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Girls Night Out - his point of view

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Girl's Night Out (his story)

"I won't be too late" she said as she stretched to put on her coat, "I'll call and tell you what we're up to".

"Just be sure to call if you need me to come pick you up, or if you get in any trouble" I quiped.

"I may be a little naughty, but I'ml not planning on getingt into any trouble" she teased.

"Have fun" I said as I kissed her on the way out the door. It was after 7 o'clock - she was running late. As usual, the plan was for the gierls to meet at 8, get dressed and all made up. They had 9 o'clock dinner reservations at a new place in the city.

9:40.... The phone rings "Hi baby, we've ordered and are waiting on dinner... some cute young guy at the bar just bought us a round of drinks. Only Marty, Rachel, and Cindy could make it tonight... Ed came along to drive and keep us out of too much trouble. I think we'll tease the guys here awhile, eat, go dancing and mabe head to the casino."

11:30..."Hi sweety"...."We are all a little drunk!"...."Havin fun with the girls!".....

1:30... "We stopped to dance at Eclipse I'm not too drunk, any way they just announced last call. We will probably head home in a bit."

3:15... "Hey baby.. I guess I've had way too much to drink to drive home... come get me... I'm at Marty's house" click.

I thought..... almost an hour drive to Ed and Marty's house. I quickly got dressed and on the road.

3:45... I called her cell phone but got no answer.

It was 4:10 as I pulled into the driveway.... I couldn't see any lights on in the house. After not getting an answer at the frot door, I went to the back door... no answer there either. Back at the front door, I called Connie's cell...five rings, answer but no voice, and a hang-up. I waited a few minutes and called again...five rings and an answer "Hey bably are your on your way?...I've had too much to drive - giggle giggle" I replied that I was at the front door and the phone immediately clicked off.

Waiting at the front door for what seemed an eternity, I was ready to go around to the back again when the door swung open. There stood my incrediblly beautiful Connie..... glowing..... in nothing but red thong panties and red high heels!

I was speechless... she was all smiles. "Get in here!" she snapped, "I've been haivng a little fun!" Grabbing my hand and pulling me through the door she stopped, pulled me close and kissed me. Breaking from the kiss, her eyes twinkled and she whispered "You, baby, are just in time!"

She led me through the foyer, and across the living room where we unexpectedly met Ed (completely naked) coming from the other direction. "Oh crap!!" he exclaimed "What Now?"

"Shusss - no problem, G just came to pick me up - everything's cool" Connie replied. "Go back!..... We'll be there in a bit"

Again pulling me close, "You dont care that I have had some fun do you?.. We got back from an exciting night out and Marty and I decided to play dress up. We started dancing and teasing poor Ed and after a bit, things got a little carried away. Marty and I would try on her hottie clothes and then striptease them off for Ed! Before I knew it we had stripped Ed's clothes off too! "We've been teasing Ed - dancing and kissing a little, making him jealous as we show-off. His cock really started grtting hard when Marty and I would kiss" she giggled.

"Mmmmmm baby" she whispered, "I've been good, really I have.... Marty has been sucking his cock but I have only kissed him.... not fucked him or anything yet! ..... well I did stroke it a bit I guess - gawd it's big." "Come on baby, lets play!.... I really want to taste her - wold that be OK?"

I followed Connie to the master bedroom. As we slipped through the door I could see that the room was lit with candles, setting a very sensual scene. I could actually feel the erotic heat and smell the sex! Ed was sitting up at the head of the bed. Marty met us, greeting Connie with a smile and sultry kiss. Marty grabed both of Connie's hands and pulled her to the bed. Connie looked back at me and said "Come on baby, come over here."

As I started to sit at the foot of the bed, Marty sat up beside Ed, and Connie slid up to her, face to face. A deep embrace with sensual moans. Ed sat beside them and slowly stroked his cock with his eyes glued on the women. Connie moved her lips to Marty's breast... Marty arched her back, writhing in pleasure. Taking her time, Connie caressed and kissed each breast pausing to suck lightly on each nipple. Ed bent over and kissed Marty as she was being pleasured by my fantistic woman. Connie slowly raised up, tracing slow kisses up Marty's shoulder and neck, streching to join Ed and Marty in a three way tounge tangle. I could not help but notice Marty's hand caressing Connie's wet folds and Connies left hand stroking Ed's big cock. "Mmmmmm baby, see what you've been missing" My beautiful woman cooed.

