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Fun with our Friends 3

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My wife and I of 10 years had been talking about expanding our sexual experiences to other people ever since we had read an article about swingers. We had talked several times over a couple of years and finally came to the conclusion that we both were interested. I am Jim and my wife is Merrian. Merrian is a very cute five foot red head and a lot of fun. Her hair is to her shoulders and she has a great figure and very pretty. I have always considered myself a lucky man. Truthfully I had some concern about her with another man but after many conversations I had worked through my fears and with reassurance from her that there was no threat to our marriage we had decided to move in that direction. We had no idea where to start.

I have a best friend Dave and I mentioned what Merrian and I had been discussing and looked surprised and said “really”? Actually I was hoping him and his wife Joan might be interested as Merrian knew and liked them both and she and Joan were friends as well. I would be more comfortable with her with him, rather than a complete stranger. Joan was a lovely lady and I certainly would be interested in her as well. So I asked him what he thought about the idea and would they be interested? He looked surprised and said I have no idea what Joan would think although it is an intriguing idea. He then said I will tell her what you said, although I will be very surprised if she will be interested, and let you know later. I said ok.

He called me a week later and said well it was a surprise to him, but Joan wanted to talk to Merrian. I asked then she is interested and he said well at least curious, and wants to talk to Merrian and I said ok I will let her know. To make a long story shorter they invited us over for dinner so Merrian and Joan could talk. After dinner the girls went out to their patio to talk. They talked for what seemed like a long time. When they returned they looked at us men and Joan said well are you two sure you want to do this? I looked at Dave and him at me and we both nodded a yes. Joan then said well ok than, Merrian and I have decided that if that is what you guys want we are willing. I thought wow and it suddenly got real.

We planned a party for the weekend coming up in a couple of days. When Merrian and I were alone driving home I said wow we are really going to do this? She said that her and Joan had talked and decided that it sounded like fun and as long as we were friends it also felt safe. Joan had been married once before and Merrian was engaged once before so thney have both been with other men before, so we decided as long as it was for fun there would not be any problem.

I said oh yes I forgot all about you being engaged and her being married before as we have never really talked about it much. I of course knew that she had had sex before we met. She than told me she that he had not been her only man that she had been a little wild in her teens. I asked how many and she flushed and said three before we got married. I just said oh. When we were in bed that night I asked her to tell me about all her experiences and she did and I got turned on and we had great sex that night.

We arrived at their house and it was clear we all were nervous and not sure where to start. We had decided on separate rooms. To keep it simple we just changed wives for the evening with permission to get together when it felt like the right time or when we wanted to start. We were sitting in their candle light living room, with Dave sitting next to Merrian and me next to Joan. Dave put his arm around Merrian sitting next to him and she turned her head and gave him a kiss. Joan sat very close to me with our hips touching and put her head on my shoulder.

Merrian whispered something to Dave and they got up and disappeared down the hallway towards one of their bedrooms. Joan and I kissed each other for a time after they left and said wild huh? I said yes it is wild. Shall we? She said yes, I am very excited and nervous and I said me too. As we walked by the room they had gone into I could hear Merrian saying yes I like that and the sound of clothes coming off. I said to Joan can we listen for a while and she took my hand and said yes I would like that too. So we stood outside the room listening and after a while we heard slapping sounds of skin against skin and knew what was happening. Merrian was moaning and Dave was grunting and they were heavy into having sex.

I led Joan to the other bedroom. I turned to Joan and asked will you undress for me I like watching a woman taking their clothes off and she smiled and said sure most men do and stepped away from me and making eye contact with me she removed all her clothes with me watching her every move. She was terrific, with nice boobs and she was shaven. I could see the lust in her eyes and her face flushed as I removed my clothes and I was up and at the ready. I am above average in size and she looked down at my cock and said nice as I moved over to her.

