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Im Just Having Fun Baby!

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I’m Just Having Fun Baby!

Our house parties are always fun. This one was exceptional. Normally we limit it to 12 couples and a few singles. This one ended up with 22 couples and 4 single males and 2 females. It started as usual with people having drinks, chatting and enjoying the food. It did not take a long time before things began to get active.

Several of our close friends know that Mary has an almost instant trigger and had already caused her to orgasm and squirt when they came in and said a very sexy hello, kissing her and running a hand up her skimpy outfit. It only takes about 30 seconds with fingers on her pussy and you need towels on the floor, “Clean up on aisle 7”. An hour into the party and Mary had already changed outfits 4 times and the towels were mounting up in the laundry. Three couples had already shed their clothes and were in the hot tub. Two couples were in a bedroom in a pile and the party was just an hour old.

The back deck around the hot tub was packed and the swing chairs and swing couch were getting active. The socializing was being enhanced with lots of rubbing and groping. Several ladies were losing clothes rapidly. The hot tub was now getting very active with two guys sitting on the side getting blow jobs from 3 ladies. A fourth lady leaned over the side to help suck dick and was rewarded by one of the single guys lifting her skirt and slipping his dick into her very wet pussy from watching all of the action around her. Anyone sitting down found themselves fair game to be groped or finding a face in their exposed pussy, or dicks in their face.

I had been playing host and greeting late arrivals and showing them around. I had told Mary to just have fun and we had gotten a maid to keep refreshments and food flowing so Mary could concentrate on fun. I had lost track of her and went to check to see if she was concentrating on fun and being hostess. When I found her it was quiet obvious she was having fun. She was on the large deck swing and had a cute little lady eating her pussy while her hubby was fondling Mary’s nipples and clit. Mary had one hand stroking his dick, which somehow had jumped out of his pants and her other hand on the back of Trixie’s head, pulling her into her pussy. Trixie had been at it a while since the cushion on the swing was soaked and was dripping onto the deck. (Did I mention Mary squirts?) Mary is very multi-orgasmic but I managed to ask her between orgasms if she wanted her drink refreshed, reminding her she needed to hydrate since she was obviously losing a lot of fluid. When she did notice me, she said “Hi, I’m just having fun, Baby, OK?” I just grinned and went to get her a fresh drink. I got distracted by a few ladies while getting Mary a drink. When I made it back, Mary had moved to sit on Walt’s dick and was leaning back against his chest and Trixie sucked her clit. Mary was continuing with her squirting and Walt’s lap was soaked. He should have lost the shorts before Mary impaled herself on his dick.

Other couples were watching Mary and the couples in the hot tub were now fucking like bunnies. One of the single guys, Derrick, was enjoying two ladies competing to see which one could get the most of his dick in their mouths. Since Derrick is very well endowed there was plenty to go around. One very sexy little lady, Kat, asked me for a rematch of our last encounter. I told her, “Just a minute while I let Mary know.” I had lost track of her again. When I found her, she was bent over sucking Larry’s dick and Will was standing behind her with his dick in her pussy. I leaned over and whispered to her that Kat and I were going to fuck. She managed to stop sucking long enough to say “OK, I’m just having fun Baby.” Yes she was!

Kat is some great pussy and very responsive. She gets so wet, vocal, and thrusts against a dick so enthusiastically it is hard to keep composure and not cum almost immediately while fucking her. She is one hell of a turn on and was proving it as she bucked and let the entire house know she was coming and enjoying being fucked. Kat is a squirter too but not near the capacity or volume of Mary. We did leave a nice wet spot on the bed after about 30 minutes of serious fucking. John, one of the single guys, had come into the room and was watching me fuck Kat. When I finished, Kat looked at him standing there stroking his dick and she just crooked a come here finger at him. He was very happy to take over and as I left the room Kat was again moaning very loudly and enjoying her second dick of the night.

As I left the bedroom and passed through the living room I encountered Mary on the living room floor in a 69 with Sheila. Both the ladies were enthusiastically eating each other and now there was a new puddle in the carpet. Wade was taking a place on the floor between Mary’s legs and I got to watch as he slipped his dick into Mary’s very wet pussy as Sheila sucked her clit and licked Wade’s balls and dick for him. Mary really enjoys having her clit sucked while a dick is in her pussy. She was proving it as Sheila was having a problem getting air as Mary began squirting buckets again. Mary never seems to run dry. Mary looked up and saw me and said “Hi Baby, I’m just having fun.” I just grinned and went to find a drink and rehab from being thoroughly fucked by Kat. In the den, where we had our St. Andres cross set up, I found Barb on the seat with her legs cuffed back while Derrick was supplying her with his big dick. He was fucking her and pounding her pussy and she had her head back screaming for more dick, and for him to fuck her hard. Two guys were standing watching while stroking their dicks and waiting to relieve Derrick if he wanted a break.

I went outside to the deck and there were now six people in the hot tub fucking and water was splashing everywhere. One couple (Marge & Tim) were on the outdoor futon couch putting on a show with one of the single guys. They had a very sexy DP going with her and she was obviously enjoying those two dicks pounding her pussy and ass. Some people had pulled up chairs to watch and several ladies were stroking various dicks (not necessarily their husband) as they watched the show. I got a drink and settled in to watch, too. A black guy was thoroughly fucking Marge’s pussy while Tim was reaming her ass. Marge was letting the whole house know how much she was enjoying those two dicks pounding her. Patrina showed up to watch and began stroking my dick, trying to revive it from the fucking Kat gave me. She knelt down and began sucking me. She looked up and said she could taste pussy on my dick and wanted to know whose pussy she tasted. I told her it was Kat’s and she said she would be sure to try it first hand before the night ended. I told her Kat was in the front room being fucked as we spoke and she grinned and said she was off to try some of Kat’s cream pie.

