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Hot tub party

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Pam and I had been invited to a hot tub party at the home of one of my co-workers. I had heard that the parties had a habit of getting out of hand rather quickly so I had told Pam in case she would rather not attend.

Pam and I had been married for two years at that point in time. She was and, still is built fantastically. She is 5'8" and weighs about 128 lbs. She has dark brn hair and eyes. Her breasts while on the smaller side of big, are firm and need no support. She keeps her pubic are trimmed down to a small landing strip of short hair. It is her legs and ass however that grab the most attention. Pam likes to wear her shorts tight and very short. Her legs stretch out forever and her ass is without jiggle. It is round and in my opinion perfect.

When we first met, we had both recently divorced and were looking for some fun. That is Fun spelled SEX. We had experimented a little with the soft side of swinging. You know having sex in a group type of setting but only with your partner.

Once we married we had left this aspect behind us and started building a good life.

Anyway, Pam asked me if it was a swimwear required,optional or forbidden type of party. Hell I didn't know and told her so. So she went out and bought one of the most thin white one piece swim suits I had ever seen. It was like the ones the Olympic divers were, when as soon as it gets wet you can see anything and everything. "Do you think your friends will like this?" she purred as she modeled it for me. As hard as my cock was at that point I had no doubt.

The night of the party arrived and Pam and I drove to Mike and Karen's home. It was located in the middle of no where! We arrived about dusk and Pam and Karen went off to talk. Mike and I had a couple of drinks while we awaited the arrival of Carol and Kent and Charlie and Sharon. It was a cool early autumn night and the hot tub had steam rising from it. After a barbecue dinner, Karen announced that it was tub time. As it was built for no more than six it was very crowded and it ended up with the ladies sitting on our laps. Karen is a natural red head with freckles everywhere(I was to find that out later in the evening) Carol was built kind of stocky with emerald green eyes and lips that begged to be kissed. Sharon is a black lady with thin legs and waist and what some call as a bubble butt. Her breasts are medium sized and very firm.

Not know what the ground rules were, Pam pulled off her t-shirt and dropped her shorts to the ground and eased into the tub. I was just wearing swim trunks and a t shirt so I was able to quickly join her. Karen and Mike were right behind us as were Carol and Kent. Sharon and Charlie however held back. "We thought that this was just like normal, you know suits prohibited." Sharon stammered. Pam at that moment just stood up and peeled the straps down over her shoulders and pushed her suit down over her hips and stepped out of it. "You mean like this?" she said.

Mike and Karen grinned and stripped as did Carol and Kent. That left only me and Charlie with any clothing on. We joined the rest of the bare skin around us quickly. I pulled Pam onto my lap where she could feel my erection poking her. She turned and kissed me deeply and then looked into my eyes. "These are your friends honey and I don't want to embarass you but, Mike looks awfully good to me tonight. If it comes to it, would you mind if he and I got together. You can have Karen if she says it is ok." she whispered in my ear. (I had forgotten the ladies had gone off for a talk before the meal)

I could only look at Karens tits and hips as she got in and out of the tub and think of how marvelous it would be to have her riding my cock. I nodded my head. I then looked over to see Sharon kissing Kent and Carol doing the same with Charlie. I saw Mike put his hand out to Pam and her take it. He pulled her to him and Karen and kissed her gently. Karen then slid onto my lap grinding her ass into my manhood. I cupped her breasts with both hands and began to tweak her nipples. "this is going to be lots of fun. Just enjoy yourself." Karen told me as her fingers wrapped around my cock and began to stroke it. "Pam and I have already talked about what happens at our parties and she is ok with it Rob. Now I am going to suck your cock and hope you will enjoy me in th same way before I fuck your brains out."

I looked to see what Pam and Mike were doing. All I could see was her back and ass as she was standing facing Mike with one of her long legs wrapped around his neck. She was bracing herself by holding onto his shoulders and grinding her pussy into his face.

Karen had me sit on the edge of the tub and began to lick, kiss and caress my cock. Her mouth was soft as satin and hot as liquid fire. I watched her eyes looking into mine as she took all of my cock into her mouth and milked it by sucking it. Her one hand was stroking and rubbing my nut sack while her other hand went up and down on my cock in time with her sucking.

I looked at my wife again and saw her now sucking Mike's rod with enthusiasm. It was more than I could take. "I am going to cum Karen!" I told her. She smiled and went faster and faster on my cock. As I stiffened and started shooting my load into her hungry mouth, my face was pulled to the side and I was kissing the burning lips of Sharon. Her tongue was like a sabre. I heard Mike moan and I knew that he was doing to my wife what I had just done to his.

When I had finished cumming, I pulled Karen to a standing postion and bent her over the tub. I started kissing her ass cheeks as I slid a finger inside of her sopping wet love tunnel. As I began to lick her puckered ass hole and finger her clit, she shuddered and came hard and fast. I stood up and took her by the hips and pulled her back on to my recovering cock. We bounced back and forth as her tits swung to and fro. Kent and Charlie each took one into their mouths and sucked and bit her nipples. Pam, Sharon and Mike were watching the action with Pam seated on Mikes cock and Mike fingering Sharons steaming slit.Carol sat on the tubs edge playing with herself.

Karen started cumming again and her tightening pussy caused me to lose it and start pumping hot cum deep inside of her. When I had finished, Sharon took my hand. "I want what you gave Karen, and more." she smiled. That will have to wait for another chapter however

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