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First Time Dogging

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It had been a common fantasy, but now it might be happening. You had taken much care in what you were wearing on this night. Your favorite perfume, a purple thong, a black miniskirt a black sleeveless top that revealed your cleavage, and a healthy dose of some glittering powder. The restaurant was fun; clearly the waiter was excited to see you. He had tried to hide his obvious excitement as he kept looking down at your top, which clearly revealed your hard nipples. He also showed some interest that for a good portion of the evening your hand was moving rhythmically over your boyfriends pants.

Now he was pulling into a park. You thought most parks were closed at sunset, but this one was open. As you pulled in to a parking spot you could see several other cars in the parking area. Causing a slight tingle in below your waist, you noticed that the windows of the other cars were foggy. You thought you some someone standing near one of the cars but the lights passed by too quickly. Stopping the car, your boyfriend, Jason, put it in park and turned the radio down a bit. Meeting his eyes with yours you could feel the lust. Sliding your hands over his chest you kissed him deeply. The warmth of his mouth felt good his slick tongue slid into your mouth, causing a tingling sensation on the roof of your mouth. Sighing, you placed your hand on his pants again, rubbing his growing penis. Suggesting you get a better position the two of you moved to the back seat.

As you switched positions you felt as if there was someone watching you from the darkness, but it was a fleeting feeling. Settling in the backseat you placed your hands on his crotch. Sliding his zipper down, his dick popped free. The head was shiny in what little light there was in the car, already slick with his precum. His hands had begun playing with your breasts, teasing each nipple, causing waves of pleasure to move over your body. Taking your skirt off you kneeled in your seat, your ass being displayed against the window. The windows had begun fogging with the heat you two were generating so he rolled your window down. Being a warm night, you were not sure why you got goose bumps all over your body when he did that. Taking the head of his dick into your mouth you could taste him. Sweeter than normal you loved the feeling of the soft head in your mouth. Rolling your tongue around you traced its length with your tongue. Taking his dick into your mouth again you could feel it jump and Jason lifted his hips a bit beginning to lightly move in time with your mouth. Sensing he was a little overexcited you wrapped your hand around the base of his dick, squeezing a bit, knowing this would keep him from cumming before you wanted him to.

Looking up at Jason, you could see him looking over your ass. Turning your head while continuing to stroke his dick with your hand you could see someone standing by your window, clearly he was playing with himself. Feeling shocked because the man was staring intently at your pussy, barely covered by the thong you were wearing. He noticed you staring at him and moved closer to the window. A bit enthralled by what he was doing you looked up at Jason who nodded in approval. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe your curiosity but you didn?t change position, you just moved so you could continue sucking on Jason?s dick while watching what the man was doing. You were already soaking wet, so you knew the man standing out the car could see the dampness on your panties. The man timidly placed a hand on your ass trying to gauge your reaction. Tempting fate you pressed your ass against his hand. You could see him smile and his hand slid over your panties right over your pussy. The feeling was intense. He slid your panties aside and rubbed a finger over your clit, causing little sparks of electricity to flow through your body. Meeting your gaze he slid a finger inside of you, closing your eyes you imagined it was his dick. When you opened your eyes you could see the man?s dick jump in his hand. Warm cum sprayed out of it almost halfway up your back several more jets followed the first one. It felt so warm, the man?s whole body seemed to be convulsing. This causes small spasms to flow through your body. Breaking your train of thought your mouth was suddenly filled with a warm wetness. Jason?s dick was pulsing in your mouth, his whole body was tense, his breathing ragged. You let his cum drool out of your mouth back onto his dick while sucking on the head a bit causing Jason?s body to buck up and down uncontrollably. As his dick finally finished cumming you looked back to where the other man was standing, but he was gone.

Soaking wet you wanted some. Jason?s dick had not gone soft yet so he was clearly still excited. Turning around you placed your head slightly out the window of the car. You could feel Jason moving, and then your world went white as he slid his dick inside of you. Making even strokes you were finally able to recover from the initial sensation. He always did that to you; being so thick it felt as if he was stuffing you so completely. Opening your eyes you began to rock your hips in time with his and started to focus on what else you could see outside of the car. In the car nearest you there was a pair of faces looking right at you.

