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Hot Party Crowd, couple, multiple,swing,first time

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It was a perfect summer day in early July. We were heading to the shore for the weekend and decided to head straight to the beach before checking into the hotel. It was 85 and sunny without a hint of humidity and our bodies melted into the sand as the sun rejuvenated our souls. Around 2 o'clock, we headed to the hotel and took a well-needed nap. I woke you up by lightly stroking you and just before you were completely awake, I put you deep into my mouth and sucked gently. Your exploding orgasm woke you completely. The smile on you face told it all. We got dressed for the party, put on street clothes over our party clothes and went out for dinner.

We walked to the restaurant, and after drinking nearly two bottles of wine, we were very glad that we could just walk to the hotel where the party was going to be. When we got to the party, we were glad to see that they also had a DJ this year. The loud rock music was the perfect accompaniment to the wine and as we got a drink from the bar, we checked out the packed dance floor filled with people in various stages of undress. You designed a new toga this year that is shorter and fits much better but, heh, it is still a toga so we won't talk too much about it - :).

Looking around I think that every year people seem to get more daring...or is it me who gets more daring??? I still can't believe that I had the nerve to wear this but by the compliments you gave me when you saw it, I am glad I did. I'm wearing a black fishnet thong with a matching fishnet top that is kind of like a tank top with spaghetti straps and is cropped to show off the belly button ring that I finally decided to get last month. On my feet are strappy high-heeled sandals that make my tanned legs look incredibly long. The fishnet thong shows off my shaved pussy. The black netting against my smooth lips invites you to touch them. My nipples stand out between the fishnet. The net around my nipples keeps them standing at attention and I am amused that at first you have a hard (pardon the pun) time keeping your eyes off them.

We make our way onto the dance floor. The music is so hot and as I begin to dance, my tits bounce in time with the music. Playfully you try to catch one in your mouth and finally you just grab my tits right there on the dance floor and just start sucking my right nipple. As your tongue flicks my right nipple into ecstasy, a guy leaving the bar with his hands full of drinks leans over and covers my left nipple his mouth and sucks on me. Amazed, you stand there still holding my tit while this stranger teasingly licks my nipple a few more times. He looks up smiling and says, "I'd love to stay here longer but my wife is going to start wondering what happened to her drink". He thanks you and smiles at me saying that he hopes to see us later in the "play room". This isn't something we have ever done before and this brief erotic interlude has made us curious. While we are back at the bar getting another drink we decide that after the party we will go the check out the party room to see what it was about. We agree to stay for only 10 minutes and go back to our room no matter what.

It is still early and for the next two hours, we drink, dance, tease each other and check out the beautiful people and what they are wearing. Finally, it is last call and we take the elevator to the penthouse to see what this room is all about. The room is quite full and we decide to just walk around and see what everyone is doing. In the front room is dimly lit with candles and low light and there is a cocktail party atmosphere where people are just drinking, talking and dancing - much like downstairs. We walk to the next room, which is also dimly lit, and there are several large screen T V s playing MTV, and porn movies. Not many people appear to be paying much attention to the T V and most groups of people appear to be having casual conversations. We find a corner near a standing chandelier of candles and sip our drinks and look around.

As we look around, we notice that these groups of people are not only talking casually, they are also touching each other. A group near us is having a conversation while one woman starts to stroke the man across from her he casually slips his finger into her pussy as their conversation doesn't miss a beat. They must be pros at this we laugh since they appear so comfortable. As the guys wife approaches we watch in amazement, as she playfully acts jealous that her husband's finger is deep into another woman's cunt and bends over ordering him to pump her pussy from behind with his other hand. He's more than happy to oblige. As we watch this, your hand reaches over and pulls my thong over sliding two fingers deep into my wet pussy. As you pump my pussy a couple approach us and we recognize it is the guy from the dance floor and his wife. He tells his wife that we are the people he told her about and say to us that he's glad we came. Your fingers are still sliding in and out of my dripping cunt and the guy stands behind his wife and spreads her shaved pussy lips and offering her moist cunt to you, laughs and says, " here's pay backs for before".

