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Halloween, Group

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Halloween. Halloween is my new favorite holiday. For as long as I can remember, I have always dressed up. I think the last time I went trick or treating was when I was a freshman in high school. Every Halloween since, I have gone to parties. Well, I just moved and don’t know anyone here in Butler. I decided to make the 4-hour trek back and spend the weekend with friends in Phenix City (where I moved from). Enter Heather and Sarah.

Heather is about 4’10 and I met her in my ab psy class freshman year of college. After getting to know her and hitting on her, I found out that she was gay, much to my dismay. I was bummed cause I really wanted to hook up with her, but intrigued because she was so sexy. We ended up being friends and I lost all urges to hit on her. She knew I had a thing for her, but we didn’t let it define the bounds of our friendship. She was a voyeur at heart though. I brought dates over to her place so she could meet and either approve or disapprove of them. She was very protective of me, as I was of her. The girl would kiss me and Heather would watch with a shy smile on her face.

Time passed, and Heather grew lonely. She would date a girl here and there, but nothing ever developed for her. The same happened to me. That is, until I met Sarah. Sarah is very tall, almost 5’10 and had a wonderfully sexy body. I met her at a local pool hall when she was schooling all these other local pool players. I had a good laugh after she would sink several difficult shots, one after the other. The looks on the guys’ faces were priceless. I played her, winner had to buy loser a drink. I lost, but at least I had an excuse to talk to this ravishing creature. Her presence dominated the whole room. Guys everywhere would stop what they were doing just to watch this goddess walk from one side of the room to the other. I could tell by the steam rising off the other ladies in the area that they didn’t approve of what their men were looking at. Sarah was wearing a tight ass blue top with a very low neckline. As we talked, it came out she was gay as well. Dismay struck again, but it was also as if lightning flashed. Hey, I thought to myself, Heather is gay, Sarah is gay… hmmmmmm…. My mind started scheming.

Don’t get me wrong; I wanted to watch these two hot ass girls get it on. I won’t lie. I am, after all, still a “breeder” as Heather affectionately refers to me as. But… I knew I was having more luck with the ladies than Heather was, so I decided to try to get them to hook up, not for my amusement though.

There aren’t that many gay girls around that area that are Heather’s type. Heather is very feminine and prefers her ladies to be that way as well. She told me that she was afraid that was why her relationships don’t work.

There comes a point in an opposite sex friendship where sex isn’t always a motivation. Yeah, I was as amazed as you are. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking either.

Note to self: Get to hang out with Sarah more, come up with plan to get her to meet Heather.

I accomplished my task later that evening at the pool hall. I saw her there again after emailing her to meet me. I was upset about having to buy her a drink, so I demanded a rematch for my honor… and free booze. I lost again. She was really good… It worked out for the best though. I ended up buying her more drinks and the hour grew late. We sat, talked, and drank. She confessed that she was surprised that I hadn’t tried to hit on her anymore. Other guys stayed away from her that night thinking that I was with her. I told her I was going to my friend Heather’s house and asked if she wanted to tag along to watch a movie or something. She said she wasn’t interested in going home at that point, so she decided she was game. I was a little buzzed at my peak, but as the time passed, I came back down. As soon as I was ready to drive, we left. We took my car so I could give Heather an excuse to take Sarah back and spend more time with her. We stopped at a booze store along the way for more tequila. Yay tequila.

We get to Heather’s house and she opens the door with a surprised look on her face. She asked us in and thought I had brought over another date for her to watch me make out with. Man, I am a genius. My plan was working perfectly. I got the two of them talking and excused myself to go to the restroom. I stayed in there for a long time so they could talk. I could take only so much leaning on the sink, reading of the girly magazines in Heather’s bathroom before I came out. Sure enough, they fell for it. They were chatting up a storm and were even sitting by each other. I suggested that we put in a movie. They are both into action flicks. I got up, selected Boondock Saints and started it. I turned off the lights as I came back to the couch and lay down so they would have to continue sitting by each other. Heather got up to get drinks and when she came back, she sat so close to Sarah, they were practically on top of each other.

