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Getting Into the Swing of Things

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For those of you that read our first story you will remember we told you about how Dave and Pam introduced us into the swinging lifestyle. What I would like to do now is to expand on some of the fun that we had with them over the years. They turned out to be such close friends that we enjoyed many great times with them I hope you enjoy ready about some of those encounters.

Let me start by telling you a little about Dave. Dave?s parents were very well off monetarily but you would never know it from Dave. Dave?s dad really wanted him to go into the family business with him but Dave refused to have any part of it. All Dave really wanted to do was to live in a small town, work at something he enjoyed doing and have fun.

Dave?s dad did everything he could to try to get Dave to move back to the city and help him manage properties and businesses ventures with him but it was always to no avail. He also would do whatever he could to see that Dave was able to live comfortably even if he wasn?t in the family business becoming a millionaire businessman. To that extent his dad bought a hundred and sixty acres of gr*pe vineyards about ten miles out of town and paid Dave to manage them for him. Dave used this as a moonlight job and made more money doing it than he did in his day job.

A year or two after we started swinging with Dave and Pam, Dave removed a few acres of vines and built a home on the farmland his dad had bought. It was about a 3000 square foot home surrounded on three sides by gr*pe vineyards. It was perfect for their lifestyle located about 10 miles from town and three or four miles from their closest neighbors. He built a shop off the house and bordered the living area on three sides with cottonwood trees for privacy.

As nice as the house was Dave?s pride and joy was the Jacuzzi room he built in the back yard. Dave never did anything half assed and the Jacuzzi room was no exception. It was about 20? X 20? inside and was equipped like no other I have ever seen. The center peace was a sunken Jacuzzi and was accented with a full size bed, a wood burning stove, a couple of soft padded chairs, a stereo system, accent lighting, a refrigerator and trimmed in rustic cedar. Over the years we enjoyed many great parties in this room.

One particular Saturday morning found Linda and I still in bed being lazy. The kids had gone to the ranch the night before with their grandparents and we were taking a little time to relax and just kick back. At about 8:30 there was a knock on the door. When I answered it I found Dave standing there.

What are you up to he said when I opened the door.

Nothing, just kicking back and being lazy, how about you? Was my reply.

Well Pam went to the city to do some shopping and I have a little project that I could use some help with if your not doing anything.

No I?m not doing anything today I can give you a hand. I told him but your going to have to give me a chance to get up and around.

Great get dressed and I?ll make some coffee. With that I headed to the shower and Dave busied himself in the kitchen making coffee. You know how close a relationship is when your friends feel comfortable enough in your home to make their own coffee after they wake you up on a Saturday morning.

Linda was still in bed and I was in the shower when Dave brought her a cup of coffee. Are you going to sleep the day away he ask her when he put the cup on the nightstand. Maybe she replied I haven?t decided yet. Well I?m going to borrow your hubby today and I plan on having you guys over tonight for a barbeque.

As I came into the bedroom Linda was asking Dave what he had going on today. His reply was, oh just a little project. I?ll show you when you get to the house tonight. Ok was her reply you guys behave yourselves today and stay out of trouble. You know us Dave said we never get into trouble. Yea I know you guys that?s what I?m talking about she said with a smile. Dave looked over at me and asks if I was ready we had a lot to do to get ready for the barbeque tonight he said.

As we were getting into his pick-up I ask him what he had going on. Well, he said I just bought a sex swing for the Jacuzzi room and I need some help getting it all setup. Well that sounds like a fun toy I said but don?t you just have to hang it from the ceiling? You can he said but I want to do it a little different. I knew that a little different most likely means that we will be working all day on this thing.

Just how different do you want to do this I ask Dave knowing his answer before I ask the question. He replied that he thought he would build a frame for it instead of just attaching it to the ceiling. Then he wanted to attach it to the frame using four springs so you would be able to bounce it up and down. Also he wanted to make the bracket that attached to frame with an axel so that you could also spin it around when it was being used. Like I said before David never did anything half assed and this was going to prove to be no exception.

