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Im a Slow Learner - but I love Studying

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When I first met Jack I thought he was crazy. I?d been working at Rick?s Cabaret, a topless club, for about a year and I was in heaven. I was nineteen years old and up to the time I found Rick?s I?d hadn?t been very happy. I had a rough time in high school and wasn?t happy at home and my first marriage had lasted six months and had been a disaster. And that was all before I was eighteen.

Women didn?t like me and that was because I?d discovered that men liked me a lot. I matured really early and by 12 I had real boobs, by fifteen I had the D cup breasts that I have now. I played lots of sports (always with a heavy duty bra) and I was naturally thin otherwise. The girls in my classes started to make up stories about me early, just because boys tended to pay a lot of attention to me. That was fine by me even though their teasing could be really vicious. By fifteen I?d found out just how much boys liked my breasts and then I discovered the joys of sex. Sex was always a mystery to me. I couldn?t figure out why all of the girls weren?t doing it all of the time. I?d been playing with myself since I was twelve and knew exactly what part of my pussy produced the best feelings.

Getting fucked gave me the best sensations I?d ever had. I know I?ve talked to lots of girls who didn?t have their first orgasms until they were in their twenties, but for me I got off the very first time. Of course that was because I?d spent a couple of heavy petting sessions with the boy of my dreams in the preceding week. He?d wanted to see and then touch my breasts and I?d been equally curious about his cock. When he pulled it out I thought it was the most amazing thing I?d ever seen. He told me that he?d seen his mother take his father?s into her mouth. That seemed a little strange, but I was willing to try. Of course I only licked and sucked on him for a few minutes before he erupted with a huge amount of cum. That surprised me too, but some of it got into my mouth and I thought it tasted pretty cool. The next time we were together he wanted me to do it again, but I told him that first he?d have to do the same to me. When he did I thought I was going to climb out of my skin. I?d never imagined that a mouth could feel so much better than my fingers. I came quickly and then he announced that he wanted to put it inside. I knew then that I?d discovered heaven on earth. The next week he told some of his friends what I?d done and that finished my reputation in the school, though it certainly made his friends want to spend time with me. I dumped my first guy immediately and then discovered that I?d never be short of fuck partners. I learned a lot those first few years. My school courses suffered but I was definitely going to graduate as the best fuck in the school. The funny thing was that I didn?t see anything wrong in fucking exactly who I wanted when I wanted. The attitudes that the rest of the girls had ? about making a guy want it and then pay for it in emotional commitment seemed dishonest.

Anyway I won?t bore you with my first marriage ? it was horrible, very sexual of course, but horrible. A series of low-paying jobs followed until I discovered topless dancing. I?d actually considered becoming a hooker ? I mean the idea of being paid to do something that I loved appealed to me but I rejected that idea when I realized that hookers didn?t get to choose their clients. That?s what I loved about topless dancing. I could dance for a guy, and get him completely aroused while getting aroused myself. I?d have to bring about eight t-backs into work and change them throughout the night because every time I?d dance for someone who appealed to me I?d get wet. What was really amazing was the guys I liked, the guys who got me wet would beg to be able to please me and would spend thousands of dollars just to see my naked body. The guys I liked always went crazy when I showed them how wet they?d made me. I never took money for the act of sex but at the same time I considered that a guy who?s spent any less than a thousand on me didn?t really want to get close to me.

Anyway, back to where I started this story. I was dancing one night when I saw a guy across the room who was watching me undress. For another customer. I?d never seen a look like that on any guy?s face. He nearly dropped his drink and that was from thirty feet away. When I?d finished dancing, I wandered over to his table. He never took his eyes off me. I didn?t say anything but just dropped the clasp on my gown and stepped out of it and started dancing. He was pretty good looking in a sort of a nerdy way. I talked to him while I danced and there was something about him that really appealed to me. Part of it was of course the way I could tell he really loved looking at me, but also part of it was the way he respected me. He wasn?t one of those weird customers that try to look in your eyes when you?re dancing for them just to show that they?re really appreciating the ?real? you, but at the same time when he talked to me I felt that he was talking to me not to my body. Anyway that first night I only danced for him a few times, but I thought about him a lot. When I saw him in the next night I saw one of the other dancers talking to him in a familiar way and when she was in the dressing room I asked her about him. Turns out that he owned the nicest nightclub in town, so he was well-off as well as charming. He smiled at me as soon as he spotted me but didn?t make any gestures at me, but whenever I danced I saw him watching me.