At this point, I had known Heather for almost a year. I knew her pretty well. She was a voyeur, not an exhibitionist. I knew she wouldn’t make a move if I were there. I had some more tequila and asked Heather if I could lie down in her bed. She said I could and even walked me to her bed. She smiled at me and kissed my forehead. I turned on her TV and fell asleep after a few hours.

I awoke the next morning to the shower going. I really had to pee, so I waited and waited. I cracked the bathroom door and the curtain was closed. It wasn’t see through by the way. Well, I spoke softly as not to startle Heather, whom I assumed was in the shower. I told her that I just had to take care of something really quickly. As soon as I unzipped my fly, I looked in the mirror and saw Sarah’s head poke out behind me. She smiled and pulled the curtain back. I could have sworn I heard whispers, but I figured that I was just groggy from the previous night’s tequila. Then, to my amazement, I saw Heather’s face poke out of the front end of the shower. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her and went about my business. She poked her head out again and stole a quick glance at my penis as I was shaking it off and smiled again. More whispers followed. I told them I was about to flush and they started giggling like girls… well, you know what I meant. I would like to say that more developed from that, but it didn’t. The three of us had a great friendship and I didn’t want to change that. I always fantasized about watching them screw and such, but Heather was still very shy when it came to that stuff. Over the next year or so we were hanging out and stuff, the most I ever got to see was them kissing or groping each other’s boobs playfully… with the shirts on… That is, until the day I moved. I will tell you about it briefly. Tequila. Dancing. More tequila. Eh, that’s enough. More on that another time. I promise.

Ok, fast forward back to this Halloween. I’m lonely, blah ditty blah, blah, drove 4 hours. Now you know the relationship I have with the girls and they really appreciate my humor. When I asked them what they were going to be, they said they were going to be a nun with a yardstick and a Catholic schoolgirl. They invited me to go to a party and suggested we should go as a threesome. After a little discussion, and much begging on my part, they agreed to both be schoolgirls and let me be a priest. I was stoked. At this point, the fact that they were together wasn’t known by too many people, as they are usually pretty private.

We show up at the party and I am always one to make an entrance. The double doors opened and I had them each on one arm. Heather had on a white button up half sleeve thin cotton shirt and red plaid pleated skirt. The shirt was unbuttoned to her sternum and her black demi cup bra was showing just enough to be sexy and not slutty. Her hair was in a double French braid pigtail kind of thing. Sarah had on a similar shirt. It was open at the same level and was just tight enough to show off her incredible figure. She wore suspenders, which accentuated her incredible upper body, and her skirt was blue and green plaid. Her hair was back in a simple ponytail. They were both wearing Goth type eyeliner and white knee-highs. I felt like a chump next to the two of them, lol. By far, the best part of my simple costume was the two of them. As we entered, all eyes were on us. Everything stopped and to be honest, it was kind of tense. I looked at Heather, then Sarah, and then I looked at all the people looking at us. I said in a loud commanding voice “EVERYTHING MUST GO” and waved my hand in dismissal. Everyone started laughing and we just continued on.

I looked around and saw everyone. I saw King Kong, countless super heroes, a couple of demons, some succubi, freaky looking clowns, it was awesome. Batman was doing drinks, and I went off to get the ladies some. When I came back, I saw them dancing. They were grinding and a lot of the other girls were doing the same thing to the guys they brought. Seeing Heather and Sarah together like that was so erotic. The music seemed to take them to another place, just the two of them. After a couple of minutes, they had the center of the floor. They were looking so intently in each other’s eyes, I almost lost my composure. My knees were getting weak. Well, after the next couple of songs they decided they needed a breather. They asked me why I wasn’t dancing, and I replied that if I was dancing with someone else, I couldn’t watch them dance with each other. They giggled.

We did some more mingling and stuff, the girls got hit on more than I did, surprise surprise. The girls started dancing again and this time even started kissing. The fact that Heather was doing this with these like… thirty or so people around was really a step for her. I was mesmerized as I watched them slowly kiss during this upbeat techno drum and bass song. Most of the other guys that came stag were standing near me and were just as entranced as the girls’ tongues danced so gently. It was enough to start turning me on.

