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Fun Night on a Quick Trip to South Carolina

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The trip to South Carolina was so refreshing. Things started kind of slow, I was wondering just what I was doing in a hotel room in Brookings with a bunch of people I either didn't know or knew just briefly on other weekends of a similar nature.

There was the usual food, drink and endless conversation. I tried to follow along and be polite, but was wondering when everybody would get naked and start the fun. Cindy had brought her usual super sweet fare and there was a crock pot of some sort of meatballs and some cocktail shrimp that looked good. As I was looking the table over Cyrus, a man I had met briefly in the broken hot tub downstairs, came over and started talking to me. I knew what he really wanted to eat and it didn't have anything to do with what was on that table. He said, "lets go down to my room and throw chocolate at each other." I grabbed a couple of bars and headed out of there down to his darkened room. We put the sweets down after only a bite and started to kiss and touch and taste the sweetness of each others mouths. It only took a few seconds before our clothes were in a commingled pile on the already littered floor.

I was excited when I reached down and felt his hard and very nice cock. It was so soft and the skin on the head sooooo smooth. I wanted to taste it! He was fondling both of my breasts and kissing my neck, it felt so good. We pulled apart and I looked at the already rumpled bed and dove in. As I crawled from the foot of the bed toward the pillows I heard him groan. I knew he liked the view. We caressed each other and started some really deep kissing. He was good at it and we ate each other up. Then he went down and started to do the same to my pussy lips. Oh my god it felt nice. After a few minutes I was so juicy and excited and came good, but we weren't any where near finished. We kissed each other again and I could taste my sweetness in his mouth making me even more horney than before. I started playing with his dick, it was beckoning to me to lick it. When I put my tongue on the tip and felt its smoothness I got very excited. I licked the head and down the shaft slowly and sensuously making it wet. I heard him catch his breath as I sucked the whole thing down into my throat. Next I licked his balls which were very clean shaven, just the way I like them. Oh so nice! He was swelling and pulsing near orgasm so I stroked him firmly a few times and came up for something new.

We kissed deeply again and I climbed on top of him. My pussy was wet, but tight as he entered into me. It fit so nice and I moved slowly up and down on it making me even wetter. It had been a long time since I was this ready and it heightened my excitement even more. The man was GOOD at what he was doing! He said, "We can have lots of fun together". I was thinking the same thing. As I rode him faster and harder I started moaning and licking my lips which always makes me wetter. Then the door opened and 4 more people entered the room. There was an awkward moment and they started to leave, but I said it was ok. They all took off their clothes and started fucking on the bed next to us. I liked the quick glances at what they were doing to each other and the sounds of arousal coming from them. This is good, I thought. I continued riding Cyrus like a cowgirl at the rodeo rides a bucking bronco, arching my back and letting him pound into me.

We had been at it for quite a while and I was thirsty so he got up and found some cold water for me to drink. As he handed it to me he asked if he should get the Dolphin. I said I didn't know what that was and he explained that it was a vibrating cock ring. I am always willing to try new things so I encouraged him to get it. He put it on and the thing was impressive to say the least. He started it up and turned it up to warp speed. The added stimulation to my already throbbing pussy turned me into a raving maniac, bucking and moaning to new heights not seen in quite a while. If this was the only fucking I got for the night I would be satisfied! We played like porn stars in a movie. I had forgotten that I could move like that, but my body craved more and he gave it to me. We were both breathless and satiated when we finally separated. This was promising to be a fun night!

We got dressed and went back to the room with the food where everybody was still talking, eating and drinking. I sat down and listened for a few minutes and then got the key to my room so I could get some more wine and change into something a little more sexy. I put on pink tiger striped thong panties and a hot pink lacy negligee, covered it all up with a pink silk robe and walked back down the hall to see what would happen next.

It didn't take long and Merle, who I had perviously had a wham-baming good time with when I met him last fall, came and took my hand and led me out the door. We went down the hall to another room that was a more well kept version of the room where everybody was still talking. This was Jordan's room, he had porn playing on the tv and had set the mood a bit by having a nice fuzzy throw on the bed. Merle and I got out of our clothes with little or no fooling around, so much for the sexy outfit. He was hard right away and went down for a little snack at the Y. He didn't waste much time before he was on top of me and I noticed Jordan watching from a few feet away. It turned me on to see him there watching. As I began to moan and writhe under Merle's expert fucking I lifted both of my cold feet in the air and they came down on his chest and slightly under his arms. He gasped at the cold, but kept going. I felt Jordan grab my right foot and start massaging it. My foot, my pussy, my lips were all happily busy.

I wanted more. Merle made as if to leave Jordan and I alone but I stopped him. Soon I was in the middle of two hard and sexy men. Both of them pleasuring me until I came again, hard. This night just kept getting better. Merle left and I sucked on Jordan's dick while he licked me. Then we rolled over and he fucked me so hard that we were both juicy and covered with sweat, even though the room was quite cool. When we finished he offered me his shower letting me get prepared for another trip to the meeting room. There were still stories being told and food and spirits being enjoyed. I curled up on the couch next to Sharon and tucked my feet under me, they were cold again.

After a time Terry, who had been eyeing me up since the night began, came and offered his hand to me. I took it and followed him into the adjoining room where the sexy clothes hit the floor yet again. He has a knack for using his tongue that got us started. He licked my pussy making it wet and juicy again. I love the way he feels my breasts, all men love breasts I heard someone say earlier. We played with each other until we were both ready to fuck and fuck we did! The hour was getting late and after we cleaned up and got dressed we went back out into the room with the stories and the food and spirits. I had some water and finished my wine. I thought the evening had come to an end, but Jordan had other ideas. He asked me to come with him to his room again, which was all tidy and cozy again with different porn on the tv. We enjoyed some 69 and got to know each others bodies a little better. I was getting sleepy so I helped him jerk off by stroking his hard penis and playing with his balls and anus until he squirted his load all over.

I started to think about Rex sitting in the room with the stories, food and spirits and wondered if he had gotten lucky. He had been gone after I returned from Jordan's room the last time. I made my excuses and we returned to the room only to find it much less crowded and everybody looking ready to turn in. Rex and I left and went down the hall to our room where we talked and had a warm vodka tonic, both of the ice machines were broken. I didn't think I had enough energy to get horney enough to have another orgasm, but I had dry skin from all the chlorine in the hot tub so I asked him to rub lotion on my butt. One thing led to another and soon we were kissing and fondling each other. It is very exciting to tell him about my evening and it is also nice to "come home" to his arms and wonderful kissing, licking,and fucking. He was hard for me and I licked his big cock until he was ready to mount me. We both came together and lay satisfied in each others arms, a refreshing end to a great trip to South Carolina.

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