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Holiday Tale

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Every year for 10 years, since we have been in the lifestyle we have always had an end of year party for our friends. This has been going on since we started playing in the lifestyle so it?s always been fun for one and all. Usually some 20 to 25 people show up mostly couples occasionally single girls and guys are invited as well. For the most part all of the women are either bisexual or bi comfortable since it tends to get rather involved as the night wears on. Most if not all of the women, my wife included wear something in the theme of the Holiday season. Hers this year was as sexy as it gets. Her short Santa suit jacket with white lace thong and clear 4? heels, she is tiny standing 5?2? with lovely 36c boobs and always a head turner. But we have had others show in as little as a ribbon or bow and nothing else. The rules are like many lifestyle gatherings no means no and everyone is pretty okay with that.

Like most parties it tends to start off slow and easy, folks saying hello eating and drinking and then later it tends to get more and more physical, women taking drinks to gather their courage and loosen up. This year was like most; we all had our drinks and talked mingled with others and so forth. Nothing was out of the ordinary as I saw it progressing towards the later hours of the night. Folks would either get in smaller groups pair up or leave the living room to step into a more private setting, some into the hot tub outside as well. It really just depended on what they were up for as most can understand. But I had my eye on this hot little woman that came with another couple and introduced to me as Kathy. Kathy was all of 30 and this was her first venture into a lifestyle party, at 5?5 and I would guess to be 120 with her 34DD boobs she made an impression. Although she wasn?t dressed in the holiday theme of the party wearing jeans and a top like you would see in any store. She never the less was friendly and wandered through out the house watching others do their thing.

Mark and Shannon her tall striking blonde were really the first ones to get things going. Shannon was always a bit of a nymph and loves to fuck both guys and girls. This year however she wanted to do something she never done, which Mark later told me was exciting since she had been talking about our party for weeks a gang bang. I went to the kitchen to get some more food to find Shannon being bent over the kitchen sink fucked by David a long time friend who is single. Shannon was moaning as David fucked her deeply. I should mention that when Shannon came in she was wearing a full length coat with nothing under it. As I watched David pounding her out Mark stood next to her asking her how it felt to be a slut and whore. She just moaned and screamed yes ?I am a whore fuck me like one? As I gathered up the food to walk back out into the living room I passed by the laundry room only to hear the sounds of pleasure, not wanting to miss anything I cracked the door to see my wife being eaten by Stacey as not her husband Carl but Paul was fucking her out. My wife Tina motion for me to come in and when I did she begin to suck my cock as Paul fucked Stacey into a total submission of orgasms which seem to only excite both Tina and Stacey more and more. Paul pulled his cock out of Stacey shooting cum all over her back and back of her hair as she moaned and sighed. She looked up at me having my cock already erect with Tina?s awesome blow job and screamed to me for me to fuck her now! As I removed myself from Tina?s mouth and got back behind Stacey, Tina started to suck Paul?s limp cock off, telling Stacey how good her pussy tasted on him. Stacey smiled and looked back towards me grabbing my cock and pushing it into her freshly fucked pussy. She, look to Tina and said ?Oh My God girl thank you for letting him fuck me. I love Jakes (Me) cock?, Tina smile to her jacking off Paul and said ?fuck him girl give him a nice ride?. It wasn?t long before both of the women had us shooting off on them, since we rarely came inside without a condom. The girls gather there selves together and we all walked back into the main living area. Only to find Shannon nude in the middle of the floor fucking one guy Charles and sucking Carl Stacey?s husband while she jacked off her own husband Mark. Tina and I sat on the sofa watching all of this as many others started to remove their clothing or left the room to fuck in a more private setting. I sat and finger fucked