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Great Grad Trip

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First let me say to those that are going to condemn me as an adulteress- don’t call names unless you know what is going on with others. The story begins with my 18 year old daughter’s high school graduation trip in July. I was not a chaperone until 5 males had dropped out and 4 females were added. This created an issue of having eight girls to a chaperone (female). Since two of my daughter’s best friends were added, she asked me to go. My daughter and I had an ok relationship as she got older- she was a daddy’s girl. I was somewhat wild during my later high school and early college years but settled down to studying and got a degree human resource management (personnel at the time) and then got my MBA in the same. When I married I was 24 years old and had a child two weeks before my 25 birthday. When we went on the trip I was 44. My daughter never knew my actions during my wild time and her father only knew a small amount. I wasn’t a slut, I enjoyed partying. We were flying to the Bahamas for the trip and I sat next to another female chaperone named Angela- she was going to be my roommate during this time. I had six girls in my group and she had six in hers. The girl’s room was by ours and we had keys to all three rooms (the girls were staying 4 to a room). On the flight over, we noticed one of the fathers. He looked a little older than us (Angela was 45) but was handsome. Angela made a joke about getting lonely during the trip but I took it as just kidding. Once we got to the Bahamas, we went to the hotel and unpacked and then the group had dinner together to put down the ground rules. I changed into jeans and a t-shirt top while Angela put on a pair of tight shorts and a halter. I thought this was a little bold for her age but I think it got the effect she wanted- all the guys (boys and men) watched her as she came in the room for dinner. There were three tables of guys and three tables of girls. Angela and I made sure our girls sat at tables next to each other and the male parent was at a table next to mine. He had shorts and a t-shirt on and looked good.

The rules were simple; the group of six kids went everywhere together, the chaperone would be with the kids most of the day and would keep track of them at night through cell phones and text messages (one call an hour), and the girls and the chaperone would eat one meal a day together-dinner. All this was to make sure that all girls were accounted for and safe. The kids also had panic alarms. These were the size of car keys and had an alarm and GPS chip (supplied by one of the parents). The kids had some rules of their own; parents would not stop them from doing anything unless it was illegal or unsafe; parents were not dictate where they could or could not go; and what happened in the Bahamas stayed in the Bahamas. Several of the girls and guys had girlfriends back home and did not want them to know if anything happened. With that said, all made plans for what they were going to do. My group of girls wanted to go to a club and so did a group of guys. Angela and I decided we would hang out at the pool and keep a check on the girls through cell phone and texts. We were the only parents at the pool; which surprised us. At the first call, I talked with my daughter (Debra) and she said they were dancing and having fun. She said they had met a group of kids from New York and were hanging with them. I didn’t know if my daughter was sexually active; however I had suspicions. We had our sex talk when she was 13 but nothing since then. Angela called her group and they were heading to the club that my girls were in. Angela had on a two piece that covered only the necessaries and I had a one piece. She looked good at 45. I never had considered looking at women but Angela made me look. She sat next to me and asked why I covered up my body so much. I was caught off guard and said that at 44 my body had changed too much. She said that I looked like I had a tight body and should show it off. I blushed and said thank you. I text the girls and Debra said that the entire trip group had shown up at the club- parents included and that I should come too. I was stunned that my daughter would ask me. Angela got a call from her group and was asked to come to the club. We decided to go and went up to the room. As we walked in Angela began taking off her suit, and was naked in two seconds. She had a hot body and a shaved pussy. She turned and looks at me and asked if I was going, I felt a little excited about taking my suit off in front of her but also a little embarrassed. My husband calls me bushy beaver because I am hairy. Angela looked at me and smiled. AS I was getting dressed in jeans, Angela stopped me and said I should put on a pair of shorts she had. I looked at the shorts and knew I did not have the right type of underwear because they were low riders. I told her and she said don’t wear underwear. I put-on the shorts and my bush showed some. I said thanks to Angela but my “features” just would not let me where the shorts. She said I could change the features and went to the bathroom; she came out with some electric trimmers. She asked if I wanted to use them, I said that I was a little scared that I might trim something I shouldn’t. Angela laughed and said she would help. I started feeling excited a little and said ok. I pulled off the shorts and went into the bathroom and Angela followed. Knowing she was behind me maybe looking at my ass made me fell more excited. Angela told me to sit on the toilet so I did. She spread my legs and told me to sit back. As I did, I felt her hands on my pussy and it tingled.

