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How it all started

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How it All Started

First let me tell you a little about Linda and I. We are both in our mid-50?s, she is 56 and I am 57. We have been married for 38 years and have been involved in the swinging lifestyle for about 30 of those 38 years (so much for the argument that swinging will ruin a marriage). I think that one of the most important things to make a marriage last is the realization your mate is your friend and not your possession. They can enjoy all forms of entertainment that life has to offer and still remain your sole mate.

Young couples today have it so much easier to find and enjoy the lifestyle than we did when we first got started. Back then we didn?t have the Internet with a number of swingers sites to find other like-minded couples. When we first got started we used the classified sections of some swinger magazines and snail mail to contact other couples. We would have to send a letter to the magazine with a Polaroid picture and they would forward it to the couples we were trying to reach. It would take weeks before you would hear back from them and start a correspondence. Not like today when you can chat with another couple in a swingers chat room and get together with them by the next weekend.

Linda and I started going out together during my first year in college, which was her senior year in high school. She was a virgin when we started going out and my sexual experience was limited to nothing more that a little backseat romance in high school. We were really the first for each other in a true sexual since. Which is good and bad in a way because of the fact that we were so naive about sex Linda was pregnant within six months of us getting together. We started going out in June and were married the following February and had our first child the following July.

I left school and got a job. We both settled down to the family life of working paycheck to pay check trying to make ends meet. I finished my degree going to night school and working during the day. The next eight years flew by with not much of anything going on except for work and school. I found myself about eight years after we were married with a degree, a wife and three kids. That?s when the thoughts started entering my head wondering what I?ve missed in life by getting married at such a young age.

I wanted to experience life but I was in love with Linda and didn?t want to do anything to endanger losing her or the kids. Although she didn?t say anything about it looking back on it I think Linda was having some of the same thoughts I was. I don?t know about young guys today but back then we were so dumb about so many things. We really thought that we were the only ones that enjoyed sex and women just went along with it to make us happy. Or at least that?s how I felt about it.

There is no denial in the fact that I wanted to experience sex with other women but a thought that kept coming into my mind was the thrill and sexual excitement I felt with the idea of seeing Linda having sex with another man. Swinging, as we know it today was such a well kept secrete back then that I was beginning to think I must be a little strange to be turned on by such thoughts. It was something that was only talked about as a joke and how sick wife swappers must be. At least in the small town I was from that?s how it was.

The fact that we lived in a small town with small town attitudes probably didn?t help much either. But with the feeling I was having getting to the point I decided to see if I couldn?t make them become more than just a fantasy. The only question in my mind was just how I was going to do this. After all I was still of the mindset that sex was a male urge not shared by the women in our lives. It would have been so much easier if I would have had somebody to talk to about it but that wasn?t the case. I was also not going to be real up front with Linda about it until I had some way of knowing how she felt about it.

I had found a swingers magazine that had a forums section with stories written by couples about there swinging encounters. There were stories about 3-somes, 4-somes and swingers parties that turned out to be orgies. I introduced one of these magazines to Linda one night in bed and we read some of the stories together. I was encouraged by the fact that she was as turned on by them as I was. We talked or should I say I talked to her about how exciting it must be to engage in some of the sexual situations we were reading about. But Linda was reluctant saying stuff like that doesn?t really happen to people like us in the real world. She also expressed concern over how such activities would effect our reputation among our friends and family. In short yea it was intriguing to her but not enough to actively try to engage in it. We did continue to read the stories in bed together frequently but made no real moves to make my fantasies become realities.

Linda and I did have an active social life, even if it was a small town social life. We made it to a number of social events and had a number of friends we would go out with. None of them I would feel the least bit comfortable with sharing my sexual fantasies with for fear they would think I was a pervert. Our closest friends at this time were David and Pam. David was a couple years younger than I was but we both worked in the same profession so we spent a lot of time together.

Dave and I formed a close friendship over a period of time. We started spending more and more time together fishing, hunting and playing golf so it was natural that our wife?s started to spend more time together also. About once or twice a month we would have dinner together and genuinely enjoyed the time the four of us spent together. There was a lot of teasing and flirting between the four of us but I never thought anything about it. I was still of the mindset that if we were going to find a couple to explore some of the things I was fantasizing about it would have to be a couple from out of town that we didn?t know.

