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How Far Will You Go For Business?

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We both work for the same company, a big public company that most of you would know. I?m the youngest Asst VP in the company and I work directly for the VP of Sales in the executive suite, while my wife works in the Financial Management department. I?m just over thirty while my wife is 28.

Both of us are pretty dedicated to making money and the company is where we?re going to make it. Last week I was called into my boss? office. A guy I?ve never seen before was sitting in his chair. He didn?t introduce himself, but said there?d been a development that he thought would offer me an opportunity. He said my boss was in Saudi Arabia negotiating a deal and they needed me to step up and take over finalizing the Japanese distribution deal for the Genesis product line.

He said I?d be meeting with the President of the Japanese company at our San Francisco resort and told me the sales team would brief me for the job. He said that there would have been a problem for me doing the job as an Asst VP, so they?d created an Asian Sales Division and made me the VP. He smiled when he said it, saying ?Don?t think it?s a promotion cuz it?s not. At least not yet. Get this sale and it may be.?

I met with the sales team and they told me that my wife and I would be flying to Seattle to pick up the Japanese executive, whose name was Hirohito Sazuki. They gave me a briefing on all of his habits and background. They knew everything about this guy ?wife, children, mistresses, golf handicap, handedness, and philosophy.

When we turned up at the plane the next day another company employee was waiting ? I?d seen her in the halls. Her name was Evelyn, but she told me that she?d be calling herself Susie for the job, since the Japanese had difficulty with Evelyn. I wondered if she was some sort of hooker, but my wife told me she worked in her department. We?ve been married for three years, but I still don?t know exactly what my wife does. She had a degree in business management and I know she does a lot of analysis. She?d probably smarter than I am though she doesn?t make as much money.

It was the first time I?d ridden in the big Gulfstream ? it was pretty sweet; lounge, sofas and very fast. I was pretty excited by the job, and so was Jia, my wife. She?d spent a year working in the Japanese office and spoke a few words of Japanese. We?d spent the entire day being briefed on the job, and I had a couple of inches of written material to master. There was a lot of pressure around the sale ? we?d been told our competitors were sniffing around and we knew that their current version of software was a step up on ours ? so we needed to lock down the deal now. Our new version wouldn?t be out for six months and we couldn?t use its features in the sales pitch. She was wearing a new outfit ? and though it covered her in some way it seemed much sexier than something she?d normally wear to work. It was only late that I realized why it seemed so sexy. It was made of very thin silk and she wasn?t wearing anything under it, so when she was sitting still, the fabric draping loosely it didn?t look remarkable, but the moment she moved her body was not soo subtly revealed. She has a remarkable body, slim in places but very curvy in others.

By the time we landed I felt ready for the job. I was comfortable with Susie. Her task was to entertain and keep the talk light. It was predicted that Hirohito wouldn?t want to talk details until breakfast on Sunday. The first fuckup happened almost immediately. We?d landed and we were being introduced to Hirohito.

I was supposed to be introduced first, Jia second and Susie third. Apparently the Seattle guys weren?t well briefed and then there was a coincidence that I hadn?t picked up on. Jia, my wife, had kept her own last name, while Susie?s last name happened to be the same as mine. The Seattle guy introduced Susie right after me as Susie Wilson, whereas Jia was introduced last. It became apparent that Hirohito thought Susie was my wife and that Jia was his escort.

Now the concept of ?face? had been drummed into us during the sales prep and this was a major opportunity for Hirohito to lose face ? but unfortunately the amount of face he?d lose kept on being compounded, especially after he put Jia?s arm into his. He let Jia walk up the steps to the plane in front of him and I could see his eyes fixed on the cheeks of her ass as the thin silk tightened across them. The two o?clock sun was shining from her front and it was obvious that he could see right through the silk. We boarded the plane and made small talk on the short flight to SFO. Jia had obviously picked up on the mistake and was making the best of it, though Susie seemed a little confused. I straightened her out, but told her I had no idea how we were going to handle this.