Even during my wildness, I never really played with a female. I had same room sex with a few other couples and my tits were felt up by a female but I never had the desire to do more than that; however looking at Angela (and down her shirt) and feeling her hands on my pussy my mind was racing. She was manipulating my pussy lips to shave and her fingers would go inside me, I wondered if she was doing it on purpose. After a few minutes she got some shaving crème and a razor and finished the job. I was breathing a little heavily when she said all finished and asked if I enjoyed that. I looked into her eyes and said yes. She smiled and said we need to get going but there will be plenty of time to explore over the week and kissed me. It was a fantastic kiss. I put the shorts on and Angela said that I looked hot. I had the shorts that were a cream and blue strip and a button down oxford I tried to tuck in but Angela said to leave it out- she said it would be to hard to get access to parts with it tucked in. I wasn’t sure what she meant. Our conversation on the way to the club was about her and her husband. They were married young (21) and had three kids which her daughter was the youngest. She had two sons, 23 and 21, and her daughter had just turned 19. She said her husband had encouraged her to go and have fun. I was a little surprised at the way she stated the fun part. We arrived at the club and went in. The place was packed but we found the group. As I was making my through I saw the father we had noticed earlier; he was dressed in shorts and a tight polo shirt. He looked at me and smiled- which I smiled back. Angela leaned into my ear and said “if you don’t get him I will”. We got our drinks and joined the group. Debra came over and looked at me and said “You look good!” I said thank you and she then said that she couldn’t get a drink because she let her ID at the room. I asked what she wanted and got her the drink. She seemed stunned. I told her that I was not as much a prude as she thought. Debra was pulled to the dance floor by a New York guy and I watched her dance (if that is what you want to call it). She was grinding against him and he was against her. The father came over and introduced himself as Eric and said we would have been thrown off the dance floor for dancing like that in his days. I laughed and said me too. We talked as I looked for Angela (who was dancing with one of the guys from New York). Eric asked me to dance and I asked like them? He smiled and said if you like so I did. I was humping his leg and he was pumping against me. I slide my hand down his back and butt; he had a hard butt. Debra walked by and gave me a wink. The song ended and I was hot both ways.

I saw Angela and talked with her and she asked if I was having fun and I smiled and said yes and what about her? She said that she has had her tits felt twice, her pussy once and her ass many times. One of the guys from our group walked around me and ran a finger up my ass, of course I jumped and he said he was sorry- all I could do was smile. Angela laughed and said you really need to loosen up. I looked at her and I couldn’t get passed being married and all the years of pent-up frustration. She said she needed some air and we went outside. What she told me shocked me. She said that her and her husband were swingers and had been for about 5 years. She said that it had really liberated her thinking and made the bond between her husband and her stronger. I told her that my husband and I had sex maybe every two months and it was him climbing on top of me and telling me how I loved it. She laughed and said that is how it was for them until they opened their minds and that I should open my mind during this trip- I might be surprised. We heard a commotion inside and went in. Debra was being pushed against a wall by a few of the Bahamian best (officers). I immediately ran over and pushed my way between them asking what was going on. Eric ran through the crowd and joined me. One of the Officers said he saw her trying to pick a pocket. I knew that they couldn’t have because she was across the room and they had just walked in. I said they were wrong and to take their hands off my daughter. Eric stated that if they did not do as I said they were in for a world of trouble. He stated that he was an attorney and would ensure that they were taken to count for their mistake if it went any further. The officers let go of Debra and left immediately. Debra was crying and Eric said it was time for the group to leave. He turned to me and said that he was going to the Police tomorrow to discuss this; I said I wanted to go also. We decide to walk to the hotel and the cops followed us. Angela turned around and said that things were going to get real bad for them soon.

