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Fun In The Sun ,,, by sweetness

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Fun In The Sun…

Sitting at my desk with my mind a thousands of miles away thinking about how great it would be to actually be some where else at this moment. I have been trying to get Leslie to book a trip, she keeps putting me off stating work and too much of everything else going on lets wait is always her answer, so waiting it has been with a few day dreams along the way. Today the wait is over, my phone rang and it really was no surprise that it was Leslie because it was way past the time I usually hear from her, she is laughing as she says ok Grace you win book the damn trip I need sunshine and hot sex in the sun. Thank goodness she has finally came around. We discuss the possibilities and make a choice and I get to booking the trip, look out Jamaica here we cum. There are a few small details to take care of, we each have to make some calls to let people know we will be away. As I begin my email to let G know that I am going away with Leslie for a few days, which will make him happy he knows how much I need to get away. Ice cold drinks beach side, oiled body’s with the skimpiest of clothing and hot wet sex are visions in my head. You see Leslie and I are both bi and have been playmates for some time, we share the men in our life’s as well, it is no surprise to them we are taking this trip together and not taking either of them along.

Travel day has arrived, we drove to Atlanta late yesterday afternoon to catch our flight and a very, very early morning one it is. I love flying and Leslie does not, always up tight and needing a drink before and during the flight and jumpy as hell. Me on the other hand I am relaxed and laid back and always looking for that moment and the right person for the mile high sex. I have a fantasy to join the “mile high club” you never know this may be the flight. We have boarded the plane and getting settled in as the flight attendant stops to chat with us for a few noticing that Leslie is so up tight about flying and she is trying to reassure her it will be a wonderful flight. My thoughts at this moment is oh yes babe it sure could be, you see she is a hottie, and her body language is giving off the signals that she would be very receptive to some girl / girl play as well. This is going to be a very light flight not heavily booked and plenty of room with most people setting in the front to nap on the flight so they will be refreshed and ready to start the day off when we touch down in Jamaica. Before take off our flight attendant Jill stops back and lets us know that everyone has boarded and there are plenty of empty seats in the rear next to her station if we would like to move back, this might make Leslie more comfortable, she reaches over and gives Leslie a rub on the leg as she smiles at me saying she thinks it would be better for everyone. This flight is always a quiet flight she says and she will have plenty of time to talk with us, giving us special service with a smile. Getting settled in the rear was easy enough and as she had suggested there were rows between us and the other passengers. This was interesting to each for different reasons, for me the mile high was looking good, for Leslie not having everyone know how up set she got when flying. We are now into the flight and turns out going to be a little bumpy, as the aircraft moves around a little Leslie reaches over for my hand for something to squeeze, and I laugh telling her to relax, relax hell she says you know I hate this cannot wait until it is over. Trying to ease her a little I lean over to rub he thigh with my hand Jill notices this and comes over asking if there is anything she can do, a blanket would be nice if u could get one. She returns with a blanket and a drink for Leslie, saying she figured it would be welcomed. I have the blanket spread over us and as we get settled I feel Leslie ease my hand off her thigh down towards her pussy, as I reach on over I can feel her wetness I begin to finger her clit and pussy relaxing her as she finishes her drink. Neither one of us notices that Jill has returned and is standing watching as Leslie is moving her pussy more towards me so I can get better access and is moaning softly as she reaches a climax point and cum’s on my fingers in her pussy, as I take my fingers from her pussy and lick her cum off them and begin to reach over to kiss her letting her taste is when I notices that Jill is standing there fingering her own pussy as she watches. I kiss Leslie giving her cum as I