We invited Dave and Pam over for dinner one night like we had done so many times in the past. Dave and I enjoyed a beer or two while we cooked the steaks on the grill in the back yard. Linda and Pam busied themselves in the kitchen talking about who knows what. With the kids over at Linda?s parents we had the house to ourselves. After dinner the four of us found ourselves in the living room each with a glass of wine talking about nothing in particular and everything in general just good friends enjoying each other?s company.

David suggested that it might be fun to play some cards. We had spent many night?s together playing cards such as gin or some game that we could team up against one another. I said that sounds like fun what would you guys like to play. We had all had a few drinks and were all in a good mood. Dave said why don?t we play strip poker. Everybody laughed and the girls objected but not very strongly. I thought Dave was joking and I decided to play along with him and chimed in that I thought it sounded like fun. I left Dave arguing with the girls in the living room and got a deck of cards. I then started cleaned off the kitchen table still thinking that we would windup playing gin or something.

David helped me clear off the kitchen table and we had just set down when the women came into the kitchen. Linda looked at Dave and said, ?Ok, really what are we going to play?? Dave smiled back at her and said strip poker. Linda looked over to Pam for support and Pam just shrugged her shoulders. She said ok let them have there fun but we are going to set up the rules. Pam said the first rule was that the women were going to decide when the game was over and they were not going to go any further than just down to their panties and bras. She looked over at Linda and said I don?t think we have anything to worry about we?ve both seen these guys play cards before and nether one of them are any good at it.

I couldn?t believe what was going on, I had dreamed about seeing Pam nude but never thought it would happen. Although I did think there was a chance I might get to see Pam nude tonight I didn?t think in my wildest fantasies that it would go any further than that. I got up and opened a fresh bottle of wine while grudgingly Pam and Linda set down at the table.

We started to play and slowly but surly the clothes started coming off. It didn?t seem like it took all that much time before Pam was down to just a lace bra and sheer see through panties. She made the comment to Dave that if she had known he was going to want to play this she wouldn?t have worn such skimpy underwear. I told her that I didn?t have any problem at all with what she was wearing. She shot me a look and said ?who asked you and keep your eyes to yourself? of course she said it with a smile and I could tell she was joking.

I was trying to be cool and not stare at Pam?s breast or look too obvious about trying to get a glimpse of her pussy through the almost transparent panties she was wearing. I leaned over to fill her wine glass and glanced down between her legs. As I did she shifted position a little to where her legs were facing towards me. She slowly spread her legs as she reached for her glass. Then in a very cool voice said you look a little shaky there be careful not to spill any. With that Linda bust out laughing. I must have turned a little red and felt like a little boy that had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I looked up and she was looking me in the eye with a smile on her face.

Over the next few hands Pam was a little luckier that the rest of us. Dave and I were both down to our shorts and Linda was also now down to panties and bra. Linda after taking off her shorts claimed that this was enough and that we should stop now. Dave and I both protested saying that we wanted to continue the game. Pam chimed in telling Linda that she had nothing to worry about and it would serve Dave and me right to lose our shorts to the girls. Linda agreed and the game continued. Pam added that when they got us down to nothing on at all they should make us serve them the rest of the night in the nude.

Well as it turned out Linda and Pam both lost their panties and bras on the next hand. Linda protested again saying that the game was over that Pam and her were not going to stripe for us. Dave and I both vigorously protested saying we were all adults and that they lost so they needed to pay up. Pam laughed and told Linda that they should give the boys a treat. She also told Linda that it would make Dave?s night to see her nude he has had the hots for her ever since he has known her. Linda smiled and said that I would feel the same about seeing her nude.

My cock was so hard that it hurt. I am about eight inches and about three and a half around. By the time the girls stood up to remove their panties and bras my cock was sticking out of the top of my shorts and throbbing. I was sure Linda was doing this only because we had goaded her into it and would have never done it if we hadn?t had. I thought right up to the time she stood up that she wasn?t into this kind of thing. As she stood up something changed my mind about that though. I had been paying so much attention to Pam that I hadn?t looked that closely at Linda until she stood up. Then I noticed that her nipples were as hard as little rocks and visibly protruding through her bra. As I looked down her body to her white silk panties I noticed a big wet spot in the area covering her pussy. There was no denying the fact that she was as turned on as I was over the prospect of revealing her nude body to Dave. I?m also sure that Dave did not miss this fact as he looked at Linda and smiled.