Finally I went over and sat at his table. ?So, what?s your game?? I asked. He looked innocent. ?You?re watching me like a guy in a desert who?s just seen a glass of ice water, but you haven?t indicated you want me to dance for you.?

He looked at me and said, ?Actually I was just thinking that I?d like to come home to you every night and have children with you. We?d have good looking kids.?

I felt as if someone had taken that glass of cold water and poured it over my head. In some bizarre way I could tell he really meant it. ?You really mean that don?t you.?

?Oh I wouldn?t joke about something like that. Why don?t you have dinner with me and we?ll see if my intuition is correct.?

What was funny was that his saying that made me completely wet and I had to immediately go change my t-back. Anyway, we had dinner, made love and I moved in the next day. I was pregnant two months later and married six months after that. That was twelve years ago. We?ve had two very great kids, I own my own business now and he?s been everything I hoped he?d be. There have been a few times when I suspected him of fucking around on me and a few waitresses in his clubs who have given me the cold shoulder, but during our relationship I?ve only cheated on him twice and that was five years ago. Neither of the short affairs was worth it in my eyes.

He does a good job of fucking me. His cock is exactly the right length and width, though it?s straight and for a good g-spot fucking I like one that turns up a little. By the time I hung up my spurs, so to speak, I?d had 101 lovers, so I knew exactly what I liked. What I liked was variety, so as you may think, there have been some compromises in my life. Actually there was a point about six years ago where I wanted to find out what made me tick and why I?d been so promiscuous so I went to a shrink. At the end of a year of weekly sessions we concluded that I had some self-confidence issues, liked a lot of control over men that compensated for a rough time in my adolescence and that I liked to fuck a lot. I had found a female shrink and at the end of the sessions she admitted that hearing my description of the sensations I felt and of the pleasure I took from men turned her on. She said she?d never met someone who took such erotic pleasure in her own body. Go figure.

My husband is ten years older than me and lately I?ve discovered something that bothers me. I just turned 31 and all of a sudden I?m finding myself more sexually interested in playing again. This causes me a big problem. I really love him and I want my kids to grow up in a happy home. Sometimes however the temptation is almost too much to bear. Sure it?s always great to go home and wait till the kids are in bed and then take off my shirt for my husband. His eyes always get big when he sees my tits and its pretty easy to get him to fuck me. The next day however, if a guy smiles at me in a certain way I get a little weak at the knees. I have a store and I started off selling women?s makeup and clothes but then someone, one of the reps I think, persuaded me to sell a couple of men?s lines. Of course I started off with two Italian lines and it was mainly the husbands of my female clients who started shopping while their wives were in the store, but then it seemed to take off and I expanded, adding another room and half a dozen more lines. I really believe in customer service, so I spent a lot of time on the floor and do a lot of sales myself. Because it?s fashion I always take care of myself and wear fashionable clothes, but I always keep in mind that I can?t offend any of my female customers by dressing too sexily, especially when I?m waiting on their husbands. Last week however I nearly got into trouble.