>>>>> Before you could focus on them movement near you grabbed your attention. A tall black man was approaching you. He size was not intimidating, but the size of his dick was. He probably was still 10 feet away from you, but the bulge in his pants seemed massive. As he got closer you noticed he was wearing sweats. He got very close to you and stood there. Meeting his gaze you reached out for him and got a hold of the front of his sweats. Feeling Jason slow his rhythm a bit, you slid the man?s sweats down and his cock burst free. A small drop of precum dripped from its slick head which you caught on your finger. Looking up at the man you slipped that finger into your mouth. You could feel Jason falter a bit his balls making a slapping sound against your ass. The man moved a bit closer and the head of his dick was only inches from your mouth. Grabbing his ass you pulled his close and his dick disappeared into your mouth. Sucking in earnest you enjoyed the feeling so much.

With every stroke you had a dick moving into your pussy while this new man?s dick was moving out of your mouth. Then the process reversed. Not being able to handle the sensations your body exploded in orgasm. Your pussy muscles tightened, your hands clenched, muffled cries of excitement left your mouth. Jason began to cum again right in time with you, your pussy milking his dick completely. The one in your mouth swelled as well filling your mouth with impossible volumes of cum. swallowing as much as you could it felt like so much was wasted by falling on the concrete below. As the man slipped away you felt Jason collapse on the seat. The couple was no longer in the car near you, and you noticed there were a number of people gathered by some park benches. Curious you asked Jason to join you over there. Walking to the park bench you could see a number of men standing around the bench. Feeling so naughty, your freshly fucked your pussy was throbbing in anticipation of what was to come next. Jason was starting to sport a hard on again, he was so amazing.

Once you got to the circle you noticed it wasn?t all men. Mostly men, some tall, some medium build. There were several women in the circle as well. One woman was on her knees in front of a guy, his knees were locked, clearing she was sucking him for all she was worth. Looking closer at her you noticed there was cum in her hair and on her blouse. You never realized people could behave like this. On the picnic table there was a blanket and a beautiful woman with two men on it. She was on her back, her breasts clearly bouncing up and down and a man with a huge dick was fucking her. Her head was over the edge of the table and she was having dessert apparently since another man, a tall man had his dick in her mouth. Behind the tall man there was a woman, she had her arm around the man, jacking him off into her mouth. The scene was amazing, the moans and gasps, the sounds of balls slapping against sweaty bodies. The air was magnetic and filled with heat and the smell of sex.

Someone bumped into you from behind, his hard dick sliding in between your thighs. Lubricated from your previous endeavors his dick slid easily in between them. He grabbed your hips and began to move them slowly back and forth allowing his slick cock to slide in between your thighs easily. Whispering in your ear, Jason asked you if you were enjoying the evening. Moaning loudly was your response. Someone bumped into your side as Jason continued fucking your thighs. Looking at him, an almond skin man with an average size dick, you thought about what you were about to do, and said fuck it to yourself. Replacing his hand with yours you began stroking him. He turned to face you on the side, the head of his dick poking into your leg as he fucked your hand. Another dick bumped into your other leg and you quickly grabbed it. Now your hands were busy.

The feeling of different cocks on your body was amazing. A hard was rubbing your clit and the two men to your sides were taking turns sucking your nipples. Looking forward you could see the tall mans dick begin to pulse. He was definitely cumming inside the woman?s mouth as you noticed his cum begin to slide out of her mouth and down the sides of her face. He pulled out of her mouth and continued to cum all over her breasts while the woman behind him continued to jack him off. Being finished he sat down on the bench and the woman that was jacking him off immediately knelt in front of him and took his dick into her mouth while he leaned his head back and looked at the sky.