Pam went first; she reached behind her unsnapping her bra and pulling it forward off her beautiful tits. Pam I would say had about 36C?s that stood out proud in front of her. I couldn?t tell until she removed her bra but her nipples were also hard and erect. Once Pam started removing her bra Linda followed suit in removing hers. Both girls made it one quick step from the bra to their panties, pulling them down their legs and steeping out of them. They then stood up rather modestly looking from Dave to me and back again. Linda spoke up first and said ok you guys got what you wanted now can we get dressed again. David laughed and said not just yet we haven?t got a good look at you yet, you are going to have to let us admire you a little more before you cover it up again.

With that David moved his chair back a little and motioned for Linda to come over to him. Linda at the time was about 5?3? and 115 lbs. She had 36C breasts and a great figure that up until then no other man other than me had had the opportunity to enjoy. Dave held out his hand to Linda and she walked over to him. He slowly had her turn around in front of him admiring her body. Wow he said you are even sexier than I thought you were. He reached out his hand and started to stroke her body starting at her hips and moving up her body.

I was watching Dave and Linda in a state of awe and bliss when I heard Pam say ?I told you he had the hots for her?. This brought me back to the real world and I looked over at Pam. Who was looking at me and smiling in a knowing sort of way. I held out my hand to her and said that Dave wasn?t the only one to have the hots for somebody. Pam chuckled and replied oh does somebody else have the hots for somebody. I just smiled at her and said come here and let me see that sexy body of yours. Pam curtsied and steeped over to me. When she was beside me she slowly turned around letting me enjoy her body. Her and Linda were about mirror images of each other as far as size and weight. I admired her body and reached out to stroke her. My hand found it?s way up her body and I tweaked her nipples. She smiled and looked down to my crotch. Hmmm she murmured what do we have here, it looks like you are enjoying what you?re seeing. She reached down while saying that it wasn?t fair that I got to see all of her and she didn?t get to see all of me. She lightly pinched the head of my cock that was protruding out of my shorts, she then wrapped her hand around my cock stroking it and gliding her hand down the shaft and under my shorts. My eyes shut in a moment of heavenly bliss only to have them shot open again with the thought of what is Linda going to say when she sees Pam with her hand wrapped around my cock.

When I looked over to see what Linda and Dave were doing my concerns faded immediately. Linda?s had her arm wrapped around Dave?s head holding him to her breast as he was sucking on one of her nipples. Dave had a hand between her legs and what looked like at least two fingers probing her now very wet pussy. I could hear a sloshing sound as he pounded his fingers in and out of her. Linda was moaning with her head held back, her eyes shut and her legs spread giving Dave full access to her pussy.

The sight of Linda and Dave turned me on even more than I thought it would when I had fantasized about seeing her with another man. I was so entranced watching Dave and Linda that I didn?t even fully realize that I was raising my hips off the chair and Pam was sliding my shorts off. After she pulled them off Pam knelt down in front of me and said ?you seem to be enjoying the two of them playing why don?t you just enjoy them for a while while I enjoy this for a while?. With that she lowered her mouth onto my throbbing cock. I enjoyed the feeling of my cock being suck all the way into her warm wet mouth as she lowered her head and took my cock into her throat. Now Linda gives great head but I have found nobody before or since that give head as good as Pam does she has a real gift for it and really gets turned on by doing it. Pam was doing things with her mouth and tongue that I have had no other woman equal.

I don?t know how long I had been enjoying the sight of my cock sliding in and out of Pam?s mouth before I looked over to see what Dave and Linda were now up to. When I did Linda was sitting on the table leaning back on her elbows. She had her legs dr*ped over Dave?s shoulders and he had his head between her legs eating her like she was a full course meal. There is no mistaking when Linda is about to cum and there was no mistaking the fact that she was at that state now. I knew I couldn?t last much longer watching Linda with Pam?s mouth on my cock before I shot my load also. I told Pam that she had better slow down a little bit that I was about to cum. Pam raised her head off my cock and smiled at me. She replied with ?don?t you think I can get it up again after I get it off?. I love the taste of cum go ahead and cum baby I?ll get it up again I?m not close to being done with this cock yet. She lowered her mouth back onto my cock again just as Linda was screaming out she was cumming.