We arrived at the house, which was huge, probably about 25000 sq feet, overlooking the pacific over a tall bluff on one side and the eighteenth hole on the other. It had a spa and a gym as well as a full staff. Golf was next on the agenda with the girls acting as our caddies. It took some effort to lose convincingly by only two strokes, especially after I?d fucked up with a birdy on the sixteenth. The girls were wearing tennis gear and they both looked pretty good, though very different. Susie was tall, slim and brunette, and she contrasted with Jia?s blonde, shorter curvy figure. Jia was still not wearing any underwear and her big boobs were moving very freely under the polo shirt. I noticed that by the end of the golf game both Susie and Jia had undone the top two buttons on their shirts.

I hadn?t had much opportunity to talk to Jia, since Hirohito was sticking closer that glue to her. She spoke a little Japanese and she was apparently doing well as he seemed happy as a clam. Hirohito indicated he wanted to walk back to the house, so the girls followed at a discreet distance while we talked. Oddly he wanted to talk a little about Genesis. We talked only of superficial details, but then he looked at me and asked about the next generation product. It was clear that a little bit of industrial espionage had given him more information than had been released. I decided that the worst thing would be to get caught in a lie so I was straight up about what I knew.

Then he wanted to talk about Jia, and curiously about where I?d met my wife. He said that Jia had told him some details about our relationship that he found interesting. We arrived at the house and he told me we?d meet in the spa. I went up to change and found Jia packing her bag. ?I?ve got to move down the hall. If Hirohito were to see me sharing your room it would be a disaster.?

I said, ?That?s ridiculous.?

She looked at me and opened her phone, holding it out to me. ?I got a call from the CEO. He wants to talk to you.? She connected the call. I recognized his voice. ?Dan I hear you?ve gotten yourself in a bit of a situation. I can?t stress enough the responsibility on your shoulders. We need this deal. Make it happen Dan.?

I asked Jia what Hirohito meant when he said that Jia had told him details of my relationship with Susie. She smiled, ?Oh I told him you two were swingers. He was very interested in the concept. I figured it was going to be the only way I could get him to sleep with Susie.?

I was dumbfounded. I sat on the bed. ?This is the way we do business?? I felt sick at heart.

She took my face in her hands, ?Sweetheart, this is the way business is always done. It?s one of the things my department takes care of. Let?s get the sale made.?

She and Susie would meet us in the spa. The spa, I discovered, looked like what I remembered of a Japanese royokan ? every inn had common bathing area used by both men and women. The Japanese have little body modesty ? though I expected that Hirohito was accustomed to more modesty in western women. I met Hirohito in the living room and asked if he?d care to use the baths - we were talking of baths in Japan and he was promising me a treat when I visited. I took that as a good sign. We entered the bathing area. There were a couple of plunge pools and a hot pool that overlooked the ocean. There was an open dressing area and both of us started undressing, putting our clothes in the lockers. We?d just put on robes when the girls came in, laughing and chattering. Jia made some remark and she, Susie and Hirohito laughed.

Susie looked at me and said, ?I just commented that we arrived just in time, to make sure you didn?t climb into the water before being washed in the traditional way. I said I?d show Jia how it was done.?

The girls went behind a screen and emerged wearing robes. They directed us to two short stools over some wooden grating. Susie stood behind me and put her hands on the lapels of my robe. I slipped out of it and she walked over to the wall pegs to hang it. I sat on the stool. When Jia came back she had a bucket of water, a bar of soap and a coarse sponge, and oh, yeah, she was naked. Hirohito hadn?t turned around, but my jaw dropped.

I felt Susie?s hands on my shoulders and she said, ?relax, it?s OK.? She wet the sponge and started scrubbing my back and front. She had me stand up and knelt down to do my feet and then she used her hands to soap my genitals. I sat down abruptly to hide my growing erection.

She laughed and said, ?You can?t sit own it?s your turn to do me.? I was trying not to stare at Hirohito beside me. Jia was chattering to him, while soaping him with the sponge. After a minute I heard Jia make some remark to Susie in Japanese and they both laughed. She tapped Hirohito and he stood while she used the sponge to clean between his legs. I watched as she used her hands to work the soap into a lather and did a very thorough job of cleaning his genitals. I looked over at Jia while she was fondling Hirohito?s cock and she winked at me. I was disturbed but felt myself getting larger, a fact that Susie seemed to be enjoying. She poured bucket after bucket of hot water over me.

