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Her Idea

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Framed by her dark hair, Bev's brown eyes sparkled with excitement. She had just shared a romantic dinner with her husband Tom. As Tom cleared the dishes away he announced, "Honey, I've got a surprise for you this evening." "What is it" she quipped. She was used to receiving surprises, as Tom was frequently getting her sexy dresses and lingerie to wear. "Well, if you'd care to go to our bedroom, you'll find an outfit on the bed that I'd like you to try on, and please don't forget some sexy heels." he replied.

Entering the bedroom she discovered a short, sexy skirt lying on the bed. It was almost black in color with shiny metal strands. She quickly undressed and slipped in to the skirt. It was stretchy and while it fit great it barely came down low enough to cover her pussy, but it did show off her great legs. Next, she put on the matching skimpy top. It barely covered her ample breasts and being that it was a stretchy material she could almost envision Tom tugging the top down below her breasts to expose her naked nipples later. She smiled and decided she would surprise Tom when he decided to play with her nipples. She retrieved a set of nipple chains from the dresser and pulling and pinching her nipples to make them tingly and erect she placed the loop over each and firmly tightened them in place. The nipple rings and chain never failed to arouse her. It was almost like her nipples were connected directly to her pussy. There was also a white blouse on the bed. This surprised her as she thought of it as a rather modest top, although she recalled wearing it one evening without a bra and remembered it did show a fair bit of cleavage. Putting it on she did up just a couple of buttons and then tied the front of the blouse in front of her midriff. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she put on a pair of black CFM heels. She stood and walked to the mirror to check her outfit. She realized the outfit made her look hot and she knew Tom would approve. Deciding she wanted to surprise him as well, she went into the bathroom to put on extra makeup. She applied a heavy application of eyeliner and eyeshadow. She wanted to look extra sexy and intriguing tonight, and maybe just a little bit slutty. Returning to the bedroom she had just more thing to attend to. She grabbed a tube of a sexy mint gel from the night stand and applied a generous portion to her pussy lips, taking care to swirl it around her hardening clit. She slowly eased her lubed finger into her pussy before licking her finger clean and tugging her skirt back to its place.

Bev strutted through the house, her heels clicking on the tile floor. She headed to the patio area to join Tom. He noticed her coming and motioned that he would be just a minute as he was on the phone. Quickly ending his conversation, Tom turned to her and said "Wow, you look good enough to eat." "Be my guest," Bev replied, "do you like my outfit?" and she got up from her chair to twirl around.

"I sure do," he said "I knew you would look very hot in that outfit." Tom leaned forward to give her a kiss and placed a hand on her thigh. "Now," he whispered "are you ready for your surprise?"

"I already have it on silly," she replied, smiling. "No," quipped Tom "so far you just have a very sexy new outfit. I've got a much bigger surprise for you tonight. Are you curious?" "Of course I'm curious," replied Bev. She was always curious and wondered what the surprise was. She had learned that Tom loved to tease her. And always explained that you only tease people you like and love. "Ok, what's my surprise?" she said.

"Your fantasy." replied Tom.

"My fantasy." she replied, and then it hit her. Her mouth went dry and she didn't say a word. She didn't think she could because it takes breathing to be able to talk and for just a moment she wasn't breathing. She recalled sharing her fantasy with Tom. She had told him that sometime she would like to experience making love to several men along with Tom. In fact, she specifically asked for four men to play with as well as Tom. She wanted to fully experience being a wanton woman with a man for every orifice. Tom had become very excited in hearing her fantasy and had fucked her royally that night. It seemed he couldn't get enough of her.

Bev could feel her pussy getting wetter. She loved Tom and loved pleasing him in every way that she could imagine. And it all made her squirm in her chair. Slowly, Bev was getting her breath back and her apprehension was disappearing. "I know it's my fantasy," she said "but are you sure you would be okay with sharing me like that?"