I ended up sipping my Petron while watching them continue this wonderful display. I didn’t want to slam the whole thing because I would have had to take my eyes off of them. I, instead, treated the shot like the girls dancing. Taking it slowly, savoring every second of it. At the end of that song, they whispered to each other and giggled again. Girls, go figure. They skipped over to me and Sarah’s hair bobbed. It was disturbingly cute. I felt like such a dirty old man. (I am only a couple years older than they are though) Heather’s hair stayed still. They, almost as if it had been rehearsed, asked me to dance. They spoke together; the cadence was the same, and even the tone. It was almost kind of eerie thinking back on it. I had some tequila in me, and it is infamous for making everything easier for me. I decided that I would just go out and fake like hell that I could dance, knowing the girls knew full well that I am a terrible dancer. I said to them “Make me look good” and smiled. They smiled back. Boy… oh boy…

The Name of the Game by Crystal Method came on. It is a great song; it’s like rock techno. The girls started off near me, both in front. As the song started (it starts with a guitar riff) they started almost circling me. I felt like a piece of meat being hung out for sharks. What a way to go though, sign me up. Sarah ended up staying near the front of me and Heather went behind me. As the song progressed, Heather started grinding me from behind and Sarah turned from me and walked away in time with the music. She turned to me just as the guy says, “Listen all you mother fuckers”. Then the music picks up with some drum and bass in the background. She started walking toward me with one hand on her hip and the other tossing the corner of her tiny skirt from side to side. I thought I was going to be eaten alive by the look in her eye. It was total seduction. I looked to my side and noticed that Heather was looking directly at Sarah. Heh, I guess the looks were for her.

“Calling all Freaks!” was the next line I remember hearing, as that was when I started feeling hands on me. Heather was reaching around from behind me putting her hands on and rubbing my thighs. Sarah continued walking forward in time with the music, totally putting on a show. She looked up at the ceiling in time with the music and swung her head around forward in a circle. Her hair whipped around with it and was almost close enough to hit me in the face, which I wish it were. She stepped a little closer and straddled my right leg. I bent it out further forward so she could get a better grip with her legs. She started grinding on my leg and Heather’s hands went from my thigh to Sarah’s and back again. With her other hand, she started clawing at my back. Man, I was getting so turned on. I started getting a hard on and got kind of nervous. Sarah was looking right at Heather, so I hope she hadn’t noticed. She was only about mid thigh. Heather missed touching my hard on by only an inch or so, so I was sure she wasn’t aware.

Sarah moved closer to my groin and I was getting close to the point of losing control. She was grinding so hard and I was getting so turned on, I thought my dick was going to rip out of my trousers. After a little more, I couldn’t help myself. I moved my hand from Sarah’s hip to her ass for just a second. I saw the look on her face change, so I put my hand back on her hip. I closed my eyes and faced down. After about a second, I felt her hand under my chin. I faced up and looked at her. She looked me right in the eyes and smiled. She guided my hand back to her ass and dug her crotch directly into mine. Heather then took my other hand and put it at the base of her skirt. She then pulled my hand slowly up her leg. I stole a quick glance and it seems that we had the attention of everyone on the dance floor. They were barely moving, but still trying to dance while watching us go.

Sarah started digging against my cock and I almost came right there. At one of the climaxes of the song, I heard what I thought were buttons popping. I looked around and saw everyone looking behind me. As I turned to try to see what was going on, I felt a very soft cotton shirt go over my face. Sarah pulled up the bottom of it so my nose and mouth were exposed. I could only see light through the shirt. Heather pulled my jacket down past my shoulders. I let go of her and Sarah and let it fall to the ground. I felt lips on my neck, and figured it was Sarah because I felt hair brush the front of my neck. Then, I felt biting. I heard a slapping sound come from behind me and some muffled words. Then, I heard a couple more words from in front of me. It was hard to make out what was going on with all the music and the shirt on my head. After a second or two, I felt another person on my knee, and the biting continued. I put my hand back on Heather’s leg and she brought my fingers to the base of her vagina. I felt the smooth silkiness of her panties for the first time and I couldn’t believe it.