Hirohito looked at me and said, ?Very good, very thorough.? He laughed.

Jia said, something in Japanese and Hirohito said, ?They would like us to return the favor.?

I filled the bucket. Susie was sitting in front of me, her long back straight, her long brown hair held in a pony tail by a scrunchy. I worked some soap into the sponge and scrubbed. I didn?t really want to wash her chest, but she looked over her shoulder and said, ?Come on honey, don?t miss the fun bits.?

Her breasts were probably c cups, with small dark brown nipples. She had only a small landing strip of pubic hair. Hirohito was obviously missing no spots with his sponge on Jia. She had d cups, sometimes dd, and he was lifting each one with his sponge, clearly enjoying their weight. She stood, parting her legs slightly and he discarded the sponge, using his hands to make sure her body was soaped. I saw that she?d shaved off the small amount of pubic hair she normally wore.

I did the same to Susie, appreciating her had nipples. When I slipped my fingers between her legs I was surprised to feel a little slick moisture. I responded by getting embarrassingly hard, and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn?t make it go away. This had potential to cause a major problem. I?m quite a bit larger than normal and the Japanese have a reputation as being smaller than westerners.

I sneaked a peak and was happy to see that Hirohito was similarly aroused. I wondered if Jia had been wet as well. I was even happier to see that he was well endowed. Not as long, but perhaps thicker and it turned up at the end, like cocks I?d seen in Japanese woodprints. I caught myself. I was happy that fondling my wife?s body had made Hirohito hard? I started feeling angry at my own weakness. I should stop it immediately. Susie seemed to catch my mood and grabbed my shrinking cock. ?Pour water over me.?

I poured buckets of water over Susie as Hirohito did the same to Jia. She playfully held her breasts up for him to splash water over them. Jia then stood up, grabbed Hirohito by the cock and led him over to the hot pool overlooking the ocean. Susie walked over to the door and spoke to someone and appeared with a couple of large flasks of saki. She walked back to me and said, ?Dan, get a grip. Drink this, quick.?

I followed her over to the pool, and by the time I got there I suspected there had been something other than alcohol in my drink. Jia and Hirohito were in the water, which was near boiling hot. I sat down on the edge, watching Susie kneeling by the edge to pour them drinks. They toasted each other and Hirohito bowed to me as he toasted me. I snapped my fingers to Susie and she put a cup in my hand. I thought about slipping into the water, but it was just too hot. Susie surprised me by sliding in.

?I can?t believe you did that. It?s so damn hot.?

?It feels good. How are you feeling??

I leaned down. ?What did you put in my drink??

?Nothing that?ll harm you. You need to have some fun.? She pulled me into the water. I watched Hirohito chatting to Jia. Her back was to him and I saw her eyes widen. I suspected that his fingers were inside her. I started to move towards them, but felt Susie push me in the chest. I didn?t know what was in that drink but it was coursing through my veins. I pushed myself up out of the water. I think I intended to leave, but Susie pushed my legs apart and I felt her mouth on my cock. Jia gives a great blowjob but I?d never felt anything like this. I looked up to see Hirohito and Jia watching us. I was sure, somewhere in my mind, that this was not recommended culturally accepted behavior. Susie was supposed to be my wife.

I pushed her back, laughing. Unfortunately this had the effect of giving both Jia and Hirohito a close-up look at my completely hard cock. Hirohito said something in guttural Japanese and both women laughed. Jia looked at me and said, ?Hirohito says you obviously have a strong marriage and that your male member is very admirable.?

I slipped back into the water and a hiss escaped my lips. My head was swimming with the heat. I wondered what to say. I said, ?Thank you. I was impressed with your virility as well.?

