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I didnt see THAT on the menu

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Last Saturday nite my girlfriend and I were meeting a couple to go to a local bar for a few drinks and to listen to a group of musicians perform acoustical folk music. Needless to say, our friends are swingers, too.

We got to the place about 9 PM or so and it was pretty dead. It's a small place, out in a rural county, well known to the locals but not to too many people out of the area. This was the first nite the owner was trying to have some entertainment. There were only one or two other people in the place along with the guys who were performing. We ordered a few drinks and some bar snacks and hung out for a while. The owner, who our friends knew for a long time, came in and relieved the bartender who had been on duty. We struck up a conversation with him and just hung out enjoying the music.

Of course, the conversation turned to sex, like it always does, and my buddy started talking a little too loudly. The owner told him to keep it down, as he was trying to maintain a "family friendly" atmosphere, but he sat at the bar with us and chatted. Well, we sat and drank and carried on until the group finished at about 11 PM and left. By now everyone else had left, too. It was just us two couples and the owner. The owner stated that he would probably close up at midnite and we continued to hang out until then. At about midnite, he locked the doors and closed the curtains and started to clean up. My girlfriend and my buddy's wife helped him clean the floor and bar, and the talk continued about sex. (of course)

About that time my buddy says "Let's do some pussy shots!" and puts his wife up on the bar counter. She stripped off her tight fitting blue jeans and laid back positioning her legs up in the air so her pussy was exposed. He put a shot glass in her pussy, filled it with Jack Daniels, and drank it down, spilling some on her pink snatch and legs. My girl started licking up the spillage and decided she wanted to do pussy shots too, so she dropped her pants and got on the bar. Now, I knew what was coming next, since I knew that my girl loves having her pussy licked, but she also loves to suck, of course she lays over the bar with her head hanging and her mouth open eager for some cock meat! My buddy immediately obliged, getting on the other side of the bar and stuffing her mouth with his prick. At the same time, his wife began eating my girl's pussy and my buddy poured some peach schnapps down her stomach and cunt and into his wife's mouth. She thought my girl had squirted (because she does occasionally!) and started to lap up all the liquid. She looked up and said "Oh! Peach schnapps!!" I told her that if my girl could squirt peach schnapps I would be a millionaire!!

By now I had my pants off, as did the owner of the bar. Neither of the girls had ever done him before, and my girl checked out his cock, which was nice and thick and with balls hanging as though full of cum!. My buddy's wife started to suck his dick and work it, while my girl went to the end of the bar where my buddy was stroking his hard rod. She bent over and invited him to fuck her, which he did as he entered her juicy pussy from behind and began pumping her. My pal's wife invited me to the party and she began stroking my meat and taking turns sucking the owner's cock and my cock. She told my girl to come over so that they could both suck three cocks and my hottie got behind the bar and began working the owners balls while my pal's wife sucked and licked his shaft. The ladies took turns passing his meat back and forth between them and stroking and caressing my cock and balls, until they moved on to me. By now they were taking turns on my cock, my pal's cock, and the owner's cock and we were enjoying ourselves.

My girl assumed a position on a bar stool and my pal's wife began eating and licking her pussy. She has a pierceing through her clit hood and my pal's wife was sucking on it and licking it and my girl was moaning with pleasure. Every so often, she would take time out from the pussy licking to turn her head left or right to suck my dick or the owner's dick. In between she kept lapping that sexy pussy and simultaneously stroking my cock and the owners cock, while I bent over and sucked by girls beautiful tits and the owner reached down and stroked my pal's wife's hot tits.

Next, my buddy lay back on a bar stool and the ladies worked his hard cock, sucking and licking his shaft, head, and balls. Myself and the owner stroked our meat while we waited our turn. My buddy's wife then turned her attention on the owner, getting down on her knees in front of him and taking his pulsing cock rod all the way down her throat. She had her hair pulled up and he held that pile of hair and forced her to deep throat his big cock, and she readily accepted the challenge. My girl continued to suck on my buddy's dick until he decided that he needed to help his wife a little. He went over and got behind her and held her head while the owner pumped his meat into her mouth. By now I had sat down and was getting head from my hottie, who was watching the cock sucking action out of the side of her eye. Soon, she was so worked up she stopped sucking my meat, but continued to stroke it while she yelled "Yeah, girl! You go! Suck that fucking cock!" as she encouraged my pal's wife to keep working the owners hard rod. My pal let go of his wife and the owner grabbed the back of her head again and continued to deep throat her face with his member, all the while my girl yelling "yeah! suck that fucking cock!, oh, yeah, that is so hot, suck that fucking cock girl!!"

The owner soon began to moan in pleasure as his load built up for release. He grabbed my pal's wife by the back of the head and let loose a long, hard cumshot down her throat and filling her mouth. She sucked and swallowed eagerly and dripped some down her chin. The owner reached back to a dining room table and took a napkin for under her chin to wipe up the cum running from her mouth. My girl was yelling "Oh, yeah! that is soooooo hot!".

Well, my buddy's wife now sat down on the floor and leaned back on the palms of her hands to let the cum flow down her throat and to take a rest....she thought! I immediately straddled her and put my thick cock into her mouth and began pumping. Soon, she was taking a nice face fucking, my hard cock disappearing between her pretty lips while her sexy tits bounced with every stroke. My girl was leaning back sitting on a barstool playing with her juicy pussy and piercing and continued to lead the cheering with screams of "Go girl! Suck that fucking cock!".

I pulled out of her face and went over to the bar stool and slid my meat into my girl's soaked pussy and began fucking her hot, pink snatch. My buddy took his wife into the ladies room and was pounding her in there when the mood was broken by someone trying to get into the bar. It was still prior to the normal 2 AM closing time, and a passerby had decided to stop to see if it was still open. The doors were locked, and the curtains pulled, but you could still see light from outside. The owner told us all to shut up (hard to do with all the moaning and screaming and cumming going on !) and to be quiet and still until they left. They tried the door, but found it locked and soon we heard the car pulling away, but by then the session was over!!

We all agreed it was a great time! A spontaneous orgy when all we expected was a few drinks, some snacks, and a relaxing evening of music....nice!

Anyway, we all appreciated the "hot chicks" (I know the owner will know what that means!) and we will be back to see what else is served up that is not listed on the menu!

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