We got back to the hotel and Debra came into my room so we could talk. I asked if she was ok and she said that she was but this just ruined her trip. I said that we would take care of it tomorrow and she had a lot more time to have fun. She asked if I was having fun and I said so far yes. She smiled and said she could tell. I blushed and said that was just a little fun. She said she didn’t think I knew how to have fun. I asked what she meant by that and she said I was always uptight. She also said that her father commented to her about how I was never fun and never wanted sex. I was furious. I would try to initiate sex with him on many occasions. I told her that was wrong and began to tell her about my high school and early college days. She was shocked and asked what happened, I said I met her dad and he settled me down. She asked how wild. I said I partied a bit and she asked what type of partying. I sat down and asked what she wanted to know. First question was when I lost my virginity. I told her that was hard to answer because of the levels of virginity. She asked what I meant. I told her I sucked my first dick at the age of 14. I first got naked in front of a guy at the same age but different guy and was fingered with a dick rubbed up against my pussy. She was shocked. I told her I lost my pussy virginity at the age of 15 and anal virginity at the age of 16. I told her all the stories. She asked if I had ever been with more than one guy and I told her of my first college party where I had a threesome. She asked if I had ever been with a female and I said outside of tits rubbing no but that may change and felt I blushed. I asked her if she had intercourse yet- she laughed and said yes at the age of 15. She told me her sex experience was much like mine but she began eating “cunt” at 13 years old. We talked until 3 in the morning. Angela came and I asked where she had been- Debra piped up that it either had to do with a cock or cunt. Angela responded that sadly no it had anything to do with either. She had been on the phone to her husband about the police- I found out he was an ex government employee. Debra left and on the way out mouthed “you and her” and I shrugged. Angela said I looked as though I was having some fun and I said yes but I need to get some sleep and went to bed somewhat wet and horny.

I am an early rise so I was up by 8 am and decided to go work out. I was working out in my sweats when Eric came in and we chatted. I thanked him for his help and asked when he wanted to go to the police station. He said that he called his firm and they will call him back for the meeting. He asked if I was hungry and I said yes and he asked if I would like to have breakfast with him. I readily agreed and went back to the room to clean up. Angela was up and asked what was going on and I told her Eric and I was having breakfast. She smiled and said I have the perfect outfit. I said if she kept giving me her clothes she wouldn’t have any to wear. She laughed and rhetorically questioned that is bad how? I went to the shower and saw her clippers out. I decided to finish the job we had started yesterday and asked if I could borrow them- without hesitation she said yes. I showered and came out. There outfit was a short dress with a plunging neckline top- clearly cleavage showing. I told her we would be going to the police station and she said so. I met Eric downstairs and he whistled at me and said I looked nice. I asked if it was too much for the police station- he laughed and said it will probably help. After ordering and beginning eating his phone rang and we were to meet the police in 30 minutes. We finished eating and headed to the police station. I called Angela and told her we needed to meet the entire group at 11:30. Long story short we had a few words with the police and a phone call came. The head of the station left and came back and listened intently. He stood up and said we would have no more trouble. We left to go back to the hotel- it was around 10:30.

AS we headed back Eric asked if I would like to walk along the beach, I said sure. We walked and talked. He was married with two three kids. His son on the trip was his middle and he had a son that was 21 and a daughter that was 17. I asked what his wife was like and he said beautiful and fun. I was feeling a little deflated. He laughed and told me that he knew Angela from parties they went to together. I asked if they were swingers and he said yes though he never had been with Angela. We hit an isolated part of the beach and somehow we faced each other and he kissed me. It was good. His hands moved down my back and he squeezed my ass gently. I wanted to fuck him there but we heard people coming. We got back to the hotel around 11:15 and headed to the dinning area for the meeting. Everyone was already there and we told what happened at the police station but also warned them not to do anything that would make us stand out or be noticed by the authorities. Everybody agreed and we set the meal time for dinner. Debra and my group wanted to go to a nudist beach but we stopped them because of the police problem. We told them not without a parent and the parents agreed on tomorrow. So the kids decided to head to the beach next to the hotel; while the parents hung out at the pool. Debra, Angela, and I road the elevator to the room and on the way up Angela made a comment on my one piece and that I needed to get another one; I caved in and agreed but put on the one piece in case I could not find one. I had tried on three; all that I liked but Angela and Debra did not. They picked out one and it did not over much but they said they liked it, then Debra tried on one that definitely would turn heads and I agreed to buy both. Debra and I went into a dressing room to change- this was the first time I had seen her naked since she was 13. He did have nice curves and was shaved. She looked at me and said she was happy that I got rid of that wire brush that her dad always talked about. Debra and I headed to the pool. There were other parents there and the ladies bathing suits were about the same as mine. It seemed all of us wanted to show off some with the exception of Ellen. She was a little larger and had a one piece on. The guys must have been enjoying the sites because all they did was look from one to the other. Eric and I talked while Angela flirted with two other fathers and the other ladies talked with other guests. AS the day went on, the drinks were flowing and I got up to pee. Janet, one of the other parents, went with me. We got to the ladies bathroom h stalls didn’t have doors so we dropped our bottoms and peed. Janet got done and stood watching me. She was tipsy and as I stood up she asked if I had ever been with a women and I said no. She said she would love to be my first and kissed me. This was the second time in two days that a female kissed me and I enjoyed it but we heard the door open and went out. It was about 5 in the afternoon and dinner was at 7:00 so I decided I would go up to the room to get ready. Eric said he was too.

