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Honey, Let's Add Another One, OK?

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Honey, Let?s Add Another One, OK? want me to fuck a bunch of strange cocks? And you want to be there and join in? I couldn?t believe my ears! Most wives would love the chance to screw around, but why was this so hard to do? He really wanted to do this. So this is the story of how it happened.

Dale had arranged to meet a stranger at a bar. He wasn?t exactly a stranger as they had communicated extensively on one of Dale?s favorite sex websites. Dale told me he had something set up and I should get ready. Fine. If he wants his prim proper wife to be a slut for the evening, then a slut I?ll be! So I dressed in black 5 inch high heels, black seamed stockings and garters with a corset under a short mini skirt and tight low cut top showing lots of cleavage. Looking in the mirror I thought, ?Hey. Not too bad. I?d probably want to fuck me, too!? The drive took about an hour to get there. I had many drinks and got pretty giggly. We got a motel room that was real close to the bar. Not the Hilton, but it was at least clean. The TV had x-rated movies playing. I went to the bathroom and wound up taking all my clothes off. Not sure why, but I had the desire to be totally free. When I came out, there the guys sat with no clothes on, too. To my pleasant surprise, this stranger had a huge cock! It must have been 8" soft and just hung out there real nice! Instantly my hole was getting very wet. I got on the bed and motioned for the stranger to sit at one end, then motioned to hubby to get behind me. I started sucking this big cock until it was nice and hard. What an impressive rod it was. Nice and meaty and nearly ten inches. I sucked and licked all over that big shaft. I even did my double twisty while slowly sucking up and down that cock making the head nice and large. At the same time, hubby was sliding his cock into me from behind with his now rock hard eight incher. I had many great cums! I?m one of those lucky girls that can cum multiple times. It?s almost like I start cumming and just keep on cumming as long as I?m sucking cock or being fucked. But now with one in my mouth and one in my puffed pussy, it was more than I had ever imagined.

Then I decided to take a cigarette break so the guys could calm down a bit and last longer. I moved over to a chair, lit up a smoke while staring at the two divine cocks on the bed. Both of them were stroking themselves so I naturally started fingering my dripping hole. I sat in the chair with my head laying back. Both of my legs were spread wide open to show the guys my inviting cavern. As I shoved my finger in and out of my wet funnel, I moaned while grinding my hips in a circular motion to match the rhythm of my orgasm. I finished the smoke and continued to play with my gaping wet pussy while thinking about the two big shafts that I was getting ready to devour. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man peeking in the curtain of the window. I told Dale to open the curtain about 12 inches so the Window Voyeur could enjoy a little sex as I continued to play with my wetty hole and fondled my big nippled tits. Looking at the Voyeur through the window, I licked my lips in a suggestive, naughty manner. Then I saw him pull down his zipper and pull out his hard throbber. ?Not bad,? I thought. It must have been about seven inches or so. He watched as I pulled on my clit and opened my pussy wide then inserted two fingers - in and out, over and over. I was so ready to be completely filled with cock. I went and opened the door to invite the stroking Voyeur in to join the orgy. After I closed the door, I went down on my knees to suck his cock to its full expanse. No words were spoken. Just a gasp emanated from his open mouth. All the while, Dale and Stranger continued to yank their hard poles as they watched the additional sex partner come in to play.

Dale grabbed the video camera. I laid back on the bed and presented my womanhood that was calling out to the Window Voyeur?s cock, ?Fill me Now!? His huge member heard the call of my pussy and entered me nice and slow. It felt so good to be totally filled with strange cock that I had a huge explosion - I think you call it a squirter. The gush and force was so large it was as if it blew Voyeur?s raging harder right out of my sopping wet tunnel. But Stranger knew what to do with his big log, jumping in to quickly fill the void of my cunt, he rammed it in and pounded my pussy into multiple, tingling orgasms. As Stranger had his way with me, I was sucking on the Voyeur?s cock. Dale continued to film as he watched his little whore being so wild with two strange dicks. Hubby was vibrating in sheer ecstasy. The three of us on the bed were exploring every nook and cranny and I was being filled with two rods everywhere. Dale couldn?t take much more and he put the camera down and joined in.

I was so sexily wild, Dale knew I would do anything. So he lubed up his harder and the three of them coordinated without saying a word, how each of them would enter me at the same time. Dale slowly slid his large cock into my virginal anal love tunnel while Voyeur shoved his hard log into my dripping cunt. Then I sucked Stranger?s cock as far down my throat as I could. Now I was totally filled with cock in every hole for the first time in my life. I had no thought process at all. I just remember feeling totally intoxicated by the cocks. We all changed positions many times with each large member taking turns with each one of my pleasure holes. Our bodies were so hot and red with lust and delight.

Then hubby picked up the camera again and started stroking while Stranger got on his knees and dangled his schlong over my mouth. I tilted my head back and sucked away placing both hands on his long shaft and twisting ever so gently. I softly caressed and squeezed his balls. Stranger was moaning and hubby was moaning while stroking madly. I must have been moaning too. Voyeur was plunging his large extension in and out of my big clam and moaning as well. Then Stranger pulled me away from Voyeur?s cock to the edge of the bed as though he just couldn?t stand to not be inside my hot honey pot. Voyeur then brought his love rod to my mouth so I could suckle it with all my wet intensity. Stranger continued to ram his cock in and out of me, pulling his wet hot shaft the whole way out then slamming it in as deep as he could go over and over again until he exploded hot ropes of cum with full force deep inside my womb. Stranger now spent, leaned back while Voyeur changed positions and flipped me over, entering my cum dripping cunt from behind doggy style. He grabbed my ass with both his hands and pumped me like a wild stallion. He exploded and actually yelled as he came inside my horny hole. Volumes of warm thick white liquid running down my legs. Then hubby moved in for his favorite sloppy seconds, which actually were thirds. Dale was sliding his big hard rock in and out of me. It was sooo good. I told him I was his special whore and that he had the best cock in the whole world. And with that we both had such an explosive moaning and groaning orgasm, it would have measured a 9.0 on the Richter Scale! I even think I heard the motel windows rattle and car alarms in the parking lot suddenly went off!

The Window Voyeur got dressed and approached me quietly saying, ?Thank you. That was the best.? He shook Stranger?s hand and Dale?s hand, then left the room with a big smile on his face.

As we all got dressed, Stranger said to Dale, ?You?re a lucky man.? Then he turned to me and said, ?Thanks!? Then Stranger left the room. He too had a big smile on his face.

The ride home was rather quiet as we were both so spent, yet relaxed. I could still feel those three large cocks inside me while my pussy continued to tingle. Maybe this strange cock thing wasn?t going to be so bad after all.

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