It was early on a Friday and my manager was late in arriving due to some problem with her son. I?d opened and had only one girl in the store to help when this guy came in. Yanchee, the salesgirl was tidying the cosmetics so I went over to help him. He was a little over six feet and had one of those bodies that was perfect for Italian clothes. Broad shoulders, tapered waist, probably a 42 jacket, 34 waist, 34 leg. He had sandy colored hair, cut a little shaggy, dark blue eyes and a great smile. My knees felt a little weak just looking at him. My husband, Jack, had been home late for the last two nights so I hadn?t gotten any. He picked out a few shirts and a couple of pair of trousers and I showed him to the dressing room. I could have told him he?d picked the wrong sizes, but he hadn?t asked for help, so I just waited. When he stuck his head out of the dressing room he asked whether we did alterations. I went to the door. He had the shirt on but had only buttoned two buttons. His chest was very nicely chiseled. The pants were too large but I lifted his shirt and pinched in the waist.

?Why don?t you let me get a different size.?

He said, ?Sure. I?m afraid I?m a bit out of practice buying clothes.?

I said, ?Let?s see that could mean prison, the military or something else where you?re wearing a uniform.?

He laughed, ?Actually, I?ve been overseas with the foreign doctors service and I?ve spent most of the past three years wearing scrubs and jeans.?

I returned with a couple of pairs of trousers. He already had the others folded. When I handed him the new trousers I saw that he was wearing a pair of bikini briefs. Not my favorite but good with jeans, but I saw that he had the most enormous package. He didn?t bother closing the door, I guess because there wasn?t anybody else in that part of the store. When he turned sideways to put them on, I caught a good glimpse of his ass. It was pretty nice too. I could feel myself getting damp. He agreed this pair fit much better around the waist, but of course the legs were unfinished. I had him step on the small pedestal in front of the three-way mirror and went down on one knee to put in the pins on the legs. When I looked over at the mirror I saw that he was looking down the front of my shirt and I realized that the top button had come undone. This was a shirt that I?d been wearing with a short jacket and I wasn?t wearing a bra since the jacket would be closed with one button. I?d hung the jacket in the hallway when I brought in the new sizes. I looked up in time to see his gaze. He blushed as he saw my smile.

?I?m so sorry. I didn?t mean to be staring.?

I was pinning the other leg and as I looked up I could see that he had the most enormous erection. I stood up, standing straight, aware that both nipples had hardened and were now poking tents into my silk shirt. I looked at my nipples and then back at his face. ?It looks as if we?re both embarrassed now.?

He laughed and stepped into his shoes. The trousers looked good even though you could see his erection clearly. ?They fit just fine. Though maybe some pleats would help here.?

?Oh I don?t think pleats would hide that. Do you want to try on this second pair??

He looked at me and smiled. I knew he could tell I was enjoying this. He unbuttoned the trousers and stepped out of them. His cock wasn?t just peaking out of the top of his bikini shorts, it was nearly to his navel. It was standing up straight and I could see the back of its head with its flared helmet. A tiny drop of pre-cum was just forming at its little lips. I couldn?t help myself, I reached forward and pulled the bikini pants down. It stuck out from his body at a forty-five degree angle, with the head curving up. I knew just what it would feel like knocking against my cunt. I was leaning down to take the head in my mouth when I heard Yanchee?s voice talking to a woman. It sounded as if they were moving closer to the dressing area.

I stepped out into the hall, shrugged on my jacket and said loudly, ?How do those fit??

Yanchee stepped around the corner with a woman who looked impossibly unattractive to be with my god with the big dick, saying as she saw me, ?Mrs. Dawson was looking for her husband. I thought he might be here.?

Mrs. Dawson looked at me and shouted through the door. ?George I?ll be looking at some Bare Minerals cosmetics. I?ll be ready in a few minutes.?

They departed back to the front of the shop. I felt slightly nauseous. I waited a minute until my heart was back to normal before I said, ?Shall I pin the second pair??

A subdued voice said, ?Yes please.?

I kept my jacket on while pinning the trousers. When I finished I looked at him and said, ?That was close. I feel slightly embarrassed. My name is Amber.?

?George.? He shucked off the second pair. His cock was no longer erect, but his underwear wasn?t containing it either. There was a spot of moisture on the front. I stick my head out the door and heard Yanchee talking about cosmetics. I turned back, flipped his underwear down and sucked his half limp cock into my mouth. Within seconds he was hard and I used every skill I had to make him cum quickly. Within a minute and a half he was filling my throat with cum. I sucked down the last drop and stood. He had one hand against the door. ?Wait. Let me just see them.?