I put my hand back on Sarah’s ass and I felt another person behind her. I moved my hand farther up her back and felt a man’s chest on the back of my hand. It was covered in spandex, so I guessed it was Spiderman whom I had noticed dancing near us earlier. I felt the lips go from my neck to my mouth and I moved my hand back to her ass. I felt the guy’s crotch brush against the back of my hand and moved it immediately. Sarah put my hand back on her ass despite my best efforts. I didn’t like the feeling of this other dude on the back of my hand, but… I didn’t not like it either. That freaked me out a little.

I decided to concentrate on Heather’s pussy while my hand was there. I did the best I could under the circumstances. It was awkward. I am right handed and it was my left hand on her. I couldn’t see what I was doing. I was also trying to keep a steady rhythm with the beat of the music. I didn’t do too badly considering the circumstances. I felt her wetness penetrate the panties as my fingers did their blind best to tease her clit.

Seconds later, Sarah guided my hand up to just beneath her breasts. I could feel her digging her ass into this dude’s crotch and then her crotch into mine in rhythm with the music. I was lost in ecstasy with these girls on me, so I let my hand mindlessly wander onto Sarah’s left breast. She put her mouth back on the side of my throat and bit me harder. She reached down and grabbed my cock directly, rubbing it and moved her hand under my balls. I could feel my cock trying to rip its way out of my pants. I groped her breast harder while trying to concentrate on Heather’s pussy. I feel that I am now one of the best multi taskers on the face of the earth.

By this time, a couple of songs had blended together and we were still going at it. Heather pulled the shirt from one side. It burned slightly as it was pulled off my face. I saw stars as the light flooded back into my eyes. As I looked around, I noticed that everyone else was dancing just as dirty as we were. The crowd had thinned just a bit, but the ones that were left were doing their best to fuck each other with their clothes on in time with the music.

Heather reached down and grabbed my crotch directly. She felt Sarah’s hand and they intertwined their fingers briefly. Sarah guided Heather’s hand down to my zipper. Heather fumbled with it for a bit and was able to get it down partially. Spiderman was groping Sarah’s breasts from behind and Heather was biting my neck as she continued to fumble with my zipper. Spiderman brought his hands down from Sarah’s breasts to her waist and lifted up her skirt from behind. I saw him say something into her ear and she nodded her head. I couldn’t understand what was being said because of the volume of the music. I understood soon enough what was happening.

Heather’s tiny hand found her way into my pants and touched my hard on with nothing but the thin cotton of my boxers separating her hand from it. She gave a playful squeeze and she bit my earlobe. She could feel the wetness of the precum all over the head of my cock through my boxers. With her other hand, she clawed at the backs of my shoulders again. I looked back at Sarah, and she had her eyes closed and was facing the ceiling. I pulled her forward and lifted the front of her skirt. I wanted to touch my bare dick against her panties to see what her reaction would be. Sure enough, my penis found its way out through the front of my boxers and was touching the fabric under the skirt. Heather started moving her hand back and forth. It was an inexperienced touch, but it felt great nonetheless. I looked over to the right side of us, and I could have sworn I saw some people fucking.

As soon as I could get a better look, I felt Sarah’s hand turn my face back toward her. She looked me right in the eyes. Those intense, soulful eyes. She looked down ass she grabbed my penis and her hand met Heather’s again. Their fingers danced and traced the veins in my throbbing erection.

Heather started biting the back of my neck and I remembered that my fingers were supposed to be working her. I moved her panties to one side as the two of them played with my now painful hard on. Smooth. Silky. Warm. Wet. Her pussy was completely shaved and so fucking smooth… I have been with girls that shave before, but this was completely different. I guess it had been such a fantasy of mine to do this with her that she was in a class all her own. She hugged me close as my fingers gently pinched and twisted her clit which brought her to orgasm. I felt her juice get all over my fingers. She moved my hand up to Sarah’s mouth and Sarah licked my fingers. I then licked them as well. Sarah brought her left hand up to her mouth and licked my precum off it and got really close to me. She yelled in my ear over the music that tasting the both of us at the same time was so erotic that I had to fuck her right there. Heather and Sarah guided the head of my penis to the panty-covered vagina so close to me. Spiderman was still doing his thing and moved forward as Sarah did. Sarah put the head right against her opening touching the tip of my penis to her panties. I told her that if she kept that up, I was going to nut on them. She smiled at me and said it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I did that, she would just have to wait a couple of minutes to do it again.