Ok let?s see if I have this straight Dave what you want to do is to take a swing that was made to just attach to the ceiling and convert it into a supper swing that bounces up and down as well as spins around like a top. Yep that?s about it he said with a smile. Do you have any idea how much this is probably going to cost you I ask? Do you know how much I don?t care was his reply. We both laughed and headed off to make a supper swing.

Well to make a long story short it took us all day and several trips to the machine shop as well as the hardware store to get this swing up and operational. It was made so that the frame that it was attached to could be moved back and forth to give a little flexibility as to where it was used. It also utilized all the features that Dave wanted. It would take extra hands to manipulate but they could bounce who ever was in it as well as spin them around.

Dave and I had just finished and were sitting at the bar having a beer when Pam pulled up at about five o?clock. Dave said not to say anything to Pam about the swing that he hadn?t told her about it and wanted to surprise her with it tonight.

Pam walked in with her arms full of bags that she placed on the dinning room table. She looked over at us and asked what we had been up to all day. Oh a little of this and a little of that Dave replied. Well I need a little help getting stuff out of the car so why don?t you two get up and do a little of that she said. While we were helping her Dave informed her that he was going to barbeque tonight and Linda and I were coming over. Great she said that means you guys can fix dinner while Linda and I can relax I?m sure we have both done more today than either of your two.

When Dave and I got back to the bar I told him that I was in need of a shower before the barbeque. He suggested that I call Linda and have her bring some clothes out with her and I could use the shower there. I called Linda and headed off to the shower.

When I returned from the shower wearing nothing but a bathrobe I found Pam sitting at the bar sipping on a glass of wine. Linda hadn?t arrived yet and Dave was still in the shower. I opened a beer and set-down beside Pam. So what have you two been up to all day she asks? Nothing really I said just tinkering around here. So you two have just been hanging around here all day getting the place ready for a barbeque tonight she said with a smile. Then she slid a hand into the opening of my robe and started massaging my cock. Are you sure you two having been doing anything that would get you into trouble she said. Nope just us two guys working hard all day making things right around here for you girls I replied.

Dave walked into the room wearing just a bathrobe also. Pam by this time had my semi-hard cock sticking up out of my robe stroking it. Hey Dave said what are you two up to, it looks like your starting this party before dinner. Oh I was just asking about what you guys had been up to all day Pam said. Pam then let go of my cock and said I guess we can get back to this again after dinner maybe I should get a shower and clean up a little bit first. I want to be clean and sweet smelling for you guys latter. With that she left the room to prepare herself for the night.

David and I were sitting around the bar just talking guy talk a few minutes later when Linda arrived. She walked in looking sweet and sexy. She looked at me sitting at the bar wearing a robe and then over to Dave dressed the same. Has the party already started she asked with a smile, where?s Pam. She just got home a few minutes ago Dave said and she is in the shower. Oh and with two strong men in here she has to wash her back all by herself with no help from either of you, how rude. And I guess I have to get my own drink because you two just have too much going on to serve a lady. With that she walked behind the bar and poured herself a glass of wine.

As she took a seat beside Dave he looked over at her and commented on how sexy she looked tonight. With that he reached over and massaged her left breast through her blouse. She playfully slapped at his hand and said, hey what kind of lady do you think I am. You think you can start there without even giving me dinner. Dave smiled at her opened his robe and told her I have your dinner right here. She smiled and replied oh yea I thought that was going to be an after dinner treat. Well he retorted it?s as good before dinner as after dinner. We all laughed and were in good spirits when Pam entered the room.

What?s so funny Pam asked as she took a seat beside me? Linda told her that she hadn?t had a chance to even get comfortable before her husband was playing with her tits. Oh he probable got turned on when he came in and found me playing with your husband?s cock Pam chuckled. Pam then added that she was hungry and that Dave and I should get dinner ready while her and Linda relaxed a little bit.

How about hot dogs and hamburgers Dave asked. All agreed that was fine mainly because it wouldn?t take long to fix. Dave and I went out to the barbeque while Pam and Linda stayed at the bar chatting. It was very apparent how the night was going to turn out and all were anxious to get it started.