Mary showed up to refresh her drink. She stood next to me, watching Marge enjoy her DP. I slid my hand between her legs and began fingering her pussy. I commented about how wet it was and she leaned over and whispered that there were six loads of cum in it now. I smiled at her and mentioned I had missed a few of her encounters while I was fucking Kat. She said “I’m Just having fun Baby”, and off she went for her next adventure as she grabbed two guys and headed away.

Some of the couples were beginning to leave and the party was thinning down to the serious players. A few friends were spending the night and a few had decided to hang since there were still plenty of opportunities for fun. It was about 2AM now and a few people had crashed in some of the beds, or in the two motor homes some couples had brought. Patrina returned, pulled me into the hot tub with her and was doing a very good job of reviving my dick with her very talented mouth. It did not take long for her sucking me for me to turn her around and bend her over. I had been fucking her hard for a few minutes when Derrick showed up and put his huge dick in her mouth. Patrina was very happy with that arrangement and was sucking him and fucking me with all her talent. Larry joined in by reaching under her and pulling her nipples as she stroked his dick under water. Mary showed up about that time and asked Patrina if she could borrow me and Derrick, if Larry was willing to take over fucking her. Mary said she has a plan working and needed us. Partina was very gracious and quite happy to substitute Larry’s large dick for mine. I left the tub as Larry began fucking Patrina and she was pushing her ass hard back against him to take all she could.

I dried off and Mary led Derrick and me to a bedroom. On the way she whispered to me that she now had 8 loads of cum in her pussy and wanted to taste some cum now. There were already 3 guys there. Mary was grinning as she said, “Look what popped up,” and pointed to 3 very hard dicks waiting in our bedroom. She began stroking various dicks and bending over and sucking them as she moved around the room. The guys were reaching down and fingering her as she moved from one guy to the next. She had been totally naked for a long time and her boobs swayed nicely as she bent and sucked dicks, sometimes two at a time. It only took a few minutes of this and Mary went to the bed pulling dicks with her. She lay back on the bed and took the first of five hard dicks in the room into her pussy. One guy got on the bed and offered his dick to her anxious mouth and she managed to find two more dicks to stroke with each hand. I began taking some video of the event for us to enjoy later since all her assets were occupied with hard dicks. The guys began to play spin the bottle with Mary being the bottle. They would rotate positions with Mary getting a fresh dick in her pussy and the dick coming out of her pussy going to her mouth. Mary was sucking like a pro on the dick that just left her pussy. She was having some trouble concentrating due to continuous orgasms. It was obvious, by her enthusiasm, she wanted to taste cum. It did not take long for her talents at sucking dick to reward her as a dick began to squirt down her throat. As soon as she had drained the guy for every drop she could get, a fresh dick appeared from her pussy where it had been well primed to cum. Mary had obviously told the guys what her interest was since they were not cuming in her pussy but switching just in time for her to finish them with her mouth. As the guys finished, they slipped out of the room for drinks or to recuperate. One after another, they took turns fucking her until they were about to cum and then withdrawing to spew their load into her eager mouth. She kept them ready to fuck as she stroked the waiting dicks while enjoying those two dicks inside her. She was in the process of taking the third load of cum down her throat as Derrick was fucking her. Derrick has long been a good friend and one of Mary’s favorite fucks. He has a very large dick and knows where Mary’s buttons are and thoroughly fucks her every time we are with him. As the 3rd guy dumped his load down Mary’s mouth Derrick started to move. She stopped him saying “No I have plans” and rolled over on top of him riding his dick deep inside of her. She leaned forward and looked over her shoulder at me with a twinkle in her eye and motioned for me to come behind her. Mary enjoys a vaginal DP a lot and she was ready to take two dicks into her pussy at the same time. I got between their legs, behind Mary, and began to work my dick inside her pussy with Derrick’s. Mary has a very tight pussy and one dick in it is tight; two dicks in her is ecstasy. Her pussy was sloppy wet, and with two dicks inside her sliding in and out, Mary erupted into a series of continuous orgasms again. Mary is totally multi orgasmic and never seems to stop. Mary had squirted so much this evening her squirter seemed to have dried up but her pussy juice still flowed in abundance. Mary was bucking between Derrick and me so hard we did not even have to move as she worked her pussy in and out on our dicks. Her titties were bouncing in Derrick’s face and he was sucking first one nipple then the other and that helps drive her crazy since her nipples are super sensitive. Derrick began to moan, a sign Mary knows well, and she began to fuck us even harder knowing she would soon feel his load shoot into her pussy. He began cuming and thrusting his hips up forcing his huge dick as deep into her as possible and she rode hard enjoying him throbbing and shooting inside her. That was all it took for me to do like wise, burying deep inside her too and dumping a surprising load despite what Kat had taken. Mary reached back and grabbed my ass pulling me as deep inside her as she could, while pushing down on Derrick to impale herself totally on those two throbbing dicks. My thinking her squirter was empty was then proven wrong as she began an orgasm of such intensity that she began to cry. She slumped forward on Derrick’s chest and leaned forward on her back and we held her as one after shock tremor after another shook her. We finally began to withdraw from her again causing her to have small tremors and orgasms feeling those dicks slip out.

She rolled over on the bed, totally spent. She is blessed, being multi orgasmic, but tonight she outdid herself with hundreds of them. She had enjoyed over a dozen strange dicks in her pussy, several women eating her, or her eating them, and three nice loads of cum down her throat. As I tucked her in she looked at me and smiled saying, “I was just having fun Baby”, as she drifted off to blissful sleep.

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