I asked her what she liked and she lowered her head and said will you lick me I really like that. I motioned to the bed and she stretched out in front of me and spread wide and I went down on her. She moaned and got very wet on my face as I licked and sucked on her. I felt her shutter and she grabbed my head and fucked my mouth and said cum and climaxed on my face. When her breathing calmed she said I will do whatever you want. I said turn over and she did and raised her butt in the air and looking over her shoulder said I like this position too. I moved behind her and she said yes and I went in and went deep. She moaned saying oh you are so big you fill me up. I plowed the field. We fucked for a long time and I was sure Merrian and Dave could hear us as we were making a lot of noise.

I turned her over face to face and she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and I almost came. She looked up at me and said you can cum this way if you want and I said not yet and pulled away and we fucked face to face with eye contact. I could see just how hot she was in her eyes. She whispered in my ear oh yes fuck me. I felt her pussy clamp down and she grabbed my butt and pulled me all the way in and grunting said cum and shuttered and groaning climaxed again. I was still hard inside her and we were quiet for a time. She said you are very good. We slow fucked for a time with a lot of passionate kissing. Joan whispered to me I want to give you all of me and pulled away and went down on me saying I love tasting myself.

I looked down watching this lovely woman sucking me and thought wow. Suddenly she grabbed my butt in both hands and deep throated me holding me tight and deep. I got harder and exploded down her throat and in her mouth. She held me there until I stopped squirting and pulled out. She began fingering herself and making eye contact with me climaxed while having eye contact. When she finished panting she said I really get off when a man explodes in my mouth.

We were quiet for a time listening and Dave and Merrian who were still at it and Joan said he can go for a long time. I thought about Merrian on her back with Dave giving it to her and it still felt a little strange.

I said to Joan so you like tasting yourself? She said yes it turns me on. I than asked have you ever tasted another woman and she said no, but I have wondered what that might be like. I said maybe you should talk to Merrian. She said I have thought about it, but not sure. You never know she might be interested, I will find out. Joan said ok. There was a pounding sound from the other room as the headboard was banging against the wall and Dave yelled yes and it suddenly got quiet. Joan said well Merrian got him off whatever she was doing to him was enough.

We got dressed and went back to the living room waiting for them to join us. A few minutes later they joined us. Merrian had that I just got fucked look with her hair messed up and her face still flushed. As they walked toward us I could see his hand on her butt, with a knowing look on his face I have just had that butt. I thought wow our relationship had sure changed in just a few minutes. We were done for the evening and headed for home. As we drove along, I asked well what are you thinking? She said I had fun with Dave and I said yes I know I could hear you two. She said yes I could hear you and Joan too.

I told her about Joan liking to taste herself and was curious about what another woman might taste like. I told her to talk to you. Merrian said really? I said yes, are you interested? Merrian said not sure about that one will have to talk with Joan.

I called Dave the next day and went to play golf. Merrian and Joan had the afternoon to themselves. Golf took 4 hours and when we returned the girls were talking and stopped when we came in. Joan and Dave left and went home. I asked if she and Joan had talked and she said oh yes a lot. I asked well? She has had a fantasy for some time about tasting another woman. I said oh and she wants to taste you? We talked about it. And? Well I like her a lot and told her the next time the four of us get together I will allow her to taste me if she wants. And you I asked? Merrian said not sure I have to think about it for a while. It feels strange to me. I said ok whatever you want to do is ok with me.

About a month later we planned another party. Merrian was all excited about being with Dave again which surprised me. She had told me he really got her off the last time and was looking to more fun with him. I certainly wanted to do Joan again. When Dave and I played golf we talked about our wives and the last time we got together. He wanted to know if Joan had given me a blow job and I told him yes the best I had ever had and he just smiled and said that is my Joan. I asked about Merrian and he said at the end she went down and finished me off, she is fantastic.

We sat in their living room. Merrian was sitting on Dave and Joan was close to me. There was no doubt about what was next. Merrian and I had talked and had decided we would watch each other this time. Joan and Dave had agreed to four in the bed. I was going to watch my wife in action for the first time.