In less than an hour all four of us were sitting around the bar chatting after eating dinner. It was the awkward state between dinner and the sexual side of the evening. Everybody was waiting for somebody else to broach the subject and suggest moving onto the playing.

Linda ask Dave, so what have you guys been up to all day. Dave replied with, well why don?t we all move on to the Jacuzzi and I?ll show you. Pam said she was interested in that also. With that Linda and Pam headed off to the bedroom to undress and get ready to get in the Jacuzzi. While they did Dave and I retired out to the Jacuzzi room to wait for them and set-up the swing before their arrival.

A short time later Linda and Pam entered the Jacuzzi room both wearing nothing but a bathrobe. They stood just inside the doorway letting their eyes become accustomed to the dimly light room. Both girls saw the swing at about the same time and simultaneously asked, ?What is that?. Dave answered them by saying that it was his latest addition to his playroom.

Both girls moved over to the bed to examine the swing. Oh my god Pam finely said is that what I think it is. Dave answered her with a simple ?yep?. Linda looking puzzled asked just what is it you think it is? Pam answered her, well I don?t know exactly how it works but the basics are a girl sits in the thing, her legs are held spread wide open and the guy lays under her and fucks her. We all laughed at Pam?s explanation and Linda said, your kidding me. Nope Dave told her that?s the basics of it, you want to try it out. Linda still looking a little skeptical looked at him as if he was joking with her.

Dave and I arranged the swing over the bed and prepared it for Linda. Linda still skeptical looked from me to Dave to Pam and back again. Finally she looked at Dave and asks, ?What do I do?. Dave laughed and said nothing really just take your robe off get in the swing and we will do all the rest. Slowly and with a little doubt she removed her robe and got on the bed. How do you get in it she asked? Just turn around and sit down in it Dave told her.

She set down in the swing and we helped her position the straps around her legs. Pam chuckled and said she would be right back. With that she left the side of the bed and started rummaging through the draws of a desk on the other side of the room. The way we had positioned the swing while she was sitting in the swing she was being held by the straps on her legs, her pubic area was pointed straight down with unobstructed access. Everything seemed to work as advertised but before we went any further we checked it out a little. With Dave on one side of the bed and I was on the other. We slowly moved the swing in a circular motion back and forth. Then we bounced it up and down a little while Linda held on to the straps still not fully convinced that this was thing was safe to use.

Pam had reappeared beside the bed holding something behind her back. Do you have it figured out yet she asks Linda? I think so but I?m still not really sure Linda responded to her. Let me show you Pam said as she brought her hand from behind her back. She was holding what must have been a 10? dildo, she held it up for Linda to see then moved to place it under her. What are you doing Linda ask her even though she knew what she was going to do with it. Pam laid on her back under Linda and held the dildo up rubbing the tip of it across Linda?s pussy.

You see Pam told her, the guy lays under you with his cock right here she said with the tip of the dildo just penetrating Linda?s pussy. Then he rises up a little and pushes his cock into you like this and she inserted the dildo a little more into Linda. Linda closed her eyes and let out a moan as the dildo slid into her. Dave then chimed in and said, and then with a little help from your friends they can bounce you up and down on that cock like this. With that Dave and I started to bounce her up and down while Pam held the dildo firmly into place as she bounced up and down on it.

Linda was really starting to get into it by this time. She was holding onto the straps of the swing letting us bounce her up and down on the dildo. Dave then told her that for the next part of the demonstration she needed to wrap her arms around the straps, draw her legs up to her breast and hold them in place. When she did Dave and I started to slowly spin the swing, Pam held the dildo in place as we spun her around on it. Oh my god Linda squealed I have never felt anything like this in my life. It?s nice but I want to feel a real cock in me not just a toy. Pam removed the dildo from her looked at us and said looks like it?s up to you guys now.