Whatever was in my drink had both aroused and relaxed me. I guess in response to my remark Hirohito lifted himself from the water and sat on the edge of the pool. I had this thought that Susie was going to go over and arouse him as well, but then I realized that in fact Jia had moved between his legs. I felt like saying something, but Susie was holding another small cup to my lips. I drank and then felt Susie?s hard nipple brushing my lips. I took it in and my hand moved between her legs, finding her small hard clit. I don?t know how long I was pre-occupied with her body, but I remembered what was going on on the other side of the tub and pushed her away. Hirohito was leaning back on his hands and Susie was out of the tub, squatting beside him. His cock was hard, and his hands were grasping one breast while his mouth played with a nipple. Jia sat back up and said something to Susie in Japanese.

Jia waded across the pool and turned to me. ?Come and admire.?

This was odd, but whatever was in those drinks was making me feel all right. I waded over and slipped out of the tub to sit beside Hirohito. Susie said, ?Yours is longer but his is thicker.?

?And your member turns up in a way that I would think would satisfy a woman.? I couldn?t believe the words had slipped out of my mouth, but what was really bizarre was that I was excited at the idea of seeing his cock.

Jia brought us all fresh cups of sake and we sat there companionably, watching our erections shrink. We slipped back into the pool and Susie rang a small handbell. Servants brought a low table, set it and brought platters of food. They left and we got out and dried ourselves. The cushions were arranged, and I lay on my side while Susie brought me food. The temperature of the room was warm and after a few more cups of sake I found myself nodding off. I think I was only out for a few minutes, but when I woke I saw Susie on her back with Jia and Hirohito eating sushi off her body. I wondered how that played with her being my wife. Susie had her chopsticks pinched around one of her nipples while Hirohito was between her legs, picking up small pieces of food from around her pussy.

I had my eyes half closed, but I saw them all rise and walk back towards the pool. They rinsed and then walked back, drying themselves. They seemed to be having fun. Susie and Jia dried Hirohito off and then dried each other. Hirohito lay on his stomach and Jia started rubbing him with oil. She was using her whole body to massage him, elbows down his back, knees into his butt. Then I saw her coat the front of her body and slither over him, her boobs popping up between his butt cheeks. Susie was laughing and cheering her on.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows. Watching Jia had given me almost a painful erection. ?Look who?s up.? Susie said. She came over and whispered in my ear, ?Looks like you like watching. Do you think you can take watching her fuck him? Cause if you can?t I?ll put you out again.?

I said, ?I?m fine. In fact I feel really horny.?

?Yeah, that stuff does that. Come on and lay down. I?ll rub you.?

I got up. Susie set one of the massage pads about a foot away from Jia. Hirohito had turned over and Jia was massaging his chest. He looked at me. ?Did you have a good rest? Susie told me that flying always affects you this way.?

?I feel very refreshed now. I hope you have been entertained.?

?Yes. Your wife has been telling me about your lifestyle. I am very interested in this concept of sharing couples. She was telling me of some of the things you have experienced.?

Jia was dragging her big boobs over his face, so his last words were slightly muffled. I?d never seen a boob face massage before, but then she dragged them down his body and used them to massage his cock and balls. Another thing I?d never seen. She used her nipple to trace the underside of his shaft and all around his glans. Susie was watching as well. ?She?s getting me so hot.?

She was straddling my body and now she started slipping herself over me. I felt her slide over me and then I felt my cock slide inside her and then she was off me, crawling up my body so that her pussy was over my lips. She had fleshy lips and I filled my mouth with them. I heard Hirohito moan and tried to see but Susies legs clamped my head. I found her clit and flicked it hard with my tongue and then bit it gently. She started cuming noisily and I thought she was going to flatten my head. She slid back down me and I felt my cock slide inside her again. I looked over and saw Jia lift Hirohito?s cock to her mouth. She looked at me and then straddled him so I could see her pussy. It looked very wet. She was watching me as she lifted up his cock and moved it between her lips. A sharp move of her hips and he was balls deep in her. She moved her legs down and he filled his hands with her tits as she rode him.

?Is your husband enjoying watching me fuck?? she asked Susie.

?He must be because he?s very hard and reaching deep inside me.?

?Do you think he?d like to fuck my ass while I?m riding this cowboy??

?Umm.? Susie looked down at me., ?I?d like to watch him do that.?

