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Friday finally came the day was long and hot, people where dressed in thin cool clothes to minimize the heat. There was a phone call on Matthews?s phone but he was outside so Chris picked it up and answered. She never did this but for some reason maybe reflex this time she did. The caller said hello and Chris replied Hi, The caller said sorry I must have the wrong number and hung up. Matthew came in and said I left my phone here did I get any calls? Chris said yes one, he grabbed the phone and went back outside to bring in the food he cooked on the grill. Realizing he forgot the beer and soda he ran off to the store two blocks away. He again left the phone and ran out the door and again the phone rang. Chris again answered saying hello and the caller again said I must have the wrong number but Chris broke in saying this is Matthews?s phone so you may have the right number but he left for a moment. The caller said ok should I call back or can I leave a message? Chris said I?ll pass a message if you like and the caller said ok, tell Matt the party is tonight around 9pm at franks place. Chris said ok I?ll let him know. The caller said and tell matt they want two girls this time or one that can handle the guys. Chris was about to say what?? But bit her lip and said ok and the caller said thanks and hung up.

Matthew returned and set up the table not knowing about the call when Chris said you got a call honey and I answered for you I hope you don?t mind. Matt was shocked and lost for words he was expecting a call and it wasn?t something he wanted Chris to know about. Chris said he left a message with me for you; Matt hesitated then asked ok what the message was. Chris came right out and said he said the party is at Franks at 9pm tonight. Matt winced with relief thinking that was all he said and Chris didn?t say anything for a few moments then said OH yeah he also said your suppose to bring two girls or one who can handle the guys, then she started to yell what the fuck is this shit are you cheating on me grabbing a bottle of beer ready to launch it at Matt, Matt said NO, NO, NO, NO I haven?t done a thing I would never do that, the guy was someone I do business with honestly I never go to the party?s I only sort of find party favors for them and they pay me for setting up there party?s that?s it, that?s all, I promise. Chris put the bottle down and said you better start telling me everything or I?m walking out that door and I wont be coming back.

They sat down and matt started to explain. Honey I?m not cheating, I would never do that to you. This all started about a year ago and I was too afraid to tell you that I started to set up parties for clients from work as a PR thing. No one knows about it but because of it I have more clients then anyone and there big spenders, that?s how we can have all the things we have and how we live so well. Work doesn?t pay half as much so I started doing this but it started out just setting up meetings and setting up accommodations for clients to stay at hotels when they came here. It wasn?t until one of them; a very big account tolled me to find him some entertainment for the night. I had no idea he was talking about women or sex so I got him tickets to a play and he went off yelling he wanted women and booze and a good time that if I couldn?t handle it he would go to another firm who would. So I walked the streets for hours trying to figure this out when I went into a bar to have a drink and settle my nerves. There was this guy who said I looked like death wormed over. The Bar tender agreed and asked if he could help so I explained the problem and he said ?Not to worry brother I have just what you need? and he picked up the phone and that?s how it all started.

I swear to you honey I have never touched any of them, hell I don?t think I?ve even met most of them I just call them and they show up at the party?s I swear. I?ll admit I have had fantasies but that?s it, I?m just a man after all you know? Chris started to laugh stunning Matt who sat there totally bewildered and expecting the laugh to turn into full rage ending in her leaving but she didn?t. Chris said I believe you honey I know you would never cheat it?s not who you are but tell me more about what goes on at these party?s it sounds very interesting and I want to know. Matt asked are you sure? I mean I have only been at a few for short periods and they get pretty involved. Chris said yes I want to know everything it sounds very interesting. Matt said ok but only if you?re sure, she said yes tell me about the strangest thing you saw. Matt thought for a moment and started, There was a group from New York I think 8 guys, In town for three days to finalize a deal to use our firm for there campaign. The head guy the CEO came to me and said ?I hear you set up some wicked party?s and I answered ?I have? he said I want to give my guys a night to remember so I need you to set something up that involves team work I need these guys to pull together so I want you to get them a girl who can get them going and give them a great time, Don?t worry about money I have it covered you just tell me the final cost. I said ok and went to work setting everything up. I found a hotel penthouse apartment and set it up with food and booze and all the video, music and other stuff, then went to the bar where the bartender was who helped me the first time we sort of built a friendship and I compensated him for his help. I explained the situation and he laughed and said I know the perfect girl and made his call. She came to the bar, this time and she was hot. Expecting Chris to get mad and slap him matt cringed a bit and Chris laughed saying its ok honey, go on tell me more. Matt said it gets pretty strange from here on trying to keep it safe but Chris just said it?s ok I want to hear it all every detail. Matt said ok but I warned you. Chris laughed and said go on tell me everything.

