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Forced pleasures

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My name is Emily it was my little sister's 17th birthday, my husband had gone out of town with my father inlaw on a fishing trip. Me, my mother (Doris), mother inlaw (Lara) and sister inlaw (Alice) all decided to take my sister (Amber)for a girls day out for her birthday.

We went out to eat, went shopping at the mall and caught a movie, we all had a really great time. We went to my mother inlaws house afterward, she had baked my sister a birthday cake.

It was around 8 o'clock and we heard police sirens blaring up and down the street, the phone rung and it was my inlaws neighbor telling her to make sure her doors and windows were locked, because there had been a break in at the jewelry store and the police had chased the burglars onto their street and then they had lost them. So we all hurried through the house to make sure it was secured. I ran into the kitchen to check the back door, just as I reached it a hand with a cloth wrapped around it crashed through the backdoor window, it stunned me so bad that I froze. The hand then reached in, unlocked the door, and opened it. In steps a man and a woman, the man is tall well built with shoulder length blond hair, the woman is black, pretty, with a slender body, but very curvy.

I tried to run, but the guy runs in and grabs me, holding my arms behind my back, I tried to scream out to the others but he put a hand over my mouth for I could get a word out.

"Hurry, close the door Jada!" he said to the woman. "

whose here with you." He asked me "where are they" I pointed to the living room, he pushed me that way, the woman followed us. As we entered the living room the four ladies scream out "Shut up bitches!" the guy yelled, as he reach into the back of his pants and pulled out a gun. "Jada, guard them while I check the rest of the house." He said. Jade also holding a gun told us to sit down and stay quiet. The man came back into the living room A few minutes later "The house is clear" he said.

'We'll just stay here until things settle down on the streets."

We five ladies sat on the couch holding each other affraid to move.

"Well, well, well" said Jada looking at us "What shall we do to past the time?" "Do you have any Ideas Zax?" She asked the man. "Maybe a few." he said looking at us. "Me to." Said Jada.

"What's your name?" She asked my sister inlaw. "Alice." she replied. "Your lovely." Jada said. Reaching out and touching Alice's breast, "Don't touch me!" Alice shouted out. "Why not?" Asked Jada, "Haven't you every been touch by a woman before? "NO!" Alice said. "Well maybe we'll change that tonight." Jada said.

"Please just go, and leave us alone!" My mother screamed. "and who do we have here?" Zax asked. "She my mother, Doris." I answered. "I'm Emily, this is my sister Amber, my mother inlaw Lara, and my sister inlaw Alice.

"Five beauties." Zax said, "What fun we're gonna have tonight!" "NO PLEASE DON'T!" My mother inlaw shouted. "Just please leave us be!" "Stand up, all of you!" Zax yelled, " I noticed a bedroom with a big kingsized bed down the hall, everybody into the bedroom!" We didn't move...."NOW!" He yelled again pointing his gun towards us. We all jump up and walked to the bedroom.

"What do you want them to do baby?" Zax asked Jada. "Mmmmmmm?" she said "I think I need a little stimulation first." "I want to watch them get each other off." Jada said. "What does that suppose to mean?" My sister inlaw asked? "What do you think it mean, take your close off and get on the bed." Jade told her. "No!" Alice said backing up. "Please I beg of you leave her alone!" My mother pleaded. Jada turned and looked at my mother, and said, "Take yours off to Miss big tits." She held her gun up, "Get naked both of you, NOW!"

Alice and Doris both stripped naked, "Mmmmmmm, nice." Said Jade, "What do you think, Zax?" "Very nice." he said, he walked over to Alice and Doris, he patted Alice's ass, and rubbed Doris's breast, "Mama's got some nice big tit's , doesn't she?" He said. "Mama's got nice everything." Jada said.

My mother and Alice stood there naked, "on the bed both of you!" Jada said. They both got onto the bed, laying on their backs beside each other. "You." Jada said to my mother. "Rub her pussy." "What?" My mother asked. "You heard me, rub her pussy." She said again, letting Doris she her gun.