Hirohito said , ?Ahh the double penetration you were telling me about.?

I felt like I was in a dream. Susie got the flask of oil and as Jia leaned over lubed her asshole, loosening it by sticking in a couple of fingers. ?I can feel his thick cock through your ass.?

Jia said, ?See if you can stroke it.?

Hirohito moaned, ?Very good.?

Susie had two fingers all the way inside her. She pulled them out and motioned to me. ?Slowly.?

I pushed the head in. She gasped and Hirohito moaned. ?I feel it.?

I worked it in slowly. She felt very full. We started a rhythm. Susie stood over me, her pussy in my face and I stuck my tongue out but couldn?t really focus, so she moved to Jia, but that didn?t work either, so she sat on Hirohito?s face. Apparently that worked because she was coming before any of us. Jia started orgasming next and then Hirohito came and I could feel him pulsing as he filled Jia. I followed almost immediately. I pulled out first and watched a gush of cum cover Hirohito?s balls .

We all collapsed in a heap. Hirohito was the first to walk over to the hand-held shower, though Jia was right behind him. I saw her rinsing the gobs of cum out of her pussy and ass. I waited until they?d finished before going to clean myself. Susie walked over. ?You did very well. You?re nearly done. Just one more act.?

We walked back over. Jia and Hirohito were sharing a cup of sake. Susie sat down next to Hirohito. ?Thank you for finishing me.?

I sat down beside Jia. ?Thank you for that experience.?

She grinned, ?You?re welcome, you did pretty well.?

Susie said, ?Tell me Hirohito what you thought about the double penetration??

He smiled, ?I was very impressed by Jia?s ability. It was an interesting sensation.?

?You know there is another kind of double penetration.? She leaned back on her side and opened her legs, touching herself. ?In which both men fit in here.? She pointed to her vagina, opening her lips with her fingers. ?Do you think you could both fit??

?It looks very small.? He said. He was still flaccid.

Jia pushed the mattresses together. ?Let me get you ready.? She bent her head to Susie?s pussy and we could hear Susie?s moan. She licked for a minute and then pulled her face away. ?Let?s see how many fingers I can get in you.? Susie was leaning back on her hands, legs wide apart as we watched Jia put two and then three fingers inside. Her nipples were hardening as Jia continued moving her hand back and forth, working a little deeper. Jia asked me for a little oil and then, as we watched her entire hand slipped inside Susie. Susie gasped and then started shaking. Hirohito had moved behind her so she could lean back against him and his hands were full of her breasts. The situation was so erotic that I was hard again.

Jia wihdrew her hand and Hirohito lifted her up so that his cock, hard and glistening with pre-cum was poised below her vagina. Susie leaned forward and took him in her mouth, and then slipped him into her pussy. She turned to me and said, ?Come here and slip inside her.?

I tried, but Hirohito?s cock was taking up too much space. Susie motioned for him to lift her up again, and his cock head appeared. She said, ?Dan wrap your hand around both cocks and slide in together.? It was the first time I?d ever touched a cock. I squeezed the heads together and presented them to Susie?s slit and watched them both slide it. It was very tight. Susie was moaning and I started moving in and out, sliding against Hirohito?s hard cock. She was thrashing from side to side, cumming violently. It didn?t take long for me to get close and then I felt Hirohito?s cum shooting out from his cock, making a warm slippery puddle in her. I added mine to the mix and we all fell apart.

Jia sccoted over to Susie and said, ?Let me clean you up.? She proceeded to lick and swallow everything she could get Susie to squeezed out. It was so erotic watching her that both Hirohito and I got hard watching.

When she?d finshed making Susie cum again she turned around and said, ?Well I don?t think I can do what Jia did, so I?d like Hirohito to fuck me missionary with that fat curved cock while I blow you, and then you can have sloppy seconds.? That?s what we did.

The next day a tired Hirohito was whisked back to Seattle, after leaving a signed order behind. The next night we lay together. Susie had gone back by car. I said, ?do you plan the whole thing??

She smiled at me. ?I knew it was for the best. I didn?t know how far you?d go.?


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