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Getting to Know My Cousins Wife Part 3

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I made it to the restaurant at 6:25 PM. Five minutes ahead of schedule. Kali was waiting for me up front looking stunning. She was wearing a long, white, wrap around skirt that was slit up one side and showed a great deal of her tanned leg and thigh. She wore a blue, sleeveless, button up shirt that exposed a lot of cleavage and she was wearing high heeled sandals that made her as tall as me. She gave me a quick, friendly hug when I came in the door and then we followed our hostess to a quiet booth in the back of the restaurant. Kali sat across from me in the booth and after the hostess left she leaned over the table and whispered to me, ?We have to behave in here. Too many people know me and Anthony.? I nodded to her indicating that I understood.

As we ate dinner we talked about everything other than our experience from the day before. We talked about kids, family, jobs, weather and a number of other things. When the subject of Michelle came up there was no mention of what happened between me and her that afternoon. Kali told me that she had met Michelle at the gym and that Michelle had become somewhat of a personal trainer for her. Michelle helped got her started on an exercise program and their friendship blossomed from there. Anyone that might have overheard any of our conversation would think that we were just friends sharing dinner.

Throughout dinner Kali had managed to drink 4 glasses of wine while I only had one. So, when dinner was over and she told me she?d meet me back at the house I told her that I didn?t think it was a good idea for her to drive. I suggested we leave her car there and she ride with me. She suggested that we take her car and leave the rental car behind instead. That seemed to be a better idea because her car was a new Lexus. We got in her car, I was driving of course, and headed back to her house.

I was expecting that we would finally talk about yesterday?s events and what happened with Michelle that afternoon but as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot Kali turned up the radio pronouncing that she loved the song that was playing. I got the feeling that she didn?t want to talk about what we had done. I was a little confused and was beginning to wonder why it was that she wanted me to stay. I wasn?t sure if she was just playing a game with me or if she was planning to wait until we got back to her house before she jumped me and fucked my brains out. When the song was over she turned the radio down and told me that she had a confession.

?What is that?? I asked.

?I?ve been attracted to you since the first time I saw you,? she said.

?Really?? I was surprised to hear this. ?I was 17 when I met you. You were 21.?

?Well, I was actually only 19. We lied to the family and told them I was 21 because Anthony was 24 and we didn?t want your side of the family to think he was robbing the cradle.?

I laughed because it seemed silly to me that they would lie about her age and I told her as much. She agreed that looking back it was silly but at the time she said that?s the way they handled it.

?So, you were attracted to a high school kid on the day you got married, huh?? I asked, enjoying the thought.

?Yes, I was. You were a hottie even then.?

Again, I was surprised. ?I never thought of myself as a hottie.?

?Well, you are and I have always had fantasies about you.?

I laughed and told her that I found that hard to believe but I admitted that I had always had fantasies about her, too. She seemed surprised to hear my confession and she asked if I had ever had fantasies that were similar to what happened yesterday. I told her that I had many fantasies over the years about her but nothing in my wildest imagination could match what we did the day before. I told her that I had never experienced anything like that before and I also confessed that the stamina and expertise that I had displayed were not my norm. She said that it was more incredible than she had ever imagined it could be and that she had never experienced anything like that in her life either. She told me that she had always been somewhat shy in bed and that she and Anthony hardly ever had sex anymore. She said that through the years he had tried to be more adventurous but that she had always had hang-ups about sex. She said that in the past few months she had started to feel like a sexual animal but now Anthony was not really interested in sex. She thought he might be having an affair but she wasn?t sure. She said she really didn?t care one way or the other if he was but that she was ready to explore her sexuality to it?s fullest with or without him. She went on to add that at this point doing it without him might be her best option because there was too much history with him that might be hard to overcome.

Talking about all of this was making me grow harder by the minute as I was driving. She went on to tell me that some of the things we did yesterday were first time experiences for her. I found that hard to believe and I questioned her on what those experiences were. She suddenly seemed to get shy or embarrassed and didn?t really want to answer me. I told her that at least one of the experiences was new to me, too. She wasn?t shy at all about asking me what was new for me. Now I was embarrassed but I decided that I would be open with her since that was my best chance of getting her to open up more to me. ?That little trick you did with your finger,? I said, turning red.

She laughed and seemed to be embarrassed about it herself. ?I have never done that before, either,? She said. ?Michelle told me about that trick. She said it was guaranteed to make the guy cum in a hurry.?

?Well, it worked!? I said, laughing.

?Did you like it?? She asked.

?Yes, I did.?

?Good!? She said, sounding proud of herself. ?When you did it to me that was a first for me, too.?

I smiled, feeling proud that I was the first man to explore her ass. ?Did you like it?? I asked.

?Yes,? she replied shyly.

?So, you?ve never tried anal sex before?? I asked, feeling bolder.

?NO!? She said. ?Have you??

