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Grocery Delight

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Tessa went off to do some grocery shopping for the week; I was on one of my military assignments and would be back on Sunday evening. It was Friday night and she got into the car with her grocery list and started off to Stop n Shop. Arriving at the store, she pulled into a spot next to a convertible with three hot females in their mid-twenties. Tessa got out and one of the girls noticed her and said wow. Tessa never looked back, but smiled and continued on her way to getting what she came for done.

When she returned to the car the girls were still there and offered to help her load her groceries, Tessa said thank you, but that?s ok. The girls insisted and introduced themselves; Tania, April, and Rachel. Tessa told me later on they were all completely gorgeous, nurses from a hospital in Stafford. They asked Tessa what she was up to tonight and said not much. She had the house to herself and was not planning anything special, just a good book or a scary movie. The girls asked if she would like to go with them for a bit or something else. Tessa was horny for me and had been the last two weeks and thought what a nice story to tell my Johnny when he comes home if I play with these girls. Tessa asked the girls if they would just like to accompany her to the house and have some fun there instead of a club. Knowing that the girls already had ideas of their own, they accepted quickly and followed her home.

Once there, the girls helped with the groceries and made there way into the house to help put away the items. Tessa had bought some Merlot to sit back too and enjoy her evening alone. The girls seeing only one bottle offered to go get more from the liquor store down the street. Tania and April left, leaving Rachel and Tessa to get relaxed. The conversation started with what kind of work each other did and what the girls had planned for the evening prior to meeting up with her. Rachel explained that they had been working really hard and had the weekend to do some cutting loose. Rachel put her hand on Tessa?s thigh and said that all changed when they saw her in the parking lot. Tessa smiled and said shouldn?t we wait for the other girls to return before you go any further. Rachel said that she wanted some all to herself before they returned. Tessa placed her glass down and leaned forward to kiss Rachel. It started softly and then quickly turned into a hard tongue kiss, passionate and erotic. Rachel?s hands went immediately for Tessa?s loose blouse, caressing her tits through the thin sheer material. Tessa moaned softly through the kiss and ached for more. Rachel broke the kiss and picked Tessa off the couch to undress her slowly. She took off her top and pulled breast from her VS bra and suckled the nipple gently. Tessa grabbed her head and pressed closer to her lips. Mmmm she moaned that feels sooooo good. Rachel eased her way down Tessa?s stomach, and unbuttoned her pants, slowly taking them down, kissing her pelvis while glaring into Tessa?s eyes. The pleasure was immense with just the anticipation of what was about to happen now and when the girls returned. Rachel removed Tessa?s pants and slid her black thong down her thighs. Rachel took her time licking her legs up and down, swirling her tongue up and around her pelvic region again. The sensation sent shivers through her body as Rachel finally arrived at her nesting place next to Tessa?s clit. She licked up her slit and rested on that bud, driving Tessa to almost lose her balance standing up. Rachel guided her to the floor, got between her legs and completely engulfed her pussy with that thick tongue. It covered her cunt entirely, making Tessa quake with her first orgasm. Rachel intensified her sucking feeling Tessa shake. The licking continued until a sound at the door notified them that the girls had returned. The girls quickly placed the wine on the table and shed their clothes. Tania and April just laughed as they watched Rachel licking Tessa?s beautiful pussy, devouring her juicy cunt. Tania said that Tessa should try her pussy while being pleasured. With that, she dropped her hot shaved pussy onto Tessa?s face. She was already wet with the ride back and forth knowing what they were going to be doing. Tania got between Rachel?s legs and started eating her out as well. The girls were licking, sucking, and tongue fucking each other to orgasm. Tessa was enjoying this juicy cunt mounted on her face making her cum instantly with her expert oral skills. Tessa lovingly fucked that cunt with her tongue making April cum again and again. After multiple orgasms between the girls, April climbed off of Tessa?s face and kissed her softly, enjoying the taste of her pussy on Tessa?s lips. Tania was still lapping at Rachel?s hot pussy driving her over the edge, enough to let go of Tessa?s clit and have her own intense orgasm. Tania crawled up to share some of Tessa?s pussy with Rachel. Rachel relieved of her place, took hers behind Tania and licked her ass while fingering her cunt. First one finger, then two. Tessa was fingering April?s twat while they kissed. April squirmed while Tessa played with that pussy, between the kissing and the fingering, April exploded all over Tessa?s fingers. Tessa removed them and placed them in her mouth and then shared with April a warm pussy filled kiss of passion.

The play subsided a bit when Tessa excused herself to her room to retrieve some toys for the girls and her to play with. Tessa brought down a 10? double ended dildo, a vibrator, and a strap-on to use. April and Rachel grabbed the double ended dildo and immediately inserted it into their pussies and started fucking each other fast and furious. Tessa dressed herself up in the strap on, turning Tania around for some erotic fucking doggie style. Tessa lunged forward to insert that dildo into her hot wet cunt, fucking one stroke and she was all the way into her pussy. Tessa reached for the vibrator, reaching around to stimulate Tania?s clit as she laid face buried into a pillow, moaning from the exhilarating stimulation. Tessa sped up her rhythm, fucking her pussy hard to the request of her suitor. Tessa herself was working into that immense feeling of divine bliss from pounding that pussy and hitting her own love bud.

April and Rachel were fucking each other like crazy right next to Tessa and with the action of her own scene, viewing the other girls was driving her close to the edge. The action just got wilder and wilder, watching the girls cum over and over again with the 10? dildo disappearing in those juicy pussies. The girls were screaming as they impaled each other to where their pussies had swallowed that dildo to disappear between them and they were rubbing their pussies together. Grinding sent new waves of ecstasy between them and they were cumming uncontrollably. Tania was begging Tessa to fuck her harder and Tessa replied with driving that dildo hard into that snatch watching it in and out of her quim. Tania violently shook and uttered the words, ?I?m cumming, fuck me now harder harder!!? Tessa reached her own point of now return, shaking from her own orgasm, moving in burying that dildo inside as she came from her own movements against that pussy wall.

The girls relaxed a bit while sipping some wine and sharing some stories of past encounters with other women and couples. April, Rachel, and Tania always played together, never apart; they had no interest in boyfriends, just erotic sex. Tessa told them, that maybe they could join in sometime soon with her Johnny who would be home on Sunday. Tessa was informed that they would be back at whatever time she chose on Sunday night if she would like. Needless to say the rest of the evening went just as the early part into the night. The girls slept together cuddled in each others arms for some more play in the morning before departing. Tessa told them what time to come by on Sunday, knowing how hot I would be when she told me the story and then about them coming over soon to be having more fun with me watching and joining in. Wow what a weekend excursion.

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