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Great Hawaiian Vacation

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My husband and I have been married now for about 15 years and we have enjoyed the fruits and benefits of living in "the lifestyle" now for almost 10 of those years. While at home, we have a small group of five couples that we play with, we like the intimate friendships that we have built with them and the variety afforded with this group keeps our sex life new and refreshed. When Dale (my husband) and I travel however, we will occasionally will find someone else or a couple to play with.

Last year, Dale was one of the top sales reps for his marketing company that he works for and won an all expenses paid trip for two to Hawaii. Being I was a "military brat" growing up, I actually spent much of my childhood living in Hawaii but once my father got transferred back to the "mainland" I had never got a chance to return. I had fond memories of the beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal clear blue water and was looking forward to making the most of our vacation.

Both Dale and I are in our late thirties. He looks his age and I've been told that I still look to be in my twenties. Dale is a tall slender gentleman in every sense of the word. He has a strong side that makes me feel completely at ease and willing to "open up" to everything. His kisses have the ability it ignite a fire like nobody's business. The tenderness of his tongue and the skill which he uses it on every part of my (and other women's bodies) can make any woman soak their panties. Dale has these broad shoulders that beg for a woman to wrap her arms around and a nice tone mid-section.... no six pack abs, but he's very tone. Finally his ass and his cock, oh my...... he's got these shapely ass cheeks with these amazing dimples whip hen he flexes his ass cheeks and he possesses a 8+ inch cock that is wider than just about every cock I'd ever seen. And to top it all off, Dale keeps himself well manicured from his GQ style haircut to keeping his entire body free of all hair.... including at his cock.

I am 5ft 4in tall with light brown almost reddish colored hair with blondish highlights, I usually keep my hair up, but when I let it down will reach the middle of my back. I have these natural 34C's that were "enhanced" from giving birth to our three children, and recently while on a girl's night out, got my nipples pierced. Lastly is my completely bald pussy, it's one that my inner lips barely protrude out of the outer lips giving me a nice clean smooth look.

The day came for us to leave our home and left for Hawaii. We were so excited to be going on a "second honeymoon" and looked forward to having as much sex as we possibly could. We arrived in Honolulu and got checked into out hotel and due to the long trip decided to call it a night and simply went to sleep. The next morning, Dale and I decided to leave Waikiki and find a beach that was far less crowded. We headed up to the north shore of the island and found a beautiful beach that had maybe 10 to 15 people on it. The beach was everything I remembered about the beauty of the island. As we got closer to the people on the beach, Dale realized it was a nude beach. Now, we've been to nude beaches before so we thought nothing of it and got right into the groove and took off all of our clothes.

There were, including us, about two other couples a handful of single men an two ladies laying out together. As we relaxed on the beach, we got to meet one of the other couples and had a great afternoon hanging out with them. The two women that were together caught my husband's eye and attention. The two girls were tall slender women both with absolutely no tanlines on their beautifully tanned bodies. They both had long black silky hair that went to the top of their ass cheeks. But what really was intriguing were the tattoos that both girls had..... they both had what seemed like identical tribal tattoos on their hips in an almost crescent moon shape over their hips, with the two ends pointing toward their ass in the rear and their bald pussies in the front. These two girls were absolutely stunning..... and I could see that Dale found them very attractive.

We left the beach early in the afternoon wanting get back to our hotel in time for us to get ready for the luau that we had tickets for that evening. Most of the way back to Waikiki, Dale and I talked about the beach and the couple that we met. Our conversation also centered around the two young women that had caught Dale's fancy. As he talked about the two girls, I could see how much they excited him because his cock grew larger and larger the more we talked about the girls. It even got so hot as we talked about them that we ended up pulling over on the side of the road so I could give my husband a blowjob right there in the rental car...... I love sucking on his massive cock and the cum he shot in my mouth was so warm and salty with a hint of sweetness..... I didn't let a single drop go to waste and sucked him dry. We got back to our hotel and when we got back to our room, I wanted my own orgasm so dale fucked me before we headed put for our evening......