"Yes, I'm sure," said Tom "or I wouldn't have arranged it. I love pleasing you and I love seeing you very well pleased. Now, I have taken a great deal of effort to having you very well pleased tonight. I wasn't able to get four guys but I have three gentlemen who are ready to arrive here shortly to please you in any way you desire. All I have to do is make a phone call and you will have three sexy men as well as myself at your sexual disposal for the next several hours. If you choose to decline the offer and the fantasy, I will simply make a phone call and cancel the whole affair."

"If we do this," she replied "I want you there at all times." "Of course," replied Tom "I wouldn't miss it for the world." She recalled that Tom had told her how if it ever happened that she would have a sore pussy afterward, and she had boldly told him that she would have a very satisfied pussy. "And," she proceeded while pondering the choices ahead of her, "I would want you to make love to me after they've all had me."

"I'll be so hot for you that nothing could keep me from you." said Tom.

Her face became uncertain, although her eyes twinkled as she began to realize what was in store for her. Yes, she wanted this to happen, the desire was there and her pussy was on fire in anticipation. Breathing heavily, she replied, "Call them. Get them for me now, please."

Tom grabbed the phone and made the call. Hanging up, he looked at Bev as she shuddered in orgasm. "Let's go inside," he said. "We have to listen for the doorbell."

They seemed to escort each other into the family room. Tom placed his hand just at the bottom of her skirt on her ass as they walked. He was trying to snake his finger towards her ever moistening pussy. She loved it and sighed as she sank into the love seat. Tom left her there for a moment as he adjusted the volume on the stereo. Then he moved the coffee table to the side of the room. This was going to be their playroom for the rest of the evening and he didn't want anything in the way. Tom left the room for a moment and returned with a large quilt blanket that he placed by the large area rug.

Bev, still sitting on the edge of the loveseat beckoned for Tom to come to her. He strode in front of her and she reached out and grabbed him by the crotch. "Let me have a taste of this," she commanded. She reached under his loose fitting shorts and grabbed his manhood. " I need to taste you."

Just then the doorbell rang. Tom removed her hand, looked her in the eyes and said, "Honey, I do believe we have company. Just remember, I love you dearly and all I want is for you to enjoy your fantasy tonight. Remember, this is for you and you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. Now, relax and enjoy!" With that said, he left to answer the door.

As he opened the door, there stood three men. He introduced himself and invited them into the living room. Bev could hear him talking to the three of them. He said, "Gentlemen, I think we're all going to enjoy ourselves this evening. You have a very lovely lady that is looking forward to experiencing an evening of sexual bliss. Please be kind to her and realize that she is truly a lady, be gentle and attentive to her and we will all enjoy a very erotic evening." With that, he showed them where the guest bathroom and guest bedroom were. He also instructed them that the master bedroom was off limits. If she was to retreat to the master bedroom they were not to go after her. That was to be her safety zone. Then he led the three to the family room and said to them, "Gentlemen, this is Bev, and I'm sure you all going to enjoy each other this evening."

Bev was in prime form. She looked hot as all get out and she was beginning to feel witty, alluring and sexy. She was experiencing a wicked desire deep in her moist pussy. She looked at them and and coyly said, "Gosh, a girl sure has to be careful what they wish for around here. Sit down and tell me who you are." Mark, the youngest in the group sat down beside Bev on the loveseat. He was about 37 and seemed quite muscular, as well as being very handsome. He went on to explain that he kept buff by doing landscaping in a nearby town. The other two gentlemen sat on either side of Tom on the sofa. As Bev turned to face them, they both introduced themselves. Carlos was the tallest of the trio. He was of Spanish descent, quite lanky and explained that he was 42. He said he had recently moved to Miami, but came home often to visit family and friends. Steve was the third. He was obviously nervous as he stammered his name. Steve was also fairly tall, in his mid 50's, slightly balding but sported a trim figure.