I knew exactly what he wanted. I unbuttoned the jacket and four buttons on the shirt and exposed one breast. It?s tip was rosy and hard. ?It?s so beautiful.? He cupped it in his hand as if weighing it. I pulled away and buttoned my shirt and then said loudly. ?The pants will be ready in two days.?

I gathered the trousers and headed to the back room to make sure there was no trace of him on me, pausing on the way back to rinse my mouth with Listerine in the staff restroom. He was standing by his wife watching her put bronzer on her ugly cheeks. I rang them both up and gave him the ticket for his trousers. His wife said, ?I went to school with your husband. Remember him to me. My maiden name was Honey Danvers.?

I went to my office to cool down. I was so wet that I thought I might stain the back of my dress. I?d just removed my panties to dab myself with Kleenex when there was a little knock on the door. Yanchee stuck her head in. ?Sonja just arrived so there are two of us on the floor.? She came further in. I stuffed my panties into an open drawer. ?Are you all right??

I smiled at her and stood up, smoothing my dress down. I knew that if I kept sitting I?d definitely have a wet spot. Julie came over close to me. She reached over and touched my neck with a finger and then put the finger in her mouth. ?I knew that was cum. It was just a small spot. I?m so jealous.? She peeled back the collar of my jacket. ?There some on your shirt. Let me get one of the Trina Turk silk shirts. It?ll go just fine.?

She disappeared for a minute and then was right back. I knew I was blushing. ?I don?t know what came over me. He got hard and it was so pretty and I.. just got carried away.? I almost felt like crying.

Yanchee said, ?I understand completely. You?d better give me that shirt, I?ll put it in with the soiled merchandise for dry cleaning.? She stood there with the shirt hanging by one finger. I took off my jacket acutely awar e I wasn?t wearing a bra, but what the hell she worked for me. I unbuttoned my shirt. ?Wow. You have gorgeous breasts.?

I laughed, ?Well they?re not as pretty as before the kids. Now they sag just that little bit.?

She came closer and I could see two spots of color on her cheeks. ?In Japan we get to see each other naked more often in the baths. I miss seeing naked women. They are so beautiful/? She held open the shirt. As I put my hand through the sleeve I felt her brush one. I don?t know if my nipples had ever gone down but now they were hard again. She said, ?Obviously there was no time for you to be satisfied.?

I laughed, ?I had just taken off my panties when you knocked. They?re all wet.?

I felt her hands cup my breasts and then felt her breath in my ear. ?I could??

There was a knock on the door. Yanchee shouted ?Just a minute.? She backed towards the door and I fastened the buttons and slipped on my jacket. Sonja said, ?I have two people asking for cosmetics and a third trying on a dress.?

Yanchee grinned at me and waved a finger.

That evening I told my husband that Honey had been in the store. ?Honey.? I could tell he was remembering her. ?She was the biggest slut in school. She never did it unless at least three guys would fuck her at the same time. What does she look like now??

?Ugly as a boot.?

?I guess she hasn?t changed at all. I wonder if she still likes to be gang banged.?

?I don?t know. She certainly didn?t give off any perverse vibes. She was in there with her husband who said he was a doctor in some foreign service.?

?That?s right. I heard she?d married someone who was doing that.?

I said, ?Wait a minute. Does that mean that you were one of the guys that did her??

He nodded, ?Sure.?

?You fucked her with other guys??

?Yeah. Don?t tell me you?ve never done that??

Jack and I never talked about our past sex experiences. In fact, though I?d had a lot of partners I?d actually had pretty straight forward sex. ?No. What was it like??

?I?ve done it a few times. I guess it depends on what the girl liked. Honey didn?t do it all the time but she said it was the one time she was really satisfied. She?d want to be fucked for about three or four hours straight. By the time one guy was done the next would be ready. She liked doubles too.?