?No, I?ve never been fucked in the ass,? I said.

She laughed and said, ?I didn?t think so. But have you ever done it to a woman??

?No, I?ve never done that, either.? I said. ?Never even done it with my finger until yesterday.?

She laughed and said, ?So, we were both virgins then. That?s good to know.?

I asked her if there was anything else about yesterday that had been a first for her.

She said that she had never had multiple orgasms before and went on to say that she had never had an orgasm at all unless she did it herself. I was totally surprised by that statement. ?You mean you never have an orgasm with Anthony or do you mean that you only have them when you touch yourself while you make love to him.?

She was really embarrassed now and it was easy to tell. I had to prod her more to get her to answer but she finally admitted that she only had them when she was alone and touched herself. The thought of her masturbating really turned me on and I was pretty hard by this point. I told her that it was very, very rare for me to have 2 orgasms in one night and that I had never had an orgasm and stayed hard afterwards like I did with her. She seemed surprised by that and it appeared she took pleasure in knowing she had been able to make me stay so hard.

?There?s another thing we did that was a first for me,? She said shyly.

?What was that??

?Well?? She hesitated again.

I prodded her some more and she finally said, ?I?ve never had a guy cum in my mouth before.? Again I was totally surprised but at the same time I was totally turned on to hear this. I was the first guy she ever let cum in her mouth. I was in heaven. I could tell she was embarrassed about admitting that for whatever reason so I decided not to make it worse. I just said, ?You were incredible yesterday. That was the most intense experience of my life.? She smiled at me and told me that she felt the same way.

By that time we were back at her house and I pulled the car in the garage and we went inside. She said she wanted to have another glass of wine and asked if I would join her out on the deck. Of course I agreed. She got a bottle of wine from the fridge and a couple of glasses out of the cabinet and we went out on the back deck. We were only out there for a minute or two before her cell phone rang. She answered it and I heard her say, ?Yes, sure. I?m home. You can stop by.? When she hung up she told me that a friend was going to stop by for a minute if that was OK with me. It wasn?t really OK because I wanted to get her in bed but I told her it was fine with me. Unfortunately there was no more discussion about sex. She talked about her flowers and plants on the deck and she talked about some client of hers that was a gardener and some other things that I was totally not interested in. After a few minutes the door bell rang and she got up to go answer the door. She told me she?d be right back.

I sat there on the deck alone and finished my glass of wine. After a few minutes I heard Kali call my name and she asked me to come inside. I went in and didn?t see her. I called out and asked where she was and she said she was upstairs in her room. I went upstairs and went to her room and saw her sitting on the bed. ?Come here,? she said. I walked in the room and saw Michelle sitting in a chair in the corner. ?You remember Michelle, right?? Kali asked. Michelle stood up and walked towards me. She was wearing skin tight jeans and a tank top similar to the one she had on earlier in the day. She looked pretty damn good. Her hair was styled differently and it was not matted to her head with sweat like it had been when she was at work. She had on just the slightest hint of makeup and I realized that she was much prettier than I had thought when I first saw her.

?She looks familiar,? I said jokingly.

Michelle hugged me and said to Kali, ?I think he banged his head on the door when he came in my mouth. I don?t think he remembers anything.?

We all laughed and I rubbed the back of my head pretending that I didn?t remember either of them. Kali told Michelle about my comment that Michelle ?sucked.? They laughed again. Then Kali said, ?Michelle is here to collect a debt. That little gift she gave you today has a price.?

?What might that be?? I asked.

Kali seemed a little nervous and was hesitating to answer so Michelle spoke up. ?Here?s the deal,? She said. ?I have been trying to get in Kali?s pants since I first met her and she?s been playing hard to get. So when she suggested I give you a surprise today I told her that I would do it if she allowed me to give her the same gift tonight.?

I looked at Kali and saw that her face was red. She looked very uncomfortable and vulnerable sitting there on the bed. I said, ?Wow, Kali. Looks like you made a huge sacrifice on my part!? I smiled at her and Michelle. Given all the things she had told me in the car about her inexperience I was pretty sure that she had never been with a woman before. By the way she was acting I could also tell that she wasn?t sure if she wanted to do it now, either. I asked where I fit into the plans. Michelle laughed and said, ?According to Kali, you fit very well.? Kali?s face only got redder.

Michelle, not being shy at all said, ?A deal?s a deal. I don?t let my debts go uncollected,? and she kicked off her sandals and started undoing her jeans. She pushed them down to the floor and kicked them aside and started pulling her tank top off. Michelle was totally naked underneath her jeans. No panties. He pussy was totally shaven and her pussy lips were very visible hanging down a good inch or two. As she removed her top she revealed that she was also braless. Her nipples were small and dark but her tits were firm and shaped very well. Her entire body was tanned and muscular. No tan lines at all. Just an even tan all over her body. She had the most athletic body I had ever seen. Her stomach was hard and flat and showed off a little hoop ring in her belly button. As she turned to walk towards where Kali was sitting on the edge of the bed I saw that she had a tattoo on the small of her back. One of those squiggly line looking tattoos in black ink. What a sexy sight she was. My cock was getting hard quickly.