We all kind of laugh as you slip your other hand between her legs and finger fuck us both at once. Just as we cum the other woman looks at me and says that she has a surprise for me. We can tell this couple has been here before. She goes to her bag and pulls out a small velvet bag telling us that this is her toy bag. You ask her to see what's in the bag and while she starts showing you each piece, I catch her husband's eye and seeing his fat hard cock I get on my knees sinking his shaft deep down my throat. His moan distracts his wife who looks over and watches me drive him crazy while I pump his cock deeper and deeper. This is making you hornier and you playfully put one of the dildos in the toy bag in her mouth and pump it in and out. She starts to move to your cock to suck on you but you stop her and lay her down sliding the large dildo into her pussy easily. She guides your hand to pump her hard and deep and you are happy to do whatever she directs you to. As you wildly pump and rotate the cock inside her, you turn on the vibrator function and she begins to build fast to an orgasm begging you not to stop. Meanwhile as my mouth is working its magic on this guys cock he can barely control himself as he begins pumping his hips plunging his cock deeper down my throat.

He's watching his wife and tells her that he wants to see her explode and she obeys thrusting her hips up as you finish her off twisting the vibrating cock as you hold it deep inside her while her cum drips from her vibrating pussy onto your hand. I know that this is going to make him explode so I pull him from my mouth and leaning back on a pile of pillows, I begin stroking him, offering him my tits to cum over. Instead, he pulls down the front of this fishnet top and slides his cock between my full breasts and pumps his cock between my tits while taking handfuls of my breasts in his hands. You and his wife are so are drawn in by this image that you just watch for a while. While she moves to get a better view of my wet cunt you begin to stroke yourself and settle back to enjoy the show. Every so often he pulls his cock from between my tits and plunges his cock into my mouth pumping his shaft deeper every time. His wife can see that my cunt is swollen and begging for attention and she pulls another vibrator from her bag. It is a Rabbit vibrator and I am anxious to see this used in the hands of a pro. While he's sliding his rock hard cock between my tits, he drips some oil onto my nipples and gently twists my super hard nipples between his fingers. This alone can nearly make me explode but to my delight, I feel his wife's hands on my knees and she spreads my legs apart and starts to tease my pussy's dripping hole with the tip of the vibrator. I lift my hips to her asking for more and she obeys pushing the entire shaft into my well. My clit is pulsing and when she turns the vibrator on my entire body begins to build to an incredible orgasm. I have his cock in my mouth at this point and as I start to get closer to coming, I want to suck him harder and deeper. My nipples are so erect from the attention they've been receiving and I pull them and twist them while my mouth and pussy and being filled with pleasure. You are so turned on by this scene and are about to come too. After about 30 seconds, the guy knows that I am about to come and he pulls out of my mouth and continues to wildly stroke his shaft over my waiting tits. I look to you and with a flick of my tongue you know I want your to shoot your cum deep into my waiting mouth. You lean down fucking my mouth wildly. I spread my legs spread open as wide as they can go while lift my pussy to this woman she holds the vibrating cock down deep in side me as I erupt. Just as my cunt is shaking in ecstasy, you "discharge you weapon" and I suck harder and harder on your hot cock swallowing every drop of you. As we detangle from our new friends, we vow to make this a yearly event. As we walk back to the hotel we laugh about how much fun we had. Once we get into our room, we go out on to the balcony and notice that across the courtyard is another couple sitting on their balcony. They both have on silk robes and are holding glasses of wine. Wickedly I turned off the lights on the balcony and lit several candles instead. You could believe it when I then did a slow strip tease for you and lay back onto the table spreading my legs open and began to pump my fingers into my pussy. You nervously looked over to the couple across the courtyard and when you saw them exchanging smiles with each other you walked over to me and quietly but roughly pumped my pussy. After several seconds, you pull out and turn me over. As I lean over the table, you enter me from the back, which helps you to pump me harder, and it doesn't take long until we both come again without a sound. As we get up we look across the way and see the couple stand and go into their room where they leave the lights on while they undress each other and fall on the bed. We have had such a long F U N day that we are only interested in melting into the Jacuzzi and then melting to sleep...the end.

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