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Gas Money

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Gas Money

Let me start the story off by letting everyone know a little about us. My wife, Tracey, and I have are in our early 40?s and have been married for over 20 years. We both came from wealthy families and have good careers of our own. We have three boys with the oldest being in college and the other two still in high school. We have been swinging as a couple for almost 5 years. We were meeting couples, attending clubs, and playing around two to three times a year at first, but lately we haven?t played at all. I was thinking that our swinging days were about through, that is until this past weekend.

The story starts off on Thursday; my wife was talking to my son in college and asking what his plans for the weekend were. He said that he had planned on bringing his girlfriend home and going out to eat or a movie. This had us confused, as we had quit giving him money in an attempt for him to step up and get a job. We were trying to take some initiative to do something for himself. Anyhow, we were worried that he might be doing something illegal in order to make money, so we confronted him. He told here that his grandmother had been giving him some money for helping her. This angered my wife as she felt he might not be telling the truth. After all, my mother was fairly wealthy and had a man that maintained her yard and a lady that came in twice a week to clean her house. Anyhow, I told my wife not to worry and that I would go by my mothers house the next afternoon to find out if he was telling the truth.

I left work early at lunch time on Friday and drove out to my mother?s house. I found her out lounging by the swimming pool. My mother is in her mid sixties, but still stayed in great shape. Swimming regularly, playing golf three times a week at the country club, along with a fair amount of cosmetic surgeries still had younger men?s heads turning when she came to town. Anyhow, I explained how my son had told us that she had been giving him money for him helping her and asked if there was any truth to it. She explained that yes he had been helping her out a lot lately. I guess I was somewhat surprised, so I asked what kind of things had he been doing and was told that it was not any of my business. I then explained that he was my son and that everything he does is somewhat of my business. This is when she threw me for a loop, she said if I must know that they had become sexual partners and he came over to have sex!

After I had taken in all of what I had just heard, I asked her how this could have happened. She explained that one afternoon she had come home early from golf only to find my son and his girlfriend having sex on the pool deck. She told me that she stayed inside and watched as he fucked his girlfriend?s mouth and pussy. She explained that after being widowed for over 10 years, she had really gotten turned on by the show. She then told me that after he took his girlfriend home, he came back to her house and she had sat him down and talked to him about what she had saw.

She said that after she explained how turned on she was watching him have sex, that he reached in his bag and pulled out a movie. As he put the movie on, my son?s girlfriend came onto the screen lying naked on a bed. As the movie played on, my mother explained in detail as my son and one of his friends took turns fucking his girlfriend for the camera. She said that she immediately started getting wet and couldn?t help herself. She said that she made the first move and started to rub his cock through his shorts and one thing led to another and that they had been having sex regularly since.

I was still trying to act shocked, but to tell the truth, I was actually getting hard just thinking of my son fucking my mother and I think she realized it too. She then went on to tell me that they had some video of them together in the house and got up to go inside. Evidently my son was more adventurous than I had given him credit for. Anyhow, she went to the living room and put the cd drive into the player and there they were. My mother on all fours and my son slowly fucked her doggy style. I don?t guess I hid it well, because my mother then told me that she could tell I liked the movie by the bulge in my pants.

At this point, my own mother got down on her knees in front of me and undid my pants. Before I could even think of objecting, my mother had my 8 ½? cock slid down her mouth and was doing a good job of taking it all. She sucked my dick and slowly massaged my ball until I knew that I wouldn?t be able to hold out much longer. As if sensing my thoughts, my mother got off of the floor and performed a mini strip show for me as she stripped off her bikini. There my mother stood buck naked and clean shaved except for a narrow landing strip. I had to admit, her doctors earned every bit of money that she had paid, she was stunning. She laid back on the edge of the couch and begged me to fuck her. I was more than ready, I stripped off my remaining clothes and quickly lowered myself into her and fell into a perfect rhythm. She was so hot and wet, couldn?t believe this was happening. She then rolled me onto my back and started riding my cock, she was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I couldn?t hold back any longer and let go, I felt like I came for a whole minute and she steady milked the remainder out of my cock. At that point, she climbed off of my cock and took it in her mouth again and started cleaning me up. My dick was sensitive, so I told her to be easy. She said ?no way, this time it?s for me, I want you to fuck me like the whore that I have always dreamed of being.? Who was this lady talking to me, couldn?t be my mother, but it worked anyhow, the dirty talk had me hard again in no time. She then walked over and bent over the arm of the couch and told me to fuck her doggy style. I slowly put it in and tried to fuck her easy, but she kept telling me to fuck her harder. I started pounding her as hard as I could and she seamed to enjoy it the rougher I got. I fucked her for about 10 minutes or so and she started to come. I could feel my balls getting wetter and wetter and I was getting close again. I pulled out and rubbed the head of cock against her asshole and she begged, ?oh, please, please fuck my ass?. I slowly worked my cock into her ass and within a minute, we were back up to speed fucking her ass. I lasted for about 5 minutes before exploding my second large load of the evening.