Like he was telling a story from a book Matt began with the girl and him knocking on the penthouse door, He went into detail of what the room looked like and the view, He tolled her how he introduced the girl and that they had her for the entire night that she was open to almost anything they wanted. The guys wanted a few things I hadn?t anticipated so I went to get the items they asked for. When I returned and the door opened they where all naked and gathered around the girl, one guy was fucking her, another was getting head, and she was pulling on the cocks of any guy who was close enough for her to grab. One of the guys asked if I wanted to join in and I said I couldn?t I had another pressing engagement I had to go to and thanked them for the offer and left. I came home that night and I?m sure you remember the night I was sort of wild in bed and you asked what had gotten into me? That was the night. Chris was staring at Matt and seemed to be hanging on to every word. She asked if there was more to the story but Matt said no that?s it. Right about then Chris got up, walked across the room making Matt think: Here it comes she?s going to drop the bomb and leave. The silence was unbearable and lasting way to long when she said ?I want to see one of these sex parties?s?.

Stunned and shocked matt sat there wordless, and unable to speak, slowly the words started to form and he said, What, I cant, You don?t mean that, how, not possible, what are you saying, No I cant, who would allow that, how would I set that up I mean who is going to let some women stand around and watch them screw another women? I don?t think so, what are you asking, I mean, Chris said shut up in a loud voice and said ?Look if you want me to believe you or any of this you better find a way or I?m leaving?. Matt went on to plead with her saying honey I cant its imposable how can I do that? There going to want you and the other girl, you don?t understand. Chris said I don?t care you either do this or its bye, bye. Matt said come on honey be reasonable what your asking is imposable. She said then I?m out of here turned and went to the bedroom and started to pack. Or that?s what Matt thought as he sat there sweating bullets for what seemed an eternity. He called out and said honey please reconsider this, I don?t want you to leave, and started to go on when Chris came out of the bed room in something that completely blew Matt?s mind. She had put on a corset with fishnet stockings, black panties and a black bra, her hair up in a ponytail. She stood in the doorway saying in a matter of fact voice then you?re going to offer me. Matt slumped into the chair and just looked lost, not able to utter a word, as Chris walked toward him swaying her hips and staring straight into matt?s eyes. Dumbfounded Matt tried to say something, anything, but nothing came out. Chris said, what am I not hot and sexy? Wouldn?t I be good enough? Don?t you think they would like me? Matt stumbled with his words confused and scared as he said yes your good enough, your more then sexy enough but, but, but. Chris said then what is it you think maybe they won?t think I?m sexy or hot like the sluts you send them? There good enough but I?m not? Is that what you?re saying? Matt muttered NO, NO that?s not it at all, I just eum ah, I ah. Chris said shut up stop talking, get your ass on the phone, and tell the bartender not to send the girl. You?re taking me and that?s final now get to it. Matt tried to say no but Chris looked at him and said yes before he could speak. She took his hand and put his phone in it and said call. As he dialed the number he said, why are you doing this? It?s crazy; you don?t know what you?re asking. Chris laughed and said just like you said earlier, I too have fantasies and this has always been one of them so call. And that was the beginning of what turned out to be the first of many adventures. Did she enjoy it? Yes. She ended up teaching me many, many things about myself I never knew, and as she experimented with every fantasy she ever had we grew closer then ever before. And as I lay here now with a pussy in my face, and another riding my cock, I wonder why I ever rested.