Well, she stopped teasing her clit with my cock and moved her panties to the side. I couldn’t see anything under the skirt, but I let my imagination run wild. I stopped moving completely and the music went on. The guy that was spinning was just doing songs back to back with slight overlaps, so there was constantly music. Heather moved my cock forward and was using her fingers to explore under the skirt. She had her index finger on Sarah’s labia and was making sure my head would be in the right place. Sarah reached down and gave her a little help, as she was still moving with the music. Finally, I could feel the head of my penis on her pulsing opening. With one thrust along with the music, I slid all the way in, up to my balls. I couldn’t keep my feet at first; I had to adjust to compensate for this sudden surge of intense pleasure. Heather played with my balls as Sarah fucked me. I felt… bumping inside Sarah as I realized that Spiderman was fucking her in the ass. I had my suspicion, but it was now confirmed.

I lasted all of about half a song before I was about to come. I looked at Sarah and she understood. She said something to Spiderman and he replied to her. I understood “Not yet”. She looked back at me and told me to hold it. She said something to Heather that I couldn’t understand. Heather gently pulled straight down on my balls and my orgasm subsided. I have never in my life experienced something like that. Spiderman said something like “by the end of the song”. Sarah started kissing me and put my right hand back on her breast. She told me to hold off nutting till the end of the song if I could. I was groping Sarah and trying my best to get Heather off again while trying not to come. It was a very difficult task indeed.

As discreet as I was trying to be, it was all in vain. Several of the people left the dance area and about 3 or so couples were still around. I noticed some people screwing near us. Batman had Catwoman bent over a chair near the bar, fucking her in the ass it seemed. Raggedy Ann was straddling Raggedy Andy’s face as she was eating out Little Bo Peep. King Kong was now wearing only his mask, and I saw his sweaty body burying itself into this cute little blonde who was wearing a white nightie and angel wings. She was thrashing about. Heh, the thing that stands out as the most unusual was when Joker was fucking Robin. Paybacks, I guess. It was like a bad acid trip.

I put my hand back on Sarah’s ass and felt Spiderman’s hips crush my fingers into her ass. He grabbed her breasts and started fucking her faster. I could tell he was close. Sarah nodded at Heather and she released my sack. The impending orgasm was back like a surge. With her free hand, Heather reached into the back of my pants. I was startled and almost broke my rhythm. She stuck her finger into my ass and started pressing my prostate. That was it. I felt the most intense orgasm of my life welling up inside me and it was less than 5 seconds from erupting inside Sarah. I told her that I had to come NOW! She told me to leave it inside her. Just as I felt my load about to blow her off me, Spidey started grunting and humping Sarah faster and harder. I could feel his dick inside her hitting the thin wall separating us and I could hear his balls slamming against her ass. I heard it over the music if that gives you any idea how hard he was fucking her.

Time was up for me. I felt my ass clench down on Heather’s poor finger and I thought I was going to pinch it off. I stood as firm as I could. I came so hard I thought I was going to shoot it all the way through her body. Spidey came at the same time I did. I must have shot like 8 times. It was so fucking hot to come in her pussy. What a feeling. After all this time, it was like a living fantasy had just come true. In all actuality, it had.

After what felt like an eternity, my orgasm subsided and I felt warmth trickle down the top of my thigh and just above my knee. There was semen mixed on my pants leg and I was surprisingly not freaked out. The music continued and I tried to keep dancing, but my legs and ass were so tired from fucking and dancing, I had to sit down.

We stepped over the Raggedy… threesome and made our way to the couch. I plopped down and let out a loud sigh. Batman was… occupied, so I helped myself to some more tequila and some napkins. I brought the bottle back for everyone but found that the girls had excused themselves to clean up in the ladies’ room. Spiderman took off his mask, and I recognized him as one of my buddies, Sean, from Adv Bio. He just grinned his goofy grin at me. I hadn’t seen him since about 3 months before I moved, and we caught up. The girls came back and sat down. They each had some wine and we all chatted some more. It was just a coincidence that he knew the guy who was hosting. He came on a whim he said. No, I said, you came on my leg. We all had a good chuckle at that one.