We headed to the hotel down the beach a bit and got settled in for the luau. We received our leis and Dale grabbed us a couple of drinks. We watched the pre meal show which was highlighted by these Polynesian men with nothing more than a loin cloth on remove the pig from the underground oven. These guys were all dark brown of varying sizes, some a bit larger in their midsection bit most of them were well chiseled and long flowing hair. The shimmer of their perspiration on their bodies made them even hotter. As their loin cloths fluttered in the wind, I strained to catch a view to see just what was under their cloths.....

Dinner came soon after and throughout the meal, we were entertained by singers and hula dancers. When the dinner had finished, the stage was taken over by a Tahitian dance troop with about 6 musicians and about 12 female dancers and 4male dancers. Damn these folks could dance, the primitive beating of the drums and the fast pace gyrating of the dancer's hips was beginning to build a resurgence of my sexual passion. It was the second to third number that they did when Dale and I recognized two of the dancers..... it was the two girls we saw earlier at the nude beach.

The show was amazing, watching all those hot bodied dancers doing the hula in very skimpy clothes often in nothing more than a loin cloth for the men and a grass skirt and bra like top for the ladies. The final number was a Tahitian number where the dancers took to the audience and pulled people from the audience up on stage to dance with them. My husband was pulled up on stage by one of the dancers we'd seen earlier in the day at the nude beach. Each member if the audience had a chance to do a "solo" with the dancer that pulled them up on stage, Dale was the last to go. When he finally got his chance, he was instructed to follow his dancer's every move.

His dancer began with a four point rotation with her hips, front, left, back, right and back to the front and then went around again. Her thrusts with her waist was erotic as her shapely figure went round and round with exaggerated thrusts to the front and rear. As Dale tried to keep time with his "teacher", the beat got quicker and quicker now leaving my husband in "the dust". Watching the dancer shimmy with her hips became an erotic turn on as a sheer glistening of perspiration was now covering her hot bod. When the pace got ridiculously fast, my husband became surrounded by all the women dancers. The two women we saw at the nude beach were at his front and rear and they were rubbing up and down on him. I don't know about my husband, but I was horny watching him get attacked by 6 scantily clad, beautiful and sexy hula dancers. When the number finished, all the dancers gave my husband a kiss on his cheeks as they left the floor. The last two to leave the floor were the two dancers from the nude beach. The last one gave him a kiss on his lips and slipped him something in his hand.

As Dale walked back to his seat, it was clear he was excited.... there was a large bulge in his pants indicating he was hot and horny. "I see you enjoyed yourself, honey!", I said to him. He coyly smiled as he realized that I was aware of his enlarged man meat. Dale sat next to me and we looked at the piece of paper the dancer slipped to him. It was an invitation to join the two girls at their "next gig". When the luau finished, Dale and I grabbed a cab and headed to the address on the piece of paper. The next gig for the two girls was a strip club! I liked where this was going! We entered the club and it was filled with amazingly hot strippers. I guess being in Hawaii, the dancers in the club were a cross section of nationalities in the pacific rim, Asians, Filipinos and "Local" girls, unlike clubs in the mainland, it was void of the blonde haired girls we'd become accustomed to seeing back home.

There was no sign of our invitees, but we were sure enjoying the hot girls dancing on every stage. I periodically stroked Dale's cock through his pants as my pussy got wetter and wetter as we watched the girls. The songs stopped and the DJ announce the impending "featured dancers". "Ladies and gentlemen, please focus your attention on our center stage as our two featured dancers hit the stage. Get out your money 'cause they're gonna earn every last dollar you got. Put your hands together for Stacy and Elaine!", out came our invitees. The two girls were wearing matching outfits and were the featured dancers for the night.