I stood at the end of the bed and watched as Michelle started unbuttoning Kali?s top. Kali was looking down, not making eye contact with either of us. Michelle was sort of swaying back and forth as if she was listening to some slow, romantic music in her head. As she unbuttoned Kali?s top the blue lace of her bra became visible. Michelle moaned as she pushed the top off Kali?s shoulders and tossed it aside. ?Damn, you are a sexy woman!? She said as the top came off. She gently pushed Kali?s shoulders to make her lie back on the bed and Kali reluctantly complied. She had her eyes closed and her arms were by her side. Michelle gently started sliding Kali?s skirt down. It had an elastic waist and slid easily down her body. Kali lifted her hips slightly to allow the skirt to come off. She was wearing pale blue, lacy, loose fitting panties underneath her skirt. The leg openings on her panties were very loose and I could see her pussy through one of the openings. Michelle purred with pleasure as the skirt came off and the vision of Kali lying on the bed in her delicate lacy bra and panties was revealed to us both. My cock was rock hard at this point.

I was struck by the contrast of the two women. Kali was simply beautiful lying there. She looked so vulnerable but at the same time inviting. Kali is tanned and certainly fit but in a delicate way. Her skin and features are soft and she?s very much a girly girl. While Michelle is more muscular and hard looking. She is attractive but she is what I would call a borderline ?Biker Chick.? I was not surprised to hear her say that she had wanted to get in Kali?s pants. While she was not butch or manly it was easy enough to believe that she was a lesbian, or more likely bi-sexual.

Michelle pushed Kali?s legs apart and moved in to the edge of the bed. Kali?s legs were hanging over the end of the bed and her feet were on the floor. Michelle bent down and started kissing Kali?s neck and shoulders. Her hands moved down Kali?s arms and found her hands. She held Kali?s hands while she kissed and lightly licked all around her neck. She used her mouth and tongue on every part of Kali?s upper body that was not covered with blue lace. She traced the outline of Kali?s bra with her tongue then moved down to her stomach where she spent a lot of time kissing and licking all the way down to the top of her panties. Then she moved back up. Kali started moaning and moving around a little on the bed and I could tell she was loosening up. Her eyes were still closed but her lips were parted. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier. When Michelle worked her way back up to Kali?s neck Kali raised her head up to kiss her. Michelle had still been holding Kali?s hands at that point but as soon as their lips touched she brought her hands up to cup Kali?s face. At first they were kissing lightly, just lips brushing lips. But soon I saw their tongues intertwining and Kali brought her arms up and wrapped them around Michelle?s neck. They began kissing passionately and deeply. They were both moaning and pushing their bodies against each other. Michelle was lying on top of Kali now and they were slowly grinding their pussies together.

Michelle rolled Kali on her side while they were kissing and undid her bra. It came off and got tossed to the foot of the bed near where I was standing. I was rubbing my cock through my pants now because I was incredibly turned on watching them. Michelle reached down to push Kali?s panties down and Kali moved her own hands down and pushed them down for her. Michelle broke away from the kiss and moved to Kali?s breast which she was now cupping in her hands. She flicked her tongue around each nipple and spent a minute or two kissing, licking, pinching and nibbling on Kali?s nipples. Kali was moaning loudly now and her hips were grinding slowly against Michelle. Finally Michelle moved down, kissing and licking her way down Kali?s body until she was on her knees in the floor between Kali?s legs. The moment when she first touched her tongue to Kali?s pussy made Kali?s shriek and almost sit up. As Michelle began to lick and suck Kali?s pussy Kali moved her hands up to her breast and began pinching and pulling at her own nipples. I moved around to the other side of the bed so that I was now near where Kali?s head was. I got up on the bed on my knees and I reached down and put my hands on her face.

For the first time she opened her eyes and looked up at me. I could see the passion in her eyes. She was on fire. She grabbed my hands and moved them to her breasts and held them there while I started playing with her nipples. Her hand shot up between my legs and found my cock through my pants. She moaned again when she felt how hard I was. She breathlessly told me to take my clothes off. I stepped back off the bed and immediately took my clothes off. I resumed my position on my knees at Kali?s head and reached for her nipples again. She grabbed my cock immediately and moved to get me in her mouth. I had to lean over a little to let her get to me and I ended up with my arms on either side of her waist holding my upper body up while she devoured my cock. From that angle I could easily see Michelle?s mouth, tongue and fingers as she worked on Kali?s pussy. I could also look back under my belly and see Kali?s sucking my cock as she pumped it with her hand.

