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Hot Tub Surprise! Another couple anyone?

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Patrick and I, my name is Cyndi, were married for two years when Bob, who I worked with, invited us to join him and his wife Karen at their home for a thank you dinner for helping him with one of his accounts. We heard rumors about them being swingers and wife swappers so we talked of the possibilities before going to their house. Our open discussion was a good idea in hind sight; we were seduced but good by handsome Bob and his lovely wife Karen.

We were left to have a little quiet time and use the guest shower when Patrick and I held one another in a long embrace and reassured that we were okay with having just had sex with other people. He asked if I was comfortable about the whole thing and I replied that I’d do it again if he would.

We were putting on our coats at the front door, ready to leave when Karen invited us back in two weeks and we accepted. Patrick and I didn’t need to discuss it; we were ready to enjoy it again…and soon.

Two weeks passed and my husband and I appeared at their front door to find Karen in a see through blouse and a very short shirt. Patrick’s eyes were ready to pot when she kissed him open mouth and wrapped one of her legs around his. The kiss broke off followed by the conventional girl hug and air kiss. I noticed that Patrick was as hard as a rock and bulging against the inside of his pants.

Karen led the way downstairs and into the hot-tub-room where our host Bob was already naked and soaking up the bubbles. Karen remembered what drinks we like from our last visit and went to fetch them as Hubby and I disrobed and slid naked into the hot bubbling water. Bob took my hand and pulled me toward him for a nice kiss. It lasted a little longer than I expected but I didn’t resist it or his hand sliding down to my bottom and guiding me to sit next to him. I looked across to Patrick for a mutual smile. I then figured; why not go for some fun, so I slipped my hand under water across Bob’s thigh to find his husky penis. I stroked it slowly to show my willingness to be his sex partner once again.

Karen reappeared with a tray full of the drinks, naked as a jaybird, nipples pointed and hard. She passed out the beverages; first mine, which I took with my free hand. Then Bob took his drink but couldn’t move very far due to my underwater hold on his now fully erect penis. She held Patrick’s to his lips to take a sip while she brought one leg into the water straddling the edge almost on Patrick’s shoulder. “Do you need to warm your lips?” she purred down at him, as she pulled his face closer to her pussy. Patrick gave no resistance in fact he showed some aggressiveness in his willingness to give some oral attention. When he came up for air, Karen let out a big gasp of air and shimmied into the water next to my husband…I should say very close to my husband. They started kissing with reckless abandon. Bob and I did like wise. I felt his hand slid between my legs so I spread them a little wider to allow him full access.

Just then the intercom on the wall next to the hot tub buzzed. I thought it might be the timer on the hot tub’s heater or something at first but Bob broke loose and hit the talk button. There was someone at the front door. Patrick and I looked at one another with some surprise and fear of being found out that we were engaged in a taboo encounter. Oh my, here we were naked and vulnerable. Bob told them that the door was open and to lick it behind them once they came in. Karen immediately sensed our nervousness and assured us that there was no big deal, and if we would just stay where we were and keep under water, then no one could see us naked. She went on that they were very good friends of theirs and knew all about our last visit to the house two weeks ago and our seduction.

They were a hot looking, well built couple holding hands as they walked in the hot-tub-room. Karen and Bob stood up to greet them while Patrick and I kept low to hide under the water. They were Jim, the hottest man I had ever seen in the flesh, in an open shirt and some very tight pants and his large breasted wife Melanie in a clingy low cut dress. When they introduced Patrick to Melanie he stood up reveling his hard manhood, so when I was presented to shake Jim’s hand I stood up as well. The water level came to my pussy lips and I noticed Jim’s eyes go right for my pubic area as he lightly shook my hand. Karen offered drinks but they politely passed, claiming to have just had one before driving to here. Bob thanked them for stopping by and invited them to join us in the tub. Patrick and I looked at each other in heightened excitement as the couple stripped down to nothing and joined us in the water.

Melanie and Karen positioned themselves on either side of Patrick while Jim sat beside me sandwiching me between himself and Bob. “Are you going to properly invite me to join the party?” he asked me as his eyes looked into mine all the while moving closer and closer to kiss me. I almost swooned when this hot hunk of man started kissing me. It got very hot in the hot tub all of a sudden, so my mouth opened to offer myself to his advancing tongue. My legs were gently spread apart by both men and they took turns kissing me on my lips and neck, nibbling my ears above water while I felt them touching my pussy and breasts below the bubbles. At one point I caught a glimpse of Patrick getting the same kind of treatment across the tub from the two women.