reach to pull Jill into us so Leslie can run her hand up the skirt that Jill has on. Les looks at me an says oh grace no panties, she likes to be ready like us, so when she starts to feel wet she can get to it. This statement makes Jill smile and as Les begins to finger her more intently we soon find out that our Miss Jill is a squirter, as she cum’s she squirts wetting all three of our hands and they all are up her skirt in that pussy. As we are all three licking our fingers tasting Jill’s cum she suggests that I move on over to the seat closest to the window and for Leslie to move as well, and we are moving I look over and ask what does she have in mind. As she moves into the seat next to Les she says trust me this works wonders if you are interested, and this really has me wondering what she has on her mind. She begins to instruct us to recline the seats as she is handing me some pillows to place in my seat and over the arm rest, suggesting that I slide over onto Leslies lap and turn towards her, lean back and relax. I am beginning to see where this is going as she reaches into her pocket and removes a mini vibe giving it to Leslie as she slips down in front of me and begins to lick my clit and wet pussy. Leslie has unbuttoned my blouse and is playing with my nipples as Jill is licking my clit and fingering my pussy bringing me to a wonderful soothing orgasm, as she licks the cum from my drenched pussy Leslie starts to laugh saying this has not been such a bad flight after all as she sure hopes the rest of the vacation is this great. Just then I glance over Jill as we are beginning to re adjust and notice these two gentleman that have ventured to the rear of the plane and taken seats where they could watch our little show, we must have not been as quite as we thought. Leslie looks and notices that both men are hard as rocks and stroking their dicks as they watch us. Jill walks over and asks if there is anything she can do for them and not that it was much of a surprise they asked if we would continue to play for a few more minutes for them as they were both close to cumin. Jill and I trade places and I begin to eat her pussy as I am using the vibe on her clit, her and Leslie are playing with each others nipples as Les takes her hand and gets her fingers wet with Jill’s juices and places her fingers in Jill’s mouth to be licked as Jill kisses Leslie sharing with her I bring her to her orgasm, checking on our viewers to we notice they have cum as well stroking and watching us. As we all are cleaning up and pulling our self’s back together we hear one of the other flight attendants explaining we will be landing shortly, hearing this I ask Jill is she going to get into any trouble as she assures me oh no we all cover for each other and this just happened to be my lucky day. As she was ready to walk off she turned and said hope you ladies had a wonderful flight I enjoyed serving you on Delta. Within a few minutes we were getting ready to get off the plane and head to the hotel.

We will be staying at the Rockhouse Hotel in the party town of Negril, Jamaica and were are going to tear it up. Upon arriving at the resort we soon discover that our travel agent was so right this place is going to be great. We are checked in and getting settled in the room when we begin to hear laughter outside the sliding door and see several people headed down the path to the beach, this crowd looks great so we get changed and head on out to see how things are going to shape up. Stopping at the bar to get a drink to take with us we head down the same path. Seclusion is easy found here, paths wrap around the cliffs with stairs that lead down to the warm waters and to quiet nooks, isolated beach chairs with the best sunsets in Jamaica. As we arrive at the beach we find us a nice area and settle in to enjoy the late morning sun. The sun was great and the water even better, I decide to take a short walk up the beach and look around, as I glance over to look around I see many people relaxing in the sun having a drink and getting to know people that are passing by, seeing some that I am making a mental note of to say hello on my way back to where Leslie is sunning. Up the beach a piece from where we were I glance to where a path leads down to the beach and splits off in two directions, to the right is a secluded area and I can her laughter coming from the area, and I am starting t head back the way I just came from I catch a glimpse of naked bodies and this has my interest peaked, not meaning to invade the privacy of others but feeling that tingle in my pussy that I get when I watch people