I started talking to Michelle telling her to lick Kali?s pussy. Asking if she liked how she tasted. Asking Kali if she liked having another woman lick her pussy. The talk was making us all hotter and hotter. Michelle was sucking Kali?s clit and had 2 fingers inside her pussy pushing them in and out. I told Michelle to put a finger in Kali?s ass. Michelle asked Kali if she wanted her to fuck her ass. ?Yes! Please!? Kali moaned. Michelle pushed one finger inside Kali?s ass and kept the other finger inside her pussy. She was pushing them both in and out of her and sucking harder on her clit. Kali suddenly forgot about my cock and screamed out, ?Oh, fuck!? I knew she was coming. She started pushing her hips up wildly off the bed and I knew Michelle was having to fight to stay in control and to keep her mouth and fingers in place. When Kali?s orgasm ended I moved back off of her and was on my knees beside her. Michelle moved up and started kissing Kali passionately and I knew Kali was tasting her pussy juices on Michelle?s mouth and tongue. I sat back against the headboard and was slowly stroking my cock while I watched them kiss. They soon noticed me and Michelle moved off Kali and between my legs and started sucking my cock. Kali did the same and soon they were both sucking my cock and licking my balls. I had fantasized about 2 women at the same time more times than I could count but this was a first for me. They were both on their stomachs between my legs, lying side by side. I could see their beautiful asses and they both seemed to be grinding their pussies into the bed in slow, tiny circles while they pleased me.

I wasn?t sure I?d be able to repeat my performance from the day before so when I felt my orgasm starting to build I decided I needed to stop them. I didn?t want to cum yet. I told them it was my turn to please them. I had them lay side by side on the bed. I got down at the foot of the bed and had Michelle put her right leg over Kali?s left leg. Now they were both lying there with their legs spread. I started on Michelle first, figuring that she was the only one that hadn?t received any attention yet. I moved down between her legs and began licking and sucking her pussy lips. Her lips were long and swollen and it was easy to suck them into my mouth one at a time. I moved my left hand up between Kali?s legs so that I could finger her pussy at the same time. I felt another hand there and I looked to see Michelle?s hand was already there. She was moving her finger in and out of Kali?s pussy and I pushed a finger inside along with hers and began moving at the same pace. I moved my right hand up and slid 2 fingers inside Michelle?s pussy as I started licking and sucking her clit. Her clit was long and hard. The biggest clit I had ever felt and it made it easier to know exactly where it was. After a minute I moved my middle finger out of her pussy and slid it slowly into her ass. She started moaning loudly as I fucked her with my fingers and I began to really suck hard on her clit. She started cumming in no time and I felt her tighten on my fingers. I also felt her remove her hand from Kali?s pussy. I looked up to see her pushing with both hands against the head board as she came all over my mouth and hand.

My cock was raging hard and I didn?t waste any time. I moved over between Kali?s legs and guided my cock easily inside her. I began fucking her hard right from the start. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was pushing against each and every stroke. I felt Michelle?s hands massaging my ass and heard her telling me to fuck Kali harder and deeper. After a couple of minutes Kali said that she was going to cum and I felt her pussy clamping down on me as she started yelling out. Michelle was behind me now and was pushing my ass to make me go deeper inside Kali. I felt my own orgasm building and I told Kali that I was going to cum. She begged me to cum inside of her. She kept saying, ?I want to feel your cum inside me. Please cum inside me.? As much as I didn?t want to cum at that moment I couldn?t hold back. My cock erupted inside her and I felt the hot cum shooting out of me. ?Oh, my God! I can feel you cumming!? Kali screamed out. Her pussy tightened down on me again and she was still cumming, too. I couldn?t continue to thrust so I just pushed as deep as I could as the waves of my orgasm forced my cum inside her. I could feel my legs trembling and I could feel Kali?s thighs trembling as she squeezed me tighter.

As our orgasms died down I rolled off Kali and collapsed on the bed. We both just kept saying, ?Oh, my God,? over and over. I felt Michelle moving and the next thing I knew she was between my legs and had my cock in her mouth. It was almost too intense for me to handle because I was so sensitive after my orgasm but it felt incredible. She did that little trick again where she sucked hard on the head of my cock forcing the last little bits of cum out of me. That was so intense! When she was certain she had finished me off she sat up and said, ?God, I can taste you both! That?s so awesome!? She moved between Kali?s legs and said, ?I want to taste more!? She started licking and sucking Kali?s pussy again tasting my cum mixed with Kali?s juices. It was incredibly erotic knowing that Kali?s pussy was filled with my cum while Michelle was going down on her. I sat up on the bed a little so I could watch. At first Kali seemed indifferent about what Michelle was doing but pretty soon she was moaning and squirming again. It wasn?t long before Kali was screaming out that she was cumming and she had another big orgasm.

