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Hens Night

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I?ve never been a great lover of hens nights but have always gone along just the same. Except for getting together with the girls they have always been a bit of a non-affair. So when Alison invited me along for Kathy?s hens night, I was looking forward to catching up with friends but the idea of going to Picadors, the popular male strip club, didn?t really grab me. The thought of five or six love me boys poncing around didn?t really grab me that much.

We arrived at Picadors to find that Alison had arranged a private room for us and the ten of us sat together around a long rectangular table with Kathy perched in prime position at the stage end of the table and Alison on the opposite side.

The meal was the usual low standard one expects from those type of restaurants but the champagne was flowing and the entertainment had begun. As we ate our meals and guzzled down our first few glasses of champagne the first two acts had already been on. There was the usual girls giggling and chatter as the first two try hards came on to the stage. They were naturally paying a lot more attention to the hen than the rest of us but I was thankful for that just the same. Alison was making sure that she was going to be included which was no surprise to any of us. She had always loved her boys right since we knew her in school and she had never cared to become more conservative.

Lyn had brought her digital camera to catch some of the fun. She sat with Kathy on her right and Bianca, my best friend in the world on her left, then I had thankfully positioned myself almost as far away from the action as I could. We had all carefully dissected the strengths and weaknesses of the first two acts and decided that they simply weren?t built well enough to be worthy of our admiration.

The laughing and chatter had almost reached a crescendo when the lights dimmed slightly before the dynamic entrance of act 3. An adonis had entered the room. The girls shrieked with approval and I found myself with my mouth open with surprise. He was classically tall dark and handsome ? toned and muscled wearing designer cut jeans and an open neck white shirt.

He danced and moved in the way you expect an adonis should, the spotlight following him around the room as he moved. He moved over to Kathy and had her unbutton his shirt. He flung the shirt away and grabbed Kathy?s hands and put them on his chest. She turned and grinned to us all as she rubbed up and down his chest. Lyn was going wild with the camera and everybody was getting into the swing.

I was still mesmerised by his movements as he turned to Lyn and beckoned her to undo his jeans. She put her camera down and fiddled with buttons before turning to us with that wicked look she always gets in her eyes then rubbing his crotch up and down. For reasons I couldn?t explain I started to feel myself getting excited. I?d been to these sort of things before but there was something about this guy.

With Lyn?s help he slipped out of his jeans and tossed them up on the stage. He was left standing in a light blue G-string that seemed struggle to hold on to the pay load. Alison was going crazy as he danced over towards her. Teasing us all he danced seductively at the top of the table. He moved towards Kathy but she shrieked and shied away. Alison beckoned him over. Again teasing her for a while he then allowed Alison to move her hands over his crotch and remove his G-string.

His cock unfolded in front of our eyes. Unconsciously I squeezed my legs together as I watched Alison cup her hand underneath his penis and laugh excitedly. He allowed her to stroke him a number of times before we could see small hints of arousal. Lyn clicked away on her camera before he danced away as his member began to stand bolt upright.

He moved over to Kathy who was more relaxed for whatever reason this time. She reached out and cupped his balls and we all cheered with approval. His penis stood fully erect now and I was caught somewhere between wanting him to stay away and hoping he would come closer. He moved on to Lyn. Alison reached over and snatched the camera making sure that Lyn wasn?t going to get away without a photo. He swayed about a metre in front of Lyn, occasionally pirouetting to show his incredibly cute arse. This was my dream man. I giggled nervously as I felt my juices between my legs. I crossed my legs tightly and looked on.

He moved in towards Lyn. She took his cock in her hand and leant her head forward. When she opened her lips and slid his penis into her mouth I had to catch my breath. The girls were going crazy now and Alison raced around to get some close ups of the action. I couldn?t say and do anything. This strange feeling came over me. I watched her ? jealously!

He pulled away from Lyn and turned to Bianca. I was sure she wouldn?t touch him. Like me she was happily married and devoted to Tim and I was sure she would back away. To my surprise she took him and ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his penis. I couldn?t believe what I was seeing. As Alison snapped away with the camera I suddenly felt liberated too. I knew I wanted him but now I was going to commit myself.

He stepped towards me. It could not happen quickly enough. I took hold of him and looked up into his eyes. I could see higher signs of arousal in him and I wanted to be the one who took him over. As I wrapped my lips around his cock I could feel it start to pulsate in my mouth. I looked into his eyes and he gave me that stare you see men give before they reach their peak. I moved quicker running my tongue around his cock as it began to thrust wildly.

As Alison took another photo his suddenly gushed into my mouth and across my cheek. The taste of his juices was indescribable as I moved in time with his thrusts. He threw his head back as he growled his orgasm. I licked more delicately as slowly his erection subsided. He pulled away and the girls all screamed with delight. He stepped back and waved to us all before disappearing back stage.

Alison took one more shot as I reached for a serviette to wipe the cum away from my face. I still have copies of the photos as each of us girls do. We keep it as a fail safe for each other so no husbands or boyfriends ever found out.

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