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Hot House Party

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When we got to the designated house, a single female greeted us. Samantha said that the host and hostess would be back soon, and, yes she was part of the party. Eventually the party consisted of three couples including us, and Samantha. The four of us ladies were all similar build and height ? maybe a cups size difference here and there; one girl seemed to be very shy. The three guys varied considerably in height, but were all trim and handsome. After about an hour of conversation, our hostess announced that she loved to be naked. I thought that would get the party rolling. Two other bits of information came out of the conversation: Samantha?s revelation that when she got her divorce a year ago, the thought of going a long time without sex was just too much to bare, so she decided to turn to swinging; and Jamie?s confession that she loved toys ? which I do too!

All during the conversations, I had been eying our host Adam, and hostess Janet. I was sure my husband was hot for Samantha. So, when we proceeded to the bedroom, I was ready to go. Janet and I wasted no time getting our toys out, but the guys had other ideas. My husband, Kent was going down on Janet as soon as she lay back on the bed. So, I went for Adam?s cock. I had promised myself that I was going to sit back and watch Kent for a while (which I love to do, but somehow never take the time), but once again the heat of the moment got me going too soon. After a while, however, Adam started feeling up the female from the other couple, Dianne, so I sat back a bit and watched Kent finger fuck and lick Janet. I couldn?t sit entirely still, and had to reach out and massage Janet and Dianne?s tits as I watched. Janet was squirming and bucking so much that Kent gave up on licking her and concentrated on a two-finger fuck. As this was going on, I realized that my pussy was being stroked by Adam?s free hand as he continued to lick Dianne. I was so hot, I just had to get back into the action!

Since Kent could not keep his mouth on Janet?s pussy, I dove down and latched on to her clit while Kent continued to finger her hole and added licks as he could. When Kent finally got me to move aside and sucked really hard on Jamie?s clit, she came a couple of times in rapid succession. At the same time, I was dripping all over the bed from the oral and digital attention that my pussy was getting from Adam, had had a great cum myself.

Kent saw an opening and went for Samantha?s mound. Dianne and Samantha were clean-shaven while Janet and I have the smallest of strips above our mounds, and all of us were ?innies.? The guys later said this was quite the turn-on to have four such similar looking pussies. Quite frankly, I would have enjoyed a variety more, but then, we all tasted slightly different.

Adam was fucking Dianne while fingering me, while I ate Janet and she played with Dianne?s tits and clit. Kent was still eating Samantha while Dianne?s husband John fed her his cock. But only for a bit. I was really ready for more. Kent and I are usually into soft swapping unless we take a break and talk it over first. I could tell that Kent was watching my fever rise. Adam was now behind my up-turned butt, furiously finger fucking my hole and rubbing his erection on my butt. Kent moved over, kissed me long and pulled Janet over to the edge of the bed. While I had a bird?s eye view, he slowly rubbed his cock back and froth between the folds of her pussy lips. As he stroked back, I reached over and guided his erection into her cunt. Less than a breath later, I was guiding Adam into my aching pussy. I can?t remember being so turned on. I could smell the sex coming off of my husband and Janet as they fucked inches from my face and had this incredible tingling feeling as a strange cock pounded my pussy. From time to time, Kent would bend down to kiss me and fondle my breasts. Kent said later that he would get so transfixed at watching me get fucked that he would forget to pump on Janet for a second or more. I don?t remember hearing Kent and Adam talking, but they talked about swapping. One of Kent?s fantasies has been to fuck three (or more) girls in rapid succession. Adam pulled out of me as Kent pulled out or Janet and they swapped. Kent flipped me over so that he could play with my clit as he fucked me. Janet, Dianne and I were leaving no breast untouched between the three of us. John and Samantha had the other corner of the bed to themselves.

I could tell that Kent was thinking about making his fantasy come true, so I pulled his dick out of me and guided him over to Samantha. John had cum and was taking a break. I helped Samantha get ready for Kent?s cock by licking her pussy as Kent sucked on a breast. But just for a moment. As Kent stood at the bottom of the bed, I guided him into the third pussy of the evening. Since John was taking a break (Dianne was trying to get him hard again), and Adam was still fucking Janet, I was able to get the full effect of watching my husband fuck another woman. I just had to get my hands involved, so massaged her clit and his balls as they went at it. Samantha came as I was doing this and I heard Adam and Jamie cum next to us. I got so excited that I ran my finger up in Samantha?s hole alongside of Kent?s cock. Well, this proved to be too much ? after just a couple more strokes, Kent quickly withdrew and splashed all over Samantha?s mound.

With the guys all out of it for a while, I picked up the guaranteed erection-maker toy ? the double headed dildo. I enjoy this toy, but not as much as other bi and bi-curious females. I mostly enjoy it for what it does to the guys. Janet eagerly slid on to one end as I did the other. She reached for a bullet for her clit, so I grabbed my favorite clit toy, a flicker. Janet started with a series of small clit-cums right away; and much to my surprise, I wasn?t far behind. Kent was standing over us, by the bed; Adam was laying on my right. I could see Dianne and Samantha fingering each other and watching us while John was on the far side of the bed.

Well, the toy had its desired effect. Kent started getting hard. He soon took over running the dildo, letting Janet and I concentrate on our clit toys. This meant that we were soon cumming quite hard. We removed the toys, only to have them replaced by Kent?s mouth. He would flick his tongue rapidly from my clit and lips to Janet?s and back again, the let-up time between flicks was barely enough to catch my breath.

I had to have more. A dildo is good, but the real thing is a MUST. I told Kent to lie down on the bed and soon had a warm dick where the dildo had been. Janet had the same idea with Adam, only he was pumping her slowly in missionary while I was riding hard and fast. Once I had a couple of orgasms this way, I saw that Samantha was pretty lonely, running fingers in and out of her own pussy. I wanted to feel Adam?s cock again, so, while Kent moved over to fuck Samantha doggie style, I played with Adam?s balls as they slapped against Janet?s butt. Soon, Janet whispered for me to lie down beside her and had Adam quickly withdraw and move over to fill my twat. Adam soon shot a hot load inside of me. After a few more minutes, Kent finished his evening by fucking Jamie doggie style and emptying his balls into her soaked pussy.

During the post-sex munchies, we all agreed that we wanted to get together again ? perhaps for New Years

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