Batman blew his nut all over Catwoman’s pleather covered back with a loud grunt that was heard over the music. I looked over and the DJ was out and about checking out what happened to the rest of the partygoers. He left the music playing on a loop and sat down near us. He introduced himself as DJ. Yeah, DJ the DJ. After some good-natured heckling, his lady friend came over. To my surprise, it was Little Bo Peep. As she got closer, I realized, God, what a hottie. She introduced herself as Denise. It seemed that everyone was strangely comfortable with what happened, or just plain forgot. Much tequila. Yay.

Raggedy Ann and Andy were the next to join us; they sat down on the floor. I got up and offered my seat to Ann, which was her name oddly enough. She said I was sweet and took my seat between Sean and Heather. Raggedy Andy, John, introduced himself as well and told us that Batman and Catwoman are Chris and Kris. Joker and Robin were mentioned but didn’t make their way over.

I complimented DJ on his spinning and struck up a conversation about his music collection. We had a lot of common favorites and then everyone else joined in the conversation. As we discussed Name of the Game, Chris and Kris walked over. DJ gave his seat to Kris, so lucky Sean was the only one with the girls. Heather and Sarah were easily the sexiest girls there. Don’t get me wrong, all the girls were fucking hot, but Heather and Sarah put them all to shame.

My legs were getting sore again, so I found a stool and brought it over. There were other assorted chairs around, and the rest of the guys grabbed them as well. The conversation turned back to alcohol and then to sex. We decided to play spin the bottle. That was fun for about a second and a half. Finally, Heather spun the bottle and it landed on Sarah. Sarah said, “I have been waiting to do this again all night, come here.” They kissed even more passionately then they did on the dance floor. Wow. Just… wow. Everyone was enamored as they kissed. Batman said he had an idea. He got up and brought back a six-sided die over from one of the games over on a table. He said we should have some variations to the game. We chose values for each of the six sides in correspondence to various body parts. I went first and my spin landed on Bo Peep. I rolled a six on the die and six was genitals. I looked at DJ almost seeking approval. He just smiled and nodded me on.

I lifted up part of Peep’s dress and found that she was completely nude underneath. No panties, no slip, no nothing. DJ grinned at me and I bent my head down. Wow, what an intoxicating smell. She smelled so wonderfully sweet. I kissed her clit gently, and then took it into my lips. I pressed down gently and moved my lips from side to side. I used the bottom of my tongue ring to lightly flick her clit as my lips moved over it. I started to raise my head up and she stopped me by grabbing my hair and telling me not to stop. What kind of person would I be to turn down a lady in need? I stuck my finger into her sopping wet hole and pressed her g spot. I pulled forward and she came almost immediately.

I brought my head up and the lower half of my face was covered in her sex. Heather leaned forward and licked my lips. She looked back at Peep and asked if she could have a taste. Peep asked, “What about the bottle?” Heather said fuck the bottle and they chuckled. Heather went down on her and Sarah got almost a look of jealousy on her face. Sarah wasn’t jealous that Heather is going down on Peep, but jealous that her pussy isn’t getting any attention. I put my hand in hers and smiled. Your turn, I said to her. She spun the bottle and it landed on Batman. She rolled a four and told Batman to take off his top. Sure enough, he took off the cape and cowl. He wasn’t bad looking at all and Heather went to work on his nipples. Spiderman was sitting right next to where Heather was going down on Peep. He took out his cock and started playing with it. Catwoman, for some reason, felt compelled to go down on him.

She still was wearing no pants but was wearing the patchwork pleather top and mask. I don’t know if it was the lighting, or the color of her costume, but the color of her skin in contrast with the darkness of the top was absolutely breathtaking. It was like alabaster being wrapped in leather. She had a small patch of light brown pubic hair covering the top of her pussy. Her hair was dangling down and tickling his balls as she deep throated him. He could let out a little gasp of pain, as the pointed ears of her mask would poke him in his lower abs. He was into it though.