Doris turned to Alice, and said to her "I'm sorry Alice." And then she leaned over her and put her hand down between her legs. "Open your legs wider." Jada told Alice. Alice did as she said. "Rub her clit." Zax told Doris. Doris did, she rubbed Alices dry clit with two finger, keeping her eyes closed because she didn't want to wittness what she was being made to do.

All was quiet in the room, Doris kept her eyes close, while rubbing Alice's clit, but she started to fill moisture on her fingers, and she could tell that the sound of Alice's breathing was changing, she was starting to breath harder, and her pussy was becomming very wet.

Alice felt so ashamed, she had try her best to hold back the feelings that Doris was creating within her with her finger on her clit, but her will power wasn't strong enough, and her body was betraying her, and it felt so good. She knew that she was going to cum and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"Mmmmmm." Alice cried out, not able to hold it in any longer. Her thighs starting to shake from the pleasure Doris's fingers were giving her, "OH YES!" She screamed "YES!"

Doris opened her eyes when she heard Alice scream out, Alice's head was thrown back, and her back was arched her hands rubbing her nipples.

"Put your fingers inside of her." Jada told Doris. "Fuck her! Fuck her hard!" Doris slipped two finger into Alice's wet pussy, ramming her finger in and out of her. Her hand covered with Alice's warm pussy juices.

Alice had given up trying to fight her body's betrayal, she had lost the fight, every nerve in her body was charged, Doris had set her pussy on fire, she was bucking her hip trying to put out the fire. She grabbed onto Doris needing something or someone to hold onto, she wrapped her arms around Doris's waist, her face pressed against Doris's big tit's, rubbing her face into them, kissing them, licking, biting, sucking her nipples, trying to find relief from the ache between her legs, she was out of her mind with need.

Doris felt the ache in her own pussy now, Alice's warm juices on her hand, and the sweet torture Alice was doing to her breast had her so turned on. She started going at Alice's pussy with a passion, she slipped another finger into her sweet juicy hole, grabbing one of Alice's hands and ramming it into her own pussy, "Yes baby!" she screamed as Alice slipped a finger into her hole.

Emily, and Amber couldn't believe what they were seeing, their mother in bed having sex and enjoying it with another woman, she was so in the heat of passion she had forgotten they were even there. And Lara watched as her daughter screamed with need, with her finger buried in Doris's pussy telling her how much she wanted her.

"You!" Zax pointed to Lara "Take your clothes off! All of you take your clothes off!" He said, and they did.

Jada walked over to Lara, and took her hand, she walked her over to the side of the bed and sat her down, she then spread her legs and kneeled down in front of her, "NO PLEASE DON'T!" Lara begged. Jade looked into her eyes, and then she lowered her head to her pussy. She licked Lara's clit, and sucked it, she stuck her tongue into her love hole, and then she tasted her sweet juices as Lara gave into sweet pleasure. Lara grabbed the back of Jada head and pulled her face deeper into her pussy, fucking her face.

Lara gave a startled cry when Jada pulled away from her, and pointed to Doris and said "I want you to eat her pussy." "NO!" Lara said "I can't!" "Yes you can, and you will." Jada told her. "Now do it!" she said.

Lara turned onto her stomache facing Doris, she was on her side facing Alice, Alice's finger's were in Doris's pussy. Lara pulled Alice's fingers out of Doris, Doris let out a cry as she felt Alice's finger leave her hot pussy, and then she moaned with pleasure as Lara's hot wet tongue touched her clit.

Jada went back to work on Lara's pussy, thinking how sweet it was, it had been a long time since she had the sweet taste of pussy in her mouth and she planned on getting her fill tonight.

Alice felt her body shutter with orgasm as her jucies sprayed all over Doris's fingers, Alice didn't want to open her eyes, if she did she would have to face what she had just done, how could she ever face Doris again, and what about her mother? "Oh my!" she thought to herself "I just had sex with another woman in front of my mother! What must she think of me?"