That night was the strangest ever; I had to set this all up knowing what went on and Chris saying she wants to be the girl? I honestly didn?t think she had the balls so I had the other girl go anyway just incases Chris backed out, which I had hoped she would. Needless to say she didn?t she was gonzo about it telling me I would be reworded and I would get more out of this then I could ever think of. I saw disaster and endings, nothing good at all. When the moment of truth came we showed up at the sweet and knocked on the door when it opened Chris said my, my, this is spectacular and I can see why it?s so in demand. The lead guy of the group of 8 came to Chris and put out his hand. Chris looked down and saw Money and took it. As she counted she found it was 3000. Bucks and she smiled then said ok boys what?s the plan, as she walked to the middle of the room and took off her coat. She had on the same outfit she had on at home and she was hot. One guy said how about some drinks, Chris said sure I?ll have what your having and he handed her a shot of whisky and a beer. Chris slammed the shot and took a hit of beer as the guy handed her another shot, I went to stop him but Chris just pushed me aside and took the shot and again slammed it. One of the guys turned on the TV and put on some porn channel as they mingled and moved in closer to Chris. She seemed to light up and stood tall and sexy moving her hips and arching her back in almost some hypnotic movements. The guys where all around her, talking, touching, and saying dirty things to her as she gave back all the talk with filth of her own. I have never heard or seen her like this and I?ll admit it was hot; it even affected me even though there where 8 other guys standing around with fucking her in mind. Chris started to pull at the shirt of one of the guys so he removed it and she said is it that easy? And pulled at another guys shirt as he removed it she pulled at them all and started at there pants. Clothes where flying everywhere and the guys where all down to there shorts when one started to pull at her bra. Chris laughed and said now, now boys I want to play a bit before you gt the prize. The lead guy handed her another shot and Chris slammed it saying she was starting to feel it. The lead guy said OH yeah feel this and put her hand on his bulging cock in his shorts. Chris said wow that?s a very nice cock you have there may I see it so he pulled it out and showed it to her. Chris slowly moved her hand to grab his cock but slapped it instead laughing as she said now boys you need to have a hard cock if you want my attention.

The youngest guy said like this and pulled out what looked like 8 or 9 inches and Chris grabbed it and squeezed it hard and said yes this is what I want and bent over and put the hard cock in her mouth and sucked it like she was starving then popped it out and slapped it saying ok that?s one hot cock. All the shorts and socks came off and they all pulled at and stroked there cocks to get them hard for Chris to suck and as they did one by one she sucked them then slapped them and went on to another hard cock. I was aw struck and shocked not knowing what to do or how to react when she said and what about you to me, are you just going to stand there looking? So there I was in a room full of bobbing throbbing cocks as Chris walked up to me and said Boys I think this one is shy grab him and tie him to a chair and they did. I couldn?t do much in the way of fighting; they where clients and I was working for them so I played along acting like I was fighting them off but letting them win. After I was anchored and tied to a chair, Chris said ok boys what do you want lets get this fuck feast going I want all that hard hot cock fucking me ASAP. One guy pulled out a table from the wall and threw towels over it to cushion it and two others grabbed Chris by the arms and pulled her to the table as another undid her bra and let her great tits fall out then he pulled her panties off and they lifted her on the table and started feeling and touching every inch of her body. I could see Chris and she had a look in her eyes I had never seen before it was outright lust and want. She wanted cock and lots of it as the guys would soon supply her with. One guy got on his knees and started licking her pussy wildly like he couldn?t get enough in his mouth and Chris just went off moaning and groaning with words of encouragement in between moans. Lick me, suck my clit, and eat me you fucking cock. Put your fingers in me and fingerfuck my cunt. Yeah lick me like a good boy. I never ever heard anything like this form her before she was off the hook.

My cock was throbbing like it was going to explode and I felt everything that the pussy licker was doing as if I was doing it myself. Suddenly I wanted more then ever to be licking her. The guys started to gather around her pointing there throbbing cocks at her to pleasure and she seemed to have exactly that in mind as she grabbed one and pulled it to her mouth and grabbed out for two others to jerk off. So there she was laying on her back pulling on hard cocks sucking one and getting her pussy wildly licked as she moaned with delight. I found myself struggling to get free and join in but I couldn?t get loose to even move one hand or foot and they went so far as to gag me so I could only grumble threw the gag and I?m sure it sounded like I was saying something but no one other then Chris seemed to give a damn. Her momentary looks at me made me nuts as she had this cat with a fish look in her yeas and I could tell she was in heaven. The pussy licker stood up and pointed his cock at her pussy and thrust it in deep and she arched her back and let out a muffled groan with cock in her mouth but didn?t drop one cock or stroke. She seemed to be in her element and she was in control. The young guy started pumping harder and harder pounding deep into her going fast then slow making her arch for more and deeper fucking. This kid wasn?t some 6 incher either he was as big as me if not a bit bigger and he was going to town on her wet hungry pussy moving from side to side as he thrust in and pulled out. With ever thrust in Chris groaned and the harder he pounded her pussy the louder she groaned and with that cock fucking her mouth it sounded like broken gurgling. She was sucking, fucking, jerking, and getting tit sucked all at the same time like she was a conductor in an orchestra. Her ass was undulating up and down as she pushed into every slam of cock, moaning in time with every stroke of hard pussy hungry meat. The young guy suddenly stopped pulled out and went to her mouth at the next guy in line start fucking her like this was normal. I knew that these guys have done this allot.

