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Honey Gets Blackmailed

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This is a tale that doesn?t always show me in a good light, but it?s the truth and maybe others can profit by it. I married when I was 27 and starting to get feelings of desperation. I dated a fair bit and went through one big romance. I was a model and a hopeful actress, but deep down I suspected I might lack that talent or drive or magic or whatever. I had a fair number of photo double successes and I was living on my own on what I was making and a small allowance from my mother.

Sex was one of those things that I had difficulty controlling. I really liked fucking; I mean really liked it. I was a bit of a dominatrix and sometimes liked a little bit of intensity while receiving but it was all OK. I had to keep my lust under control because in the small community of New Orleans I didn?t want to become known as a slut and already I could tell that there were some people who thought badly of me.

So I met him at a social function. Good-looking, funny, wealthy, 40 and never been married. He was rumored to have a long-standing affair with a married woman, but he liked dating. He made me laugh. We went out a dozen times and I made him wait my three week period before having sex with him. Sex was good, I mean good, not the greatest, but he seemed to care and took his time and I got a thrill out of the pleasure he took in my body.

I met his family twice before he proposed; we?d dated only two months and I was in heaven. Then he told me about the family money and the family business and that his mother didn?t completely trust me. Turned out it wasn?t a family business; it was Mommy?s business and even though he?d quadrupled it she still owned most of it.

The pre-nuptial agreement was horrible and twice I nearly called it off, but I found a good lawyer who seemed to like me and who was respected by Dan?s family. The upshot was that if I lasted five years and if from years five to ten I wasn?t found out in any extra-marital activities then I was set for life. Children shortened all the periods, and the worst-case number became OK throughout.

I know that some of you are going to think I?m establishing myself here as a gold-digger, but look. My fashion degree, acting skills and looks were a commodity that had a shelf life, and sure I?m responsible for my decisions that got me where I am, but I knew that if I spent ten years with Dan and came out with nothing I might end up selling clothing at Saks.

So, I signed and we started living our happily-after-ever. Our first baby came at the end of the first year and the second a year later and I was done with making babies, by a medical botchup. I loved the kids and home life was good. Dan continued to be OK in bed and I had a good collection of vibrators, but he turned out to be pretty jealous. He didn?t even like my using the vibrators and once found my collection and threw them out.

Huge house, servants, nice place in the Bahamas and one in Vail. Everything was paradise and then the itch came back.

I remember the day it happened. It was a Saturday afternoon, labor day weekend and the kids were with grandmother. Dan got a phone call, a friend was on his way home from the golf course and wanted to stop by and talk about something. We were laying by the pool. I?d had my top off and was reading a trashy novel. Jack arrived just as I was finishing a really hot sex scene, so I was thinking about sex. I was laying on my stomach when I heard Dan and Jack come out the back door. I had expected them to stay inside, so my top was still off. Jack and Dan came over and sat down on a couple of chairs. I was a little uncomfortable, especially since my top was on the lounge chair next to mine, too far to reach. I couldn?t even reach my water bottle on the table. Jack and Dan were sitting at the table and I was about to ask Dan to hand me my top when he got a phone call.

He walked back towards the house to take the phone call. I said to Jack:

?Will you be a sweetheart and hand me my top.?

He said ?Sure, but only if I can watch you put it on.?

I had to laugh. Jack was a letch, but he?d always been pleasant. He handed me the top and while he walked back to his chair I flipped around and put the top on. Of course the ties became tangled so he saw one boob when he turned around. I figured no big deal. Next thing I knew he was taking his trousers off and was jumping into the pool wearing only his boxers.

Dan came back. I was sitting up and said to him, ?You left without giving me my top.?


?Jack saw one of my boobs.?

?Oh well.? He got another phone call. Apparently there was some complication in a deal that was completing on Tuesday. He walked to the house again. While he was walking back Jack got out of the pool and walked to the lounge chair. I?d never seen him without clothes before, and now his boxers were almost transparent and I could see what looked like a very large cock outlined by the wet material. I have no idea what was going through my mind, but Jack said, ?You?re making me self-conscious staring at my cock.?

I was indignant. ?I was not.? I looked away.

He said, ?It?s OK. I was staring at your boob a minute ago.?

I looked back towards him. Now my eyes were drawn to his crotch. He was sitting on the lounge chair facing towards me and he said, ?Can you believe this heat wave??

He started going on about the weather and the hurricanes. I?m sure he realized that his cock was completely visible through the leg of his boxers. It had a really big head and as he talked it started growing. I was like a chicken and a snake. I couldn?t look away. It curved up, thick and strong. I hadn?t had a cock like that for six years. My pussy started gushing and I could feel my nipples hardening.

