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Halloween Party

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another true story from chipair. the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent! and btw... this happened almost 15 years ago. back in the days when swingers didn't use condoms. times have changed and we always use them now. stay safe!

It was the third time we were going to the swingers club and we were still really nervous about it. The first two times we had gone to the parties with our friends Ron and Lisa. They were the first couple we played with. The two times before I think we were all nervous and sat in the corner watching. We ended up having fun with the two of them at the parties but we really were looking forward to meeting some new people as well. We had talked to Ron and Lisa about it and they were a bit frustrated as well. We decided that we wouldn?t sit together the entire evening. We would each make an effort to meet some new people. We could always play together if neither of us met anyone. We thought it would be a good party since it was the Halloween costume party. We had heard it was one of the most crowded parties of the year. We had picked out costumes to wear ourselves. We were typically unorganized and had to put something together at the last minute. We did a Middle Eastern theme. I wore a vest, loose pants, and sandals. Maria was a harem girl. She quickly made up a costume with some see through cloth. Her costume was basically her dressed in a g-string panty and bra covered up by the see through cloth. I thought she looked terrific.

We arrived at the club and parked. The parking lot was already full of cars. We could tell that it was going to be a crowded party. We both took a deep breath in the car and kissed each other. We were both still nervous about it all. But we sucked it up and went inside.

We paid our entrance fee and went inside the club. It was packed. People everywhere and almost everyone was in costume. There were a lot of people dressed in some very nice costumes. A lot of the sort of standard things you would see at a costume party but a lot sexier. A lot of women for instance dressed as French Maids. We started to try to mingle with people. We?re both sort of shy by nature though and we found it sort of hard. We found that it seemed like a lot of the people there were already in groups of people who knew each other. We did start to talk to some nice people however and found it was getting easier and easier to talk to people. We were starting to feel a lot less nervous.

After awhile Ron and Lisa showed up. We did end up talking to them as well. Ron was dressed as a Roman Legion. Maria wanted to know what was under his skirt. Lisa was dressed in a toga to complete the look. Her large breasts looked very inviting under the material. We chatted with them a bit and then agreed to break up and chat with some other folks as well. We really did want to try to meet some new people. We each went our separate ways and started to mingle again with the crowd.

We were talking to people left and right it seemed. It was very crowded. I was very interested in a redhead who was dressed as a witch. Her husband, who was dressed as Superman, was very funny and nice as well. We really enjoyed the two of them and I was hoping to play with her in particular. We started to talk about swinging and she explained that this was their first time at the club. We told them that it was only our third time there and that we were still really nervous about the whole thing. Then the redhead told us that her husband was driving her crazy because he was so horny about the whole thing. She told us that he really wanted to get together with another couple that night but they had agreed that they were there that first time to just look. That they had agreed to not play with anyone and she was going to make sure he towed the line. Maria and I both looked at each other and we could both tell that the other was disappointed. They looked like they would have been a really fun couple to play with. I wasn?t in the mood to try to convince this lady to change her mind.

Just then the DJ announced that the costume party was going to begin. We weren?t about to get up on the stage for the contest but the witch and her superman husband convinced us that it would be fun. We agreed to do it only if they did it as well. We all went up on the stage to join the other couples in the contest. The rules were explained. Each couple would take a turn out on the stage. They would dance for a bit and then be rated by the audience applause. We waited by the side of the stage for our turn on the stage. We were nervous once again. We started to talk to another couple that was standing by us. They were a little older than we were but very nice. They introduced themselves as Bill and Diane. Bill was built much like myself. Sort of tall and thin. Diane was a blond with very nice legs and breasts. They were dressed as a caveman and cavewoman. While we talked they explained that they had been going to the club for years. They seemed very comfortable there. I started to wonder if we would end up having fun with them. They were definitely a little older then us but I thought Diane was very attractive. I hoped that they were interested in us as well.

Suddenly the couple in front of us went out on the stage. I knew it was going to be our turn next and started to get a little nervous again. Before I knew it our names were being called and we were out on stage. When Maria got out on stage several of the guys whistled at her. She did look very sexy. Her breasts are fantastic and I think a number of the guys (and women) were appreciating the view. I barely remember being on stage myself. I remember doing the ?King Tut? dance a drawing a few laughs. We were quickly off the stage and the next couple, our new prehistoric friends, were up on stage dancing. They finished and the last few couples took their turns. We talked to Bill and Diane the entire time. They were very easy to get along with. After all the couples were done dancing they invited each of the couples on stage to be judged. When it was our turn I was amazed at how loud the cheering was. I think everyone really liked Maria?s costume.

Once the judging was over we started talking to Bill and Diane again. After a few minutes Bill asked us if we would like to ?party? with the two of them. We quickly answered yes! We also explained that some friends of ours were here as well. We asked them if they would be interested in adding another couple to the fun. They told us that they thought it would be even more fun with another couple but they wanted to meet them first. I went to find Ron and Lisa. I asked them if they had any luck finding anyone. They said no. I told them that we had found a couple that wanted to play with us and were interested in meeting them as well. That put a smile on Ron?s face and I went to introduce them. Bill and Diane seemed to like Ron and Lisa as well. I was starting to get very horny thinking about the fun the 6 of us could have. We chatted for a bit before we noticed that a lot of the people had started to clear out of the main room. Bill joked that if we wanted to find a space we should head up soon. I was perfectly happy to get started!