With a brief pause, Connie turned to me and said "Take off those clothes and come closer". "That's better" she said between kisses, "Come on up here.... I want to show you Marty's beautiful pussy". Connie reached for me and pulled me into a kiss. She slowly dipped from the kiss to just above Marty's parted legs. "Watch!" She gently kissed Marty just below her belly button and slowly made her way to the waiting sweet spot, all the time still stroking Ed's boner. I was in awe! Connie expertly lapped at the open folds. Stabbing with her tongue and then gently sucking, she was making Marty thrash about and stammer. Pulling back a bit, Connie demanded "Kiss me" "Taste this wonderful pussy on my lips". "Do you like it". "How about we lick this pretty pussy together".

Connie pulled me forward and down, kissing my cheek as I fell toward Marty's still moist slit. Connie's tongue guided mine to the target. "Mmmm do you like that baby?" "Lick this pussy with me". Together we parted Marty's legs wide, two tounges driving her wild. "Mmmmm suck on her clit like this baby" she breathed, then gave an expert demonstration that caused Marty to shreek. We continued to lap at Marty's slit together. Her juices were flowing and we drank the sweet nectar.

"Suck on that pretty pussy darling, I'm going to have some of this big beautiful cock" Connie whispered. She kissed my cheek and pulled away.

I continued yo licked and sucked that pussy but could not help but watch as Connie slid toward Ed. She crawled up and kissed him deeply "You like that taste baby?" Ed's face was slathered with Marty's sweetness dripping from Connie's cheek. Connie kissed Ed's cheek then neck, while continuing to stroke his tool. Caressing his chest with her kisses, and slipping down toward his stomach, it was clearly obvious what she wanted. Centering herself between Ed's widespread legs, She kissed his inner thigh and rubbed his cock with her cheek. Sliding sideways, she kissed the shaft and snuggled in closer.

Marty and I paused to watch. Connie has such a way with cock! She really loves a big cock between her lips. Connie continued her worship (she really is incredible at sucking cock!). Marty and I sat up slightly for a better view. I was mesmerized. Connie expertly applied her tongue to the solid shaft and then slipped toward his balls. She placed tender kisses all the way up and down the veined shaft. Taking the entire tool down her throat, holding it and then pulling almost off, over and over. Pulling back to catch her breath, then lapping the underside from tip to ballsack, she was really taking him to the edge. She then found the magic spot between his balls and ass making Ed flinch. She then slipped toward his ass. Her slippery rim job is always fantastic and I knew Ed was getting it good! Kissing back up the shaft to the head, she then quickly took the whole thing deep in her throat. Pulsing and bobbing she would swallow it deep and slip almost off, then moan and attack it again. Suddenly, she raised her head and reached up to plant a kiss on Ed's lips.

Raising her body, Connie looked over to me and said "It's time for me to get fucked really good baby. Watch me take this big hard cock!" Her beautiful body hovered for an instant then slowly decended as they both moaned. Leaning forward, she covered Ed's face with her large breasts. The rise and fall of her ass as she worked her sweet pussy up and down the shaft was a fantastic sight. The now steady pace began to pick up and Connie screamed "Yes Baby, Yes Baby, Yes!". Connie looked over at me and told me that she was loving that big cock. Then as she continued to ride, she leaned over and kissed me. She whispered in my ear "I want to watch you fuck Marty while I ride this big cock some more". Connie then leaned close and kissed Marty and then whisperd something in her ear.

Marty pulled away from kissing Connie and leaned to me with a kiss. She laid back and pulled me close guiding my cock to between her legs.

"Fuck Her!... Fuck Her Good Baby" Connie yelled.

Connie continued to buck atop Ed as I drove hard at Marty. Connie reached over and kissed Marty, not missing a single stroke with Ed. Engaged in a deep kiss, she slowed the rythm and slipped from Ed's cock. Breaking the kiss with Marty, she kissed me deeply and said "Keep driving baby - that's hot". I breifly lost track of Connie and then felt her hands on my butt. She then slipped her tongue between my cheeks and slathered my ass. Mmmmm driving hard and getting licked at the same time! Not missing the opportunity, Ed went to the foot of the bed and began ramming Connie from behind. The four of us fell to a sensational rythm with Connie really driving me crazy yelling "Oh yea bably, Oh Yea Baby" while licking my ass.

Our rythm slowed. As we parted, Connie dove between Marty's legs and got busy. "Get around behind and give it to me baby" I did exactly as ordered - gladly! Wow! "Don't you dare cum! I want this to last!" "Ed, I want to see Marty sucking that big beautiful cock while I lick your woman's pussy" I was again in awe!

After an incredible pounding, they broke off. Ed fell back to the bed. Marty crawled up and kissed her husband. Connie moved back over to Ed and again engulfed his throbbing member with her lips. Sucking and licking his pole, his body started to tense. "Cum for me baby, cum!...mmmm...mmmm....mmm". She continued to suck and slurp as he exploded in her mouth. As Ed's grunting subsided, she milked the last drops from the shaft and tenderly lapped them up. Nuzzeling up against his cock, she looked up at Marty and winked then swooned "Good cock, good cum, mmmm" As she fellaway from Ed, Marty leaned over and kissed her deeply.