Linda reached down and pulled Dave?s head firmly onto her pussy as she ground her pussy into his face. Her ass was coming off the table in jerks as she let go to the feeling. I could hear Dave slurping her juices as wave after wave of pleasure passed through her body. I couldn?t hold back any longer. I placed a hand behind Pam?s head and thrust my cock as far into her mouth as I could and started shooting spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. Pam hungrily swallowed as she tried to keep up with the juices I was feeding her. She stayed at it until my cock slowly stopped twitching then she softly started licking my saliva and cum soaked cock trying to get every last drop of cum. Then she removed her lips from my cock looked up at me and smiled. MMMMM that was good she said as she slid a finger across the edge of her lips wiping away a strand of cum. Then she slid her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. She smiled again and said now lets get this cock hard again big boy I haven?t cum yet and your going to have to fuck me to make that happen. I had never heard Pam say a swear word in the two years that I had known her and to hear her tell me that she wanted me to fuck her in those words was a major shock as well as a major turn on.

Dave was still in the mood because he hadn?t cum yet and once Linda reaches her high she can keep going as long as somebody can keep up with her. After she came back to earth again she slowly raised Dave?s head from Between her legs and eased herself off the table. She knelt down in front of Dave and lowered his shorts down his legs letting him step out of them. As Dave stood before her naked with his cock pointed straight up she eased forward and took it into her mouth. He put a hand behind her head as she slowly bobbed up and down on his cock. But Dave had something else in mind for her. He reached down and lifted her to her feet. He then turned her around and eased her forward bending her over the table. She spread her legs and leaned forward resting her elbows on the table and pushed her ass back toward Dave. Dave moved up behind her and reached down taking his cock in one hand and rubbing the head against her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as he slid his cock into her. In one firm stroke he had his cock buried to the hilt into the pussy that had only known one cock up to that point and time. Linda moaned in pleasure as Dave entered her and gasps with every thrust he made. Almost in a trancelike state she told him ?yes fuck me, fuck me hard and make me cum again with that hard cock of yours?. She never uses that kind of language except for very rare occasions when she is really turned on.

By this time my cock was fully erect again. Pam true to her word had it up and ready to go in no time. Watching Linda and Dave I?m sure had a little to do with it but what ever it was I was ready for some more. I reached down grabbing Pam under her arms and lifter her up. I looked at her beautiful sexy face and told her I wanted to taste her pussy. She smiled and set up on the table, she spread her legs and said come and get it then with a chuckle. I knelt down in front of her and placed her legs over my shoulders and lowered my head between her legs. I lightly nipped at her inner thigh before licking the area between the thigh and lip of her pussy. I soon found out the Pam is the type of woman that isn?t shy about telling a man what she wants or needs. She put both of her hands on either side of my head and tilted it back to where I was looking up at her after a short period of time. She smiled and told me that she didn?t need any formalities she was turned on and wanted to fell my tongue in her pussy and my lips sucking her clit. You wish is my command I told her. I lowered my head back to her pussy and drove my tongue as far into her as I could. As I started fucking her with my tongue I could hear her breath start coming in short gasps. She held my head pulling me into her. I continued working on her pussy until I heard her gasp and scream ?oh yes please don?t stop I?m cumming?. As her pussy started overflowing with her juices I rose up just a little and sucked her clit between my lips as hard as I could. I sucked on her clit like it was a small cock as she ground her pussy into my face.

I let her ride her orgasm out on my face until her breathing became almost normal. Then I kissed my way up her body. Stopping to give a little tong probe to her naval before working my way up to her tits. I licked, kissed and sucked each nipple before continuing up to her beautiful face. When I reached her face I gave her a deep kiss to which she responded by sucking on my tong. I was standing before her with my cock twitching in front of her pussy. Pam reached between us and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I put my arms around her and grabbed an ass check in either hand. I pushed my hips forward as I pulled her into me. In one quick motion I had all eight inches on my cock buried in her pussy. She let out a gasp and grabbed me around the waist pulling me into her as she wrapped her legs around me. There was no pretext on either of our parts this was fucking for the state of cumming and it was going to be hard fast and deep. Pam?s mouth was open and she would let out a gasp and little moan every time I slammed my cock into her.