When we got to the bedroom the two girls got in the middle with us guys on the outside. The girls were going to go first with Merrian still uncertain what she was going to do except let Joan do her thing. . Joan was about to taste her first pussy except her own. She was very excited and nervous at the same time.

Merrian had told me she was ok with what Joan wanted to do because it would be the same things any man would like to do. She also told me she wanted to get off with Joan if she could, otherwise what was the point. I got hard just thinking about what they were about to do.

Joan kissed Merrian and Merrian face flushed and she said to Joan that felt nice and so they did some kissing both getting turned on. The kisses got wet and Merrian moved her legs apart and Joan played with her boobs and than her hand slipped down and Merrian gasped as Joan begin to finger her. Joan pulled her finger out and put it in her mouth and said umm good. Joan moved down and with her head poised for a moment leaned in and licked Merrian for the first time. Merrian shuttered at the touch of her tongue. Joan slipped a finger in Merrian and sucked and fingered her. I made my move and so did Dave.

Dave moved up and I moved down. Merrian turned her head and Dave slipped his cock in her mouth and moved in and out. I got in back of Joan and slipped into her pussy and she gave a muffled gasp as I fucked her doggie. What a scene. Joan was totally into Merrian with tongue and fingers and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she shuttered and making muffled sounds climaxed on my cock. I pulled out still squirting all over her butt and back. Merrian was sucking hard on Dave and suddenly threw her legs in the air and thrusting against Joan made sounds and came on her face. Joan rose up with her face all wet with a smile on her face. Dave lost it and exploded and pulled out still squirting. Merrian had cum all over her face and boobs. We all got quiet. There was cum all over the girls.

They got up and ran to the bathroom to clean up. When the returned Merrian whispered to me she really got me off. I think I will do her later. That was fun and exciting. We took a break to recover.

Merrian and I had a chance to talk and as we were sitting on the patio she said I really had fun with Joan. I said I could tell you really got off with her. I asked are you going to do her. Merrian said I am thinking about it. I said why not get her in private so you can be comfortable. She said maybe I will.

It was still early and so we had time for more. Merrian whispered something to Joan and Joan got a smile on her face and nodded a yes. Joan said we will be back in a bit and she and Merrian went down the hallway hand in hand. I said to Dave Merrian is going to do Joan in private. He said good Joan was hoping she would. A while later the girls returned, both with flushed faces. Merrian whispered to me I did it and it was fun. She got me all wet when she got off. I said to her I want to see you doing that next time.

We would be spending the afternoon and evening with them and Dave told me another couple he and Joan knew wanted to join us in the evening and was it ok with us? I asked Merrian and she talked with Joan and said sure if it is ok with you. You know what it means right? I said well we were going to do that anyway if Dave and Joan had said no. So sure why not and Dave called their friends and invited them. It would be their first venture and knew what it would be about and were willing. Dave said they were Robert and Alice and a very nice couple.

Dave went out to their pool and Merrian looked at me and I nodded a yes as I knew she wanted to join him. She got in the pool with him and Joan and I sat watching them move toward each other with clear intentions. She said to me he has been looking forward to this weekend all week, he really likes Merrian.

I looked over and Dave and Merrian were close together. I watched as my wife kissed him and pulled him in close and in I was sure. I felt Joan put her hand in my lap and I had gotten hard watching them in the pool. She smiled and said is that for me and I said yes for you. I could her splashing sounds coming from the pool and it was clear that Dave was giving it to Merrian under water. Her face got very flushed and she was holding on to him tight as he fucked her.

Joan stood up and leaned over a chair and looked back at me with an invitation in her eyes and I moved behind her and pushed her skirt up over her butt and slipped in and went deep. Dave looked over and could see me fucking his wife and went back to doing Merrian. Later we were sitting with drinks and relaxing and recovering.