The man that was fucking the woman on the table began to grunt as he began to take deep fast strokes and suddenly he pulled out of her, pulled of his condom and covered her belly with streams of cum. Moving back into the darkness his form was replaced by a taller women, dark hair, brown skin who began to lick the pussy of the woman on the table. She moved up and you could see her cleaning all the cum off the woman on the table with her tongue. The sheer nastiness of it made you cum, your knees weakening. The orgasm continues and got much more intense and you felt Jason?s dick between your thighs begin to spurt cum, coating your inner thighs with it. The dick on your right began to pulse as well possibly the one on the left, feeling left out began to cum. Warm streams of cum were coating your thighs, your lower belly, and your hands. The feeling was so amazing, and so naughty. You knew you shouldn?t be doing this but you couldn?t pull yourself away. Cumming again you felt like you couldn?t stop cumming. Your body kept convulsing the warm cum dribbling down your leg. Jason supported your body as you looked at the dark skinned woman at the table. She was approaching you.

The pleasurable pangs of orgasm starting to subside you felt like you were floating. The woman grabbed your hand and motioned towards the table, the tall man still staring at the sky, his dick looking huge sliding in and out of the other woman's mouth. You were surprised it was still so hard. As you approached the table the woman drew a finger across your lower belly and slid it into her mouth, you could see the remnants of her previous escapades on her mouth and chin and cheeks, the sight made you a little more weak. She moved close to you, you could feel the heat of her body, smell the cum on her face. As she kissed you you felt a finger slide over your clit, and being so sensitive you came instantly. This caused you to open your mouth to let a moan escape, but it was quickly stifled by her tongue. You could taste the cum in her mouth it was sweet, spicy, tangy, it tasted so good. Realizing you were at the table you could see several of the couples have left, only to be replaced by new ones. Sitting yourself on the edge of the table, the woman began to clean you off, he tongue sending tingling sensations throughout your body, throbbing heat through your pussy. She would stop and swallow and then kiss you, letting you taste her accomplishment.

As she worked on your inner thighs you eyes were drawn to a couple close to the table. The blonde was with a black man, and there was a white man in front of her. She was bent over, her tits were bouncing, and there was another white man standing close to her jacking off. The brunette was moaning loudly, but these were soon stifled as the man in front of her filled her mouth with his cock. She grabbed it and began stroking in time with his thrusts. He was obviously having a considerable amount of fun. The black man inside of her began to grunt, and quickly switched places with the man who was in front of her. You could see some disappointment in her eyes as they switched places, but that flash was gone as her mouth was stuffed. He began to cum immediately, you could see her throat working furiously as she struggled to swallow his cum. The man jacking off next to her moved close and pointed his dick at her cheek. A long jet of cum sprayed out of his dick, almost covering half of her face, and with a wild look in her eyes she took all of the white man into her mouth and let him finish cumming there, and then raised up a bit.. clearly cumming and let some of the cum drool out of her mouth before wiping it up with a finger and locking eyes with you as she licked it off.

You became quickly distracted as the woman finished cleaning your thighs and began to lick you, long strokes sticking her tongue inside of your pussy, flicking it around, and then she began to suck on your clit, a smooth motion, almost like a tune, almost too much to handle. . a long moan began in your throat and became louder and louder as you lost all control. The release was intense, a wave starting in your stomach and flowing through your whole body, you wanted to be filled, you had to have more. Aware of the situation a man knelt over you. . placing his dick between your breasts. . already slick he began sliding it there, you could feel another dick in your hand, and you saw the tall man stand up and move over. You knew where he went as you felt his massive cock slide into you. Not taking his time the man tit fucking you came quickly, splattering all over your breasts and face, it was so much cum you couldn't believe it.

He stood up and you had shifted positions a bit. The woman who had been eating you out began to quickly clean you off and your mouth was filled with cock again. You began to lose track of time. . . you weren't sure how long you were on the table, but you could barely walk back to the car. Getting in the car you pulled down the mirror. Your makeup was gone. . there was evidence of cum on your face, your hair, your shoulders. . streaks on your breasts, you had no idea where most of your clothes were, except for the miniskirt which was covered. Jason was sitting in the seat next to you smiling wildly. You drifted off to sleep. There was a tapping on the window that startled you. The blood draining from your face as you realized that it was a park ranger. Rolling the window down you realized the ranger had a wide eyed look on his face. Quickly you realized you had almost no clothes on, and looked freshly fucked, and still were covered in cum, though much of it was no longer wet. The bulge in his shorts gave him away, and so did your quick thinking. You could hear him saying something about looking the other way as you unzipped his fly and his cock disappeared into your mouth.

The end

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