We all went upstairs and found some space to play. One of the semi-private rooms covered with mattresses on the floor. The six of us split into two groups pretty quickly. I?m still not sure how it happened that we paired up the way we did but I was very happy with the arrangement. Ron and Lisa were in one corner with Bill and Maria and I were in the other corner of the room with Diane. It quickly hit me that I was about to have a threesome with my wife and another woman. I was already very hard and couldn?t wait for the fun to begin. The three of us kneeled down on a mattress and faced each other. Diane and Maria started to kiss each other in front of me. I was lightly stroking both of their backs with my hands. Diane leaned over and started to kiss me as well while Maria kissed me on my neck. The stimulation of two women kissing me was fantastic. We were all groping each other. Diane loved Maria?s breasts and was feeling them through her bra. We started to take off each other?s clothes. Maria was the first to be stripped down by the two of us. Diane and I each took one of Maria?s nipples in our mouths and started to suck when Maria?s breasts were finally exposed. I could tell that Maria was getting very turned on from the attention. I looked over at one point and it looked like the other threesome was having fun as well. I saw Lisa kneeling on the floor, Ron and Bill were standing in front of her. She was sucking both of their cocks at the same time, alternating between one and the other.

I felt a hand on my cock and tore myself away from watching Lisa and the other guys. Maria and Diane were playing with each other but Diane had reached down to feel my hard cock. She turned to me and said that I should get undressed as well and enjoy the fun. I took off my vest and sweatpants while Diane slipped out of her cavewoman outfit. Once we were all naked we started to kiss and feel each other again. Maria and I leaned over and started to suck Diane?s nipples together like we had done to Maria earlier. Diane moaned loving the attention she was getting from the two of us. Diane reached her hand down and started to feel Maria?s very wet pussy. She put her fingers inside and felt how juicy wet Maria already was. She said that she couldn?t wait to taste her and asked her to lie down and enjoy herself.

Diane leaned over Maria and they kissed. She then started to work her way down while I kissed Maria some more. I ran my hands over Diane?s back feeling her skin while she nibbled on Maria?s nipples. After playing with Maria?s breasts for awhile she moved lower still till she was at Maria?s pussy. Maria spread her legs and Diane started to lick her slowly. I could tell that Diane was very good at eating pussy from the moans that Maria was making. I heard a load groan from the other side of the room and looked over to see Lisa on her hands and knees. Ron was pounding into her pussy from behind and Bill was in front of her with his cock in her mouth. I heard Maria let out a loud moan and looked down to see Diane had put a couple of fingers inside of her pussy and was fingering her while she licked her.

I moved behind Diane and started to stroke her ass and look at her pussy. I put a finger inside of her and she was very wet as well. My cock was rock hard at this point. Diane turned around and I noticed that her face was wet with the juices from Maria?s pussy. She told me that she would love it if I put my cock inside of her. I couldn?t believe it. Here was a woman asking me to fuck her while she was eating Maria?s pussy. The scene was right out of my wildest fantasies.

I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. Getting the head wet with her juices and teasing both her and I. I looked over and saw that the guys had switched places on Lisa. Ron was now in front and she was licking her juices off of his cock while Bill was behind her stroking in and out. I turned my attention back to Diane and started to slowly put my cock inside of her very wet pussy. I wanted to go slowly so I could try to last awhile. The whole scene was so erotic that I was worried I would cum too quickly.

It was amazing to feel myself inside of another woman. We had gotten together with Ron and Lisa many times but Diane was only the fourth woman I had ever had the pleasure of fucking. Her pussy felt very nice. It was very wet and tight in a different way then Maria?s. I started to stroke in and out at a nice even pace. I wanted to not just pound away and cum too quickly. I looked down at my cock going in and out of Diane. It was already covered in her juices. I looked up at Diane eating Maria?s pussy. I could tell from looking at her face that she loved Diane?s tongue. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open, she was making the sounds I knew meant that she was about to cum. It was all too much for me. Watching Lisa get double teamed by the guys, watching Diane eat Maria?s pussy, and feeling my cock inside of a new and different pussy. I started to feel my balls tighten up and I knew that I was going to cum soon. I felt terrible as I had only been fucking Diane for about two minutes. I tried to hold off and slow down but Diane was really getting into fucking my cock as well and was moving back and forth herself. Just then I saw Maria?s legs tense and she cried out that she was cumming. I couldn?t take it. I tried to hold back but I was past the point of return. I pulled out of Diane and sprayed cum all over her ass and back. It was a huge orgasm. I felt amazing but I felt bad too. I really had wanted to fuck Diane for a long time. I told her I was sorry but the experience was just too much for me. She said she understood and said that she was still very horny and wanted to cum herself. Maria told her that she would be happy to help.