As I fucked Pam I looked over at Linda and Dave. Both their bodies were starting to glisten with sweat as they pounded their bodies together. Linda now had her hands on the table, she held her head back with an almost a snarl on her lips. Her back was arched and she would thrust her ass back to meet every thrust Dave was making into her pussy with an equal thrust into him driving his cock as deep into her pussy as she could. This went on and on for I don?t know how long. Dave was thrusting his cock into Linda?s pussy, each time he did his pubic area would slap against her ass making a slapping sound that was echoing through the kitchen. I was mirroring every one of his thrusts with my own into Pam?s pussy. Finally Dave moaned and grabbed Linda tightly by her hips pulling her into him as he thrust his cock as deep into her pussy as he could. He then held his cock firmly into her as he started to cum without moving. When Linda felt the first squirt of his cum hit the inside of her pussy she pushed her ass back against him as hard as she could and started to cum also. She opened her eyes and looked into my eyes as she let wave after wave of passion pass through her body. When she did I started to cum into Pam?s pussy in a passion I didn?t know was possible. Pam thrust her body into mine wrapping her legs around my waist as she started to cum also. Pam let out a series of rapid moans, as she was cumming. She rapped her arms around my neck raised her lips to mine and drove her tong into my mouth. As we kissed she continued to moan and whimper as her pussy was convulsing on my cock. I held her tightly as we both came down from our pleasurable highs.

My legs were feeling weak as I lowered Pam?s ass back onto the table. As I did my cock slipped out of her pussy with a plopping sound, which made her laugh. She slowly let her arms slid away from my neck as we both started to regain normal breathing again. Oh that was very nice she said after a few minutes why did we wait so long to do it? The only answer I could come up with was a lame ?you got me?. Which she chuckled about and gave me a light tender kiss.

I looked back across the table at Dave and Linda. They were now both standing, with Linda still in front of Dave. Dave had his arms around her and was lightly massaging her breast and tweaking her nipples. Nobody said anything for a few minutes then Linda moved forward slowly freeing Dave?s now semi-hard cock from her pussy. She asked to be excused saying she had to freshen up a little. To which Pam said she too was in the need of a little freshening up. With a peck on the check for both Dave and I from each other?s wife the two girls headed down the hallway.

I went to the refrigerator to get Dave and I a beer. I gave him a beer then set down on the opposite side of the table where Pam and I had been a few minutes before. Nether of us said anything for a few minutes we just set there and kind of processed our own thoughts. Dave and I were good friends and had known each other for a few years but sitting nude in my kitchen drinking a beer after just fucking each other?s wife was a new experience. Finely Dave said well what are you thinking, did you enjoy it. I thought for a minute and replied, oh you know it was alright but fucking is so over rated. Dave laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. At about that point the girls were walking back into the kitchen. They were both wearing a small thigh high robe that saved them a little modesty but didn?t bother to cover much on either girl. Linda asked what was so funny. Dave replied to her, oh nothing you would have had to have been there.

I asked both girls if they wanted a beer or a glass of wine, they both said as dry as they were a beer was in order. Well their throats may have been dry but I was sure their pussies were still very wet. At about this point it dawned on me that Dave and I were still nude. Here we were with friends that we have known for years sitting around my kitchen table in the nude like it was the most natural thing in the world, life is good.

We must have talked for the better part of an hour as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. It seemed kind of strange as if nobody wanted to say anything about what had taken place less than an hour before. I excused myself to use the restroom and freshen up a little. When I returned I found Linda and Pam in the living room. Linda had got some blankets and pillows while I was out of the room and spread them out on the living room floor. She had also lit some candles and dimmed the lights so the room was cast in the flickering glow from the candles.

Linda and Pam were sitting in the middle of the room on the floor chatting when I walked into the room. I stood beside Linda not real sure what the girls had in mind for the rest of the evening. I reached down as I stood beside her and lightly placed my hand on her head. She responded by wrapping her arm around my leg and saying ?hi honey feel better?. I told her that I felt much better that I was refreshed and ready for what ever she had in mind. Oh yea she replied with a smile, then lifted her head up and took my cock into her mouth. After just a few minutes of her lips on my cock she had it standing at full attention again. Now I think your ready for what we have in mind she said with a giggle.