?What?s that.?

?You are so innocent some times. Two in the pussy or one up her ass and the other in her pussy.?


Two days later George was in to pick up his trousers. I asked if he wanted to try them on to check their length but I stayed away from the dressing room. When he was leaving, I walked out the front door and shouted to the girls ?I?m going across the street for a coffee.? Of course he waited until the door closed and asked if he could join me.

The first words out of his mouth irritated me. ?I want to apologize for last week.?


?Oh not for what happened but for cumming so fast.? He grinned at me.

?Oh I don?t think you had a choice. I was pretty determined to make it fast. I mean we didn?t have the luxury of time.Tell me about your wife.?

?Honey? We?ve been married for five years. She followed me to India. What do you want to know??

?Are you faithful to her??

?What a question in view of last week. But no. She has peculiar tastes that don?t demand fidelity.?

I grinned. ?So she still likes to be gang banged??

George laughed. ?Ah, your husband. She did mention she?d gone to school with him. Well she doesn?t do gang bangs with me, but she likes two men and usually we find a couple to swap with. Sometimes I think I?m bait.?

I nodded my head. ?The other wives want to fuck you, and their husbands go along. The wives are happy because she?d not competition.?

?That?s it. She always gets it form both of us at least once. She?s really into double penetration.?

?Does that bother you??

?No. I like the variety. Do you think your husband would be interested? I?d really like to fuck you.?

He said that very sincerely, leaning forward so the other latte drinkers didn?t hear. I felt a little gush from high inside. ?I?ve never thought of asking.?

I didn?t say anything to Jack, but the next day he said he had a surprise for me. He presented me with two tickets to a resort on St. Martins. We were only going for three days, so it would be a quick trip. I looked it up on the web to discover why he?d had that sly look on his face. It was a nudist resort. It was a good time for a vacation, winter had settled in. When we arrived on the island, we were whisked straight to the resort and immediately took our clothes off. Walking on the beach was completely refreshing, though many of the guests were overweight Europeans. Jack really enjoyed watching me walk naked on the beach and I think his cock was always a little bit chubby just from watching me. He particularly liked to get me to go to the beach bar and walk back with a couple of drinks. When I questioned him he said he really got off on the looks that the men gave me.

I encouraged this line of thought and when we were in bed aroused him by talking about his reaction. The next day he asked me to sit at the bar and order a drink while she sat at a neighboring table. A guy came a sat next to me and immediately started chatting me up. I could see Jack leaning in trying to listen and saw that he?d put a towel over his lap. I made sure that my nipples got hard and then I?d put my hand behind my head and laugh at some inane comment the barfly made. This particular barfly was pretty well hung. Now its considered pretty bad form to get aroused on a nude beach. We were sitting at the bar and he turned towards me. I could see his cock at full point.

He said, ?Are you interested in coming back to my room.?

I looked at him, ?I?d love to but my husband probably wouldn?t be happy. He?ll be here in a minute.?

The guy looked at my nipples. ?You?re just a tease then.? I saw his cock deflate and he stalked off. I felt a little sad.

I went over and sat by Jack. ?He wanted to fuck me and then he got mad because I said my husband wouldn?t approve. He was mean to me.?

Jack reached over and said, ?I?m sorry. I guess it?s not a very good game to play.?

That evening when we were in bed I said, ?I have a better way of playing the game. I?ll only talk to groups of men. Then they won?t be able to think that I?m flirting with any one of them.?

He immediately got rock hard. ?Did you get aroused when you were talking to that guy??

I looked at him, ?I always said I?d be honest if you asked me a question. I always thought we didn?t ask questions like that.? He didn?t say anything. ?Yes I got aroused.?

?Do you get aroused by the thought of other cocks??

?No not cocks, but I do by the thought of fucking. Ever since you told me about Honey I?ve been fantasizing about multiple men. Is that bad??

?Of course not. You were very young when we got together. I can understand your curiosity. We just have to figure out if you want to act on it.?