Diane lay down on her back and Maria leaned over her and they started to kiss. I could see the two of them kissing deeply and I knew that Maria was tasting herself on Diane?s tongue. Maria worked her way down and started to lick and suck on Diane?s nipples. She was going from one breast to another. Diane?s nipples got very hard. Soon Diane was begging Maria to eat her pussy. Maria was lying between Diane?s legs at this point. She moved down till her head was close to Diane?s pussy and then started to lightly stroke the outer lips of her very wet pussy. Maria told her that her pussy was beautiful and wanted to know how she kept her pussy hair so nice and neat. Diane told her that the first time they went to a swingers club someone told her about using a mustache trimmer. She said that she liked it much better than shaving because it wasn?t so itchy but it still cut the hairs nice and short. Maria told her how much she liked the look and then started to slowly lick her.

Maria moved so that she was on all fours with her ass in the air. She started to really get into eating Diane?s pussy. Diane let out a loud moan turned to me and told me that Maria was fantastic at eating pussy. I told her that she has a magic tongue. Diane groaned again and lay back while holding Maria?s head in her hands. Suddenly I heard some shuffling. I looked and saw that Diane?s husband Bill had moved over. The sight of Maria?s sexy ass in the air while she was eating Diane was too temping I think. Bill moved behind Maria and started to put his cock inside of her. I knew that she was probably dripping wet by this point. As he started to enter her Maria let out a loud groan and started to cum again. Diane held her while she came. Maria looked back to see who was fucking her and smiled when she saw Bill. She turned her attention back to Diane?s pussy and started to lick her again. Bill started to fuck her with steady even strokes.

I was actually a little jealous because I wanted to get into the action again but my cock just wasn?t cooperating. For the first time in my life I was having trouble getting an erection. I was envious of Bill who seemed to be so much more experienced then me. He didn?t have the problem of getting too excited and cumming too quickly. I could tell that he was really enjoying fucking Maria. He was pounding her from behind harder and harder. Maria was cumming almost constantly. She was moaning and groaning while eating Diane. Diane started to cum as well and seemed to have several orgasms while Maria licked her. I looked over and Ron was fucking Lisa hard from behind while taking in the scene in front of them.

I stroked my cock while I watched Maria sandwiched between Diane and Bill. It looked like the three of them were having a fantastic time. I loved just watching the three of them. I loved watching the expression on Diane?s face when Maria hit a good spot while eating her, I loved watching Maria try to eat Diane while her face was contorted in pleasure from cumming herself, and I loved watching Bill?s cock going in and out of Maria?s pussy. I started to get a little hard again while watching this fantastic scene.

Bill had great staying power and fucked Maria hard for quite awhile it seemed. It seemed that suddenly everyone in the room started to cum again. Lisa started to scream out that she was cumming and Ron pulled out and started to gush cum all over her. He covered her face and tits with his cum. Diane let out a huge scream that she was cumming again as well and I could hear Maria familiar sounds of cumming just then also. Finally Bill gave out a grunt and pushed deeply into Maria and filled her pussy with his cum. Maria turned over and lay on her back. I realized that my cock was throbbing and erect by this time. I was ready to go again and everyone else was pooped out! Bill was sitting with a look of bliss on his face. Diane was leaning against the wall looking very satisfied with the job Maria had done on her. Maria was smiling with that look where I knew she was well fucked and happy. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see Bill?s cum starting to leak from her well fucked pussy.

I couldn?t stand it and moved over to her. Maria saw my erection and told me she wasn?t sure she could take much more at that point. I told her that I really wanted to fuck her and she then told me to just try to be gentle. I lay between her legs and pushed my cock inside of her. It was amazing. Her pussy was still hot from the fucking she had just received. She was still full of Bill?s cum. I was having another fantasy fulfilled. I was getting sloppy seconds. Whenever we had gotten together with Ron and Lisa he always pulled out and came all over Maria?s breasts. It was something of an obsession with him. I really got off on fucking Maria?s pussy when it was full of another man?s cum. She felt so wet, loose, and slippery. It was like fucking a bowl of pudding. It was like nothing I had ever felt before and I knew it was something that I loved. I lasted awhile longer this time. Maria came a few more times until I felt myself about to explode again. This time I did not pull out but added my cum to Bill?s. The thought of filling her up with the cum of two different guys at once really turned me on as well. I pulled out and Maria?s pussy was drenched in cum. Maria kissed Diane and Bill again and thanked them for the fantastic time. I kissed Diane and told her I was sorry I hadn?t lasted longer but the excitement of it all was too much for me. She said she understood and that a lot of guys were like then the first time with someone else. She then told me that she wished I hadn?t cum over her ass and back but had cum inside of her instead. She loved having her pussy full of cum. I was used to playing with Ron and Lisa where we almost always pulled out, as that?s what both Lisa and Maria enjoyed. I learned that you should ask first! We groggily put back on our clothes and made it back down to the main room.

When we got down there the DJ came up to us and told us that he had been looking for us. We had won second prize in the costume contest! Our prize was a coupon for free admission to another party. That was cool with us. We were happy to go back to another party.

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