Stacy and Elaine began working the stage and pole. It didn't take long before both girls were completely naked other than their shoes and garter belt. As the two worked the stage the dollars that were thrown at them could have easily made a car payment. They worked opposite ends of the stage at first then as the fourth song of the set began the two converged in the center and began to work each other. I reached over and felt the incredibly large bulge in my husband's pants. I admit that I too was getting increasingly hornier and wetter watching the two girls work each other into an orgasmic frenzy,

As the two girls worked the stage they would work an individual or couple, Dale and I were no different. Stacy, the taller of the two positioned herself in front of Dale and I with her butt on the stage and her legs wide open showing us her beautiful pussy. Stacy threw her head back and reached between her legs with one hand and spread her lips giving us a front row view of her love hole. As she teased the outer edge of her pussy, Elaine stood over Stacy's face with her pussy poised to be eaten by Stacy. As these two beauties worked their talent in front of Dale and I, I felt an overwhelming desire to want to get with these two women. I could feel the wetness in my panties and the swelling of my nipples and I wanted a release.

Elaine moved off of Stacy's face and stood at the edge of the stage. She extended her arms toward me and motioned me to join the two girls in the stage.... I was not ready for that. Elaine again gestured to me to join them on the stage to which Dale offered his assistance and encouragement. Dale and Elaine helped me on to the stage and I was all of a sudden taken over by fear yet an excitement like never before. Seeing myself on stage in the dimly lit room with the "disco" lights flashing brought my inhibitions to a point where I had to make a decision.... chicken out and go back to my seat or let my fears and inhibitions go.

I'm sure if it wasn't for the additional help of the "liquid courage" that Dale an I had been drinking throughout the evening, I would have headed right back to my chair. I looked at Dale and he blew a kiss to me and that was all I needed to take the plunge. I began to dance along with the two girls on stage loosing myself in the music and the erotic flow that was taking over my body. Stacy was pulling the bottom of my sundress up toward my hips as we danced on stage. Elaine was in front of me on her knees simulating that she was eating my pussy. I looked down at Stacy and my hands immediately went over my head allowing Elaine to finish removing my dress. There I was now, on stage, in a strip club with nothing on except my nude colored thong panty and matching lace bra. The DJ made note of the "new dancer" on the main stage to which many of those around the stage applauded loudly including my husband.

Elaine brought me to one of the two poles in the center of the stage and she showed me how to spin around the pole which I made an attempt to do. Although I was t nearly as talented as Elaine, I think I did pretty good. Stacy was working the other pole and I noticed she had her legs shoulder width apart with the pole between her ass cheeks as she gracefully slid down the pole, wanting to be like them I mimicked her. As I felt the cold brass pole between my legs against my ass I bent down to touch my toes and now had my wet pussy rubbing up on the pole. I could feel the drippings from my pussy had completely soaked the crotch portion of my thong. I reached up with my two hands securing the waist bands of my thong and seductively pulled my thong off till it hit the floor. I stepped out of my panty leaving it on the stage, now I had only my bra remaining. I stood up, Elaine came up from behind me and released the buckle of by bra allowing my hardened nipples to be free. Elaine took my bra and thong panty and twirled them around as she danced toward Dale. She took my thong out it up to her nose and took a deep whiff of my juices before she gave it to Dale.

It was only two songs that I was in stage, but it seemed like I was there for hours. The incredible sense of erotic energy and power that I felt dancing with the two girls was amazing. As I danced and teased with Stacy and Elaine, I could see the desire and sense of wanting that came over the men surrounding the stage. As they threw their money at us I had this feel that I had the power over these men, and that only fed my sexual desire more.

When the final song was done, Stacy gave me a huge, deep passionate kiss sliding her tongue deep in my mouth. With everything else I was feeling at that moment, I almost had an orgasm right there on stage. Elaine handed me my sundress and grabbed my hand and led me off the stage. Stacy collected the money on the stage out it in a small bag and told Dale that they'd bring me out in a bit. When I got back to the dressing room with the two girls, they pulled out the money and divvied up the cash.... Stacy gave me my cut, it was $400... not bad for a first time. The two girls asks if Dale and I could stay till closing and that they both wanted to go back to our hotel room after the club closed.