With introductions out of the way, everybody sat there for a brief moment wondering what to do next.. Although it was only a brief silence, Bev was relieved when Tom spoke and said, "Bev, why don't you begin with exploring a bit with Mark, show him just what a sexy woman you are." With that, Mark put him arm around her and drew her close. She leaned into him and wondered what kind of cologne he was wearing as she sensed an animal magnetism toward his scent. They both began to timidly explore each others bodies. He was groping her breasts with one hand while trying to reach out and touch the unfolding petals of her moist pussy. She found herself getting more turned on with the course of events. She found herself wanting to explore, and slowly she lowered her face downwards. She felt his manhood through his clothing and could feel him beginning to get rigid. She cautiously tugged downwards at his zipper and slowly reached inside to grasp his hardening cock. She loved the feel of it and also the fact that he was responding so well. She slowly lowered herself to the floor so she could get a taste of his ever growing manhood. Eagerly, she began to explore his cock with her tongue. She loved his taste and was really beginning to enjoy this new, lurid side of herself. Just as she was about to lower her mouth all the way over his erect cock, she heard a voice. It was Tom. She hadn't realized what the other men were doing as she was so into what she was doing, but turning to look at Tom, she suddenly realized that Tom and the other two guys had stripped all of their clothing off. They were all sitting there stark naked and each one had a semi-rigid cock in their hand. "Honey," he said "we all need just a bit of attention over here." She gave Mark a quick squeeze and said to him, "I'll be back to continue this."

With that, she arose from the loveseat. She slowly sashayed to the far end of the couch. There she leaned over Carlos. She rubbed her hands over his chest and down to his groin. She gently grabbed his hardening cock and was surprised by his size and just how rigid he felt. Wanting to expore further she lowered her body and eagerly took his cock into her mouth. He was large in girth and she knew she couldn't get all of this large cock down her throat. She slowly licked up and down his shaft, loving the way he was hardening ever more as she explored his body. Rising slowly, she whispered in his ear, "Oh, am I ever going to enjoy the size of you later." Then she moved to Tom, who was sitting between Carlos and Steve. She reached down to play with him only briefly before she teasingly announced, "I can't ignore our guests dear."

Reaching next to Steve she found him sporting a flaming hardon. She quickly leaned over and engulfed the head of his cock in her hungry mouth. Suddenly she erupted in orgasm. The sensuality of all this had completely overtaken her and she wanted more.

Tom rose from the couch and silently went to get the large quilt he had placed by the area rug. He shook it open and layed it over the rug. Returning to the couch, he reached down and took Bev by the hand. When she rose to her feet he put his arms around her and gave her a very sensuous hug. He held her close for a brief moment, and whispered in her ear, "Honey, just enjoy this and be as nasty and sexy as you've always wanted to be." With that he led her to the blanket. Standing behind her, Tom reached his hands around her heaving bosom and slowly began removing her white blouse. Once the blouse was gone, he lowered the skimpy top below her breasts. He was surprised to discover she had worn the nipple rings with the attached chain. The guys loved the nipple adornment and made teasing comments.

Bev settled onto the blanket and looking over her shoulder she spotted a vibrating dildo that Tom had placed there. Before she could reach for it, Tom said, "how about giving us all a little show, let us know what your hungry for." By this time all of Bev's apprehension disappeared. She was slowly grinding her hips and softly moaning. She reached for the vibrator and quickly shoved it all the way home. She was so hungry for cock she just had to stuff something in her pussy. She could feel her pussy opening wide for the dildo and she knew she was oozing, she was so in need. Her body shuddered briefly as she quickly ground to her third orgasm of the evening.

Catching her breath, she rolled to her side. She looked very sexy laying there propped up on one elbow. She had drawn one leg up to her other knee accentuating her sexy cum fuck me shoes. Her heaving breasts had a sexy chain dangling from her engorged nipples, and there was a lust for more in her gleaming brown eyes.