“Okay everybody”, I heard Karen say, “Let’s slow down just a little, we need to talk”. We stopped the kissing and actions above water but I was still getting attention below the water line while we listened to Karen. By the way I now had a hard penis in each hand stroking softly and slowly to let them both know I was very interested in both of their advances. Karen went on to explain that Jim and Melanie were invited to join in the fun as a surprise and initiation into the swinging lifestyle for Patrick and me. We were directed to grab a towel, dry off, Patrick was to go with the ladies to one of the bedrooms and I was to be escorted to another bedroom by the two men. Patrick seemed to be so willing to comply that I didn’t hesitate to go along with a threesome. My first threesome was about to begin.

The girls and my husband disappeared down the hall and I heard the door close. I was almost finished drying off when Jim pulled my towel away and swooped me up so I wrapped my arms around his neck as he carried me into another bedroom across the hall from the other threesome. Bob trailed and closed the door behind us. He then turned down the bed for Jim to lay me gently down on my back, immediately trailing kisses down my breasts, tummy and stopping to softly kiss my wet pussy lips. His tongue slowly licked between my lower lips sending me into a state of immense pleasure. Meanwhile, Bob crawled on his knees to position his penis next to my willing mouth. I took him into my hand a guided the head of his cock to administer my best tongue tease.

I felt Jim picking up the pace as he slid a finger inside me, stroking in and out which mad me wetter and hotter then I could remember. I surprised myself when I realized that I was so excited about how well Jim was doing between my legs that I was unconsciously sucking Bob’s cock with like intensity and passion. Bob pulled back, Jim moved up to offer his cock to my mouth and Bob positioned a pillow under my hips to help arrange me to enter me with his hard penis. I had sucked men and I had fucked men, but never at the same time…I was very near an orgasm in no time at all. I wanted both men to come for me. I felt the surge of pleasure intensify as is came over my body and I arched myself repeatedly to meet Bob’s thrusts. I lost it. I dropped Jim’s manhood from my mouth and reached to grab Bob’s hips as he gave me ONE GREAT ORGASM.

“Jim I think she’s ready for you” says Bob as he pulls himself out of me. Jim wasted no time taking Bob’s place. I had another mini quiver of pleasure as Jim slid his cock into my wet, throbbing pussy. Bob was trying to catch his breathe as he moved around the bed. Jim captured my complete attention when he pulled the pillow from under my bottom and threw it aside. Then my legs were raised and held spread apart to allow full, deep, long strokes. I remember he quickened the pace of thrusts which sent me over the edge again. “Oh Yes!” “Oh, Gawd!” “Come with me!” all came out of my mouth without hesitation as I pumped my hips to meet his ramming cock. Jim exploded inside me. We slowed to a stop and held each other for a minute to compose ourselves, “You are a great lover” Jim whispered to me just before he pulled his talented cock out of me and laid beside me, both of us sexually spent.

Jim said “What are you doing?” I looked and Bob had been taking pictures. We laughed as I reached to pull the sheet up over myself. Bob piped up right away to remind me that he wasn’t done yet. “My pussy is worn out” I said while I was thinking of a way to maybe postpone his fucking me. Jim added “Come on Cyndi, you wouldn’t send a man away with a case of blue balls would you?” “Come on, Honey at least give him a blow job”. I thought for a second, how I might get the most of this opportunity. Then I said “Bob, if I give you a blow job would that be enough for now?” He said yes. “And Jim if I give Bob the blow job, will you both promise that we’ll all have a threesome again real soon?” They both agreed, Bob lay down on his back, I positioned myself between his legs and gave the best blowjob I could muster only to swallow one of the biggest wads of streaming cum I had ever sucked out of a man.

We opened the door and went down the hallway to find Patrick and the girls in the hot tub again. “Hi Honey” I said with a weak voice, “Did you have fun?” Karen joined right in the conversation to tell us that Patrick got sucked by she and Melanie, that he and fucked both of them, and that Melanie had gotten her orgasm in the process. “A damn good orgasm, I might add” said Melanie. “Well what about you Karen?” I asked “Did you get yours?” She replied “Honey in this house when it’s a threesome with only one man the girls take care of each other”. “Your husband and I took turns giving Karen head till she got off” Melanie added.

Bob and Jim directed me to the showers where they both gave me a good soaping, and we played like little kids. Every once in a while they took turns giving me a romantic caress and passionate kiss as the shower’s waters rinsed us off. When we had dried off and moved to meet the rest of the group everyone was getting dressed so the night was drawing to a close. One short drink to toast the evening and we exchanged contact information as we all mutually invited one another to meet again.

Not long after that Patrick and I were invited to join Bob and Karen and a new couple for a double threesome initiation. This time Karen and I entertained the man to the flock while Bob and Patrick fucked the ladies light out across the hall. Jim and Melanie had us to their home for a swing session on three separate occasions and that went so well that they too invited us to help them initiate a new couple at their house. I have never felt so much like a complete woman and sexual being. Patrick and I have never been closer and our sex together is unbelievably wonderful.

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