Just when I thought this was going to be the night show, the door bell rang and one guy threw on a robe to answer it and when the door opened there was the other girl. Panic ran threw me like a knife and I thought Chris would blow her stack but as the girl came in and looked around she said ?I see you guys already started and I got here in the nick of time to help out. She took off her coat and man she was hot, just as hot as Chris but she had on blue lingerie, Chris sat up looking fiercely at the girl and pointed at her saying do you do girls. The girl (Marcy) said I love girls and Chris said great I want you. Chris brushed all the guys aside and slid off the table walking toward the girl and put her arms around her saying hi I?m Chris lets get comfy on the bed.

Marcy didn?t seem to have a single problem with the request and lay down next to Chris who immediately moved next to her and started to play with her hair telling her how gorgeous she was and she wanted to know what she liked to do with girls. Marcy said I can do better then tell you I?ll show you and she went to get a wash cloth and wipe all the cock juice from her pussy then she went down on Chris and started making tongue love to her hot swollen slit. Within moments Chris came and she came hard pushing Marcy?s face hard into her mound. After the first orgasm she started to moan and cum again and then again as if Marcy had a remote to her orgasms and held down the cum button. Marcy stopped and moved up to kiss and cuddle. Chris soon wanted to return the favor and started kissing Marcy?s breast and moving closer and closer to Marcy?s shaved pussy and bam she hit home slowly licking like Marcy had done to her as if she remembered every move Marcy had done to her and soon Marcy came and just as Chris did Marcy pushed Chris into her pussy as she came and Marcy to came again and again. The girls where laying next to each other panting and enjoying the climax of the event as the guys all moved in for the kill and the girls where more then ready to fuck them dry. One by one the guy?s succumbed to the girls wild sex as each guy came they got dressed and left the room one by one they all finished and left. The girls where on the bed looking at me all messed up tied to the chair; Marcy said what did he do? Chris said nothing he?s my husband and he brought me here. Marcy asked did he get fucked and Chris said not yet but I always save the best for last. The girls came over to me and knelt down in front of me, looking me over. Marcy said he has a raging hard on the poor boy what should we do? Chris laughed and said I don?t know what do you think we should do. Marcy put her hand on my cock and said my, this cock is ready to burst we need to give first aid now. And they proceed to undo my belt, and pull my pants and shorts down exposing my hard throbbing cock. Chris said would you like to suck it? Marcy said yes I would and licked the head making my cock jump like it got an electric shock. The girl?s giggled and Marcy did it again and again laughing every time it jumped. They took turns sucking me into there hot mouths and sucking hard then switching and Chris kept slapping my cock saying bad boy bad boy. Marcy stood up and turned around then sat on my lap rubbing her pussy on my leg. Chris followed and did the same thing on my other led I was going nuts I had to fuck something or go bonkers. Marcy grabbed my cock and straddled me and slowly pushed my cock against her pussy opening, as she slowly slid my cock into her hot juicy slit, Chris started to lick my balls and Marcy?s clit as Marcy pumped my cock slow and steady. I was in heaven and I was crazy at the same time I had never felt anything like this before it was unbelievable. Marcy got up off me and moved Chris to take her place as she took Chris?s place. They keep this up and when ever I showed signs of coming they would stop and teas me. I was almost crying and moaning at the same time threw the gag when Chris said should we let him loose so he can cum. Marcy said sure lets let the monster loose. They untied me and I ripped off the gag and grabbed them both by the arm and took them to the bed. Marcy said not so fast buddy lay down and let us do the work so I did. Marcy sat on my cock and didn?t move as Chris straddled my face and came down so I could lick her hot wet cunt. As I licked they where kissing and fondling each other and when ever Chris would moan Marcy would move up and down. The faster Chris moaned the faster Marcy would fuck me. I was right at the point of no return when Marcy said ok now let go and fuck this cock and face and they went nuts on me bringing me to the point of no return like I have never been before. Just before I came they got off and grabbed my cock with as many hands as would fit and jerked every ounce of cum out till there wasn?t a drop left in me. We all lay there for some time as Chris and Marcy kept on kissing and touching each other. Time came to leave and the girls showered together and split the money and we parted ways but not before Marcy and Chris exchanged Numbers.

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