Dave looked over at me and said get under her. Oh no I replied this is your toy you should get the maiden voyage with it. He didn?t have to be asked again he slid onto the bed and lay on his back with his cock at the entrance to Linda?s pussy. Pam took his place on the other side of the bed. She reached between Linda and Dave?s bodies, took hold of Dave?s cock and rubbed the head over Linda?s pussy. She then positioned the head at her entrance and he pushed his hips up and impaled his cock into her.

Pam and I let them stay like that for a little bit with Dave?s cock all the way into Linda?s pussy. Then we started to slowly bounce Linda up and down on his cock. Dave let out a moan and grabbed Linda around the waist helping to bounce her up and down on him. He commented that he had never felt anything like this before, the feeling of a tight pussy wrapped around his cock and nothing else touching him.

They were both getting into it; Linda was thrusting her hips back and forth. Dave was thrusting his hips upward trying to drive his cock deeper into her. While Pam and I were bouncing Linda up and down on his cock. After a few minutes Pam looked over at me with a big smile she said, I bet he can?t go three spins. I laughed and told Linda to draw her legs up and hold them as close to her tits as she could. Once her legs were drawn up and out of the way Pam and I started slowly spinning her around. She had just made one spin when both she and Dave started a series of loud moans of pleasure.

Although Linda was unable to move Dave was thrusting his cock upwards into her as hard and fast as he could. At the same time Pam and I were spinning her around on his cock. Pam was right both Dave and Linda never made the 3rd spin before they were both cumming. The Jacuzzi room was full of the sounds of their sexual pleasure as both of them very loudly let it be known that they were cumming. Pam and I slowed the spinning then started some back and forth motions for their pleasure. As their moans subsided we stopped the movement altogether. At rest the swing aloud Linda to rest just about Dave with about half of his cock still in her as it slowly stopped twitching. They were both trying to regain normal breathing when Pam and I moved to the end of the bed. I must admit that I was very aroused by the scene of Linda with her legs being held spread wide open by the swing with Dave?s cock about halfway into her.

I moved behind Pam and as I ground my hard cock into her firm ass I reached around her and untied the belt to her robe. As her robe fell open I cupped her breast in my hands. Pam and I stood like this and stared at Linda and Dave. We could see Dave?s cum mixed with Linda?s juices slowly running out of her pussy and down his cock.

MMMM that looks so sexy I have got to get a closer look Pam said. She climbed onto the bed and between Dave?s legs. She lowered her head and ran her tongue up the length of his cock. She licked Dave?s cum as well as Linda?s pussy juice from his cock like it was an ice cream cone. While in the process of doing this she extended her tongue strokes until she brushed her tongue across Linda?s clit then would lower her head to the base of Dave?s cock and start the process over again. Pam and Linda had never had any contact like this before during any of the playing we had done and Linda was a little stiff of unsure looking but the swing held her legs spread wide giving Pam access to her pussy and she didn?t move to stop the action.

It seemed with each stroke of her tongue on Dave?s cock Pam would apply a little more pressure on it and on Linda?s clit when she reached it. On one stroke she pushed hard enough on Linda?s clit that the swing moved back and Dave?s cock plopped out of Linda?s pussy. When this happened Pam reached up grabbing the straps to the swing and pulled Linda back to her. She then went to work in earnest on Linda?s pussy. She probed her tongue into Linda trying to get every last bit of cum that Dave had just deposited there. Linda was starting to go with the flow and placed a hand behind Pam?s head holding her mouth tight to her pussy.

Pam was on all fours with her face buried between Linda?s legs. I grabbed a pillow and placed it between Pam?s legs. Then lying on my back I slid between her legs. Wrapping my arms around her legs and taking a firm hold of her ass I raised my mouth to her pussy. Her thighs were wet from her flowing juices on my checks and her ass quivered in my hands as my tongue reached her clit. Her pussy was wide open with juices flowing so there was no need for preliminaries I just drove my tongue into her as far as I could and worked it in and out of her. Then I moved my lips to her exposed clit and sucked it into my mouth. How long I enjoy this action I don?t know I was lost in the fun of alternating between sucking her clit and driving my tongue into her.