Jack said, ?I?m glad you like what you see.?

I jumped up. ?I?m going for a swim. When I get out you?d better be gone.?

He was gone when I got out and a few minutes later Dan came back down to the pool. I told him Jack had made me uncomfortable swimming in his underwear. He laughed and said he had to go to the office. I waited until he left, went to the bedroom and got out my biggest vibrator and laid back on the bed and pleasured myself for half an hour, thinking of that big curved cock. Afterwards I realized how much I missed strange cock and that was when things started falling apart.

I was getting pretty close to OK under the pre-nup, but still walking away with potential custody issues and five million was a lot different than living on one-half of five million a year. I got on the internet and ordered some pornos. Different flavors, and then one night I put on some sexy new lingerie and asked Dan if he was interested in watching one. I told him I?d ordered them over the internet and he got a little concerned, but I assured him that it was security protected and that they were pretty normal stuff.

They were too; in fact the first ones were a little boring, though Dan got hard enough. When we finally fucked it was actually pretty enthusiastic. Next night I put on another one, gave it a break for a couple of nights and tried again. He got really interested in two things; one a bondage film and the second a bondage flick where a wife was tied up and fucked by two guys.

I tried another one that had two guys who both fucked a girl at the same time, both holes and both in her pussy and that one really worked. The couple swapping one also worked but not as well.

Then I started asking him about his fantasies and whether he thought any of those things we?d seen in the movies could ever be a part of a normal couple?s sex life. I was playing reluctant just leading him on, and then I left it alone for a week. He didn?t do anything, but then he brought some dvds he said he?d bought on the internet. They?d all been opened, so I knew that somewhere there was one that really turned him on.

I know this seems like we didn?t have an open and honest relationship, but it was what it was. His mother still dominated our lives, and we hadn?t ever really talked about sex. I waited to see which one he really liked. It was one that involved three guys and one woman, and a little bit of light homosexual activity. Light I mean, touching each others dicks as they put them in the woman, one guy licking her pussy while another guy was inside and getting a little head and shaft while he was doing it.

I figured I had my lead. When he started going down on me I started going over the lines in the movie, asking him if he wanted a dick in my pussy while he licked me etc. It was great sex. I went on line, found the right site and started looking for a guy.

I set up an entire plan. The guy would have to meet us casually, be able to play a role, indicate that he found us both attractive, stroke Dan?s ego and not be too shy to stroke his cock too.

This all seemed like a good plan. I put some teaser phots on the site, and sorted replies. After a week of chatting and choosing I figured I had the guy. Doctor, in town regularly for conventions, unknown to us or our group.

I agreed to meet him at a hotel bar in the afternoon; the meeting went well. I was sure Bill could play his role. I couldn?t help but cop a feel to make sure that it was in fact his dick on the pictures. It was large with a big head, and my pussy twitched at the thought of getting fucked. I went home happy. That night I was in for a shock. Bill chatted me, told me he?d figured out who I was, who my husband was and threatened to send copies of our chats and pics if I didn?t agree to meet him at a hotel in two days and put out.

I felt sick. I was only a few months from five years. If I gave in and went I could feel that I?d be blackmailed for years. If I didn?t I had a feeling he?d carry through with his threat. Maybe Dan was sufficiently into the idea that he?d be OK with my taking the first step, but he?d probably be livid that I?d exposed him and his business to scandal. I felt so stupid.

I wondered who I could turn to for help. I thought of my lawyer, but I didn?t think he?d be effective in this situation and he was a friend now of both Dan and me. Finally I remembered a guy I?d briefly dated in high school who had become a cop. I facebooked him and then got his phone number and asked if he?d meet me for a private drink next afternoon. We spent a pleasant half hour catching up and then I laid my problem on him.

Richard was a good old boy Cajun redneck. It?d been so long since I?d fucked him I couldn?t remember much about the episode, but he still seemed to like me. I could tell that my story about wanting to bring another man into my bed with my husband?s approval amused him. ?You always were a horny little thing. Probably the best fuck I had in high school. Glad you found a good man. We?ve got to get you out of this. I think I know how.?

Apparently they had an und*rage pornography unit that had some considerable skills in tracking down people who downloaded kiddy porn. He said he?d phone me later and tell me if he could help.

He called later and told me to go ahead and set up the meeting. He said it was important that I text him the room number as soon as I could. Dan noticed that I was butterflies that evening, but he wanted to watch his favorite porn. I thought I wouldn?t be able to cum at all, but he was so enthusiastic, talking about fucking me with another guy, asking if I?d like to be blind folded and fucked by a stranger that I got off.