I put on my dress and headed outside to my husband where I was greeted with a huge round of applause from the men surrounding the main stage. Dale stood up and wrapped his big strong arms around me and gave me his own big juicy kiss. After we broke our kiss, I looked at Dale and saw a look on his face that I had never seen before.... he had this look of "That's right! She's MINE!", he was like a proud peacock relishing in the fact that the woman that was just on the stage a few minutes ago was his. He offered me my bra and thong panty to which I declined. I told him about the offer from the two girls and Dale eagerly accepted. For the remainder of the night, Dale and I sat at one of the booths away from the stages. From time to time, both Elaine and Stacy would stop by to talk to us and have a little play.

On one of Elaine's visits with Dale and I, we watched the other dancers, she slid my dress up and slid a finger in my dripping pussy. She alternated fingering in and out of my love hole and flicking the head of my clit with her finger. As she did this, I pulled Dale's cock out of his pants and stroked him in rhythm to Elaine's pace. I tried so hard to hide the fact that I was having an orgasm right there at the table, I am normally a screamer and keeping my release under wraps was no easy take. As Elaine fingered me into and through my orgasm, I felt Dale preparing to unload his sperm all over himself. I grabbed one of the napkins on the table and covered his cock just in time to catch his load of cum. What little that spilled on my hand I brought it up to lick it off my hand and fingers. Elaine grabbed my hand a cleaned my husband's cum off of me. Dale's eyes almost popped out of his head when Elaine came to me with her tongue out of her mouth with his cum on it and she and I shared his white goo through another passionate kiss.

For the next two hours or so, we four had little play sessions like this eagerly awaiting the close of the club. Finally 2:00am arrived and the club closed. Dale and I waited outside for Elaine and Stacy so we could make our way to our hotel. Stacy came out first and greeted us both with kisses, "Can Elaine and I invite our husbands to join us at your hotel?" I looked at Dale, he checked to see if I was going to be alright with it and we said sure! We let them know which hotel we were staying in and when Elaine came out the four of us headed to our hotel.

Stacy asked to sit in the front with Dale and Elaine sat in the back seat with me. I sure wish our hotel was further away as I'm sure Dale had he same feeling. Elaine and I engaged in some intense passionate kissing in the back seat while I noticed Stacy had her head in Dale's lap. Later I found out that she was giving my husband a blowjob on the way to our hotel. We got to the hotel lobby and Elaine and Stacy's husbands were there, they just came from another "late night luau" performance. Elaine's husband was Jason, he actually has this really long Hawaiian name but to make things easier he goes by Jay. Stacy's husband is Kalani. Both men were very well built with beautiful dark skin and their smiles were so warm and inviting. Earlier I had seen these men at the luau and they both had these amazing Polynesian tribal tattoos on their bodies. Now I'm not one who's really into the tattoo thing but in the case of Jay and Kalani, it worked. Kalani had short curly brown hair and Jay had this long flowing black hair that he kept neatly braided and wrapped into a bun on the back of his head. My love senses began to tingle at the thought of having sex with these the two girls and their husbands.

We all got introduced in the lobby and we headed up to our room. When the elevator door closed, Kalani came over to me and asked if he could kiss me.... in all of the swaps Dale and I had done in the last, very few had ever asked permission to do anything with me. Kalani's gesture made me weak in the knees and I felt like an 16 year old school girl. I was filled with a giddiness and sense that this incredibly strong and well built man was a gentle giant. I joyfully agreed and he planted this sultry deep kiss on me that made my juices flow even more. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and held me firm yet gently. When the elevator door opened, we exited and walked to our room. Stacy came up from behind me and said, "He's an amazing kisser. The first time he kissed me like that I knew I wanted to marry him.... so I fucked his brains out that night and we were married 2 months later!" We got to the room and in nothing flat, all six of us were naked. Both Kalani and Jay have average size cocks, Jay's being considerably wider in girth, Dale had the biggest of the three but I knew no matter who I got to ride that night I was going to have a blast.