We got into the elevator and he kissed me and my hands squeezed his ass. He asked if I wanted to go to his room and I said no he could come to mine. As soon as I got in the room I kissed him and his hands went to my breasts. He was so gentle caressing them and he laid me on the bed and started suck and squeezing my breasts. I stood up and took my top off and massaging my breasts giving him a show. Then I took off my bottoms and he told me to finger myself which I gladly did for him. My fingers in my pussy and my hands caressing my breasts were great but when I opened my eyes he was pumping his cock his hand and I had to have it in my mouth. I dropped to my knees and was taking his cock down my throat and his hand was on the back of my head pushing it down on his cock. He said he wanted to eat my pussy so we got into a 69. I hadn’t done this for years since my husband just wanted to do was get off quickly. I was devouring his cock when he stuck his finger in my asshole and started fingering it. I was humping his face faster and faster. I had an orgasm, which I hadn’t had in a long time. He pushed me around and stuck his cock in me doggy style. He was pumping me and I was meeting his thrusts. This went on for what seemed like ever but I could feel him starting to pulse and said I want to swallow your cum. I swung around and he pumped his cock until he squirted in my mouth and I sucked his cock clean. He kissed me deeply. We heard the door and he began to get up and I pulled him back down. It was Angela coming in. Her top was off and her bottom was pulled to the side. She looked at us and said it looks like we both got some cock. Eric got up gave Angela a peck on the cheek, got dressed, and said see you at dinner. I laid there and Angela looked at me and asked if need any cum suck out of my pussy, I told her no. She said she did and straddled my face. I licked and suck on her pussy tasting the salty cum. She started breathing hard and said suck my cunt, that right get his cum out and she bucked wildly and groaned. She shivered and rolled off. She said for a lady that had eaten cunt before, you are good.

To be continued.

We started getting ready for dinner and Angela asked what I thought of Eric, I said sexy but I felt guilty. She asked why and I said because I am married. She said I needed to get over this idea that sex was only for intimacy. I asked what she meant. She said sex could be used as a recreational event, a sport. You can be intimate with your husband but have sex with others. I told her about my relationship with my husband and she said fuck him, or let somebody else fuck hi, you fuck anyone you want while you’re here. You are young, beautiful, and sexy. We heard the girls come in and got ready and went to their room. I used my key quietly to open the door and heard on in the shower and looked around the corner and Ann and Jessie were on the bed in a 69. I watched for a minute and left. Ann and Jessie were Debra’s best friends so I was sure they had had sex together. I knocked on the door and announced my entrance and saw Ann and Beth gathering clothes to get dressed. I asked if they wanted me to come back and they said no. Next Debra came out naked and said hello and asked how my day was and I said fine. Finally Joan came out and did she have a set of tits. I was definitely getting wet with all the great looking girls around me. I told the girls to get dressed and left.