Connie and Marty got up and went to the Kitchen for drinks. I sat in almost disbelief! They returned with laughter and giggles.

Connie came to me and kissed me pushing me back on the bed. Reaching for my cock, she licked it base to tip agan and again. Did I mention that she really works a cock over good. "Oh baby that is great!" Marty had climbed on Ed and they were getting a good workout. Connie caught the action going on beside us and could not resist the urge to take part. Laying adross my chest, she streatched over and teased Ed's balls below Marty's ass. Crawiling closer, she was able to tongue Ed's slippery monster between Marty's upsrokes. Soon she was alternating between licking Ed's pole and Marty's ass. Continuing this incredible action with increased fervor, Ed was soon ready to explode. Marty rose to just above the tip as Ed exploded. Connie grabbed the loosed monster and lapped all she could reach. She quickly licked Ed clean and then quickly cleaned all of Marty as she dripped. Then she reached for Eds cock and said " I'm going to have some more of this meat if I can keep it hard".

With expert pumping, stroking and sucking, Connie was not only able to keep Ed's shaft hard, I thought it might have actually gotten bigger! Sliding up, she planted a kiss on Ed's lips and slipped herself over his now familiar pole. Her gyrations slowed and she looked over to me "I want you in my ass baby" - "Now". Marty retreived some lube from the dresser and I greased up my cock and then Connie's backside. Slowly I climbed behind Connie and fingered her waiting hole. Having lubed and streatched her ass, I inched forward and slipped in. She began a slow rythm, raising up and down on Ed's cock and at the same time sliding on and off of my cock. "Oh Yea! Thats Great! Give it to me! Fuck me in the ass! Harder! I love it! Fuck - Fuck - Fuck - Fuck me harder!" On and on we drove. As we fucked, Ed, Connie and Marty shared tongues. Continuing on and on, Connie was again screaming in delight. I felt Connie's spasm and lost control loading her ass full of hot cum. Ed grunted giving her a double shot. Grinding to halt, we pulled apart. Connie moved slowly, trailing hot dribble from both holes.

As we fell away, Marty moved up to lick Ed clean as Connie rolled me over and straddled my cock. Laying over me she pressed her lucious breasts to my face. "Thank you baby" she purred. "I want more of that but I need to take a short break".

Connie and Marty left to take a toilet break. Some time went by and I went looking for them only to find them in the kitchen, kissing and giggling as they mixed vodka and cranberry juice. Taking my drink and Connie by the hand, we headed back to the bedroom.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Connie finished her drink off, pushed me back and crawled up to kiss me. As our limbs entwined, she straddled me and I could feel her warm flow ooze from beween her legs. She whispered in my ear how much she loved me and thanked me for coming to get her. Rising from me, her lips met Marty's and they fell into an embrace between me and Ed. As they kissed, their hands explored each other. Connie slipped down to taste Marty's pussy, at first tenderly licking and then voraciously attacking, causing Marty to grasp the bedsheets and screem. Connie continued and carried Marty to orgasm and beyond with pulsing aftershocks. Regaining some degree of consiousness, the ladies rolled over to a sixtnine lock on each other. Marty was almost to drown in Connie's flow. Pleasure followed pleasure, and then they slowly fell apart.

Connie reached to me with a kiss and said "Get ready, I want you in my ass again after I Ed and I get going good". Kissing her way across Marty, she reached for Ed's cock and climbed on. I applied lube to my cock but found her ass wet and ready. I easily plowed in and picked up their rythm. Marty was stroking Connies breasts and kissing her deeply as we continued to wear out the bed. As Marty kissed Connie, she reached around and fingered my ass causing me to let loose a hot load in an already sopping hole. Falling back in exhaustion, I opened the way for Marty to crawl under Connie and lick the Base of Ed's cock. That did it, Ed erupted for a third time that night filling Connie's sweet pussy with hot cum. As Connie and Ed froze in embrace, Marty licked the spillage from the couple's ass cheeks. Connie and Ed continued their oral tongue dance while tightly ebraced. Connie then slipped down to meet Marty at Ed's cock. Laughing, they alternated sucking and licking the shaft. Marty climbed up on Ed's shaft as Connie centered herself between their Ed's legs. As Marty rode those ten inches, Connie lapped up the lather forming on Ed's balls.

Connie turned to me and asked what time it was. "7:30" "Oh shit! we've got to get going - the kids will get home by eleven". With some reluctance, we found our clothes, got dressed and headed toward the door.

Connie collapsed almost immediately as we pulled out of the driveway. I drove home in a trance - some "girls night out"!

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