The rest of us were so into the others, we decided to forget about the bottle. I made my way over to Heather. Peep was squealing loud enough to be over the music and was coming as I got behind Heather. I touched Heather’s ass and it startled her. She looked back at me and Peep, not missing a beat, grabbed Heather’s hair and forced her to continue eating her sweet smelling pussy. I touched Heather again. I gently moved my fingertips over the lower half of her body. Her skirted ass looked so fucking sexy moving from side to side as she was pleasuring Peep. I slid my hand up under her skirt and pulled down her panties. She tried to look back at me again, but Peep was using her French pigtails as handlebars.

I looked over and DJ started fucking Sarah doggy style while she was blowing Batman. Raggedy Ann was nowhere to be seen. Spiderman was having the time of his life as Catwoman decided to fuck him instead of continuing to blow him. I looked to my right and saw Raggedy Ann make her way to Spiderman and Catwoman. She ripped off her wig and tore off the top half of her costume. She had wonderfully sexy breasts. I watched in amazement as she ripped open Spiderman’s costume top and poured chilled wine down his chest. The chill of the wine caused Spidey to make a start initially, but he relaxed when he opened his eyes to see the beautiful naked torso of Raggedy Ann pouring it on him. Her face was still painted, but that didn’t stop her from licking it off him.

I turned my attention back to Heather who was writhing away on Peep’s pussy. I slid both my hands under her skirt and was delighted to see that she was wearing a silky thong. I threw the skirt up onto her back and exposed the little black thong that appeared to be working its way off of Heather’s ass. I decided to give the poor little garment a hand and pulled them down slowly to her bent knees. I undid my fly again, and again Heather tried to look back at me. Again, Peep demanded attention to her pussy by pulling the hair. It was amusing to watch. I could hear Peep say that she was coming about 5 times already. Heather knew what she was doing evidently.

I brought out my cock and it was painfully erect. I knew I was so close to coming that it wasn’t going to do any good inside her. I decided to use the tip of my dick as a dildo and tickle her clit and ass. I pushed my head partially into her ass I heard a muffled moan come from the commotion that was Heather and Peep’s union. I pulled it back and moved it back to her clit, tickling it again. I leaned down and grabbed Heather’s breasts for the first time. They were massive and firm. I pulled and squeezed them hard. I found her nipples through her bra. I brought my hands back and undid the buckle. I Kegeled my penis and it brushed her clit as I reached for her breasts again. I felt the orgasm well up in my balls and remembered what she did to stop it earlier. I pulled down on my balls and sure enough, much to my surprise, it subsided. It was more effective than picturing Janet Reno, except without the loss of wood. Anyway, I decided to quit teasing her and had to fuck her. I am a big guy, so the way she was, I couldn’t do her doggy style without her moving too much. I decided to get on my back with my head under her crotch. I pulled her ankles onto the tops of my shoulders and her thong rested on my forehead.

As I slid on my back, I pushed my head closer to the couch. The thong went over my face and I stopped a second to savor the smell. Man, I love the smell of Heather’s pussy. Anyway, I was able to make my way under her. My head stopped at the couch and I was just short of being able to fuck her. My face was directly under her D cup breasts. The bra I unbuckled still loosely covered them. I slid my hands under the bra and pushed it forward. Then I saw her breasts for the first time. Let me tell you this. It was so worth the wait. I could honestly say that I don’t think I will ever see a more perfect set of breasts as long as I live.

Peep was squealing as she was coming again and told Heather to lick her ass. Heather looked down at me and smiled. I told her I had a better idea. Just then, Peep shrieked and giggled as she felt my hands on her hips. I pulled her ass down to my face from up on the couch. She put a foot on the floor and the other she wrapped behind Heather’s head. She lowered her ass to my waiting tongue. Heather continued to lap away at her fragrant pussy and I gently grazed her little ass hole with the tip of my tongue ring. It was so sweet, covered in her pussy juice. Just then, I felt Heather’s hand on my cock and I felt the opening of her pussy on the head of my dick. She pulled my balls again. I didn’t have to see what was happening to know what was going on. She told Peep to hold on a second, cause her mouth was getting sore. Peep proceeded to finger herself and I felt that same warm small hand pull my chin downward. I was able to look into Heather’s eyes for the first time since this whole thing began. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue passed my lips and desperately searched for mine. As soon as our tongues met for the first time, they caressed and played as if they had known each other forever. Kissing her was literally a dream come true.