I heard Linda gasp a number of short whimpering moans before letting out a long moan as she started to cum in Pam?s mouth. Pam continued to orally work on her until I heard her also start to gasp and whimper. Her stomach muscles started to convulse and twitch as she started to cum into my mouth. Her juices ran down my tongue as I held it firmly into her pussy. She ground her hips and pussy into my mouth as the passion of her orgasm passed through her. She had pulled her tongue out of Linda and her warm breath was being blown onto Linda?s pussy.

I hadn?t noticed until I was lying under Pam trying to catch my breath that Dave had slipped off the bed. I didn?t notice he was missing until I saw the flash from a camera. Dave was standing at the end of the bed taking pictures of the action on the bed. I had no idea at the time how long he had been doing this or how many pictures he had taken until later when we all looked at them.

I was the only one of the group that hadn?t cum yet and my cock was so hard it hurt. I crawled out from between Pam?s legs and was just getting off the bed when Pam told Linda ok my turn. We all helped Linda out of the swing and she stood beside the bed on shaky legs as Pam climbed in. Pam got situated and comfortable before I moved below her on my back.

I felt Linda?s hand around my cock as she pointed it up and positioned it at Pam?s pussy. Linda ran the head of my cock over Pam?s wet slit as Pam moved slightly forward in the swing so that her pussy was pointed straight down at my waiting cock. I flexed my hips and impaled my cock into Pam?s more than ready pussy. As I lay there with about half of my cock in her with no other body part touching her the first sensation I got was the warmth of her pussy wrapped around my cock. There was pressure from the snug fit but it was the warmth that stands out in my mind.

I became aware of the fact that Dave and Linda were standing on either side of the bed just before Pam started bouncing up and down on my cock. It was a strange and wonderful feeling having a pussy slid up and down on my cock without any movement on my part nor no other body pressure or contact other than Pam?s pussy sliding up and down on my cock. I shut my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of Pam?s pussy on my cock. It was one of the most unique feeling I had ever experienced and I was content to enjoy it for as long as I could.

Though closed eyes I detected a flash of light. Pam?s movements had not changed, I partly opened my eyes and found the Dave was no longer standing at the side of the bed aiding in Pam?s movements. Instead he was at the end of the bed taking picture after picture of Pam in the swing bouncing up and down on my cock. Then I heard him instruct Linda to stop bouncing her and slowly start to spin her. As Linda stopped Pam bounced a couple more time before coming to a stand still with my cock buried deep in her pussy. I could see Pam draw her knees up to her chest and hold them there. Then I felt her start to spin slowly on my cock. The feeling was so incredible that I knew that this wasn?t going to last very long before I blew my wad into the pussy that was giving me such indescribable pleasure.

I think Linda could since how close I was and did her best to bring me over the top. Along with spinning Pam around Linda now also started to bounce her. I was thrusting my hips upwards driving my cock into Pam?s pussy as it was spinning and bouncing above me. I could feel a tightening in my balls and that unmistakable feeling that I was about to cum. I was trying to hold back as hard as I could. Just about then Pam started letting out little gasps and whimpers. I knew that she was also starting to cum. I couldn?t hold back any longer and with one final thrust of my hip I drove my cock up and into Pam as far as I could and let the waves of pleasure rush over me. As my cock deposited it load into Pam?s pussy Linda slowed but didn?t stop her spinning motion. As Pam felt the first splashes of my cum hitting the depth of her pussy she screamed out her own orgasm.

I laid perfectly still, Pam had stopped spinning and was now resting perfectly still over me with my cock still imbedded in her pussy. The feeling was so incredible; her pussy was holding my cock like a warm wet vise. There was no other pressure any where on my body except for her pussy on my cock. There was nothing to draw my attention away from that feeling. There was also no reason to concentrate on anything except for how good that pussy felt on my cock. I couldn?t think of any thing to say, I don?t think there was any need to say or do anything except to lay perfectly still while Pam and I regained our normal breathing.