Eyes close, still pressed against Doris's body, Doris's fingers still in her pussy, Alice could feel the bed moving and hear the sounds of moaning. Slowly she opened her eyes to see what was happening. She saw Doris on the brink of her own orgasm, her eyes closed mouth slightly opened, her hips bucking wildly. Alice eased back away from Doris removing her finger from her pussy, and that's when she saw someone laying behind Doris with her face pressed against Doris's ass, and then it came to her who it was HER MOTHER! Eating out Doris's pussy! And the black lady was down between her mother's legs doing the same to her. She sat there on the bed watching her mother get her fill of pussy, licking as though it was her last meal, fucking Doris with her tongue.

Zax came up behind Emily and started to rub his hands up and down her ass, she tried to pull away but he grabbed her. "You want some of that don't you?" He asked her. "No, I don't." She said. "Don't lie." he said "Which one of them do you want?" He asked her, slipping his hand between her legs, lightly rubbing the fine hairs on her pussy. "Oooh, it feels so good!" she said. "Which one do you want?" He asked her again. She didn't say anything, she just shook her head no. "Ok, why don't we just throw you into the wolf's den and see what happens." he said, picking her up, and walking to the bed and setting her down right next to Alice, taking Emily's hand and putting it into Alice's wet pussy. "Lick her clean." He said. "DO IT!" He said.

Emily lower her head to Alice's wet pussy, licking up her juices, she had never ate pussy before, never wanted to, but she went at Alice's pussy with a passion, All the sex in the room had her so turned on.

Alice couldn't believe she was getting these feeling again, was she a lesbian, and didn't know it? She should be screaming to get out of here, but instead here she was, with Emily (sister inlaw, her brother's wife)with her face buried in her pussy, and loving every minute of it.

"Eat that pussy Emily, eat it good." Alice said.

"Oh Lara." Doris moaned "Yes!, Yes!, yes!, Oh that wonderful tongue of yours, what it's doing to me! Oooohh! fuck my pussy Lara, fuck it! fuck it!" Doris screamed. Doris ran her hands threw her hair, and then down to her side not knowing what to do with them, she stretched her arms out to her side, and came into contact with something soft and warm, she started rubbing it fingering it, not knowing what it was, just knowing that it felt so good to her touch, and it was getting wet.

Zax stood back watching the action on the bed, rubbing himself, his dick was so hard. He watched as these women went after each other, family they were mother, daughter, mother inlaw, sister inlaw........he wonder if the mother Doris knew that she was fingering her own daughter's pussy?

"What's your name?" He asked the young girl standing alone in the room. "Amber" she replied. "How old are you?" he asked. "I turned 17 today." She said. "Have you ever been fuck?" Zax asked. "No" she said. "Well your fixing to be." he said.

Zax took Amber to the bed, to were Jada had her ass up in the air as she eat Lara's pussy. He told her to been over and put her face in Jada's ass and lick her pussy. She did exactly what he told her to do. "Lick her asshold." He told her and she did. "Do you like that?" he asked her. "Yes" she replied "very much, she taste sweet." "Good I want you to enjoy it." Zax said, as he came up behind her, grabbed her hips, and should his swollen dick into her young pussy. Amber screamed with pleasure as his big rod filled her, bucking her hips back against him trying to get as much of his dick as she could. Her pussy was so tight around his dick, Zax knew he wouldn't last long.

Emily had never felt like this, her husband had fingered her pussy many time's, but it never felt like this, she never wanted those wonderful fingers to stop. She wanted more of the pleasure this person was giving her, she angled her body so that her pussy was facing the person with those wonderful fingers.

Doris continued to finger the soft warm spot she had found for her hand, when she felt the soft spot move she opened her eyes and looked, she looked right into a sweet wet pussy, right there in her face. She had never eat a pussy before, but she wanted to taste this one, she could smell it and it smelled wonderful. She leaned forward and touched her tongue to it, it taste so good she had to have another taste, and another, and another, before long she was going wild licking and sucking on the pussy, it taste so good.

Lara came, and she came hard with Jada's lips sucking, and pulling on her clit. She knew she had to finish Doris of so she put all of her energy into making Doris cum, licking her, sucking, She stuck four fingers into Doris's pussy, and worked her to an orgasm.

Doris knew that she had to satisfy that sweet pussy that she had been eating out. Now that she reached her climax, and her head wasn't filled with need for sexual release she could concentrate on that sweet pussy, that she still had her face buried into.

