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Husband doesn't fix car, Wife gets "Fixed"

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Terri was hot! She was pissed! Angry doesn't descrbie accurately what Terri was feeling, this hot,humid,day. The 34 year old housewife, who had no kids, she stood about 5-6, brown hair, green eyes, and an ass that would make any man turn his head to get a second look. Her tits were "proportinate", or so had been said by men around town, all of whom had down whatever they could to get a peek at her lusciousness.

She had told her husband numerous times her Lincoln was leaking anti-freeze, and he still had failed to get it fixed.

Andy, her 36 year old husband had been busy running his convenience store, which kept her supplied with money, a nice house, and a nice car, but recently, he had fired some employees and he was keeping a much closer eye on its operations, and hadn't had a chance to take her car in.

"Well, if I can get it to dad's, I'll get his friend,Joe, to fix it," she told Andy that morning. "Hopefully it will make it 225 miles," she added.

Andy checked the radiator and the hoses, added some anti freeze, finding nothing obviously out of whack and kissed her good bye, saying,"I love you, I'll see you when you get back."

She had driven the Lincon about 100 miles and was about 15 miles from the next town, when, it overheated, and just died, with smoke coming from the hood. Now, the young, gorgeous, housewife was pissed.

"Shit,I guess I'll walk. I used to do it all time," she said, "dayum bastard, he should have fixed the dayum thing."

Terri had walked probably less than half a mile when a brand new chevy pick up stopped and offered her a ride. The two guys, well, they looked, "honest, trustworthy," she thought, "well, actually kind of cute," she smiled in her mind.

The young wife, knowing it would be hot, had dressed for comfort. White shorts, pink top that showed her naval ring, flip flops, sun glasses, she looked really good, sexy.

"I'm Gene," the driver said, "this is Stan," he added. Stan let her slied in the middle in between them. She explained her name was Terri and she needed to get that car to the next town to be repaired.

"No problem," Gene said, pushing a button on his cell phone,calling his buddy who owned a wrecker. "I'll take care of it," he told his friend.

The three carried on a good conversation, all three laughing, and from time to time, actually touching each other as they laughed. Terri was "very" comfortable with Gene and Stan, both 40, and she always had been fascinated with older men.

Gene's phone rang as they got to town, and the mechanic had told his friend it would be several hours before the car was ready, it needed a water pump and a belt, and Gene didn't even ask Terri, he told him, "well, fix it, you can't do that talking to me on the phone," e laughed.

He explained to Terri the stiuation and said,"let's eat some steak up here, and see how long we can take," he said laughing, trying to sneak a peak at Terri's luscious tits.

Terri hadn't laughed like this in several months, and was really "loving" the attention the two men were giving her. She explained she was married, and that her "ass" of a husband had plenty of time to fix that car, and he just kept "putting it off!"

The three were sitting in a corner booth that had one of those curves in it, Terri in the middle. Something was said, Gene looked off, and Stan looked right into her green eyes, and Terri looked back, and in a "very" brave move, Stan let his lips touch hers.

Stunned, Terri turned and looked at Gene, who now was looking her right in the eyes, and she kissed him.

"Wow,I never did that before," she laughed,"I'm married, I guess I shouldn't have," she said plainly.

"Well,it's ok sweetie, look, we still have three or four more hours," Stan said seductively, "you could use a shower, so could we, so let's get a room down here, and get to know each other a 'little better,'" he smiled, leaning and kissed her again, this time putting his arm around her neck. She couldn't resist returning his kiss.

"Wow, you are a good kisser," she said smiling.

"So, we going to get that room or sit here and stare at each other?," Stan asked.

"Well, I don't know. Shit, what the hell!." Terri said, "I have never cheated, but hell, he never put things off like fixing the car before," she said, "fuck it, let's go."

In less than ten minutes, Terri, Gene,and Stan, were naked in a very cool motel room. Stan got naked and Terri saw the largest cock she had ever seen in her life.

"Dammed. That thing's huge!I don't know if I can handle that, but I sure as hell want to try," she laughed, putting the tip of his cock in her mouth, moving her tongue around the head.

Gene was feeling of her thighs and ass, and she felt him put some ky jelly in her ass, and while her ass was tight, and at first his fingers felt uncomfortable, as he continued, it made her even wetter, even hornier.

Stan removed his cock from her mouth and lay her on the bed. "God, I am gonna love this," Terri smiled, her eyes, her body, in a total state of lust.

Gene then put his cock, not quite as big as Stan's in her mouth, and she moaned with delight, slurping all his cock she could, as Stan played with her tits, making her squirm, making her wetter and wetter, than she felt something at her pussy, and Gene was standing to the side of the bed, his cock in her mouth, Stan was now licking the young house wife's pussy making her squirm, and moan, "mmmmmmmmmmm," she continued to moan.

The two men took turns fucking the young,horny housewife, making her scream in delight, "God, I love this, God, I needed this," she continued to scream, loving the tastes and feel of two strange cocks.

The men would get limp and she would caress and suck their cocks back to hardness, she loved getting fucked. Not until today had she realized she and Andy hadn't had sex in months, and "God, I needed it," she told the men.

The two men now were taking turns fucking her in the ass, which she loved dearly, "God, this is the first time ever in the ass, shit, that feels good," she screamed.

During a break in the sex, she knew Gene had called someone, she really didn't care, and soon there was a knock on the door.

For a moment Terri was stunned, but Gene told her, "it's ok, it's all right,don't worry," he said, and opened the door.

In walked the most gorgeous female Terri had ever seen, yet, she looked familiar. Come to find out, it was her high school spanish teacher, Danielle, she was now allowed to call her. As the five feet four beauty stripped her clothes, Terri didn't know what to expect, as she had never been with a woman. Gene and Stan had tied her to the bed, she could go no where, and Stan muffed her remarks by kissing her, sticking his tongue in her mouth, which he had found, she loved!

"Terri,Terri, say, I am a fucking slut," Danielle said.

Terri was stunned, she was speechless and she couldn't move. She was hot, yet her pussy was very wet, she wanted to run, but she couldn't. She wanted one of those cocks, and could do nothing but squirm.

"I said, Terri, Terri, say, I am a fucking slut," Danielle repeated, firmly.

In a shaky voice, Terri finally uttered, "I am a fucking slut."

"I knew that," Danielle smiled. "I watched you suck two foot ball players underneath the bleachers your senior year in high school," you little slut.Because I was a teacher, I couldn't join in, you little bitch," she smiled.

Danielle was now on the bed, touching Terri a little bit of everywhere, driving Terri absolutely wild, causing her to squirm, uncontrollably.

Gene was now sucking on Terri's toes, causing her to moan, "mmmmmmm, God," she said several times, almost screaming.

Danielle worked her lips down from Terri's tits to her pussy and began working on the young wife's pussy, sending a thrill through her like she'd never had. Danielle, with her magical tongue, brought Terri to several hard orgasms, then while she was fucking Stan, Gene once again fucked the young housewife hard, while she was still tied up.

Before Terri was untied, she shaved the young wife's pussy, much to Terri's delight, both men fucked her again, with Danielle eating their cum from her pussy, they all showered, Terri got her car, all that fucking, dinner, and it cost her absolutely nothing.

In the diary in her mind she wrote, "my car got fixed," and so did I.

Now, Terri goes to see her dad more often, making sure she stops to see Gene and Stan and their friend Danielle.

Since that day, she has also fucked two of Stan's buddies, and one of Danielle's bi friends, and truly is a very "happy" slut, when in their presence.

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