play I ease over to find three very sexy ladies all twisted on a blanket with several toys and a very sexy well hung gentleman lounging in a chair watching them play has he stroked his dick. The were well tanned and were all covered in oil as the licked and kissed and played with each other. I could not take my eyes off this scene and I am so glad that I stayed to watch. This was going to be a trip with prime opportunity for girl play as well as some dick if we decide we want some. I am standing there watching as the scene changes and two of the ladies assume the 69 position and begin to eat each other with hands rubbing all over each others slick bodies, the third lady is seeking the help of the man in getting a strapon all ready for her to use. I know that I should either leave or make my presence known but I just can’t. As the blonde moves around behind the two and enters one doggy style with the strapon and starts to fuck her pussy as she is still eating the other lady I moan aloud as I feel the juices running out of my pussy, I have been playing with my self as I watched. This is really getting hot, she is fucking her with everything she has and you can tell they are having a great time lost in what I am seeing I have not noticed the man standing beside of me as he touches my arm to get my attention I blush at having been caught playing with my dripping wet pussy watching the ladies fuck in the sun. Seeing that he has startled me he laughs and says it’s cool would u like to join in, I mumble I that I need to be going that I had left my friend down the beach, as he asks how far I tell him just a little ways and point in Leslies direction, he asks me to describe my friend and he will go bring her up, I tell him what Leslie looks like and where to find her and her name and also telling him that I am Grace. He tells me he is Brad and the ladies are Liz, Mandy , Melody and welcome to Seven Mile Beach. Telling me to feel free to join in letting the ladies know I was there he heads off to get Leslie. As I approach the three ladies one removes her self from the mix to welcome me offering me some tanning oil and telling me to make my self at home, as I am getting comfortable she asks don’t you think you would be more comfortable with out the suit, I smile as I began to remove my top agreeing with her as she moves over and begins to remove the bottoms to my swim suit, saying that she would like to welcome me to their little get together the proper way. As she begins to rub the tanning oil onto my body using her hands to explore and tease seeing how far I will let her go. She has moved to my thighs and is rubbing oil on them letting her fingers slip closer to my pussy with each movement, as a finger brushes against my clit she tells me that I have a beautiful shaved pussy and it looks so wet and she would love to taste me if I didn’t mind, as I eased on down laying completely on the blanket I said by all means please do I simply love to have my pussy eaten and played with as well as returning the favor and adored toys also. She began to lick my clit and pussy with her tongue and I began get into her movement I started to move my pussy into her face for her to reach the most sensitive places and she started to ease a finger into my wet pussy I began to feel that my nipples were being sucked on at the same time as I open my eyes I see that there is a lady on each nipple sucking them and starting to rub the rest of my body in oil, I drift off back to my thoughts of the moment before, this trip is for Leslie and I to relax have a good time and play, girl play was something that is always welcome and this trip was shaping up, the girl action was going to be hot just wish the guys were here to watch, if I goes well maybe we can invite a few of our new friends for a video to take back and share our trip. Melody is who’s eating my pussy using her tongue very well and Liz hands her a dildo that is just awesome, as she begins to fuck me with the dildo I am in sheer heaven, my body is being massaged and both my nipples sucked and I began to fuck the dildo back as I begged Melody to fuck me harder, she picked up the rhythm and was fucking me hard as I pictured G standing over me encouraging me to let her fuck me harder till I came all over the dildo as he stroked his dick telling me he would give me his cum if I would cum for Melody, as she fucked me harder and played with my clit I could not hold back the powerful orgasm any longer as I moaned if pleasure and cum dripping out of my pussy I heard Leslie say I should have known if anyone was having sex Grace would be sure to find