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First Time Woman to Woman

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Joyce and Lynn First Time Together

Joyce and I left our husbands sitting in the living room in their robes and hand in hand went up the stairs to one of the bedrooms. Joyce said Lynn are you ok? I said really nervous. I was about to have sex with another woman for the first time ever. I had watched it happen on videos with Jim and he had asked me if I wanted to do that and I had told him yes as it had become a fantasy for me. He than had told me about his friends Joyce and George and that she had one experience with another woman and he would ask her if she would like to with me. I had said ok. So here I was going upstairs with Joyce with the intention of having sex with her.

Joyce was taller than me and had big boobs and a very pretty face. We had talked on line about having a party at their house and eventually arranged an evening together. Her kids were farmed out for the night with their grandmother. The plan was for her and I to go first upstairs, than George and I upstairs and than her and Jim upstairs with George and I left down stairs. The only rule was no intercourse, otherwise there were no limits.

Joyce and Jim had been friends for many years and him and her and George used to go out to a strip club and pay girls to dance for them. Joyce used to tell Jim about her experiences and her one time with another girl and how they had gone down on each other and she had gotten off and had a good time and would go home and tell George all the details and than they would have great sex. It was his fantasy as well.

So here I was walking hand in hand with this very exciting woman knowing we were going to have sex. I also knew that George and Jim were sitting downstairs knowing what Joyce and I would be doing upstairs and that only enhanced the event for us as I knew also that George and I would be doing something later. I had never ever imagined I would ever be in this situation. Until I had met Jim I was an ultra conservative church going woman with very limited sexual experiences.

Joyce and I entered the bedroom and closed the Door. Joyce and I stood face to face and looked at each other and with no words spoken it began. She moved to me and we kissed and I could feel her tongue pressing against my lips and I opened my mouth and out kiss became a kiss of passion. My first woman to woman kiss. It was most exciting and I just went with what was happening.

Joyce took the lead and undressed me and than herself. We laid down on the bed and continued the kissing and feeling each other. She sucked on my boobs and I almost climaxed right than. I sucked on her boobs and her hand moved down and she was fingering me. I followed her lead and fingered her as well. We laid there kissing and fingering each other for a time. Joyce moved down my body sucking and kissing me all over and than I felt her mouth on my pussy and I was so wet by this time. Joyce moved her tongue in circles and sucked on my clit and probed inside with her tongue and continued to finger me. I began to jerk and I cried out and she moved her fingers faster in and out of me and I climaxed hard and squirted in her mouth. I laid there panting and she continued to lick me until my breathing returned to normal. I loved it. I looked down at Joyce and her face was wet and I asked her if she was ok and she said that is the wildest thing for me. Wow what an experience.

I said your turn and she said, we can do that later, the guys are waiting. I said ok and so we went back downstairs hand in hand. It had become Blow Job time for the guys as that had been the plan over the couple of months we had been planning the party. Jim and I had visited them a few times and talked on line frequently and that had become the plan.

Joyce had told me that George had a 9” cock and I would enjoy it. I had only been with two men in my life, my first husband and Jim. I wasn’t that sure of myself and about as nervous as you can be. But to be honest I was real curious about a 9” cock and what I would do with it. I love going down on a man.

Joyce and Jim had done a lot of flirting over the years and had a few light weigh kisses along the way, so it would be their first time together doing something sexual and Jim had told me he couldn’t wait for the playtime to began.

Joyce took Jim’s hand and they went upstairs leaving me with George alone. Wow.

When we had arrived we had changed into night wear as it was the dress code. I was wearing black night wear that was sexy as it revealed my cleavage. George was wearing a light robe over P J’s.

George moved over to me and we kissed and kissed again and we were both turned on.

He lowered my top down and was kissing my boobs and sucking on my nipples. I love that. I looked down and his P J’s had become a tent. He proceeded to remove my night wear and I stood there naked feeling very exposed but also very turned on. I reached down and felt his cock through his P J’s and he was very hard. He sat down and pulled me to him and removed his P J’s and we were both naked and I seen his 9” for the first time. He pulled me to him and I sat on his knees and reached down and began to stroke his cock. He looked in my eyes and said really like that. So I ran my hands up and down his cock faster and faster and could feel it throbbing and knew if I continued he would cum and we didn’t want that so soon. I slowed down my movements and he leaned in and sucked on my boob’s again and than I felt his finger enter me. He had very long fingers and was 6’4” tall and a 9” inch cock. I was so turned on and so wet. So it went, me slowly jerking his cock and him fingering me and sucking on my boob’s.

I stopped with my hands as I knew what I wanted to do and what he wanted me to do. I slid off his knees and pushed them apart and got on my knees and took him in my mouth and started sucking him. I sucked licked the head and sucked more. I took all of the 9 “ I could handle and sucked on him hard and he moved in and out of my mouth thrusting. I was having the time of my life and all I wanted was for this guy to cum. He lost all control and began jerking and moaning and I felt his first squirt in my mouth and sucked harder and than pulled back jerked on his cock with my hand and he squirted again on my face and on my boobs. He came a lot. I just kept jerking on him and at the end took him back in my mouth and sucked more. He pushed me down to the floor and pushed my legs apart and began to lick and suck on my pussy and I was so turned on by what we had done. George put a finger in me than two and was pumping me in and out and I was rising to meet his thrusts and felt my cum rising and began to jerk under his hands and I had my cum. I cried out and my whole body shook and he had to hold me down and continued to lick and finger me until I came back down from my high.

I looked down and he was hard again and I said again and he said if you would like. I said I like and took him in my mouth a second time. To put it bluntly he fucked me in my mouth and I just sucked him and used my hands on the part he couldn’t get in my mouth and he grabbed my head and squirted again and this time I just sucked him dry. It was absolutely wild and wonderful.

We got dressed and I cleaned cum off my face and boobs and we were sitting there when Jim and Joyce returned. Jim told me later that he and Joyce had done pretty much the same thing except they ended up in a 69 and he came in her mouth and she came on his face.

The evening was still young so we had something drink and sat around a while and just chatted. We all agreed we were having fun and would have to do this again in the future.

After we had recovered Joyce said Lynn and I are going upstairs for a while. She took my hand and kissed me and we went back upstairs.

I realized that she and I were going to do it again. I had brought some toys that Jim had bought me and we had talked about using them and I also knew I wanted to go down on Joyce as I wanted to have that experience.

When we were in the room we were both ready and started by kissing and feeling each other up and undressing each other. I pushed her down on the bed and began kissing her all over and moved down and put my head between her legs and had my first taste of pussy. I was so turned on by what I was doing and Joyce was also turned on by what I was doing. I just licked and sucked her just like I had George. I just wanted for her to cum for me. I felt her quiver and her pussy got very wet and she sighed and said yes and pushed against my face and climaxed. Wow what a feeling it was having a woman cum for me.

I had acted out my fantasy and Joyce hers. We decided to wait until the next party to use the toys as we had both climaxed 3 times and were a little tired decided to call it an evening.

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