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Last week my husband and I went to a little party that some friends were having. They were going to be moving out of state and we didn't know when we would see them again.

We arrived at the party and our friends were the only ones there.

"How many did you invite?" I asked Clair, the wife of our dear friend Jason.

Now Jason is about 6 foot tall and around 200 pounds of pure man. I've had many secret fantasies about him over the years but never acted on them except with myself and my favorite toy. I figured he had a nice cock and was about 8 or so inches long, but I had never actually seen it.

Clair was about 5 foot 7 and about 150 pounds of very attractive woman. There is no doubt that my husband had thoughts about her too.

Anyway, we show up and we trade light kisses on the cheek.

"We invited 10 couples but it seems nobody is gonna show." Clair said with a sound of disappointment.

"It's ok. Me and Jason can drink all the beer." My husband Wendel said as he made his was past Clair and with jason they walked toward the kitchen.

After the guys had downed about 3 beers each we heard the door bell ring. Clair and I went to see who it could be.

"Hey there." We both said as we opened the door. It was Mark, another friend of ours that lived across the road from us.

"Where's Jennifer?" I asked. Looking Mark over he was a hottie too.

"She's at home. Jen wanted me to let you know she'll see you in the morning. Soar throat and stuff." He said as he looked us both up and down.

"The guys are in the kitchen." We motioned to Mark. He headed that way.

Closing the door we heard someone yell. We pulled the door back and there was Jimmy. Another friend. But his wife wasn't with him either.

"Where's Wanda?" Clair asked.

"Home with the kids. Emily started getting sick after school today. Must be a bug going around." He said.

He looked us both over.

"Wow, you 2 look great." He said as he kissed us both on cheek. He never talked like that when Emily is around.

We pointed toward the kitchen and he got the idea that, that was where the guys were hanging out.

So here we are Clair and I with 4 guys hanging around drinking beer.

"So what's there to do?" I asked Clair as I noticed that she was alittle upset about the wives not showing up and it was quickly becoming a party for the guys to drink and for us to run for beers.

"Well, I have all this stuff made , but I guess it'sll just go to waste." She said as she pointed to the dining room table.

"Not tonight. Let's munch." I told her as I picked up a sanwich and began eating away.

We both laughed at how fast we were eating.

Wendel, my husband, and the other guys came into the dining room and saw us eating the sanwiches when Jason said.

"Now that's a pretty sight. Who left that?" He asked as he pointed at my chin. I took my hand and wiped to object off. It was mayo from the sanwich.

"Ha Ha. Funny Jason." Clair said.

"Well, from first looking it looked like something else." He and the other guys laughed as they went to the living room. No doubt to turn on some sports channel.

We heard the TV adn sure enough it was sports center. Now Clair and I not mind sports but it would seem that we could just sit around and talk about the move and how to stay in touch.

Clair was wearing a short skirt and tank top. Almost transparent tank top at that, but that was Clair and the way she dressed.

I was wearing a shirt as well, but a full blouise.

"Come on, let's go up to my room." Clair said as she took my hand and led me through the living room.

"Watch this." I told Clair as I slowly turned around in the living room and bent over to turn the tv off. My skirt rose up and I'm sure if they were looking that all 4 of the men got a nice view of my white panties. i took my time turning the tv off and then we made our way up to her room.

We heard the door bell again and then Jason.

"Honey can you get that?" He asked as we all know that a ball game is more important to guys than answering the door.

"I'll get it." I told Clair as she went on to her room and I made it back down the stair to get the door.

"Hello John." I said as I opened the door.

"Guess you wife is sick too." I said rather mean to him.

"No. She had to work over tonight." He said as he eyed me up and down.

"Nice outfit by the way." He said as he stood there and ckecked me out.

"Thanks. The beers in the kitchen and the guys are watching some game.

I made my way back to the living room and my husband said.

"Are you going to turn the tv back on?" He asked. Now talk about lazy.

"Sure hang on a sec." I told him. I made my way to the downstairs bathroom.

"I'll show him and let's see if he still wants to watch some game." I said to myself as I closed the bathroom door. Reaching under my skirt I pulled my panties down and off then put them in my blouse.

I went back to the tv and made another turn around. Bending even more I took my time in turning it back on.

I looked back under my arm and saw that all 5 men were staring at my naked pussy with their jaws hanging open.

"There ya go." i told them as I walked up the stairs to Clairs room.

I stood at the top of the stair to see if anyone would say anything.

"Damn." Jason said.

"What?" Wendel wondered.

"Did you see what I saw?" He asked the guys.

"Sure did." Came almost simultaniously from the other 4.

"I wonder what that was about?" Wendel asked. he never was a bright person in certain areas.

"It's almost like she wanted someone to see her naked." Jason said.

"Why don't we go upstairs and see what the girls are doing?" ONe of the other guys was on his feet headed to the stairs.

"Sure why don't we?" Wendel said.

I got back to the room and told Clair what I had done.

"You did not?" she looked surprised.

"I did too." I told her as I pulled the panties from my blousse.

"Let's lay across the bed and see if they will sneak a peek at us." I told her.

She pulled her panties off and we lay across the bed. There would be no way anyone could miss what we were showing.

We were laying across the bed with our feet pointed toward the door. We had left the door open. Our legs were parted slightly to give a good view of our naked pusssies to the guys.

"Dang girls, what's you'll doing?" Wendel asked as the 5 guys entered the room.

WE looked back and could see the outline of each of their cocks through their panits. Each of them looked like they had nice cocks. We were about to find out how nice.

Clair and I had discussed things over the years and we each knew our fantasies.

"What do you think is up?" I asked as I turned over on my back and propped myself up on my elbows. My skirt had hiked up and now my entire pussy was in the open.

"From the looks of it. They are up." Clair and I laughed as we noticed the bulges in their jeans.

We were both on our back now adn we were laying on our backs. No saying a word, but was well aware of teh eyes that were upon our naked pussies.

After a couple minutes of silence Wendel spoke up.

"So what do we do now?" Everyone in the room laughed.

Jason came over and began kissing his wife in front of the other guys.

Then WEndel made his way over to me.

I looked up and told the other 3 not to be shy.

With that Wendel looked at me.

"It's ok. i don't mind if you don't." I told him.

"Ok." He said.

I felt someones hands on my legs and they tried to pull them apart. i let them.

Then I felt a part of lips on my thigh and looked to see that it was Jason.

Looking over at Clair I could see that Mark was busy eating her pussy and she was sucking Jimmies cock.

After a couple minutes of Jasons licking on my clit I had my first of many orgasms. My whole body shook.

Next thing I know is he is pushing his cock inside of me.

"OOOooooommmmmmmm." I said.

Wendel was now sucking my breast and Mark had moved from clairs pussy to were I was laying. I opened my eyes to see what I could see and there was Marks fat hot cock aboutan inch from my mouth.

I love sucking cock and his looked to be about the right size. I opened my mouth and he slide it across my lips and onto my tongue.

"Ummmmmmmm." I moaned as I started to taste the precum form his cock.

The door bell rang again.

"Who's going to get it?" I asked while letting Marks cock free for a second.

Wendle said he would get it.

After a few seconds I opened my eyes and say 2 other ugys standing there. They were in shock.

I knew their names but I could tell they wanted in on the action.

rest to continue

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