Tina now completely nude as she watched Shannon being hard fucked when she took whose ever cock out of her mouth only to scream and moan. Tina was fixed on Marks cock as I continued to finger her pussy out. She whispered in my ear how she wanted to fuck him, something she has never wanted to do, because of the sheer size of his cock. He was without a doubt the biggest guy in the room, being that he was so skinny is size it made his cock look even bigger Shannon told me that he was a full 10? in length and had to be nearly as thick as a coke can. While I myself never got into comparing myself to other guys, it was hard to miss Mark when he walked into the room with his cock freely swinging. I told Tina to do what she wanted and without another word she got next to Shannon who was now in a doggie position taking Carl while she attempted to suck Mark off. Tina walked up to Mark whispered in his ear and got down on her hands and knees as Mark got right up behind her. I always knew that Mark had a thing for Tina since we first met, but she always declined to do him because of his size. This time he wasn?t going to let the opportunity pass him by as he slowly guided his huge cock in her. Steve stepped up to start mouth fucking Shannon and another guy Jason slid his cock towards Tina?s open mouth. She was screaming as Mark inched his way deeper and deeper into her. I didn?t think that Jason stood a chance of getting a blow job from her while she was doing Mark, but as she loosen up and got more and more into it, she finally allowed Jason to put his now stiff cock into her mouth. From time to time Tina would remove Jason from her mouth only to scream and moan with pleasure and pain as he fucked her and reached places few of us would ever know, because of his sheer size. A few times Shannon would remove whatever cock she was sucking to tell Tina how hot it was to see Mark fucking her. Tina would merely moan and scream with Jason?s cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I myself was rather enjoying seeing Tina being fucked so hard and deep, she was getting more and more into it wiggling her tight ass as her boobs swayed from the pounding she was getting from Marks cock. Shannon had Carl shooting his cum all over her back only to have Steve get behind her and attempt to fuck her now freshly pounded pussy out, she told Steve no, I cant take another cock in my pussy, I have already done 6 guys, Steve started to get up when she told him to get some lube and fuck her ass. Steve asked me where we kept it I told him as Shannon flipped over to watch Jason and Mark fucking Tina out. She sucked on Tina?s boobs when she could manage to get one in her mouth that is. Mark was tearing Tina up and Shannon looked at me and smiled ? She is getting a royal fucking Jake, but not to worry sweetie I am going to give the same thing to you, before the night is over? Steve returned with the lube in one hand masking his stiff cock up and down with it. As Shannon got into position once again, telling Mark that she was going to let Steve fuck her in the ass, something Mark was never going to get again because of his size. Shannon looked at me and said ?look Jake look at Tina taking that fucking, isn?t she hot to watch?! Just then Steve buried his cock in Shannon?s virgin ass as she screamed ?Oh My GOD? Steve wasted no time in fucking her as Mark gasping cheered him on, ?Fuck that slut fuck her tight ass for me, fuck her deep Steve? Shannon screaming more and more ?Yes I am a slut and I want my ass fucked? As Mark reached over to smack her ass, yelling ?You like it don?t you bitch?? Shannon merely moaned and gasped that she did. Within moments Mark had removed himself from Tina and began to unload his cum all over her, she sighed in what I believe was relief as he did so, knowing that she taken the biggest guy she ever had and fucked him well. Something she always taken pride in was giving as good as she got. Now she could Jason her full attention, she no doubt she did since the only thing she loved more than sucking a cock was eating pussy. I watched Jason?s face as he tense up you could see how he wanted to cum in her mouth. As with the pussy for other reasons the girls preferred the guys not cum in them but rather on them. But Tina wasn?t about to let go, however Jason was trying to remove himself from her tight mouth grip, she made him shoot his load in her mouth and as always Tina swallowed ever bit of it. Jason looked to me and said sorry Jake, as Tina took the last of it; she smiled and told Jason, ?no worries I wanted it like that?.