After that orgasm we all laid on the bed cuddling and laughing for a while. Kali asked if we were trying to kill her and we all laughed about that. After a while I felt someone?s hand stroking my cock. It was Michelle. ?I do believe we?re going to get another performance out of him, Kali,? She said.

?Watch out,? Kali said. ?He?s almost unstoppable the second time around.?

My cock was growing in Michelle?s hand but then she stopped and got up from the bed and said she needed a bathroom break. While she was gone I asked Kali if she had enjoyed what Michelle did and she said that she had enjoyed all of it more than she ever thought she could enjoy anything. I asked her if Michelle going down on her was another first for her and she told me it was. Michelle came back from the bathroom and Kali excused herself to go. Michelle went over near the chair and grabbed a small bag that I had not noticed until that moment. She came over to me and said, ?I brought some toys,? as she dumped the bag?s contents on the bed. There were a couple of vibrators, some lotions and a strap-on dildo that was about the same size as my cock. I picked it up and said, ?I really want to see you use this on Kali!? She told me that was why she brought it and she hoped to use it on her in just a minute.

She took the strap-on from me and put it on. I had only seen women with strap-ons in movies before and it looked sort of funny. But the thought of watching her fuck Kali with it was making me grow hard again. Kali came back into the room and saw Michelle with the strap-on and said, ?Oh, No! You?re not using that on me!? Michelle didn?t hesitate and replied, ?Yes, I am, baby. I am going to fuck you from behind while your boyfriend fucks me.?

Kali seemed hesitant but she got back on the bed anyway. Michelle had grabbed a bottle of lube and was lubing up the dildo. She told Kali to get on her hands and knees and Kali didn?t respond at first. I thought she was going to put up a fight but she did as she was told and got on her hands and knees facing the headboard. She laid her head down on the pillow and Michelle moved in behind her. She started teasing Kali by rubbing the head of the dildo up and down on her slit. She only teased long enough to make Kali whimper then she pushed the dildo inside. She started fucking Kali slow and deep and Kali was rocking her hips back and forth on the dildo. I was watching the pink dildo move in and out of Kali and watching her pussy lips engulf it the same way they had done with me the day before and I was hard again in no time. I grabbed the lube and squirted it on my cock as I moved behind Michelle. I tried to push inside her pussy but from the angle she was at while she fucked Kali I couldn?t get inside her. We tried to shift around a little to make it work but we couldn?t seem to get it right. Finally Kali put a couple of pillows under her stomach and laid down over them. That allowed her ass to be up in the air enough for Michelle to have access to her and allowed Michelle to bend over enough so that I could have access to her. Michelle began fucking Kali again with the dildo and I got behind her again. I put some more lube on my cock and I was able to easily slide inside Michelle?s pussy.

From the angle we were in my cock was in a downward position making it harder for me to pump in and out of Michelle. But she soon figured out that if she moved her hips back and forth in a certain way that she could control both the action with the dildo while she fucked Kali and my cock sliding in and out of her. I didn?t have to do any of the work and just allowed Michelle to fuck us both. Michelle immediately let it be known that the angle we were in was hitting her in just the right spot. She was moaning loudly and bucking her hips back and forth. In just a few minutes she pushed the dildo deep inside Kali and started shaking. She stopped moving on me but I leaned over and started pumping her has hard as I could. That apparently was forcing the dildo to do something extra for Kali because she was whimpering with each thrust while I fucked Michelle through her orgasm. Even with the lube on my cock it was hard to stay inside Michelle because her pussy muscles were trying to force me out. After a few thrusts she did push me out but it was apparently OK because she was deep in the throes of her orgasm.

I moved over and laid on the bed beside Kali. She turned her head towards me and I started kissing her. Michelle was still laying on Kali?s back with the dildo deep inside her. Michelle was telling us how the friction from the strap-on against her clit and the spot I was hitting inside her pussy had combined to send her over the edge. Michelle pulled the dildo out of Kali and Kali rolled off the pillows onto her back beside me. Michelle moved up on the bed and offered the dildo over our faces and told us to lick it clean. Kali grabbed it and eagerly started licking her juices from it then she offered it to me. She pushed the head of the dildo into my mouth and I sucked her pussy juices from it, too. This pleased Michelle very much and she was urging me to suck her cock. Kali was turned on by the sight, too and was telling me the same thing. I grabbed the dildo in my hand and began to stroke it while I sucked the end of it. I have never sucked a cock, or even touched another cock, in my life. Nor have I ever had any fantasies about doing so. But at that moment I was so turned on by these 2 women that I would have sucked a real cock for them without hesitation. This went on for several minutes. Kali had reached down and was stroking my still hard cock while they urged me to suck Michelle?s cock. Michelle finally pulled away from me and said I was a good little cock sucker. She said it was too bad she couldn?t shoot a load of cum down my throat. Then suddenly she said, ?But I bet your cum is still in Kali. I want to see you lick her clean for me.?