?Your friend Honey amazes me. I would never have the nerve to do that.?

We had some great sex during our vacation. In fact there wasn?t a day when we didn?t make love more than once. I came back feeling very nice. The first day back I had a shock though. I?d been in the store for about an hour when Honey came in looking for some clothing. She asked me to wait on her. I found a few things that I thought would look good on her. She actually had a nice looking body; its just that it was tough to get past her face. She insisted on leaving the door open while she changed. We chatted about nothing and she found two outfits she liked. When she had taken off the last outfit she stood there wearing only a pair of bikini underwear. Her breasts were a nice shape, probably a b cup, her nipples dark and small, but very hard. She said, ?Jack told me about your little encounter. He was amazed you could get him off that quickly. I was impressed.?

I was shocked. ?I hope you?re not upset.?

?Oh no, but I would like something in return.? She grabbed her breasts in her hands and squeezed them. I had a horrible thought she was going to ask me to go down on her. ?I?d like you and Jack to come over for dinner.? She saw my look. ?Oh don?t worry, I don?t plan on telling him anything. I just want to see him again. It?s been so long.?

When I went home that evening I wondered whether I should just tell Jack what had happened and deal with the consequences. Instead I told him that Honey had come by and asked to dinner. He seemed OK with it.

A few nights later we went. They had a home in a nice area not to far from ours. It?s always amazing when you find out that people can live close to you but by the lives they lead could be on a different planet. It was a small party; maybe four other couples. Two of the couples I?d met before because they were active, as I was in raising money for our zoo. I couldn?t imagine them as swingers, though it was true all four of them made some effort to stay in shape and dress fashionably. After dinner we all chatted around the fire pit in the back yard. Whisps of steam were coming off the pool, and one of the women asked if it were heated. Honey asked if she?d like to go for a swim. I wasn?t surprised when the woman undressed by her chair and slipped naked into the water, joined by her husband. Soon two other couples had joined them. George had also stripped and I briefly saw his cock, already a little chubby. Jack leaned into me and asked if I felt like a swim. I had a feeling that this was a decision point, and I didn?t know if I could trust Honey. The only other clothes couple said they had to be getting home because of a babysitter issue and I stood up, saying we had the same problem. I mean the people were all attractive and friendly, but I wasn?t sure. When we?d gotten into car I told Jack that I?d forgotten to say something to Honey and rushed back into the house.

There were already untidy groups in the pool. I kneeled by the pool, ?Honey, thanks for the invite. Maybe you and George could come over for dinner later in the week??

I rushed back to the car and told Jack what I?d done. Jack laughed when I told him what I?d done. ?You know she?ll think you want us to have sex together.?

I felt a little red creep into my cheeks. ?I guess that would be OK.?

His laugh became a little deeper, ?Is my baby ready for a little group action??

?I don?t know about that. I mean you?ve already had Honey, so I guess that?s nothing new for you.?

?Well if you?re looking for someone who will introduce you to sex with multiple men, she?d be a good guide.?

I was amazed he?d talk so nonchalantly about it. When we got to bed I had a tough time not acting like a complete slut, but then Jack asked if I?d had a look at George?s cock and what I thought about having it in me. I was sucking him at the time, scratching my fingernails along his ball sack, thinking of George?s nuts and cock when he said, ?Pretend that?s George?s cock you?ve got in your hand.? I did and started work him in and out of my mouth, stroking his thighs, licking his balls. I could tell he was getting ready to cum and I gripped the top of his ballsack tightly, forcing his cum back. I got him close five times and then I rode him like a bull, the sweat pouring off my tits. Afterwards he said, ?That was great. I hope the real thing is as exciting.?

The next day who should come into my store but George and Honey. George wanted a pair of jeans and Honey a dress. I helped both of them find some selections. Honey said, ?I really enjoyed having you and Jack over the other night. Jack certainly looks good. You missed the best part of the party though.?

I had to laugh, ?Jack told me I probably had, but you know I?ve never really done any group stuff.?