them. Everyone including my self began to laugh. As we all are sitting having a cold drink our new friends tell us that they arrived yesterday and so far things have been wonderful. The met Brad last night at the reggae club, The Beach @ Alford’s , and they were going to Jimmy Buffetts tonight if we wanted to go with them. Leslie told them we would love to. As we were sunning Mandy told Leslie that they needed to welcome her to the group the proper way, did she need help in getting naked. As they begin to take care of Leslie I just sat back and watched the show was very pleasing to the eye. As Liz began to lick Leslies pussy Mandy and Melody began to massage her body with oil and sucking on her nipples making them so very hard, her nipples are very sensitive anyway and are pierced and she love them played with and anyone could have told she was really getting off on the play. Melody came over to me for help in putting on the strapon they had telling me that she had never gotten to fuck anyone before and she was so wet thinking about getting to do this, she said the three of them have been friends for a few years and she suspected that Liz and Mandy played with each other and dabbled in the lifestyle but they didn’t talk about it until a month ago on a shopping trip when they pulled into an adult toy store. That night they brought Melody into their world. That is why she came with them on this trip, it is a girl play trip for them and possibly a well hung male or two to fuck also but all three got off having a man watch them play even if they didn’t fuck him. Their fantasy that they want to fulfill on this trip is to have an audience of 8 to 10 men sitting and watching them lick and fuck each other, they have brought along a video camera for the event. This is working out to be just the stress relief. Melody was about to fuck her first pussy and you could tell Leslie was so ready. Melody entered Leslie and started out slow teasing her with long slow strokes then picking up some speed I was really getting off on this fingering my clit when Mandy invited me over to sit on her face so she could taste me. I moved over to Mandy and turned around and lowered my pussy into her face as I worked my way to her wet pussy and began to nibble. Mandy has an awesome tongue and was bringing me to my second orgasm and I placed two fingers into her pussy and found that spot that works wonders for us all as I fingered and licked with the sole intent to make her cum all over my face I heard Leslie beg Melody to fuck her hard and she cum for her, Melody fucked her first pussy and had Leslie moaning in delight. We headed up the path back to our rooms to clean up for a night out on the town for dinner and dancing, we agreed that we each would set out to pick up a man tonight to join Brad in our audience. Knowing that Leslie and I both love chocolate and Brad being white, don’t get me wrong here, race is no issue with Leslie and myself and Brad has a wonderful looking package in case any of us decided we wanted to go there, I needed to know if they had a problem if Leslie or I chose chocolate. Almost at the room I ask them if they have one more minute I have a question and I ask them if they have a problem with chocolate as they smile at me Liz speaks up saying that they never have but love the ideal of the taboo and asks if he have, I explain yes we do and I have a regular playmate that is black and that I an addicted to big black cock. So it is agreed we would meet my the pool and head out and come back Brad and five other men, hopefully at least two of them black because they were relaying on Leslie and I to choose them, and more if we liked what we saw.

In our room getting dressed Leslie and I were talking that this was a far better trip than we had dreamed it would be, we had planned to play with each other and hope to find another female or two but knew that was not always easy to do and we have found four, Jill our flight attendant and Liz, Mandy and Melody. We knew we would be able to find well hung men with no problem, the question was is this going to be trip of eating pussy and toy play or did we want some big black dick also. I mentioned to Leslie that regardless, my fantasy is being taken care of the sex on the plane ride was the top highlight, and everything else was falling into place. We agree to come back with at least four black studs if possible since there were five of us, Leslie reminds me to get the video camera ready so we can play all night long. Dressed is sheer flowing short skimpy dresses and sandals we head to the pool area hand n hand singing Sex Me Baby .