After regaining my composure, I started gathering my clothes and explaining that I had to get back home already thinking about what to tell my wife. Again, as if she could read my mind, my mother laid on the couch still naked with me come running down her legs and said ?don?t wash that cock, take it home and let that little wife of yours taste me?. I headed to the door as quickly as I could, before the trashy talk got my cock hard again.

On the twenty minute ride back to the house, I couldn?t believe what had just happened. On one way, I knew it was wrong, but I also knew how good it felt and had to fight the urge not to turn around and go back. The one thing that was certain was that I knew I had to tell Tracey and I wasn?t sure how she would take it.

After getting back to the house, Tracey was waiting to find out what I had found out about the money. I went to the bar and made me a stiff drink and got Tracey a glass of wine. It took me a while to get started, but once I started, the whole story came out down to the last details. Tracey sat there in silence for awhile, I guess taking everything in and then she turned to me and said ?Well?. ?Well What?? Tracey then smiled and said, ?well, pull it out and let me taste the old bitch?. I couldn?t believe what I heard, but my dick immediately jumped to attention. Once again, I am taking my clothes off and my wife immediately starts cleaning up my cock that had been in my mother?s pussy and ass not two hours ago. After cleaning me up, she then stands up and tells me to fuck her like I did my mother. I had my little wife pinned over the edge of the couch trying to fuck her as hard as I did my mother and she was loving every minute of it. Within minutes she was coming all over me and steady rocking back into me, I pulled out and came shot a load straight onto her back. After we finished, Tracey walked back to the bar and fixed us another drink. She then came back and we sat back on the couch to talk again. It was then that she asked me if I plan on having sex with my mother again. I really didn?t know what to tell her, so I told her if the situation came up again, that I would more than likely fuck her again. I explained that it was taboo and that what really got me going. Tracey reached over and kissed me hard on the mouth and told me, ?Call your mother now and tell her that you are coming over in the morning. Don?t tell her, but I am coming to watch.? My cock, once again, went hard on hearing those words. I grabbed my phone out of my pants on the floor and made the call while my wife took my balls in her mouth and after finishing the call, we went upstairs for another round of fucking.

I woke up Saturday morning with a hard on, knowing what I had in store for today. I heard Tracey downstairs in the kitchen and went ahead and jumped in the shower. After showering, I went downstairs to visit with Tracey over breakfast. It was all I could do not to take her in the kitchen, but we do have two boys at home, so we behaved ourselves. Tracey went upstairs, jumped in the shower, and dressed in a short sun dress for the trip to my mother?s. After everyone was ready to go, I slipped upstairs into the medicine cabinet and took a Cialis. No, I don?t know if I would need it or not, but wanted to be ready and able to perform, it was a busy day yesterday.

On the ride to mother?s, Tracey couldn?t keep her hands off of my cock. She would play with and comment on how hard I was. She was making me a little nervous as she had a mischievous look on her face. We arrived at mother?s and, as usual, we just walked in without knocking. Mother was in the living room wearing nothing but a small robe that wasn?t tied and wouldn?t have covered anything if it was. Mother saw Tracey and immediately acted modest. I told her that there was no reason to be shy, that I told Tracey everything and that she wanted to watch us fuck. Mother acted shocked at first, but then smiled and dropped the robe to the floor. ?Well then, come on over here and we?ll show her how you are supposed to fuck.? Tracey took a seat in the chair across from the couch as I got undressed and made my way across the room.

We started off a little slower today as I played with her titties and took the time to suck both of them before sliding down and slipping my tongue into my mother?s pussy. I was eating my mother out and she was moaning and it wasn?t long before she was coming and we had forgotten all about Tracey being in the room. My mother started begging, ?I want that cock inside me?, so I slid up and entered her and we started with the same rhythm we were in yesterday. We had been fucking for several minutes when I noticed that Tracey had moved closer to us, taken her dress off, and had begun playing with her pussy. I was entranced with the view when Tracey stood up and came over to us, she reached down and started playing with my mother?s tits. Mother was in heaven, enjoying the attention for both me and my wife and started cumming all over me. It was at this time that Tracey climbed onto the couch and straddled my mother face and said, ?Now taste me bitch?, I couldn?t believe my luck as my mother started eating my wife out. We stayed in this position for a few more minutes before letting Tracey lay on the couch and my mother to get into doggy position so as to eat Tracey better. I knew I couldn?t last much longer and as soon as Tracey started to cum, so did I. I buried my dick as far as I could in my mother?s pussy and just shot load after load into her. It was at this time we heard applause and noticed movement in the kitchen.