She brought her head back up and braced herself with her free hand on the floor and the other wrapped gently around my dick. She sat up just a bit and aimed the head at the mouth. She leaned forward on my stomach and stared me right in the eyes. “I know how long you have been waiting to do this. I hope it’s worth it.” With that, she impaled herself. The look on her face was so intensely sexual and erotic, it will last in my mind forever. The look was almost as if she had been waiting as long as I had. I knew that not to be the case. She pulled my balls one last time and put her hand back on Peep’s thigh.

I could hear moaning, and grunting, and ball slapping in the background. I looked around to see everyone in various positions. Everyone was either fucking, getting fucked, sucking, or getting sucked. Everyone was having a great time.

Heather buried her face back into Peep’s wanting snatch and made her come over and over again as I tongued her ass. I reached my hands up to fondle Heather’s breasts as she fucked me. I didn’t do much more than lay there cause I didn’t want to nut so soon. The more I fondled her breasts though, the more intense her breathing became. I felt a sudden splash of fluid shower my cock. I got her off and she loved it. She told me that she wanted me to come inside her, and to come as fast as I could. I stopped tonguing Peep’s anus and grabbed Heather’s tits. She asked me to choke her with her bra. I had never done anything like that so I was wary. She just told me that she would tap my shoulder if it was too hard.

With one hand, I grabbed the strap of her bra. It wasn’t working as well as Heather had hoped, so she sat up and took her arms out of the straps. I gazed almost dumbfounded as her breasts were fully exposed. She showed me how to hold the bra, by the straps, behind her neck. Instead of squeezing it together, she told me to just pull up. She continued trying to eat out Peep as I was choking her and fondling her breasts. Peep exclaimed that she was very close and didn’t want to come alone again. Heather did her best to whisper a reply, but couldn’t. She smiled at me and closed her eyes. She opened her mouth, and no words came out. I started fucking her from underneath as hard as I could. I sat up just a little and started biting her nipples as I strangled her. She put her hand on my shoulder, and I stopped everything cold. She looked at me with disappointment and said that wasn’t a tap and grinned at me. She told me to relax, and she knew what she was doing. I said ok, and got my rhythm back up. I bit the hell out of her nipples and it seemed to just egg her on more. Peep was fingering herself as she watched us fuck. I felt the orgasm build up again and told them both I was coming. Peep squealed that she was so close. Heather just nodded with her eyes closed. She kept fucking me faster and faster and I lost it. I almost yelled as I shot my load deep inside her. I groped her breast and pounded her as hard as I could as I continued shooting almost endlessly into her. She continued to lean forward against the pulling of the bra choking her. I felt her explode onto my cock. There was more fluid than I had ever seen before, like, ever. As soon as she came, she tapped my shoulder twice and I let go. She fell forward onto my chest with my penis still inside of her as she wrapped her arms around me.

I thought she might have passed out, so I asked her if she was ok and gave her a little shake. She looked up at me and smiled and just put her head on my shoulder as she nodded. Her hair tickled me just a little. That slight sense of sensation sent chills over my entire body.

By the time the three of us were done coming, we took a deep breath and looked around. Everyone was looking at us. Their jaws were dropped and the music continued to churn out the techno Happy Hardcore of DJ’s shuffled set. I asked them if they enjoyed our show. Batman said he had never seen anything like that in his life and joked that he should have gotten it on camera.

We all got up and noticed that people were passed out on the floor, about five or so. It was close to 6 am and first light was close to creeping in. Batman spoke again to us. “Man, this is the best party I have ever thrown. You guys have all got to come back next year!” It was the general consensus that we would all come back. He then went on to say that it would probably be a little more private next time.

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween.



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