The meeting was next day at two. Bill was cagey about sending me the room number, but I got it about an hour before hand and texted it to Richard. He told me to go to the room and be prepared for a knock on the door about ten minutes after I was in. I was nervous as hell.

I went in the room. It was a decent hotel right in the French Quarter. At least he?d reserved a suite. It was dark when I went in with only enough light to avoid tripping over the furniture. He told me to stand by the window. He turned on a floor light and I could see that he had his computer open beside him.

?All I have to do is hit the send button, so do exactly what I tell you. Strip.?

Nine more minutes. I undressed as slowly as I could, but he shouted at me to hurry. He had me throw my clothing onto the sofa and then turn around. Apparently he was looking for bugs, but then he got interested in seeing more. He had me come closer, spread my legs and then bend over. He told me to grab my ankles. I?d been doing this is a pic I?d sent him so he knew I could. I felt his finger running up my leg and then he was spreading my lips and I felt his tongue in me. This was happening quicker than I?d thought.

His tongue had found my clit and he was worrying it with his teeth, nipping and pulling. Despite the situation I felt myself getting wet. He fingered me some more and then he stuck his tongue in my ass. I have a real weakness for that feeling and its something Dan would never think to do. For a moment I wished the cops weren?t about to break this up. I relaxed and had a quick orgasm.

Two minutes left. He had me turn around and he exposed himself and then demanded I deep throat him. His hand was near the return button. I lifted up his cock. In an ideal world I?d be able to get my fill of this. I took it all in. He moaned and then looked at his computer and said, ?What the fuck.? The screen had gone blue.

That was when all hell broke loose. The door slammed open and two guys rolled in. One of them was wearing flak gear and a face mask and had a short machine gun. The other was wearing a suit. He told us both to lay on the ground and then he cuffed Bill and had us sit back up.

?You can put your clothes on ma?am.? I ran to the bathroom and came out a minute later. The detective had Bill?s computer and was doing something on it. He closed it and looked at Bill.

?Blackmail is a ten year felony. I can make sure you serve at least eight and you won?t have a medical license when you get out and you?ll probably have AIDS. How does that sound??

Tears were running down Bill?s face. The cop went through all the details, ticking them off one by one. It sounded convincing to me and I actually worried that he was going to insist on a prosecution, but then he offered him a deal. The computer was going with the detective. If Bill ever contacted me again, or if he ever went on adult sites again he would indict him. He wanted a signed statement and he agreed that in five years it would be returned to Bill. Half an hour later it was all over.

The detective left and Richard got out of his flak suit. ?That cost me a couple of favors.?

He looked at me. I wondered if he wanted a favor in return. I began to feel uncomfortable. ?You look good naked,? he said, ?Those big boobs look good on you. He looked awfully wet when we came in, so maybe it worked a little for you.?

I started lifting my dress over my head. He put his arm on mine. ?No, not like this. If you figure it out and need a partner to play with you and your husband give me a shout.?

I went home weak at the knees. That night I resolved never to try that again. When Dan came home I melted into his arms and then after dinner, when the kids were put to bed and we were sitting watch a movie I snuggled up and said, ?I just want you to know that you?ll always be enough for me.?

He stared at me and I wondered if he knew something. He said, ?I know we don?t talk about our needs and desires much and I know you?re an amazingly sexual person. I feel that. I also know I haven?t been the most open person. I?m working on that.?

I put my finger on his lips and he smiled at me, melting my heart. ?But I bought these today,? he said, reaching over and taking a stack of travel documents from a drawer.

We left the next day for a couples resort in Cancun. It was totally nude and there was a huge Jacuzzi pool on the roof, that at five in the afternoon was crowded with a hundred naked people. We watched as one couple went to a lounge chair next to the pool and started making love. The couple next to us were as intrigued as we were and we started talking. The next thing I knew we were sharing drinks and then having dinner with four of their friends. After dinner we all went back to our suite. I don?t know who got naked first but the Jacuzzi in our room was filled and the champagne was broken out.

There was some kind of crazy contest and I lost and the next thing I knew a bag someone had brought was opened and coils of black nylon rope were laid out. I was trussed in such a way that my pussy was wide open. My knees were apart and I couldn?t really move, though I could see everything in the mirrors that surrounded the bed. Everyone was drinking champagne and staring at my slit, which was now completely wet. I could see a little pool of wet on the sheet that everyone seemed delighted with. I felt a very soft face close to my pussy and a pretty blonde girl had a pointed tongue up my ass. Soon I was flat on my back with Dan guiding a strange fat condom covered cock into my pussy. We were the newbies and by the end of the night I?d been fucked by four cocks and had been licked to orgasm by two women.

If anyone?s interested I?ll give you a blow-by-blow!

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