The girls arrive at the pool just as Brad shows up and we head out for some dinner and then some dancing and hot wild sex. The club was a really happening place but just a little to laid back for what we were after so we head to in search of the wilder side we breeze in and out of some places checking out the crowd and head back to Alford’s where things are super hot. Thinks are looking up everyone is working the crowd having a great time I look to see Leslie, Brad and Mandy dancing together with Brad sandwiched between them looking as if his dick could slide right in Mandy. I am at the bar just about to get something to drink and I feel a warm body press up against my back and a tongue lick up my neck making a wave of electricity run thru my body as I fell that hard dick pressed up against me, wow not bad I am thinking as he offers to buy me a drink, I turn to see a perfect Tyne Diggs look a like and hard has a rock. Not letting this one get away I accept the drink and ask if there is anything else he has to offer that I might would like to try. Smiling as he leads me to a table off to its self he tells me, I am sure can think so, but you can be the judge of that. And just that intend to do but all in due time, its time to have a little fun dance, drink, and tease and see what happens. As I look around for the rest of my group I notice that everyone seems to be having a great time Leslie has become all wrapped up with a damn good looking man looks to be about 6’6” very muscular and a smile that would melt anything, Mandy an Brad are still all twisted on the dance floor now the surprise is Liz and Melody, they have both gotten all twisted up with two sexy looking men, one light chocolate one dark chocolate and just dripping in sexual energy. We all meet on the dance floor and just get all mixed up together dancing, rubbing, touching and teasing each other until some suggests that we move our little party to a more private place as us ladies excuse ourselves for a minute this gives the guys a chance to talk freely, and we have enlisted Brad to give an overview, that we are all bi, love female play as well as playing with men, but liking to start the play by pitting on a show for the men and looking for someone to video as we play. Brad did not loose anyone during this and when we returned off down the peach we went. Liz suggested we return to their room as they had more space, good ideal to us, so I stopped my the room for my bag and off to play . Pillows had been placed on the floor and nicely as I was getting my camera out of my bag and Leslie was getting some toys out Tyler my Tyne Diggs look a like approached me asking if I would like for him to do the honors, I said sure but use this tripod u may want to join in and that would be hard with a camera in hand. Mandy has put on some soft music and everyone is getting relaxed and drinks have been handed out I turn to see that Liz could not wait with one move her dress was history and she had found her a toy and was working her pussy and u could already see the wetness as she moved with the toy, Leslie decided to give her some assistance and begin to suck on her nipples this was pleasing to everyone and the men began to take a seat to enjoy the show. By this time Melody and Mandy had joined Liz and Leslie on the floor and I was actually enjoying watching them as well, as I started to get undressed and join in I looked at the men, nice hard bodies so I decided to watch them as they finished getting undressed. This was getting interesting as much as I want so girl play the men looked so good nice hard bodies and very well hung dicks that were harden as they watched the ladies. Leslie asked me to join in as I began to ease over and sit on a ottoman and slide to lay on my back and Leslie began to lick my pussy and clit, as my pussy began to get wet she slid in a chocolate dildo and was fucking me with it as she ate my to a most wonderful orgasm. We exchanged places and as I started to eat her and play with her pussy with the same toy Mandy eased behind me and started teasing my pussy with the strapon that she was wearing, then she entered me and began to fuck me doggy style as I was licking Leslies pussy, the more that Mandy fucked me the more intense I got with Leslie until she wad begging for me to use the toy harder on her, just then u could here Melody and Liz cum in delight. I got just a little more intense with Leslies pussy as she climaxed for me and her sweet juices were running out of her unto my face, by complete surprise Tyler walked over and licked Leslies cum from my face as I cum from Mandy fucking me with the strap on. By this time more of the guys had joined in and the floor was covered with body’s locking and fucking. As I noticed over my shoulder Leslie was working on a very beautiful dick, he was so hard and looked to be a good thick 10” and she was loving every minute of it. Tyler moves me to a place where he move me over him onto his face so he could eat my pussy and I took that wonderful dick into my mouth. As he began to get harder in my mouth I could not wait to have him inside me, I eased down and slid my wet pussy on that dick and began to fuck him and damn what a feeling, fucking that black dick and watching the activities of the room. Things in this room was so hot every was involved in play. As Tyler turned me over onto my knees and entered me from the rear and started to fuck me as he played with my ass I was just about to cum all over his dick and he started to tease me making me beg for it harder, just as I was about to cum he began to fuck me harder and release his load all over my ass as I had the most wonderful orgasm. We took this time to enjoy a cold drink and watch the show, one of the most interesting was Liz wearing a strapon and Mandy riding it as Melody was setting on Liz’s face and Brad was fucking Mandy in the ass, this was her first dp and she wanted it to be a female and a male fucking her and she got her wish, we all enjoyed the show. We all sat and talked for a few and headed off to our rooms to get some much needed sleep. But before Leslie and I left we said good by to Liz, Mandy and Melody they were leaving early the next morning and so we needed to exchange addresses and phone numbers.