Dinner time was approaching and so the girls got busy in the kitchen. There was a knock at the door as Robert and Alice had arrived. Alice joined the other girls in the kitchen after introductions and Robert joined us guys on the patio for drinks. Robert said we are both nervous. Dave said are you sure that you want to join us for the evening? Robert said yes we are sure just a little nervous. It will be our first time doing anything like this, although we have talked about it for some time.

Dinner was announced and after we had finished we were all sitting around getting ready for the evening fun. Alice was a beautiful blond and had a flush on her face as we sat talking as she knew she was about to have sex with either Dave or me shortly. Robert was watching Merrian and Joan wondering which one would be for him. To make it interesting and fun we planned a drawing, so each of them would draw a name and leave for one of the bedrooms and the two left out would have their chance later in the evening. Tonight it was going to be about Robert and Alice and their introduction to the swing scene.

I had a 50-50 chance at being with Alice first and was hoping. Alice drew her name and looked at it and Robert did the same. There was a momentary pause and finally Robert said Joan and she giggled and said lucky me and stood up and went over to him waiting for Alice to reveal her name. She finally said Jim and I smiled and said ok. Dave looked a little disappointed, but gave me thumbs up.

I moved over to Alice and offered her my hand and she took it with a nervous look on her face. I said it will be ok as I led her down the hallway towards one of the bedrooms. Joan was behind us with Robert. When Alice and I were behind closed doors she seemed to relax a little and I moved over to her and kissed her softly. I asked are you sure you want to do this. She said yes just not in front of Robert.

I said good and reached over and unbuttoned her top and she gasped a little at my touch. Her face flushed and as we made eye contact I said you know what I am going to do to you right? She said yes and I removed the rest of her clothes. She had large boobs and her nipples were hard standing out and I leaned in and took one in my mouth. She moaned and said I love that. I asked how many men have you been with and she said only Robert until now. I stood in front of her and took my clothes off. She looked down at my hard cock and said you are big, and I said it will fit ok and moved over to her and we went to the bed.

I wasted no time and pushed her legs apart and slipped into her pussy slowly pushing in a little at a time. She was very wet and tight. She moaned and said you are filling me up as I went all the way in. Her legs came up in the air and I gave it to her hard. She grunted and gasping for air climaxed immediately. I held still inside her waiting for her to come down. I said you are very good and she said I am so hot. I made eye contact and asked her ready for more and she said yes. I fucked her some more. She held on to me tight as I gave it to her, not holding anything back now. I pulled out and pulled her on top of me so she could go for a ride. She looked down at me as I slipped back in and could see the lust on my face. She let it all out and rode me hard.

Her expression changed and she was fucking me and her eyes opened wide and she grunted several times and jammed herself on my cock and yelled out and climaxed hard and that got me off and I exploded in her pussy with cum running out on my tummy and her legs. She collapsed on top of me kissing me and panting. I held her tight waiting for her to come down from her ride. Finally she said wow that was wild. I said yes you were wild. She got off me and went into the bathroom to clean up and when she returned she still had that I just got fucked look that Robert would see when we went back.

We got dressed and everyone was waiting for our return. Break time.

Dave and I and Robert went out to the patio to talk. He looked concerned and asked me if Alice was ok and I looked him in the eye and said yes she is terrific and he knew what I meant; that I had just fucked his wife. Finally Dave said are you sure you want to continue? Robert said yes. Dave said well my turn next and you get Merrian, she is wonderful. He said Joan was incredible. Dave and I laughed and both said yes we know.

It was a wild evening. In the end all us guys had all the girl and they had all us guys. We all sat around later talking and knowing each other much better. Joan and Merrian were sitting together holding hands. Alice noticed and was watching them. Joan kissed Merrian and turned to Alice and asked ever kissed another woman? Alice smiled and flushed and said no not like that. Merrian got up and walked over to Alice and said would you mind if I kissed you like that? Alice looked at Robert like what do I do now? Robert said go ahead, so Alice said ok and Merrian gave her a long and wet kiss. When they parted Alice was very flushed and finally said that was nice, never done that before.