I looked over at Dave finely and said I don?t know how much you spent on this thing but let me tell you it was worth every cent. He agreed and added that he didn?t know why he hadn?t got one way before now. Pam started to move around a little above me. I moved down slightly and my cock slid out of her pussy. When it did my cum and her juices started to pore out of her and onto my stomach. She must have felt it because she just smiled and said your going to have to clean that up yourself I?m unable to move right now.

We all helped Pam out of the swing and got in the Jacuzzi. After the fun we had all just had the warm water coming through the jets on that Jacuzzi felt great. Nobody said anything for some time we just enjoyed the warm water swirling around us. Finely Pam looked over at Linda and asked have you ever felt anything that incredible in your life. Linda just shook her head before saying that it was a new high for her also. Pam added that she didn?t know if it was the swing or the thrill of having group sex or what but her pussy was still twitching. We all laughed at that and Dave interjected that it was twitching because she was a nymphomaniac and it twitched every time she was around a hard cock. She laughed saying well that might be it too but what ever it is I?m going to be ready for some more of it before much longer.

We must have been in the tub for twenty minutes or so when Dave said he was getting to hot and got out sitting on the edge of the tub. Linda who had been stroking his cock under the water stood up without saying a word put her head in his lap and started sucking his cock. It didn?t take her long at all to have it at full mast again. She then stood up and told him now he was ready go find something to put that in and laughed. She moved over a little bit and bent over the edge of the tub reaching for her glass of wine, which was just beyond arms reach from the tub. Dave moved behind her and in one swift motion had his cock buried in her pussy. He held her by the hips as he thrust his cock into her. She glanced back in mock surprise and said that?s not what I had in mind I was getting it ready for Pam. Well Pam can have the next time around this time you get it again Dave said with a grin.

It didn?t take long at all watching Dave fucking Linda from behind before my cock was hard again and ready for a little more action. I felt Pam?s hand move across my thigh as she reached for my cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and started pumping it without taking her eyes off Dave and Linda. I reached over and put my hand between her legs. She spread her legs giving me access to her pussy. I rubbed her clit then slid two fingers into her. As I did her eyes closed momentarily and her fingers tighten their grip on my cock. When she opened them a short time later she looked at me and squeezed my cock for infuses then said I would much rather have this in me than your fingers if you don?t mind. With that she straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my cock. She was still so wet that my cock slid into her with very little effort. With the water providing the bouncy she bobbed up and done on my cock while she wrapped her arms around my neck and held my head to her breast.

With Pam ridding my cock I watched David and Linda get out of the tub. They toweled each other off and move over to the bed. Dave laid her on her back and got on top of her. Linda reached between their bodies and guided Dave?s cock into her. She then wrapped her legs around his waist and with her heals resting on his ass he pounded his cock into her pussy. I watched them and it turned me on as much as anything so far that night seeing Linda with her legs wrapped around Dave like that. I don?t know what it was but I knew that I wanted to have my cock in her just as soon as Dave rolled off her.

I looked back into Pam?s face, I studied it as it reflected the pleasure that she was feeling. I held Pam around the waist and assisted her bouncing movements. Soon her face started to show the signs that she was about to cum. Her breathing was becoming faster; I could feel the muscles in her pussy start to constrict around my cock. Soon she slammed down on my cock pushing down with as much strength as she could. With my hands around her waist I forced her down and onto my cock as I thrust my hip upward driving it into her as far as I could. Her mouth was open; she was letting out little squeals of joy and then a long shrike of pleasure as she let her orgasm flood over her. With her arms around my neck her body twitched and convulsed as the pleasure over came her. I held her close and stroked her back as she started to come back down from her high.

From the bed I heard Linda?s yelps and squeals as Dave continued to drive his cock into her pussy. You could hear her gasp over the sounds of the Jacuzzi and I knew she was past the point of no return. Dave?s breaths were also coming in gasp and his pace had quickened. His hips looked like they were moving with jackhammer speed as he pounded his cock in and out of her pussy. Then he made one last plunge thrusting his hips forward. The checks of his ass tightened as he held his cock as deep into Linda?s pussy as he could. Linda?s ass was off the bed her hip were thrust forward meeting Dave?s thrust and her heals were dug into Dave?s ass as she too was cumming.