Elaine grabbed Dale and headed for the bed, I on the other hand was taken by Kalani and he and I took the other half of the bed. Stacy and Jay started to get hot and heavy on the couch. My husband was getting one hell of a cock sucking from Elaine, she worked him with her mouth and hands and his cock was covered with her saliva as she stroked and sucked him toward an orgasm. Kalani place me in the edge of the bed and prepared to go down in me. I reached over and held Dale's hand as we both received our oral delight. Kalani inserted a finger into me and then two, his gentle yet purposeful stroking on my love hole as he masterfully licked my clit. I knew with skill like his, it wouldn't take long for me to explode.

I heard my husband as he enjoyed the oral talents of Elaine. Kalani asked me if I wanted to join in Elaine in pleasuring my husband. He spun me around and I got on my knees so I could give my husband his favorite thing,,,, a double blow job. Elaine and I worked Dale's cock, I in the base and she worked his head. As I cupped his balls in my hands, I ran the tip of my tongue up my husband's shaft till Elaine and i met in a passionate kiss on my husband's head. Elaine and I allowed our tongues to wrap around my husband's head then probed the other's mouth. Her kiss is so soft and gentle, I could feel my flow of juices increase in my already wet pussy.

Kalani whispered in my ear that he wanted to enter me from behind, to which I said yes. Kalani reached around with his right hand and cupped my right breast, I felt the tip of his head poised at the entrance to my soaking wet pussy. Kalani slowly slipped his cock into me and the skill that he entered me was so intense that I broke my focus on Dale's cock to enjoy Kalani's filling my pussy. I laid my head on my husband's lap as Kalani buried his entire shaft in me. Dale slowly ran his hands through my hair and added to the full body passion that I was enjoying. I lifted my head to reassume my sucking of Dale's cock and in the moment I did that, Elaine positioned herself to impale herself on my husband's saliva covered cock.

Elaine mounted Dale in a reverse cowgirl position which allowed me to get a close up view of my husband's cock sliding in and out of Elaine's pussy. About the same time Kalani entered me from the rear sliding his entire cock in me. My lustful passion was taking over me so much I could feel my juices oozing onto my thighs. After a few of Elaine's thrusts on my husband's cock she let it come completely out of her pussy. It looked so delicious glistening from Elaine's pussy juices, I couldn't resist but suck his cock clean. Once I had Dale clean, I reinserted his cock into Elaine and watched as she rode him up and down. As she periodically would release his cock from her, I would clean my husband's cock and put it back in her. All the while, Kalani pumped his slow mad steady rhythm into me.

It was so hot to watch Elaine's pussy walls attempt to hold on to Dale's cock with each stroke. A large amount of white creamy mess was collecting around the base of Dale's cock and it was even starting to drip down into his sacks. I relished licking Elaine every time she paused on Dale's cock. The mixture of her juices and her sweat stirred by my husband's cock made for an erotic cocktail that was so delicious. Kalani grabbed my waist and began to thrust into me with a more forceful pace causing me to focus solely on the great fucking I was receiving. He had me in a doggie style as he pumped me faster and faster. I could feel my own orgasm building from the depths of my womb as Kalani repeated his thrusting motion. He reached with one had to caress my breast while his other hand found my love button which by now was rock hard.

With his finger, Kalani began to circle my clitoris edging me closer to my impending explosion. Kalani paused for a moment, pulled his cock out of me completely then reinserted himself into me. The feel of his cock parting my lips as he played with my love button was more than I could take. After about four or five of him pulling his cock all the way out only to shove it through my lips pushed me over the edge. I came with a rush overwhelming my entire body, I felt wave after wave of my orgasm take me over. As Kalani continued to pump me, I could feel that I was going to squirt all over him. I felt the first wave of my ejaculate release from my pussy and Kalani rejoiced in feeling me squirt all over him.