As Linda had my cock in her mouth Dave walked back into the room to join us. Hmmm he said when he saw us, it looks like the night isn?t over just yet does it. He stood on the other side of Linda and placed a hand on her shoulder. When she removed her mouth from my cock she looked over at Dave and said ?it looks like you could use a little attention also. With that she turned toward Dave and took his cock into her mouth. She did this but never let go of my cock which she was stroking while she was giving David head.

I gently pulled away from Linda and stepped over to Pam. As I stood in front of her she looked up at me, smiled and took my cock into her mouth. After a few minutes Pam removed her mouth from my cock and I set down beside her. I placed one arm around her and with the other hand I opened her robe and started stroking her pussy as we both watched Linda giving head to Dave. Linda now had Dave on his knees and she was on all fours in front of him with his cock in her mouth.

Pam leaned over and whispered in my ear asking me if Linda had ever had two men at the same time. I told her not that I know of unless she had when I wasn?t around. Pam smiled and said why don?t you give her a treat most women love the experience of two men. Why don?t you fuck her from behind while she is giving Dave some head. I moved over behind Linda and placed my hand between her legs and stroked her pussy. There was no need for much preliminaries because her juices were already running down her thighs. When Linda felt me behind her she spread her legs to grant me access but never removed her mouth from David?s cock. I moved between her legs and rubbed my cock back and forth over her pussy before it found it?s way into her. She moaned as I flexed my hips and slid my cock into her pussy in one quick motion. I hadn?t ever had my cock in such a wet pussy. With her juices and Dave?s load of cum from a little earlier it was so wet and felt so good it took my breath away.

As David, Linda and I were engaging in Linda and my first three-some Pam moved over to Dave. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply as Linda was sucking his cock. It didn?t take Linda long at all to come to a body shaking orgasm that left her breathless. She removed David?s cock from her mouth so she could breath. When she did I removed my cock from her pussy. I could have very easily cum in her but I wanted to have some more fun and didn?t want to spend myself so soon. So I moved over a little and told Dave that she was ready for him again. Pam looked at me and smiled, she had Dave?s cock in her hand and was stroking it when she said ?and he is also ready for her?. Dave knelt down and kissed Linda as he undid her robe and removed it from her body. Pam looked down at Linda and smiled then ask her if this was the first time she had tasted her pussy on a cock other than her hubbies. Linda just nodded her head and said in a low voice that this was the first time she had ever tasted a cock other than her hubbies period.

Dave eased Linda onto her back and got between her legs. As he did Linda reached down and as Pam and I watched guided his cock into her pussy. As we were watching I ran my hand up the back of Pam?s leg and started to rub her pussy. Her juices were running out of her and covered my fingers as soon as I touched her. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and worked them in and out of her as we enjoyed the show Linda and Dave were putting on for us.

Pam looked down at me through hooded eyes and smiled. She reached down and grabbed my wrist bringing my hand to her mouth. With her eyes locked on mine she slowly started to lick the fingers that had just been in her pussy. She then sucked one of my fingers into her mouth like it was a cock. When she removed it looked at me and said here taste it you?ll love the taste. With that she pushed my hand to my face and I licked her juices from it. When I looked back up at her I found her attention had again returned to Linda and Dave. She knelt down beside them and started very slowly and softly to stroke Linda?s arm and shoulder.

After a few minutes Pam moved her attention to Linda?s right breast. As Dave was pounding his cock in and out of Linda Pam started to gently trace her fingers around Linda?s nipple. She eased Linda?s nipple between her forefinger and thumb rubbing it back and forth. As Linda started approaching another orgasm Pam leaned down and took her nipple into her mouth and started sucking and licking it. While she started with her fingers on Linda?s left breast. It wasn?t long until Linda was screaming out her orgasm. When she did Dave stiffened, he jammed his cock as far into her as he could and came with her.