Pam was still setting on my lap with my cock still deep in her pussy. Her arms were around my neck and her head on my shoulder as she relaxed. I slowly lifter her up as I stood, spun her around and placed her on the seat of the Jacuzzi. She opened her eyes looked at me with a knowing smile. I climbed out of the tub and dried off before walking over to the bed where Dave and Linda were still laying in each other?s arms.

Just as I reached the bed Dave rolled off Linda and laid beside her on his back. With my cock still hard and bobbing up and down in front of me I slid onto the bed and between Linda?s still wide spread legs. She was laying on her back with he eyes closed when she felt me on the bed. She look at me and smiled as I crawled between her legs. Her hair was wet and matted to her head from a combination of water from the Jacuzzi and perspiration. Her lipstick was worn and smeared a little on the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were hooded and looked tired from the exertion of the nights activities. With her legs spread I could see Dave?s cum flowing out of her pussy and between the cheeks of her ass. But she was still beautiful with all the imperfections in cosmetic appeal. She was still the only lady in the world that I wanted to have sex with at that moment.

Linda reached between our bodies and guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy. With a thrust of my hips my cock slid into her pussy which was very well lubricated with both her juices and Dave?s cum. Her pussy wasn?t as snug as it was earlier after being fucked twice so far that night but it felt incredible to me. I love the way it feels sliding my cock into her pussy after she has been fucked. It is so wet and warm, so open and inviting, to me there is nothing in the world quite like it. She knows how I feel, I have told her numerous time that I love fucking her after she has had sex. She looked at me with knowing eyes, smiled and said you must really like that way I feel tonight. Oh yea was the only answer I could come up with.

Linda is the kind of woman that it may take a little time to reach the orgasmic state but once she is there she can maintain that state all night. Tonight she had reached her highs and with almost constant stimulation had maintained a sexual high through most of the night. When I entered her she was bordering on another orgasm as my cock slid into her pussy. There was no need for preliminaries, there was just a need to drive us both over the top again. I hooked my elbows under her knees and pulled her legs up in front of me to where they were pointed straight up towards the ceiling. Then I started to pound my cock into her pussy. With her legs in that position it aloud my cock maximum penetration into her.

While I had Linda?s legs in the air and was pounding my cock into her Dave had rolled off the bed and was now standing beside it. He knelt on the bed by Linda?s head and rubbed his cock across her lips. Her lips parted and she sucked Dave?s half hard cock into her mouth. Her hand was stroking his cock as she worked it in and out of her mouth. She was working her mouth in a slow and methodical manor on his cock as I was pounding my cock into her pussy like a jackhammer.

Pam had gotten out of the Jacuzzi and had taken over Dave?s cameraman duties. She was snapping pictures of the three of us on the bed. We were beyond the point of paying much attention to the pictures being taken. I was rapidly approaching another orgasm and wanted nothing more at that point and time except to deposit my load of cum deep in Linda?s pussy. As I started to cum Linda opened her mouth and gasp letting out a long moan as she to was starting to cum again. Dave?s cock in her mouth was just a distraction to her at that point she was concentrating on the wonderful feeling in her pussy that was causing waves of pleasure to pass through her body.

The four of us lounged around on the bed and chatted for a while. We rested sipped some nice wine, had a snack and truly enjoyed the closeness we all felt for one another. There was no jealousy; nobody was self-conscious about lounging on a bed nude with another couple or about the fact that we had all just had sex with each other?s spouses. At that point being nude was more of an openness than that of a sexual thing. We all just genuinely enjoyed both being around each other as well as having sex with each other. The marital bounds for both couples were well defined they just weren?t defined by the sex act being the defining characteristic.

We must have taken 30 or more Polaroid pictures that night. Through the years I have no idea what ever happened to them but I must admit that they were very stimulating shots. I hadn?t thought about them in years until I started writing this story now I think I?ll spend some time going through some boxes and see if I can?t fine them again.

Hoped you enjoyed the story if so we would enjoy hearing your feedback,

D & Linda

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