I had no problem with that. Kali was lying on her back and I moved down so I could lick her pussy. I positioned my body so that my feet were still at the head of the bed so they could get to my cock if they wanted. Soon I felt Kali grab my cock and pull it towards her mouth. I moved on top of her so that we were now in a 69 with me on top. Michelle was telling Kali to lick her pussy juices from my cock while I sucked my cum from her pussy. The thought that Kali was tasting Michelle?s pussy on my cock made me crazy. I was licking and sucking Kali?s pussy like mad and I slipped a finger inside her ass. She moaned on my cock and pretty soon I felt a finger in my ass, too. Michelle was asking Kali if she liked having her ass fucked and Kali was moaning her approval. Then she said, ?You want him to fuck you in the ass with that big cock, don?t you?? Again Kali moaned her approval. All the time Michelle was saying this I was moving my finger in and out of Kali?s ass and sucking her pussy. I moved a second finger up and pretty soon I was able to work it into her ass, too.

Kali was doing the trick with her finger in my ass and I was feeling like I would explode at any second. Michelle asked me if I liked the trick that she had taught Kali and I moaned my approval. Then she told Kali to stop and remove her finger before she made me cum. I felt Kali slide her finger out of my ass and I was disappointed but I still kept fucking her ass with my 2 fingers. I decided I didn?t want to cum yet either because suddenly I wanted to fuck Kali in the ass. I moved off of her and told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She said she wanted that, too but pleaded with me to go slow. I grabbed the lube and put it all over my cock and I moved in between her legs. My cock was rock hard at this point but my orgasm had died back down. I raised Kali?s legs up on my shoulders and placed the head of my cock against her ass. Michelle was at the head of the bed massaging Kali?s breasts and telling her to relax. I gently pushed against her ass and to my surprise the head of my cock slipped right in. Kali let out a little shriek and I stopped moving. I asked her if she was OK and she told me she was but again asked me to go slow. I waited a bit then pushed in a little and pulled back. Kali moaned with delight. After a few minutes of this I was fucking her deep in her ass at a steady pace. I had never been inside a woman?s ass before and I realized that it didn?t feel as good physically as it did to be inside her pussy. I could feel the pressure where her asshole tightened around my cock but other than that I didn?t feel much else.

Mentally, however, it was a different story. It was incredibly erotic to know that I was fucking Kali?s ass. After a while I had moved over her more and had her legs pushed back towards her head as they rested on my shoulders. From this angle I was able to really get inside her very well. She reached down and was playing with her clit. Michelle had gotten up and moved behind us so she could see better. Soon I felt Michelle?s hands on my ass and then I felt her slip a finger inside me. She didn?t curl her finger like Kali had done but was moving her finger in and out like she was fucking my ass. Then I felt another finger slide in and I was amazed at how easy she had gotten 2 fingers inside me. I was also amazed at just how damn good it felt. Then I felt Michelle?s fingers slide out of me, which in itself created a strangely erotic feeling. Right after that I felt something cold push against my ass. At first I tightened up and Michelle told me to relax. I knew what she was doing and I was pretty sure I didn?t want her to do it.

She told me she wanted to fuck my ass and I should let her because Kali was letting me fuck her ass. Then before I could say a word I felt the head of the lubricated dildo push inside my ass. I decided not to try to fight it and tighten up because that might hurt. The truth is, it felt incredible! I had never felt anything so intense in my life. I stopped pushing into Kali?s ass while I let Michelle start to slowly fuck my ass with the dildo. Kali asked her if she was fucking my ass and Michelle told her she was. Kali smiled at me and told me she thought that was incredibly hot. She was moving her fingers in and out of her pussy and she lifted them to my mouth so I could lick them clean. I told Michelle to stop and let me control the movement like she had done earlier and I started moving in and out of Kali?s ass again. Each time I moved my hips back to pull out of Kali?s ass I felt the dildo go deeper inside my ass. Pretty soon I had a good rhythm going and Michelle was adding to the movement enough to make it all feel totally overwhelming.

Kali was rubbing her clit hard now and told me she was going to cum. I told her that I was going to cum soon, too. She begged me to cum in her ass. Hearing that was enough to send me over the edge and as Michelle thrust the dildo deep in my ass I erupted into Kali?s ass. I felt her ass tighten on my cock about the same time I felt my ass tighten on the dildo as we were cumming at the same time. It was hard for me to believe that I was having an orgasm even more intense and more powerful than any of the others I had already experienced. But this one knocked them all down a notch on the orgasmic scale. I think I literally blacked out for a moment. The next thing I knew was that I was lying on top of Kali and Michelle was beside us on the bed. I was no longer inside Kali?s ass and my cock felt incredibly sensitive. We all just laid there for a while saying nothing. Finally I got up to go to the bathroom. I used the bathroom and then cleaned my cock with soap and warm water then I went back into the bedroom. Kali had gone to get us something to drink. Michelle was lying on the bed on her back with a huge smile on her face. When she saw me she said, ?Thank you!? I asked her why she was thanking me and she told me that she had wanted to be with Kali for a long time and because I had come to town Kali had suddenly loosened up. I told her that I was glad to help.