There had been a hush in the room since Bev had exploded in orgasm. Breaking the silence, she rose to her knees. "Gather around me, I want to taste all your dicks." The guys all quickly complied. Reaching first for Mark, she held his dick in her hand before slowly taking the head in her mouth. Soon she had a cock in each hand as she bobbed her head on Mark's gleaming cock. She became aware of the flash from Tom's camera and knew he was getting pictures of her slutty actions. She began alternating on all three cocks. Taking one, then another in her mouth. She wanted pictures of it all. Finally, just holding Mark's manhood, she looked up and announced, "I want you to fuck me now." Carlos and Steve retreated to the couch while Bev and Mark assumed the missionary position. Parting her legs she invited Mark to mount her. He raised up above her and slowly rubbed the head of his engorged cock up and down her slippery slit. Reaching for his cock she guided it to her opening. Bringing her heels up to his ass she groaned as she pulled him into her while saying, "Fuck me, give it to me." They were both hot with desire and they thrust in to each other. They fucked in long slow srokes.

Tom was soon beside Bev as Mark was pumping her full of his hard cock. Bev reached for Tom's erection and brought it to her eager mouth. Now she had two cocks in her and she was grinding and moaning as if she couldn't get enough. Mark watched as she sucked and played with Tom's erection and soon his pace began to quicken as he thrust mightily into her. She was now having a difficult time concentrating on Tom's cock as she was enjoying the fucking Mark was giving her. "Fuck me hard," she instructed, "slam my pussy." Suddenly Mark's body tensed and jerked as he shot streams of hot cum into her. This sent her over the edge once again and she burst free in orgasm.

As Mark's cock softened, he pulled away. His cock slid from her pussy, some of his cum seeping from her slit. She reached for Tom's cock to resume her sucking action as another man crept between her legs. She didn't know who was going to fuck her next, and right now she really didn't care. She just knew she wanted more. Holding Tom's cock in one hand while she sucked him, she reached down to find another. Taking hold of it she knew by the size of it that it had to be Carlos. She loved the feel of his cock and wondered if she would be able to take it all. She had never had a cock that large. He eased in slowly, allowing her to adjust to his size. With every thrust he would get in just a little further, and with every thrust Bev gasped with pleasure. She had never felt so full of cock and she wanted to feel all of him. Looking down at this giant cock fucking her pussy, she said, "your cock feels so good, give it all to me, I want to feel your balls slap my ass." As he began to fuck her deeper and harder, Bev was surprised when Steve thrust his cock to her left cheek. She grabbed hold of him.

Now, Bev had Carlos deep in her pussy while holding Tom and Steve in her hands. She would turn her head to take one in her mouth, suck it a little and then turn and suck the other. She alternated back and forth. She was moving her pussy, hands and mouth trying to accommodate all the cocks being thrust at her. Her eyes were glazed with lust. The first to come was Tom, he started to spurt and though Bev tried to catch it all in her mouth most of it spurted on her chin. Carlos, who by now was fully embedded in her pussy began to stroke her much more rapidly, taking long deep strokes which jolted her entire body each time he thrust deeply. Bev's eyes glazed over as her body was wracked with a mind tingling orgasm. It seemed to sweep over her in wave after wave. Suddenly Carlos shouted "I'm coming" as he withdrew from her gaping pussy and pumped load after load on her pussy and thighs. As he moved away, Steve quickly replaced him, his cock sliding in easily after the fucking Bev had just received. Steve fucked her slowly and gently but Bev's body felt so hot. She had cum in her and on her and was now on her way to satisfying her fourth man of the evening. She was moaning with a burning lust, and loving the thought of these men having her this way. Unable to hold off any longer, Steve erupted.

Bev decide this would be a good time to take a brief break. She was almost smouldering with desire for more, but wanted to freshen up a bit first.

After a short time, the party moved to the spare bedroom. Bev sat on the bed with a guy on either side of her. She pulled her legs wide. They played with her pussy while the other two watched. Soon the men traded places and she had different hands probing and playing with her pussy. She was cumming again when they decided it was time for the finale, and one after another they screwed her hard and blew their cum over her body.

As the men left, she looked into Tom's eyes and saw what he must have seen in hers, lust burning brightly.

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