding in every direction as her mind gave way to physical release. Her partners felt the physical compression and immediate expansion as her muscles began to convulse wildly, wetness flooding her both in and out. Both men could taste her intense release and thereafter neither could have stopped their own, even if commanded. They had joined with her completely and would in no way allow that connection to be broken now. The man inside her was the first, her contractions already working his cock in milking motion and he felt the blast within her rapidly coating her interior walls, squeezing back along the opening with each thrust, mixing thoroughly with her own fluids along the way. Her oral partner was right behind, the woman now clearly determined to somehow contain and cherish every precious drop of his fluid as he erupted hotly into her mouth. It was a full body experience and they each struggled in their own way to stay in position; to treasure and extend every second of this now amazing ending, to the amazing coupling, in the amazing room.

An uncounted number of interwoven souls in the room had just joined the triad in their own physical emancipation, an experience of sight, sound, and emotion, that words would have failed to capture, and indeed there were none spoken save the cry toward the heavens, to unknown and personal deities in those exact and personal moments of blissful release.

Chapter 5

No place to sit in the ?bedroom? but still unable to walk steady, we somehow made it back to the red room and collapsed onto the cushions, two of the few that remained save for the center in the filling room. We were both still charged, senses alive so shortly after what we had just seen, and the erotic convention that now encompassed us on every side did little to calm the energy flooding through our bodies?. Refreshment was most decidedly required and I made my way to the bar, intent on a speedy return. My intent however mattered not as there seemed several others also vying for the attention of the sole keeper of the spirits. Impatiently I waited, knowing that Linda would be waiting and by now wondering what may have happened.

Finally, drinks in hand, I made my way back to the room, and to my lovely vision waiting patiently there. Another couple had also joined our cushions apparently assuming the space available, and Linda, her usual giving self, had not protested. No worries, I thought, personal space here generally being accepted as anywhere you might fit, at any particular given time. I snuggled back into place beside Linda, the result, her necessarily moving even closer to the other couple, her body now lightly brushing against the man next to her. The other couple seemed intent for the moment, fully involved in embrace and I knew Linda could feel the warm touch of his firm body moving closely beside her, as their continuing amorous motions transferred easily into hers. And yes, you would have already guessed that my overheated internal projector had already begun quietly playing the preview reel of possibilities as I watched both Linda and our neighbors. Linda smiled at me and subtly shook her head as if to say, you are so bad? and she well knew I certainly could be.

I turned her toward me and we kissed, deeply, spiritually, the kind of kiss that reminds you of a shared lifetime of memories and yet still somehow brings excitement every time you feel it. I knew that their backs still connected and imagined he would also feel her movements no less that she had felt his. Oh, it was ever so subtle at first, the casual realignment of bodies, a leg that might slip back just enough to make contact, an elbow drawn slightly back, resulting in just a little more touch than would have been necessary. This was a complex orchestration of probing connection, which anywhere else may have seemed inconsequential , but here, with hormones and desires flowing freely, the subtle probing had real intent, the message being transmitted mutually received loud and clear. It was just another part of the unspoken language in this unique community. I could have scripted it to words, subtitle to the French art film now playing out in front of me. ?I?m here ? ?I know?? ?I want you?? ?I know?? ?I do as well?? ?Ye

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