Kali came back in the room with 3 Coronas and we all sat or laid around on the bed for a while talking. At first we weren?t talking about sex but after a while we started discussing the things we had just done and how we felt about it all. Kali admitted that she had a few more first time experiences to add to her list. She had never been with a woman before, never been in a threesome before and had never had anal sex before. She also admitted that she had enjoyed all three very much. Michelle admitted that she had been with a woman a couple of times before but that she had never been in a threesome, either. She also said it was the first time she had ever fucked a guy with a strap-on and told us that she had never been fucked in the ass before. She wanted to know how me and Kali felt about being fucked that way. I told them that I had never had that done to me before and I found that it was very intense and very erotic. I also admitted that I had never been with 2 women at once before and had never been in a threesome before. Kali said that she had always been afraid to try anal sex but after having done it she was ready to do it again. She said that it was the most intense thing she had ever experienced.

All the sex talk was starting to get me turned on again. It didn?t hurt that we were all still naked and I was getting an eye full of their hot bodies. Kali was lying on her side on the bed and Michelle and I were both sitting up. Michelle was sitting wither her legs crossed Indian style which gave me a great view of her hanging pussy lips. I mentioned that I thought her lips were sexy and that Michelle had the biggest clit I had ever seen. She got embarrassed but my comments peaked Kali?s interest and she wanted to know what I meant about Michelle?s clit. I told her that it was bigger than most and it was almost like a tiny cock. I told her how easy it had been for me to find her clit and how I had sucked on it when Michelle was cumming. Kali wanted to see what I was talking about so I asked Michelle if I could show her. Michelle said nothing but laid back on the bed and spread her legs.

Kali sat up and I reached down and spread Michelle?s lips with my fingers. She was already a little wet and when I spread her lips Kali and I both could see just how wet she was. We could also see her clit very plainly. When I let the tip of my finger gently brush against her clit Michelle moaned. Kali seemed to enjoy that and asked Michelle if she liked it. Michelle whispered that she did like it but would like it more if Kali did it. Kali seemed unsure about touching Michelle so I had to coax her into doing it. I held Michelle?s lips open and told Kali to touch her clit with her finger. Kali hesitated but finally moved her hand down and gently touched Michelle?s clit. Michelle moaned even louder than before. She asked Kali to do it again and she did. In between Kali?s touches I slipped my finger inside Michelle?s pussy and got it wet. I raised it to my mouth and told Kali that Michelle tasted really good and that she should try it. Kali said that she wasn?t ready for that and she didn?t think she would be good at it. Michelle and I prodded her more over the next few minutes as Kali and I continued to touch her. Michelle finally told Kali that she would go down on her at the same time and all Kali had to do was copy whatever Michelle was doing to her. She said it would be like an instructor led course. Kali kept protesting but I could tell she wanted to do it. I told her that it would turn me on tremendously to watch them please each other. I suggested that they turn sideways on the bed and get into a 69 position so that I could move around the bed and watch them both. Michelle quickly shifted her position so that she was lying on her back across the bed. Kali was on her knees beside Michelle and I was between Michelle?s legs. I continued to play with Michelle?s pussy and she reached over and started playing with Kali?s pussy. I pushed my finger back inside Michelle?s pussy and got it wet and raised it to Kali?s mouth. She took my finger in her mouth and licked Michelle?s pussy juices from it. I moved up on my knees and kissed Kali and told her to let go and give in to what she wanted. I gently pulled her down on the bed so that her head was over Michelle?s pussy. Kali finally gave in and raised her leg, with Michelle?s help and moved over on top of Michelle. Michelle wasted no time and raised her head up and started licking Kali?s pussy. Kali moaned and looked up at me. I nodded to her that it was OK and then she slowly lowered her head between Michelle?s legs. I couldn?t see when she first touched Michelle?s pussy with her tongue but I knew when it happened because Michelle moaned loudly.

Pretty soon they were both moaning loudly. I could hear the sucking and slurping noises as they both ate each other?s pussy. Occasionally I could see Kali?s mouth, tongue and fingers working on Michelle and she was really getting into it. I would move around the bed and watched Michelle work on Kali?s pussy as Kali ground it down onto Michelle?s mouth. I was really hard again watching all this. They continued for a while and I know both of them had at least one orgasm each. I couldn?t stand it anymore and I grabbed the lube and put it all over my cock. I moved up on the bed over Michelle?s head and guided my cock into Kali?s pussy. She started rocking on my cock and moaning into Michelle?s pussy. I could feel Michelle?s tongue flicking on my cock and balls as I fucked Kali. A couple of times Michelle grabbed my cock and pulled me out of Kali so that she could lick my cock clean. Then she?d guide me back inside Kali?s pussy. I felt Michelle?s hands grab my ass and she was helping me fuck Kali. Soon Kali stopped eating Michelle?s pussy and became consumed by what we were doing to her. It wasn?t long before I felt that now familiar tightening of her pussy and she was cumming.