David?s cock started to soften a little and he eased it out of Linda and rolled off her lying beside her. Linda?s breathing had not yet returned to normal and she remained on her back with her legs spread after Dave rolled off her. Pam with her head still on Linda?s breast reached down between her legs and ran her finger over the length of Linda?s pussy. Hmmm look how red and sexy that pussy looks right after it?s been fucked she said to nobody in particular. Linda remained laid back and slowly started to close her legs. Pam placed a hand on her thigh and said oh no stay like that for a little longer I love the feel of you so wet and soft. With that Pam slowly eased a finger into her then pulled it out and rubbed a wet finger over Linda?s clit. When she did Linda let out and involuntary moan and her breathing started to accelerate. Pam eased herself between Linda?s wide spread leg to a place that her face was just inches from Linda?s pussy. She stuck her tongue out and licked Linda?s inner thighs. When she raised her head slightly she looked up at Linda and told her that she could taste her juices all the way down her thighs. Then she giggled and said oh I can see Dave?s cum coming out of it now. I love the taste of his cum and hate to waste it let me clean you up a little bit. With that Pam lowered her head and ran her tongue the length of Linda?s pussy. She went to work on it then in earnest as she started probing Linda?s pussy with her tongue and would only stop that to gently suck on her clit. Linda reached down with her eye?s tightly closes her breath coming again in sharp gasps and placed a hand on Pam?s head.

Watching Pam eat Linda was more that I could take. My cock was so hard it was starting to hurt and need some release. I moved behind Pam grabbed her by the hips and rubbed my cock between the cheeks of her ass. Then I lowered myself and brought my cock between her legs to where the head was pointed at the entrance of her pussy. Pam reached back with one hand took my cock and guided it into her. I felt the head slide in before I flexed my hips and drove it all the way into her. I started a slow deep motion of my cock sliding in and out of her. Working the tempo with that of her head bobbing up and down on Linda?s pussy. As her pace quickened so did my pace.

Dave moved around to where he was kneeling with his cock at Linda?s mouth. When she felt his cock touch her lips she opened her mouth and took about half of it in. Up until tonight Linda, who says she doesn?t like the taste of cum had refused to let me cum in her mouth or to suck me after we had sex. But tonight she took Dave into her mouth like a starving woman. Sucking and licking the length of his cock.

The scene was such a turn on for me that all I felt was the need to cum. I started driving my cock into Pam which in returned drove her mouth harder into Linda?s pussy. Dave?s cock was only semi-hard which was probably a good thing the way Linda?s mouth was moving around. I held Pam by the hips pulling her back into every one of my thrusts. I reached the point of no return, I held Pam firmly by the hips drove my cock as far into her pussy as I could and started to cum. When I did I heard Pam start to scream out her own orgasm followed in short order by Linda very vocal orgasm.

After we all came back to earth again and regained somewhat normal breathing Pam rolled from between Linda?s legs and put her head in Dave?s lap who was now sitting beside Linda. I moved up putting my arm under Linda?s head and held her closely. Nobody said anything for sometime we just laid together enjoying the closeness we all felt toward each other.

Finely I looked over at Dave and Pam and said this isn?t the first time you guys have done this with another couple is it. They both kind of looked at each other then Dave said no it?s not we have some friends we get together with from time to time a party with. Then he ask if we have ever done this before. I told him that we have talked about it but have never followed through with it until tonight. In fact we have been trying to come up with a way to bring it up with you guys for about a year now but didn?t know how and didn?t want to risk it endangering our friendship. Then I laughed and said I guess we wasted a year that we could have been having a lot of this kind of fun with you guys. He said they had the same fear about bringing the subject up with us also.

We set in the middle of our living room naked for about the next two hours talking about who they have partied with and swinging in general. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. To have two naked couples sitting in the middle of the floor talking about having sex with other couples. This started a new chapter in our friendship with David and Pam. After this night we attended a number of parties with them and continued to enjoy our friendship for the next twenty years. We felt so naive when we learned of some of the couples they party with on a fairly regular bases. I would have never guessed that most of them went in for this kind of fun. But I found out over the next few month that it was true because over time we found ourselves partying with all of them.

We really hope you enjoyed our story and if you would like to hear more of our adventures let us know we would be more that happy to share them with you. We have been in the lifestyle for almost 30 years now and have meet a number of great couples in it. We still enjoy having a good time with other couples it just seems to be a little harder to find couples who aren?t just looking for body beautiful types. We are a little older now but I can still get it up and she can still get it wet so we still have a lot of fun.

D and Linda

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