Doris took a peek between the legs of the pussy she was eating, and saw her daughters face, and it shock her, "SHE WAS EATING HER OWN DAUGHTERS PUSSY!" And Emily was letting her do it!

Alice squirted her juices all over Emily's face, after having her second orgasm for the night.

Zax emptied his load into Amber's young tight pussy filling her up with his cum, as she stood bent over Jada's ass lapping up her juices. "Note to self." Amber thought. "This maybe my time eating pussy, but it want be my last, I could eat pussy 24/7."

Jada knew her time was near, damn this little white gurl could go at some pussy, this couldn't be her first time doing this, could it? "Slap my ass, slap it hard!" Jada told Amber. "Like that pussy, you little bitch! Clean my pussy, clean it good." "OOOOOOOO! Jada screamed as she climaxed, while trying to push Ambers face into her sweet pussy hole.

Emily looked down between her legs to see her mother's face, her mother's tongue darting in and out of her pussy. She made eye contact with her mother, they both knew they should stop, but neither wanted to Emily was enjoying the pleasure her mother was giving her, and Doris couldn't get her fill of her daughters juices, she tasted so sweet.

"Lay down on your back Emily." Doris told her daughter. Emily rolled over onto her back, Doris laid down on top of her. "Open you legs wide for me bady." Doris said. Emily did as her mother told her. "do you want me to finish eating you pussy Emily?" Doris asked her. "Yes Mama very much, I want you, I know it's wrong but I do." Emily answered her. "What do you want Emily?" Doris asked.

Emily looked around the room Lara, Alice, Amber, Zax and Jada were all listen to her and Doris's conversation with interest. "We've all done things in this room that we should be ashamed of tonight, so know one and point a finger at the other." Emily said. "My mother asked me what I want, well I'll tell you, I want her to love me tonight, not as a daughter but as a lover. no one has ever made me feel the way she has tonight, and I want her to finish what she started, I want to have wild lesbian sex with her. And what happens in this room tonight stays here.

Emily put her arms around her mother, and drew her down to her, she pressed her lips to her mothers lips and kissed her, she felt so good, her lips were so soft. Doris rub her big tits against her daughter breast, "Ah!" Emily moaned "I want to suck your tits." Emily said. Moving down and taking a nipple into her mouth. "Yes Emily! Oh yes baby!" Doris moaned, as she put her fingers into Emily's pussy, Emily started to buck her hips wildly, as Doris fingered her pussy, she reached down between her mothers legs and started to rub her clit, Doris also started bucking. "I want to taste you." Doris told Emily. I want to taste you also Emily replied.

The room was quiet as five sets of eyes watched the mother and daughter on the bed. Doris flip her position on top of Emily, so that she was facing Emily's leg. She raised her hip and backed up until her pussy was over Emily's face, and then she lower herself until she was sitting on Emily's face.

Emily tasted her mother's pussy "Mmmmmmm" she said "So sweet." Then she buried her face in Doris's pussy as far as she could licking and sucking her.

Doris thought she would die when you first felt Emily's tongue in her pussy, "nothing has the right the feel that good." Doris wanted to smear her juices all over her daughter's face, and she did as she grind her pussy on Emily's pretty face.

Doris lowered her head to Emily's pussy, so was so wet, she licked, fingered her, tongue fucked, she could see the pussy jucie running from her daugher's pussy onto her own hands and face.

"Mama I'm cumming!" Emily screamed "So I'm I Emily!" Doris shouted grinding her pussy harder and faster into Emily's face. Emily grabbed her mother by the hips and pulled her down hard onto her face as she screamed her orgasm into Doris's pussy.

"Emily! Emily! Emily!" Doris screamed as she came, her juices running down Emily's face.

It took them both awhile to come down from their orgasm, when they looked around the room, what they saw shocked them. Lara was down on her knee in from of Alice with her face in her daughers pussy lapping up her juices. Zax was shooting a load into Jada as, and Amber was eating out her pussy.

The next day, Zax and Jada left the streets were clear, and we never mention the events of that night ever again.

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