After her orgasm I told them that I wanted them to trade position so that I could fuck Michelle while Kali licked us both. They quickly rolled over and then Kali was on her back and Michelle was on top of her in a 69. I moved to the other side of the bed and straddled Kali?s head as I pushed inside Michelle. I fucked her for several minutes as Kali licked her clit and pussy. She did as Michelle had done and occasionally took me in her mouth. Soon Michelle was cumming and I was still rock hard and nowhere near orgasm. After Michelle?s orgasm she pulled away and moved off Kali. She laid on her stomach on the bed and she was breathing very hard and telling us how amazing that had been. Kali was rubbing Michelle?s back and ass and I started doing the same. Kali told Michelle that since she had given in and had another first time experience by going down on her that Michelle now had to give in and have a new experience. She told Michelle that she wanted to watch me fuck her in the ass. Michelle said she wanted that very much. Kali picked up the lube and poured some over Michelle?s ass and started rubbing it in. She handed it to me and I put more on my cock and started stroking it to get it rock hard again. Kali reached over and started stroking it for me and at the same time I could see her slipping her finger in and out of Michelle?s ass. It was totally erotic to watch that and I was rock hard again in no time.

Kali told Michelle to get up on her knees and Michelle did. I moved in behind her and let Kali guide my cock until it was pushing against Michelle?s ass. She still had a finger inside it and she removed it just as she placed the head of my cock against Michelle?s ass. Kali bent down and was whispering to Michelle, telling her to relax. She was kissing her cheek and neck and massaging Michelle?s lower back and ass as I gently pushed inside her. Michelle shuttered when the head of my cock went inside her. It took a few minutes but pretty soon I was moving in and out of her ass with ease. Kali had moved up on her knees and was looking down intently while I fucked her friend?s ass. She put her hands on Michelle?s ass and helped her move back and forth on me. Kali was urging me on saying things like, ?Fuck her ass, baby. Cum all inside her tight ass.? The sight of my cock going in and out of Michelle?s ass along with Kali?s words and actions were very intense. I honestly was thinking that there was no way I could possibly cum again but when Kali moved behind me and started pushing against me as I moved in and out I started to feel another orgasm building. Kali reached down and started playing with my balls while she whispered to me to fuck Michelle. Then she moved her hand back and pushed a lubed finger inside my ass. Michelle was practically screaming now and begging me to fuck her harder and to cum inside her ass. She was playing with her pussy and clit with her hand. Pretty soon I told her that I was going to cum and then I erupted inside her ass. I?m sure there wasn?t much cum left inside me but that didn?t change the feeling of the orgasm. I tightened up and pushed deep in her ass as my whole body shuddered. About the time my orgasm ended Michelle, still working her clit with her hand, started shaking and her ass tightened on my cock as she had another orgasm.

When her orgasm was done I collapsed on the bed beside Michelle. I couldn?t move and my balls were hurting. I guess having that many orgasms in a short period of time was too much for me. I dozed off for a bit. I woke up when I felt Michelle kissing my cheek and thanking me. I looked up to see that she was dressed and apparently had taken a shower because her hair was wet. Kali was beside her wearing a robe and her hair was wet, too. Michelle left promising to see me the next day. Kali told me that as much as she would love to sleep naked with me in her bed that it was probably not a good idea since it was possible that Anthony could return home in the middle of the night or come home early the next day and she didn?t want us to get caught. I kissed her goodnight and went to bed in the guest room.

Anthony did not come home early that weekend. I left on Sunday as planned without ever seeing him again. Kali, Michelle and I repeated our Friday night performance again on Saturday night. That was after Kali and I fucked in the shower earlier in the day. Kali got to fuck Michelle with the strap-on and got to fuck me in the ass with it, too. There weren?t too many ?firsts? left for any of us after that weekend.

Kali and I talk on the phone frequently since that week I was there. We have had phone sex a few times while we recall the things we shared. She has managed to hook up with Michelle a few times and she has told me in detail about everything they have done. They even got each other off in the shower at the gym once. Kali told me last week that she is coming to Charlotte next month for a seminar but unfortunately Michelle can?t come. Kali wants to try another ?first? with me when she?s in town. She wants a threesome with 2 guys at once. I don?t really have a friend that I can get involved so we?ve agreed that we will go to a bar or club together and try to pick one up. Who know? It might even be someone who is reading this right now.

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