Angela was coming down the hall and said we are going to have some great recreational sex tonight and laughed. When we got down to dinner, I sat next to Eric and noticed that a couple of the other parents had paired off. We ate and told the kids that they were free to go anywhere they wanted as long as they kept in touch. They all said the nude bonfire. One of the kids had heard about a bonfire at a nude beach and they decided to go. The kids turned to us and said “we want the parents to go also”. That floored all of us. Eric said he wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Debra asked why, and that they were going to see the guy’s nude anyway so it wouldn’t matter if they saw the dads. Eric said ok and we all went to change. Angela and I decided to put on a wrap around with no bottoms and a bikini top. I did carry my bottoms in a beach bag. We met down stairs and I could see Debra was excited because her nipples were hard. AS I looked around all the women nipples were hard and I could see a lot of semi hard cocks. Eric had called for a van to take us and when it got there I got in and Debra sat beside me. I winked at her and showed her I did not have bottoms on and she showed me she didn’t either. We got there and found an area to lay towels and stripped. I was so wet looking at all the cocks and pussies in the group. Eric came up and said I had the hottest body of all and I whispered he was just trying to fuck me again. He smiled and I said I want it deep and hard. Debra was sitting spread legged and I saw her lips. I sat next to her with min spread she smiled and we talked. She whispered that it was the girl’s idea to ask the parents because they wanted to compare the cocks. We started talking and I asked what she thought of Eric’s cock and she said it was very nice and asked me how it felt in my pussy. I looked at her and she said we couldn’t hide what was between us. She said that she had fucked Dennis (Eric’s son) that day and he was great, she said that had a standing to date to fuck everyday. I looked at Dennis’s cock and like father like son. It was dark and we could tell there was a little feeling up. Allen, one of the other boy’s came over and began feeling Debra up. Eric came over and I grabbed his cock. Ai saw Angela taking on one of the boys and another mother. Just then the light of the bonfire started and all action stopped. It lasted until about 1:00 am and we went to a bar nearby. I got tipsy along with everyone else. About 3:00 am we went back to the hotel and I walked up with Eric, Debra, and Dennis. For some reason, we all walked and sat on my bed and before I knew what was happening Dennis and Debra were all over each other. Eric reached over and took off my wrap and I reached for his cock and he pushed me back on the bed. As I looked over I saw Debra sucking Dennis. She amazed me- she ran her tongue down his shaft and up and took the full cock in her mouth. Eric was between my legs licking my cunt. Debra turned and asked me if I swallowed cum. I said not for a long time. She said she loved swallowing cum- the heat running down the back of her throat was awesome. Debra lay back on the bed and told Dennis to fuck her face. Dennis straddled her face and pumped away. I stopped Eric and asked Debra if she wanted her pussy licked. Eric was surprised and Debra said sure if you want to share. I motioned Eric to her. He knelt between her legs and she moaned softly. I began fingering myself as I watched my “little girl” suck a cock while getting eaten. Dennis was beginning to pick up pace and Debra was humping Eric’s face. Dennis let out a grunt and pulled back but Debra grabbed his cock and pumped with her mouth open taking in all of his cum and she swallowed. She grabbed Eric’s head and held it to her pussy. After a minute he lifted his head and her juice was all over his face. He came over to me and kissed me with her juice on his face. She tasted good. Debra then said suck his cock and swallow his cum. Before she finished, I had Eric’s cock in my mouth. His hand was on the back of my head forcing his cock into my mouth. I was so turned on. I felt something between my legs Dennis was eating my pussy. I was deepthroating Eric and getting down my throat while gyrating on Dennis’ face, I know my juices were flowing. Debra said that I looked real sexy sucking cock and getting eaten. Eric was beginning to pump faster and faster. He asked if I wanted to eat his cum and Debra said I absolutely was. Eric grunted and I felt and tasted com in my mouth. I swallowed his cum eagerly and cummed on Eric’s face.

We collapsed. Debra spoke first and asked Eric if I could suck cock well. He said I was great. Debra asked if I was as good as her. This floored me and Eric stated that I was better than her. Debra stated that I probably had more practice. I said I hadn’t suck cock in years and when did Debra suck Eric’s cock. Debra laughed and said that there were some students and parents that had parties and Eric attended them. I had been massaging Eric’s cock and it was getting hard so I told him to fuck me. He got behind me and eased his cock onto me and I watched Debra suck Dennis’ cock until it was hard and he entered Debra. Debra and I were facing each other and it was exciting to see and hear her while she fucked Debra. He was telling him to ram that cock in her pussy hard. I began saying thing to Eric and got hornier and wanted to feel his cock in my throat and I said that. He pumped hard until he I felt him tense and shoot his cum in me. Dennis pulled out and shot his cum on Debra’s back. I quickly went over and to lick Dennis’ cum off.

The trip was just fuckathon from then on. I fucked Eric and a couple of others (Eric mostly). I watched Debra fuck Eric and take on three guys. Angela and I had sex sessions everyday. She also played with Debra. By the time we got back, I was sore but satisfied. I filed for divorce and joined the “group” for regular parties. By the way, Eric is not married but his ex plays and has joined us. Eric and I are dating. Most would say I cheated or committed adultery, I say I found myself and the confidence to take control of my life.

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