As my attention turned from Tina I could see my little target walk back into the room, Kathy. Now totally nude she was even more stunning than I thought. With her tight body and finely trimmed pussy were only distracted by her perk 34DD boobs. She saw me sitting on the sofa nude with a hard cock and walked over to me. She managed to make small talk, however her eyes never seem to leave watching my cock. Tina joined us on the sofa sitting on the other side of Kathy. The girls made small talked and I was intent on watching Steve tear up Shannon?s ass. She took whatever cock happened past her and took them directly into her mouth, sucking them as Steve fucked her harder and faster. Mark wandered off I think towards the kitchen as I heard Tina address me again. ?Baby Kathy wants to fuck us, she never done a couple? I said sure and lets do it. Tina said lets go to the room, ?my knees are killing me? As I walked behind the girls we passed all sorts of sexual acts being committed. Mostly it was couple on couple but sometimes it was girl/girl as we passed them, Kathy stopped to watch for a moment, I would guess trying to get some tips on what to do. As we reached our bedroom, which by the way stays locked during our little gatherings, to prevent others from tearing our room up. The girls locked into a hug and kiss, Kathy seemed to melt to Tina as they kissed. We open the door and closed in behind us, Kathy told me she never done a woman before, so she was a little nervous about that part of it. Tina assured her not to worry, that she would start and that I Jake could just watch. Kathy responded back to Tina, ?Well he isn?t going to just watch is he?? Tina laughed and said ?Oh no, you will get to fuck him I promise? Kathy smiled back at me as the girls walked to the bed and begin to kiss and slowly have sex with each other. You could tell Kathy was a little unsure about having another woman going down on her, but Tina being the pro she is and highly bisexual took little time to convince her of how wonderful it was going to be. Before long Kathy was screaming that she was going to cum and Tina wasted no time to make damn certain she would cum all over her mouth. Kathy laid there rubbing her own boobs and nipples as Tina went to town on her virgin bisexual pussy. Then Kathy flooded her face as she screamed louder than I think I have ever heard a woman scream. Which only excited Tina even more, then she turned to me and said ?Okay Baby your turn? Kathy spread her legs far apart and smiled and said ?Fuck yes I want that cock? Tina giggled and grabbed me by my cock and guided me to Kathy?s wet and highly flooded pussy. She placed me directly to it and smiled up as Kathy, ?Your going to love this, Jake is an awesome fuck? as she kissed me and slid my hard cock into Kathy?s pussy. Kathy placed her legs high and far apart giving me total use of her pussy as Tina went to Kathy and the girls kissed each other. Then Tina without a word sat directly over Kathy?s face I really didn?t think Kathy was brave enough to try but she went to town on Tina?s pussy and Tina was enjoying it as well. Tina turned toward me so she could get the full view of my cock going in and out of Kathy?s pussy. Tina said? Isn?t her pussy awesome, oh my God I love seeing your cock doing her? Kathy was moaning which excited Tina more and more until Tina wasted no time in flooding Kathy?s face. As soon as she stopped Tina got off to lay on the bed to watch. Kathy looked to me and said ?Can I get on top?? I said sure as she mounted me and Tina begin kissing her mouth and sucking her boobs. Kathy arched her back and screamed ?Of fuck, oh fuck I am going to come? Tina cheered ?Do it? Then Kathy moaned as she was having a very hard orgasm all over me. Tina bent down and licked her clit and I swear I think Kathy came within a second of feeling her tongue on her clit. Then Kathy began to really give my cock a work out as she went faster and faster on me, I thought for a moment she was trying to fuck my cock right off. Which wasn?t the case, she just really liked it hard and deep when she on top, she told me later. I was feeling the need to unload and I told Kathy I was ready to come, she looked down at me and said ?Come inside me Jake, it?s okay I am safe? I looked at Tina who was teasing her own pussy and said, well? She moaned and ?told me to shoot off inside Kathy, fill her up?. Kathy gasping and moaning said ?OMG yes let me feel you?re hot cum in me?! Needing little encouragement and having a highly wet and warm pussy engulfing my cock, I did just that and began to unload deep in her pussy. Kathy stopped to feel me filling her up, her face beamed as she yelled ?OMG, OMG that?s so hot it feels so good?! Then Tina moaned as she came herself. We all rested for a few minutes and the girls stayed while I went out to see what was going on in the house. It seemed with each room I passed or corner I turned there was some sort of sexual act being done. Shannon was now on her 12th cock and while she had her face buried into another woman?s pussy. Mark sat and watched as another woman attempted to suck his rather large cock off, all the time being eaten out by Shannon. I then ventured outside to see Jennifer being hard fucked by her husband while sucking another guy off who was sitting on the very edge of the hot tub. As I walked through out the house, I could see really nothing was a miss; however I was turned on by the fucking, sucking and moaning of those involved. I wandered back to my own bedroom, as I opened the door I could see that Tina had put up our sex swing and our friend in common Tracey was using it well, with Charles banging her out. Tina was on the bed face buried into a pillow and right next to her was Kathy also face buried into a pillow, the girls were being fucked by two guys who thought it was fun to stop from time to time and swamp out the girls. Then start all over again, the girls kept screaming how much they loved it how good it felt. Just then Shannon stumbled into the room with others right behind her, she said ?Wow where the hell have you been looking at me?? I told her well right here, she said ?I haven?t forgotten about you Jake, I am so ready for you?! I said okay well lets get on the bed, she stopped me and said ?No I want to use your swing? I said well it?s being used, she smiled back ?I guess I have to suck you until it?s free then huh?? Without another word she was down on her knees sucking for dear life. I could see Tina and Kathy being used as other guys walked in and out of our room, each taking their turn on them. The girls never once looked back to see who was doing them, I really don?t think that they cared to know either. When I thought I could hold out no longer, Tracey left the swing and with in a second, Shannon was inside it. Her legs spread her pussy was very pink and you could tell she been fucked repeatedly too. She smiled and said ?Okay Jake, time to fuck the slut?! I could hear Tina and Kathy moaning in almost the same tones as they continued to fuck anyone and everyone that came into the room. I slid my cock into Shannon and I was shocked that after cock after cock she was still fairly tight. She moaned and sighed as the swing rocked back and forth. She was certainly enjoying all of the attention. As like with all guys, I could tell I was soon to come, removing myself from her I unloaded right between her boobs; she grinned and rubbed her fingers into it, licking them clean.

As the night turned from dark to dawn, we had each enjoyed all types of sexual admissions. The girls fulfilled there deepest desires and without fear of being thought of badly or someone pointing fingers and being jealous. The guys all took it in stride because each of us knew what it was and accepted it just for that. As folks left for the evening some stayed and we awoke to the sounds of fucking still going on. I myself woke to find Tina and Kathy laying one on each side, snuggled next to me. Reflecting on that party as with the others we have done in the past years, I was happy to think while it?s good to give its better to receive!

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