?Oh sweetie you don?t know what you?ve been missing.? We were in the dressing room and Honey continued to talk while she stripped off her clothes. She wasn?t wearing a bra or panties and she had completely shaved. She asked me to hook the dress on and turned to George, ?Come on sweetheart, don?t be shy.?

He pulled off his pants and of course he wasn?t wearing any underwear. His cock was half hard and as he caught me staring at it it became fully so.

?You?d better be careful with that zipper.? Honey chuckled. His cock was even bigger than I remembered it and a small drop of pre-cum moistened its tiny lips. He?d shave every piece of hair from his body and his cock and nutsack seemed to glow. He struggled to close the pants around it. ?Be a dear Amber and help him out.?

I looked at her. I knew it was a dare. I wrapped my hand around it and pushed the jeans shut. With it zipped the head peaked out over the waistband.

Honey leaned close. ?I want to watch you suck it. Just like you did the other day. If you don?t suck it I won?t let you fuck it later this week. And I know you want to.?

I kneeled down and undid the zipper and licked it. It tasted strangely sweet and musky. I took him into my mouth. The scent intoxicated me. Honey was beside me. ?Do you taste me on him? I had him fuck me for a little while just before we came to see you. I thought you might enjoy it.? I had him balls deep in my throat and I pulled him out, sucking gently taking all of his pre-cum into my mouth. When I?d pulled him out Honey said, ?There, that?s enough.? She reached under my skirt and I felt her finger ease under my panties into my pussy. She pulled it out and stuck it into her mouth. ?My you are wet. And tasty too.?

They left a few minutes later, just as Yanchee was closing the store. I went to my office. My panties were soaked again. I was just slipping them off, and had my head down on my desk when I recognized Yanchee?s knock.

She slipped into the room. ?So tell me what that unattractive woman did.?

I had to laugh. ?Well her husband told her what I?d done, but she was OK with it and wanted to see me put him in my mouth.?

?That is so exciting. You did of course.?

I nodded, ?She?d just fucked him before she came in, so I tasted her on him. That was a shock. I?ve never been with a woman.? She walked over to my desk drawer and opened it, pulling out the panties I?d stuffed there moments before. She held them up to her nose.

?I love the smell of aroused pussy.? She lifted up the front of her short dress and I saw that she was completely shaved. Her outer lips were very plump but I could just see the edges of her frilly inner lips peeking out. She pulled her finger between her lips and then held it out to me. I leaned forward and she put her finger on my lips, moving it around as if her juice was a lip gloss. I licked my lips and smiled at her. She walked back to the door and locked it and then came around to my desk. ?Put your feet up on the desk.?

I did so and she kneeled down, her face between my legs. Her tongue was sharp and pointed and she used it to separate me before plunging in deep. Soon she was licking and sucking on my clit and I felt her fingernail in my pussy, moving in small circles until she found the spot she liked. The sight of her glossy short hair pressed between my thighs was one of the most erotic things I?d ever seen, but then I felt her finger move and suddenly one was in my ass while the other was in my pussy, then both were pinched together and I felt a pulling sensation while my clit was vacuumed into her mouth. A sudden vision of George?s upturned cock came into my mind and I started cumming, panting so hard that I thought I might burst. When I came down she stood up and hiked herself onto my desk, her dress pulled up to her hips and her legs apart. I couldn?t turn down the invitation. It was a muskier, more exotic taste than Honey but delicious all the same and I lapped her, circling her tiny clit and then driving my tongue deep inside her. I used all of the techniques that I liked used on me and her orgasm, when it came, gave me a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Anyone could make a man cum, I thought to myself, but a woman ? there?s an accomplishment. Afterwards she kissed me on the mouth and I tasted our mingled juices, her hands tracing and lifting my heavy breasts.

?Sometime I?d like to have an afternoon alone with those breasts.? She stood up and smoothed her dress down. ?Thank you for this. You have no idea of the number of times I?ve thought about doing this.?