I was shocked and jumped up only to discover that my oldest son and his girlfriend had been watching us from the kitchen. I guess I was the only one surprised with them being there, but was even more surprised when he came in and started stripping down. He said, ?Let me help you there, Dad? and lowered himself down on the couch and started licking his grandmother?s pussy. His girlfriend, Susan,who I should describe as a hot blonde. She is only 5? tall but has a body of a gymnast, all hard with nice tits and a bubble ass. Anyhow, his girlfriend came over to me and dropped down to take my dick in her mouth and started cleaning my mother?s juices off of me. I was in heaven with this 20 year old sucking my cock and getting undressed, and then I heard Tracey say, ?Hey, am I the only one here that isn?t going to get fucked today or what?? With that, I noticed our son move around his grandmother and take his mother?s legs a guides his cock into her. I really couldn?t believe my eyes, his cock wasn?t any larger than mine, in all actuality, we probably were identical in size, but he was fucking his mother like I had never and she started coming almost immediately. Not to be outdone, I took Susan down to the floor and started fucking her. She had the tightest pussy I had been inside in years and it didn?t take long before I could feel my balls tighten. Susan said I could cum inside her, but would rather if I came in her mouth. With those words, I pulled out and she had it in her mouth again just in time to catch my second load of the day. With my come still in her mouth, she grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss on the mouth, that was my first taste of cum. I was a little shocked by it, but then she went around the room and kissed everyone, letting them taste my cum.

We all sat around the living room for a while, talking and discussing the events. Our son admitted that his grandmother had told him that I had came by yesterday and was coming back in the morning. He didn?t know that his mother was going to be there, but when she joined in, he figured it was kool and he decided to fuck her too. Susan then brought up the cum kiss, said that she could tell that I wasn?t sure, but that since my son liked it so much, she just figured I would too. I told her it was alright, just was surprised is all. Our son admitted to being bi and enjoying the taste of another man?s cock. With that being said, his Grandmother said she wanted some more cock and my son jumped up to please. As our son entered his grandmother doggy style, Tracey climbed on top of my now hard dick and started to ride. Once again, she got that mischievous look in her eyes and I knew she had something on her mind.

?What is it?? I asked. She grinned and said that we weren?t being fair. ?How is that?? I asked. She just smiled and said that we got to fuck three women and the women only got two dicks. So I asked her what she had in mind. She smiled and gestured outside with her head, at the end of the driveway was Russ, my mother?s yard man. Russ was in his late twenties who had played some college football at one time, but an injury cut it short. He was still in excellent shape and I could feel my wife?s pussy getting wetter at the thought of fucking a black man. It was my turn to be mischievous, so I jumped up, put on my shorts, and went to meet Russ at the driveway. I don?t think Russ truly believed what was up until he walked in off the porch and saw my son fucking his grandmother and the other two women laying there naked playing with each other.

Russ? eyes got big and the bulge in his jeans really started to grow. Seeing this, my wife jumped up and started to relieve the pressure. As his jeans came off, his dick sprung free. I have always heard that black men are bigger, but damn. Russ was close to 11? and thick. Tracey started licking up and down his shaft and tried to take it all in her mouth but couldn?t get it all. After giving up on the blow job, she couldn?t wait to have him inside her. She pushed him down and slowly lowered herself onto him. I was thinking there was no way she would ever take it all, but within a few minutes, she had him full stride inside her. I think she started coming as soon as he was in her and had a constant orgasm for at least 10 minutes. I couldn?t believe how sexy it was to see his caramel skin on his dick entering her over and over. I went over to Susan to fuck as my son was still in his grandmother. As I entered Susan, Tracey rolled over so that Russ was on top and he started fucking hard. I could hear his bull nuts hitting her on the ass as she kept begging him not to stop. I knew that it could be long with him fucking her like that, and just about that time I actually saw his balls tighten as he started shooting load after load into my beautiful wife. His cum was actually shooting around his cock with each stroke as my wife?s pussy was filled to the max. As Russ collapsed on top of my wife, my mother said, ?oh no, your not through with that thing.? My son climbed off and my mother went to Russ and started sucking him back to life.

From there me and my son both started fucking Susan. I was in her pussy and he was in her ass. This was a first for me as I could feel his cock with every stroke. It was hard to get a rhythm at first but after the first awkward minutes, we started to fuck her right. It wasn?t long before Susan was screaming in ecstasy. I looked up to see my mother had succeeded in getting Russ hard and was getting the same style of fucking that Tracey had just had. As on cue, Tracey got up and came over to me and straddled my face and let me taste the remnants of her and Russ.

I can?t recall the number of times that we fucked over the next day and a half or all of the different positions. What I do know is that weekend opened up a new sexual adventures around our house. We have discussed sharing our family orgies with others, but that will be another story. Oh, he still doesn?t have a job, but he is good with the camera and I have no qualms about giving him Gas Money anymore.

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