Joan walked over to her and asked how about me too, and leaned in and kissed her too. Alice looked at Robert and said wow is that what you want me to do? He said you know, we have talked about it. She said yes.

Alice looked at Joan and Merrian and asked so you two play with each other? They smiled and said yes we just started to do that for our first times. We have had a lot of fun. Do you want to see what it is like?

Alice said Robert wants me to. Alice paused for a moment and finally said not sure what I want to do. Joan said well you can just lay back and we will do everything and all you have to do is relax and enjoy, right Merrian? Merrian said oh yes right. Robert looked at Alice and said I would like you to try it at least once. Alice finally said ok if you want me to, I will do it for you. What do I do? Joan said nothing, just relax and Merrian and I will do everything. They all moved to the floor.

Merrian was on onside of her and Joan on the other. Merrian asked me to turn the lights down so I did and they made their move on Alice. Joan said to Alice it will be ok you will enjoy what we do to you I promise. Together Merrian and Joan undressed Alice and them themselves as we watched. Alice closed her eyes and waited for what came next. The girls kissed her in turn and Joan ran her hand up and down her legs. Merrian played with her boobs and took one in her mouth. Alice gasped and said oh as Merrian sucked on her boobs and Joan played with her legs and thighs. Alice was being touched all over for her first time by a woman. They took it slow in the beginning, but finally Joan slipped a finger in her pussy and she suddenly opened her eyes and jerked a little and said oh, oh as Joan fingered her and Merrian kissed her at the same time. Alice moaned feels good and relaxed and let the ladies work her over.

Alice face was very flushed and she was breathing hard as the ladies worked her over. Joan leaned in and licked her pussy and Alice looked down and jerked as her tongue went in and out as she sucked on her clit. Alice shuttered and grunted and climaxed. Joan rose up with her face all wet smiling and said got her. Merrian said me and moved down and replaced Joan and licked and sucked her in turn. Alice lost it completely and her legs went up in the air and she spread wide open as Merrian fingered her hard and fast and she got off for the second time in just a few minutes. Joan asked Alice you ok? Alice nodded a yes and said that felt so good. I feel like a very bad girl. They all spent some time kissing each other and Alice tentatively reached out and felt Merrian and then Joan.

Alice was into the moment. She allowed her hands to roam over their bodies and Merrian spread for her and took her hand and her finger and pushed into her pussy. Alice got a surprised look on her face as Merrian fucked her finger. She said you are so wet and Merrian for you Alice. Merrian held on to her hand and leaned in and kissing her passionately thrust against her finger and grunted and climaxed. She whispered to Alice you got me off bad girl. Joan whispered something in her ear and she paused for a moment and finally nodded a yes. Merrian moved away and went down on Alice again swinging around so her pussy was within reach.

Merrian moved up and leaned in and licked Joan and she gasped as Merrian licked her. Merrian whispered to Alice and Alice leaned in and joined Merrian licking and tasting her first pussy. Merrian swung around so she was in a position for Alice to lick her to. They were now in a daisy chain with Alice on Merrian and Merrian on Joan and Joan on Alice. It was a scene to behold.

Once Alice got into it she was really into it and any doubts had disappeared as she worked Merrian over. Joan was the first to cum and shuttered and moaned oh yes and then Alice followed her and gasping for air as she was licking on Merrian grunted and climaxed and finally Merrian had he cum thrusting and moaning and climaxed too. They all lay there breathing hard with wet and red faces. Time for a break and as they sat up Alice said that was wild and wonderful. Never would have believed I could do that.

We all had a drink and finally Alice shared that she really had a good time that night and was glad she had come. She turned to Joan and Merrian and said I really enjoyed what we did and hope we will have more time in the future. They both gave her a hug and Merrian said you were a real trooper and yes we will have more in the future I am sure. But that is another story for later.

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