It felt like I had shot out a gallon of fluid all over us as Kalani continued his onslaught on my pussy... damn he's got stamina. As my flow of ejaculate stopped, Elaine placed her face on my pussy in a feeble attempt to clean me up, only thing was there was juice all over the place. But having Elaine licking me with Kalani's cock in me only made me have another orgasm. As I came down from my second orgasm, Kalani began to shoot his load deep in me. His moaning got louder as his pace and rhythm increased. Finally he reared back and made one final forceful thrust in me. He held his cock deep in me as I felt his warm jizz fill my dripping pussy. I could feel every surge of his cock releasing his semen deep in me. As he pulled my waist to himself, he gave these little gyrations to my hips in sync with his own which only filled me with more pleasure..... damn he knew how to fuck!

Kalani's cock slowly subsided in its size as is began to creep out of my spent love box. Two orgasms and a good squirt, I wasn't sure how much more I could take. When his cock finally fully exciter out of me, I reached down to get a couple of fingers of our love mixture to taste what we made. But before I could put it to my mouth, Kalani licked my fingers clean and then proceeded to kiss me. We swapped the mixture with each other as our tongues danced in each other's mouths. I had never seen a man who so enjoyed the taste of his own cum like that before, it was a new and exciting experience for me. Kalani and I took turns scooping the love potion from my pussy and fed it to each other only to swap it with the other in passionate kisses. When we'd gotten much of the cumfilled juices out of the outer recesses of my pussy, Kalani wrapped his arms around me and held me tight in a warm embrace.

I laid in his arms with my back against his chest and we watched Elaine and Dale continue their fuck session. Elaine was coming down from an orgasm and my husband was racing towards his. Elaine grabbed him by his balls and pinched the base of his cock stopping him from his orgasm. Elaine turned around to face my husband and impaled herself again on my husband's man meat. Kalani told me to watch what Elaine was about to do. Once she had my husband's cock fully in her, she began to grind him with the same motion she and the other Tahitian dancers did. Elaine was incredible the way she was able to grind in a circular motion. It must have been something amazing for my husband because it only took about a minute of that before Dale was announcing that he was ready to cum. Elaine increased her motion and Dale unloaded his blast in her. I didn't know how Elaine stayed on him because I had never seen my husband thrust into a woman like that, he almost looked like a bucking bull trying to expel an unwanted rider. Somehow Elaine managed to stay on Dale till he released the last of his cum in Elaine.

I just witnessed my husband getting the fucking of his life. And instead of being jealous, I was happy for him and I was horny for him being able to share in that feeling for him. Elaine got off my husband and she asked Dale if he'd eat her till she came. Now my husband loves pussy and I knew he wasn't going to pass it up. Elaine sat back on the bed and spread her legs wide for Dale to dive in, and that's exactly what he did. Knowing how good Dale is at eating pussy, I knew Elaine wasn't going to last very long. I peered over and saw Jay and Stacy still fucking crazily on the couch. Elaine began to scream of her nearing orgasm. And only moments later, Dale pushed her over the edge. Somehow Dale managed to keep his head between her legs as she squeezed and bucked from her explosion. When Elaine finally came down from her orgasm, Dale came to me with a tongue covered in the love concoction he got from Elaine's pussy, he kissed me and we shared the wonderful taste of Elaine and Dale. Kalani asked to share some with him which I gladly did. Dale took turns sharing the combined potion in Elaine with her and me.

Now, Dale and Elaine laid next to Kalani and I as the four of us turned our attention to Jay and Stacy. Stacy was soon cuming followed by Jay. Jay went down on Stacy and brought their love potion to Elaine who shared it with Dale, and also to me and I shared it with Kalani. When it was all over, all of us has a chance to taste the others. I love the taste of cum so it wasn't strange for me, but to see Dale be so willing to taste other men's cum was a huge turn on for me. Soon after, Stacy and Jay finished, our four guests got dressed and prepared to leave. We all exchanged hugs and kisses and then they left. Dale and I were still in a state of erotic bliss and ended up fucking two more times before we finally collapsed from total exhaustion.

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