I went home to Jack, feeling guilty. I?d engaged in sexual acts with three people without telling him. That night he was laying in bed when I snuggled up to him. ?Honey phoned me today and said you?d asked her to dinner tomorrow night.?

I hadn?t actually specified a day but tomorrow would do. I licked him and played with him while I talked to his cock about how he?d feel if another man fucked me. Jack twisted around and started playing with my puss, inserting fingers into me. When he had three fingers in me he started moving them around, pulling them in and out. I felt very full and then he added a fourth. I could feel myself getting sloppy wet at the unaccustomed fullness and then he said, ?If our two cocks were in there together it would be even more crowded than that.?

I started moaning and feasting on his cock. He continued, ?But maybe two won?t be enough. Maybe you?d like to have one in your mouth while you had two in here.? I started grunting and he put a fourth finger in me. I made a conscious effort to relax, moving so I was on my knees. ?There I think that?s about the right size. I know that pussy can take it.?

I started cumming and then I felt two fingers from his other hand in my ass. I didn?t like that so much.

The next night I prepared a light dinner. The kids were spending the night with their grandparents as I didn?t want any noise waking them up. Where would it be customary to have this sex party? I arranged one of the front rooms with pillows over the floor and moved a couple of duvet covers in, stacking them in the corner. Honey and George arrived at eight. I was in a tizzy, arranging everything to be just so. It was ridiculous, I felt like a girl going on a first date. Conversation was difficult, though Jack and George seemed to get along fine. The dishes were in the sink and we were all sitting around drinking coffee and liqueurs, I figured Honey would make a move any second and my stomach was fluttering, but then she got up and said they had to be going.

I was flabbergasted and stared at her. She came over and said, ?Amber darling did you have more in mind??

I looked at Jack, hoping he?d back me up. He just smiled. This was bullshit. I stood up and said, ?No, I?m going to bed.? I started to unbutton my shirt and dr*ped it over chair. My nipples were hard as bullets. I walked over to the stereo and put on a slow dance tune and then walked back to jack, unzipping my skirt. I stepped out of it, wearing only a garter and heels. ?Good night. Jack will you lock up.? I started up the stairs leading to the second floor, aware that six eyes were watching my ass and it climbed the stairs. I went into our bedroom and folded down the covers on the kind size bed and lit a candle. A few minutes later the door opened and a shadowy figure stood just outside the candle light. As he moved closer the first thing to come into the light was a hard cock. George?s cock. I had my legs apart and he kneeled down, licking me from top to bottom. I gasped and felt a flood of moisture descend through my cunt. He stood up and lifted my legs while he remained standing by the bed and then I felt myself pulled towards him, my cunt impaled on that long rod. God it was big. More footsteps and two other naked bodies came into the room. A pussy covered my face and my breasts were squeezed and fondled and then I felt Jack?s mouth on my clit, just above the cock that was steadily plowing me. I?d never had so many sensations at one time. Soon I was at the point where it all merged and my body just became one moving orgasm. I?d stop cumming and then I?d feel a hard clit in my mouth, or fingers in my ass. Once I was flipped around and then I felt this incredible fullness and I realized that back to back, two cocks were filling me up while Honey feasted on my nipples. I arched into another continuous series of orgasms. Then I came down and watched Honey perform. She handled the anal penetration with ease, backwards and forwards and then coaxed the other cock into her pussy. She seemed to be able to get exactly the right rhythms from the two cocks and I could see her getting higher and higher as her penetrations continued. Finally after she?d finished she invited me to clean her pussy with my tongue. When I put my finger in her ass she sighed and I felt it relax so I could insert more fingers. As the final act for the evening she gave me a long course in anal penetration and teased my ass with fingers, tongue and lubricant until I was comfortable and then she eased Geprge inside while Jack mounted my pussy. She tapped them to indicate the rhythm and I felt myself floating away on an orgasmic carpet. The sex went on for three hours and I felt blissful for an entire week afterwards. I think I?m finally ready for the pool party.

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