Back in our room Leslie and I talked for a few and went right off to sleep. We started the next day by the pool so we would be close to the bar and the room. This was just going to be a lazy day to recharge before going out in the evening. There was plenty activity around the pool, and lots of pool games and people stopping by to say hello and have a drink. We meet a lot of very nice people at the pool and had a great time. Just as I was getting ready to head off to the room, Tyler from last night and Brandon approach and say hello and asked if we have plans for the evening, Leslie speaks up and she said I think that we do now, they said they would come by for us at 7 if that was enough time I assured him it would be. After arriving back in the room Leslie looks over and giggles as she asks if I minded she said yes, I assured her I was about to my self and she walked over to give me a smack on the ass I kissed her and began to play with her pussy as we slid out of our swim wear and worked our way to the floor over the bed because we were so oiled from the sun, as we went down in each other licking and fingering each other to a perfect orgasm we must have been a little loud and had left the door open because as I looked up two ladies were standing there fingering each other as they watched thru our door. I asked if they wanted to come in and to my surprise they walked in and went straight to eating Leslie and my self. As I was having my pussy eaten again by a complete stranger it just kept getting wetter, have always had a fantasy of sex with strangers male and female and this has been the best trip ever, hot wet sex with strangers and no one even cared.

The guys picked us up as we headed down the beach to the clubs, as we ate dinner Tyler said there was a swingers party going on in the suite next to him at his resort and asked if we wanted to attend, so off we went. This resort was different than ours, larger suites with private patios, the party had already started when we arrived. Upon entering we were given info clothing was an option could be hung by the door or kept with u we chose to loose ours at the door. The crowd was great people every where as the four of us found a place and began to play with each other, we played for some time switching partners before heading out into the room to mingle and play. As I walked up to a couple that had pulled Leslie into them to look at her nipple rings I noticed a blonde had taken Tyler in her mouth and was sucking his cock as he became hard for her. As he began to fuck her I felt fingers in my pussy and I turned to look and I was in no time enjoying the attention on a blond haired blued hunk like a horse young man. He led me to a counter picked me up and sat me down on it to reach my pussy, I laird back and wrapped my legs around his neck putting my pussy in his mouth. His tongue was working magic and he licked my clit and my pussy, using his tongue to go in my pussy and taste me, I was lost in the moment as I felt fingers playing with my nipples and being teased with the tip of a dick that worked its way to my mouth for me to suck to get hard. As I got him hard he eased to fuck the pussy he had been fingering. As my blonde hunk picked me up slide me down on his hard dick and started to fuck me. I looked around for Leslie and seen her in the middle of the room with a dick in her pussy and Tyler in her ass and having a great time. Heading back to our hotel we asked Tyler if they wanted to have breakfast the next morning before our flight and that is when he informed us their flight was in the morning as well. We meet at breakfast and headed to the airport for the return flight home with two new friends. When we checked in we got our seats together and waited for flight. After boarding we talked about what a great trip we had. We are on our way home and I glance over at Leslie and notice she is smiling and now wonder Brandon has his had up her dress and she has her hand in his pants and were just having a very quite talk about sex. I look at Tyler glance at the bathroom and I slip in unnoticed by anyone and he joins me there, as he leans me against the wall an enters my pussy and begins to fuck me I am dripping wet and for due reason this is the biggie for me being fucked in the bathroom of a crowded flight as I fly home from a few days of hot sex with strangers, this orgasm was so hot so intense when came it went everywhere all in my pussy down my leg and all over Tyler , we both wanted it so bad.

As we were leaving baggage claim we exchanged numbers and headed home. Leslie and I agree we really needed this trip. Now back to work an day dreams.

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